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THE MOXROE JOntXAL, FttlBAT. MAf 14. 1930.'
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, i
' - ?i
1 1 i
4 i
BbUWrd Each TunwUy FHdaJ.
founded m US b? the present
vners and publishers. G. M. cd R
. Beasley.
The Journal Building, corner
leBerson and Beasley Strati.
Timely To4t on Matter IVrUlnins S.KiKliJ Trilml lo l ukm County
lo the t'arm.
It it not safe lo i-lant corn before
the 25th of My if ou wish to vo.i
the damage that wall almost surely be
Brought by the corn borer on corn
(hat is planted U-fore this time," de-
ilai.d Countv A cent Broom tester- i " ,. . w ......
;uj. vouunums. ue M.u. - " 'inct been la apathy with the arcu
VV b" KlTTtHT Judge.
t WALTER K XEAL. In Charlotte
Opener. i
I note that The Observer haa had
unletting to ay about the fart that
the ct-n-ui- tor Monroe snows an m-
Specials From Each Department
Telephone No. 19.
Do.er am consmeraaie uamape ' wt.a, l!ia, au mortar of population
year to corn planted the first half of j n w c(;U., VM loniething about
May. oni9 fields were almost a I whic!i to boat. In my Humble Jud
failure because of planting too early, iufh g conj.,ioa U to be lamen-
-The corn borer winter in Ihe jvople live either in the town
wr.V-ire .. we understand that ul uiu or in i!m, country. An Increase in r.i-
r.:V WTWVnt the paper when lOttM? ,"n """" r """" ie and town make, a eormpondu
- : ; . ,,(,. mi it n.ius no jmas tui " unu i
do Dot renew your uuw.ni'i.-.
A notice to discontinue The Journal
- - i i ti iii'i mil in i4r wi4iij i'vt'uiatii'it-
jlay its eggs wiil ?o to the grass and Th( irw,H.r;,v of ,hig great couim v
lay the est. After the kk hatch )( ouw d,.IM.nd, ore Urgely tn-oi:
lot- units irvu urvu .uw iv
A i-rimaty isn't necessary to deter
luine the suitiuu-nt of I'hu-u count
on the suKia i.st:.'ti. Those w!:o
i ih. r iiitir.iiio'i of the S::s.:a A'.i-
s.ttiv a nifn.i'ii.n:! aie by uf
w.uority. fc.id anjot.e wlue fl users
aie consuiiily o-.t the i".'.b'.ic pulse
y. Red inc. !iJ i .',! o.td to suf
frage, wa.ns lus susi-icions eoi.tinned.
aad if i ho iers eiid:se t'.ie ao'.iou
. li i .iIt. w h.i r':I in ih rnmi: n
while, so into the trc.und and wm i,,,, j,,,., ,he number who till
out a mom or m urr wi ... lowili.
There is not to lie found In
I a. id the escs sre laid on the con:.
jTh.-y dn not cut End eut the l-':Ji '
it hen r.s they !o in the varly s
h..::ittd cov .1, toel the late i. .
jco:ii Tor roast irg eats which Is some
times ks bad hurt s the early United
in the corn, if you writ to play s.;te with
vo'.ir corii v tan u:i"t j"" e
23th before i-lantitte.
"Have ot: !i"') flaviitia soy beans
in the con;, ruht in the row with the
i- irn? If you hue jou w.M not hae
to be in i.ed to plant a-ai:t. eiecially
f ou Mi the cn: on the l.'iul and
li ne si.v.e.'. small Fiai'i or crown a
If you
of their delegates at the sa'.e uu.ua- f Cl,.u 01 f:Uui s :iee.
ii..n ' e wi',1 probablv restgn his seat have not crown soy bea-t in corn try
, .. f .r nt'iisvur Listen to thin statement:
ia e 1. Mslaiure rathor than w . t. ,;, ,,,. alu, one-half to
a tii-asiue ho is conscientiously i,l'-.tt0 xh,M pf m- ,ans per acre in
posed to, or tote against the wish.' , un.r C(,. n iMui i, .,ve the whole croit
of his co..s;i,ue,s. on -lie land you will n a,, ten to twen-
. .... v i ;j e.- t -rfc'ni? II I
-h Womai suoia-e is Hun itable. icon., or rottott. per acre next year,
fliihl. omaii sui.ia-r ' , . .. , ..t.,,,.! iS.oiHi acres I
argument againt the demand lor aj
tuimar on te sunrate i(..e..-.. .
la rei.lv to a b iter
Xor:h Caulii'.a a ivore splendid est
ii'-.t.-hip than the country peop!" of
I'troii umii'x. Til is so txca'!-"'
I they own the r cwn homes and do ii'
tsioie to Mo;roe or auv tuber to:;
Kvery j'i.!-e w!io pre.- d.'S over the
' NMirt i: I'tiioii wiil l. '11 you that
mver hei'r t'.ie (;ues'io.i nrked of a
n. -r: "Are yo't a free hoblor?" Tl ..t
o beci'ii-e of the fact that t!;e
'.vw;i t'ltir ho:iie au.l when a liau
owns his home it nia';es for a holier
typo of citi-nhip. The man who
owns his own home is interested "
churches, schoolhues. good roa.is.
the iiiiiiiitet'.a'ico of law and order,
and the other tbinus which nia'c
for the nplilt of lis fellows. The
nomad cares noth'ng for thoe
thi.iis in life. Mor.ioe is a splendid
Town. It there were no one living m
Monroe except Boh Morrow k1
Cleea Ashei-'ft it would be a city n'n!
it would be worth the while of a
traveler to stop and t;rry where the--reside.
at! H
" it
friend, who umed that me iiueM...:
v. iii the noils, he said: "1;
.... i.i ....iviii,' iioits the co. i- cor;i.
uns w.'.i.i v.
ridcraiion of the question viiich he
raises has lous since pa.-s.-d. Ki, Van
Winkle arises to face a new day.
Thirty-iivo states have adoi.ud the
amendment. It needs only one other.
It will coi;i. even here in N'orh Caro
lina. lhoi;S:i one pe:scu cannot I),1
found lo support it. In ivadi'ig the
scripture. I h;ne nowhere f.u;nd th..'
the Savior asked his d seipl . '' liie;
wanted to help Him in esiablishin :.
h . orl.l. b"i laid his I'aiols o i
t'.o I.. ...i.i s:'al. I'ollo.v tae.' i ''
"The only .piesti'in now pres-m.-i j
is: ' .r.l we save our face 'i. ! i.iu f
the t ;-.!t! -:x'll S'afe. or shall III.- ''
hon.ir o to another? j
My friend's ;.utude is that : '
l;i!'.:o rarttiu'oit who v.o'.!d eoi.'t-l ! :t
the i.iiiiiny li.b's of the ocean ( "
v. it a a in..;'. M; 1
;eire to pl.-.::t every acre or com oi:
their farms to soy beans this y ear. If
r a I vim nam to grow larc. r c:ops .. .
...re s.ivo f rn.izer nm
voer fai'ui. plant soy beans in
Our Rcady to-Wcar Department Is complete. Our buyers have just re
turned from New York and were fortunate in making quite a few clean-up
deals, which will mean a great saving to you.
2").() Taffeta ami Oeorsette Dresses $16.50
$7.50 Crepe de Chine Shirt Waists, all colors whie, pink, maize, navy
Special i 54 95
.".on values in Taffeta ami Uoorscttf Dresses, this week -$2.).00
Si. it Style Crepe tie Chine Dresses, j?2!UH values. .Special .1G.50
Silk Shirt in? -r2."0 Tuh Silk, large selection. Special fl.O.j
Soy lleaii and '! a.
ai'tuiiient that cowpeas
!!!o.'t valiiaoie to
beaits is su.'cess!'al!
v Tiof. J. X. li.'!:-. :
!e Karmer:
When the soy b
'.V v'.; the COVVi. ;;S it i
"i i ,,iuy ;: s.
1. will c.-llect mo
n :s
ii troce'i froiii l
iitr.ios .lu:' tin n will ii" covv-i
tii.is io'ni' a rrei't soil ::i:prover. j
Tile e, will I'. i'liliil mi th- j
ml i;:r l lii f fill! - N'ovt tuber ot !
..li" r k horn i ot titts. 1 lMI-t ):!'
i loiisef -iiiiiis; period. .
Il is . reel ill lii ov, I 'i, without '
e;s. and i;,,i thetefor- ? more i
Mtioke Or U Snioked.
i was the monthly meeting of
League of l'i oui! inc Virtue bv Lav
in. I enrich and all the m-nihets had turned up XA
As soon as the proceed nes com-
meneed. one member rose to his feet
and bepiin:
"Mr. Chairman. 1 repret to have lo
ay it. but as 1 came here this even
itie 1 saw Itroiher Cray romintf alone
.1... I 1... ....... at,i..lF.'.w. .1
follow. i"" '"""- -
I Pipe.
1 "i "ties- .,.. , , .. ,.
.WIMU Wl.'.li. I'l .l.'l...., ...I- lll.l!.-
nii'ti duly admonished the erring on-.
"Ii.":st!" he finished. "Pray give
up th uncleanly habit."
"Yes. even a pitf would not snue
lot.aceo!" i'.ildo.l the accuser.
"Then I piesiuiio. Ilrolher Ooodsoit.
von don't smoke?"
"Me Muoke? Certainly not!"
"W. M. then, r.'other Goodson.
which ib von think is more like ihe
oU-joii ot I?" demanded Brother
are i
e soil t ban soy !
i o t. a
in the
!,Li10 ami up to $2.4S Silk ami Taffeta Skirting. Special
"J.(X) nU-incli Dlaek Taffeta -
2.50 quality Dlack Taffeta
.rtl pi:ility Dlack Taffeta.. J.
:UM) quality Colored Taffeta
$4.0 quality Channeuse, all colors
$2.00 quality fieora:ette Crepe, all colors
ir'l.OO quality Crepe de Chine, all colors
.i.on quality Crepe de Chine
- ..$1.48
n e-pini: I !"ti bacs
was excellent at a i'luM!"
never hiive in-ib'.'.ed wi'ii
In tl'.i:1 co:: in v . linvvev.
: bi'y
v i!I resi-t .lio ii'i
H-r than
ii i
:t s'hui
nip. s'
Mr. IN
wine is merely mm . Itiuu ii'.sti :.ct uiiis
He is aware of the iiievilabieuess of
suffrage, and rat lie r ihan vo'e aii.i int
the raiiticmioy of the amendment in
the special session of the legislature
In the face of the endorsement uiver,
the question by Union coiiniv's deb
Satlon to the state convention, he ...
fors to nsitn unless (he vter. t--fuse
lo sustain that endor-ei.:e;it. Im
position is a teiKtble one. and it is i:-.,
our Inten; ion tu class him wi;h ihe r.'
cipieut of tlmt Icier from Se.i.iiie'
Everett e.
:, T!
I ilia i w
n can
'hail tli
li. It
II tii.it .' e --
-a'ivsi ..
he planted
1 eowpeiis.
will p'.-odui'
.lie- i f soy bean:'
eed touch e.li'lier
f eo".;.i's: h-ne-
tir'.ii r and later
In a letter to !n cainpaimi maii.i
gers, Mr. J. C. M. Vann says his can
didacy for Congri ss is meeting v it I:
great favor in Huke county; v hii ii. a
feMt weeks a :., vv,,: cev.i .all,,- co'K-eil-ed
to his oiipo::-nt, Mr. C. Ham
mer. A laixc number of .mh.-'ii' ial
citizens of that county, he s ::d, I i:v
COmm'tted tlietiiselves lw liis r.in.li la
cy, and one prominent f iti.-n . ent so
far as to declare his to .,:. hip was sol
id for him. Encoura.pv; rej otls tie
comliiK in from uil i. e.' h; district.
With 3000 votes from i. ..iu.i -unity,
Mr. Vann is reii.uu n l. oar i ext
Cc neressnian.
far ni'i'C a rail:
than will the cnv.-;nn: iiin! She richer
the soil the mo;e .:raiu tl.tre will he;
whereas the nv.i- .pa makes more vine
.lllil les pens.
T. The soy bean matures all Its
fniii in onee and can then-tote be
bitrve-oed wt!i machinery mid th.
. -.1 removed by common thresh! nc
..i:i:-!:i,iery. v, !: -:e;:s the rowp. a myst
be piekui by hiii.il and threlied by
special machinery. ,
S. li Is not troubled bv weevils am!
jl.t.l.l llist-e. jie:-.s u i , i . . i :n,o.ie
i pens.
I 'i. Vs rlii-f advan'ace over ihe cow- ;
f....;i iluit ii is "'I'hei- In loofe'n and i
fat. It contain an nveraco of "".-1
per c ui of pro' 'in and 4 per cent
if oil. as romprrctl wlili Z"." per!
cent tf protein and I S per emit of
oil in cow peas. i
l.trle Walt M:ion on Shoes.
I priced a pair of shoes today; I
Mked the mice, and went away. The
dealer bected. In frenzied tones, that
I woutd hand hint twen'y bones, and
clothe my hoofs in shining kid
other Korseo.m spend; hrll'ts 'ud.
"Nay, nay." I said; "ai-iiin, nay, i!aj :
I'll fall for no such trtaft toduy4 ' I
will not pamper my old feet, and
make them think they're cute and
iweet. I reared them in a frucal
way, and I won't let them net too
gay. If they wore shoes at su-'h a
price they'd soon be feelinp too blam-
V'lii-m Vtii.
Mes-r-. li'irby Criniu. J. M. F.il
v ards, Thom.n Onffin ami A. .1. Ked
iearn, ail of Mars'nville township, are
an-or.s ;1. growers of r cisi. r d cat
'le in this count v I:; addition to those
jiuiiueil in the last issue of The Jour
nul. Their names vver inr.i'.vertentlv
!l-ft off.
Karmers who made contracts for
nitvaip of roda through Mr. T. J. W.
Broom may rest ai:red that they
Mill pet every pound of their order.
Vm hundred i;n;l five tons for this
.oiiity are now nt Wilmington, and
will be shipped to Monroe ut once.
On the nrr:v,il of ti c soda lure, those
win have an interest In the shipment
will be notified. Soila is now quoted
liepoit n Ihe 'i.oililion of the
aunss Loan and Trust Co.
at M.iiiite. X. C, t
Ihe ( lose of ItiiMitc Ma 4, lfl'Jil.
Loans an 1 L'lscouuts .. 2!!1,655 HI
Overdrafts 4,998 OB
I'. S. iitid Liberty Bonds
and W. S. S t. 74 6.00
i is ra ice invesinieni ..... l oon i r
Kuruiture and Kixtures ... ;'.C23.39 ?
Ileal Lstate owned M.23!.42 XX
Ca.-h in vault and net amount j
due from Banks, Bankers ?f
and Trust Companies .. 2.." .16.26 ' X
'.isb Iu ims m ui over 21 hours :17.44 jfi
Che ks for Cleariic,' !24J5!?
Bu.blin-.- run 1 :.6 16.47 XX
To:,;I M52.S07.19 IT?
Capital Soil: paid in ... ..Vi.mirt.O0 . A
Siirnlus Kami 2.".iiirt.00 I X'?
l iidiv-tib d 1'ioliis :'.US9.98
Div id. u.'s unpaid 41.00
Hills ra: able :M iiOO.OO
Jienosiis subject to Check li'7.l'..S!.08
I'l-mniid Certilicales of
Iieposlt S-i.7n9.02
SavMu-s Ilei.osils 17.H07.4S
"a!:i-r'i ("necks oat. stand ins !N14.55
Trust Ii-posits 2il.417.08
Rig Ilepiutiuctit
Stores Is One
Kciinoii Why We
hell It for lit-en.
Belk Bros.
Carolinas Largest Distributors of
Stores is Otte
Reason M'hy We
Kljt IttHi'tiiietit
Sell it for Ims;
. .. -..v"s.v:v::vn--:-:-vn.-vvvvv-v:..vv"v
1 JJ.AaJl.Lw JlaAa
- -,--.-- . . . r. TTTTTTTTTvv-i-rinrini-irririrYVV'VVVVV?W
Total $r.:.2.:io7.l9
Jli'to rf North Carolina, Countv of
I'liion Mm 4. 1920.
I. II. U. Clark, Cashier of the
above named Bank, do solemnly
swear that the above statement is true
to the best of tnv knowledge and be
lief. H. II. CLARK. Cashier.
Correct Attest :
.!. M. HEI.K.
C. rt. NANCE, Pi rectors.
Suhirrlbed and sworn to before me
this 12th t'av of Miiv. 1920.
a: ?0 a ton more than this lot was i It KIN HIT K THE 'XIITI(X OF
aslbmuht for hack In the fall. Ttir T ivt." rvr ITV'trkxr
Messrs. It. P. Sims. H. M. McCain j " ' '-"V r Ulll,
mkI James Wilson, it 11 of Jackson ; at . Monroe. In the State of North Car-
'cvvnihip. left far Catawba countv this oliua, nt the close of business
tiioinlns 'o buy tome registered Je-r-sry
hellers. All throe of these pen
tleiuen have been iiddini: registered
a::le lo their henls from time to
time. They are mcetini; with m'.ich
Mr. J. A. A rv, chief of th dairy
ed nice, and they would look with
high disdain on feet attired in leather division of the North Carolina extrm-
plain. Then I went home and climb- J,nn bureau, was here Mrtndav r.t:d
e.I the stair that leads up to the alt io i Tuesday in the Interest of the better
bare, where all ihe household Junk's .bull campaign. A .lersfy and a C.ucrn
bem thrown, for years whose num-jev bull associaiion Is in the prorr-ss
ber Is not known. And there 1 found 'of formation in this countv.
old shoes galore; a dozen pairs were I Mr. J. W. Cameron, countv deruon
on the floor, all lyina; In a ftragcling Jstrator of Anson countv. wis here
he?p. thrown there in times when j Wednesday attending the Methodist
rhoes were cheap, I had the cobbler 1 conference. Farmers in his county
(Is the soles and sew a few unsightly ar planting cotton feed over, the wet
holes, and now I've shoes enough. Jlweather having destroyed their first
wot, to last till at last I'm shot. You ! efforts. Anon county, according to
ee the moral very well: One way to Mr. Cameron, has not reduced Its
May 4th. 1920.
Loans and discounts .. $972.!!18.92
Overdrafts, secured 23,246.72
fnited Slates riondu and
Libert..-Eonds ln.7".0.00
All other Storks, Bonds
and Mortgages 4 I'd. 00
FiiHiiture and Fixtures .. 6. "41. 25
Cash In vault and net anil.
due from Banks. Bankers
and Trust Companies . 192. "31.46
Cash items held over 24 hones P, 17.35
Checks for clearing 1.632.55
beat the H. C. L.
cotton acreage this year.
tame or rune. -j saw- fOM. factors at wofk this
The supply of time Is truly morning wiihin a radii. s of a mile and
a dally miracle, an affair genuinely a haif in my communi';.-." said Mr. C.
astonishing when it Is examined. You T. Winchester to The Journal report
wake tin In the morning, and lo! your ,r. "They were pullipg disc harrows."
purse Is magically flilled with twenty- he continued, "on the farms of Mes
forr hours of the unmanufactured 'sis. J. N. Pric, H. L. Price, W, L.
tissue of the rniverse of your life. . Craig, and my ow.i, and they were
It Is the most precious of possession,, cutiing 'he land beautifully. It
No one can take It from you. It Is begins to look like ral farming is be
unstcalable. and no one receives el- Ing done In Sandy Kidge." In com
ther more or les than you receive. ! paring tractor power with mule pow
Talk about an Ideal democracy. In ;er. Mr. Wii.chester fald: "My tractor
the realm of time there Is no aristo- plowed ten acres of land for Mr. J. J.
erne of wealth and no aristocracy of Crow Monday. It would have taken a
Intellect. Genius Is not rewarded' v" j two-horse plow a veek to do the same
fjtn an eitra hour a day Bennett, work."
Total $1,213,722.25
Capital Stock paid In .. Iino.finn.oo
Surplus Fund 100.000.00
Undivided profits. less current
exnenses and taxes paid . .5.205.13
Pividends unpaid S20.00
Deposits snbieet to check 5"2.776.47
Pemand certificates of de
posit 453.321.80
Cashier's checks outstanding 1, 598. 85
Total $1,213,722.25
fiaie of North Carolina, Coumv of
I'nion. May 8ih, 19201. It. R. La
ney, Cashier of the above named
Bank, do solemnlv swear that the
above statement is true to the b"t of
my knowledge and belief.
It. G. LANEY. Caller.
Correct Attest: A. M. Stack. J. R.
Shute. E. C. Winchester. Plr-etor.
Subscribed and eworn to before m.
this 8th dar of Msv. 1920. Hargrova
Bowles, Notary Public.
Melville s
SI 0,000
Tent Theatre
Monday, May
Bert Melville Company will Present
All Royalty Dramas
Changing' Program Daily
"Broken Hearts"
4 Act Dreuna
Admission 40-3Oc including war tax
Seats on sale at Bohona Drug' Co.
One lady will be admitted free with each
paid adult ticket, or lady and gentleman
with one ticket;

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