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THE MOXftOE JOnWAL, TTInAT. 3imt S2. 1920.
THE MONROE JOURNAL vim.m: mahk noise like
ihk thvmi:k okt.w
Poblilil .h TulJjr ihI s'rkUy. j
JOI llr AM t Y. IMiMr.
$JtO a rai. 'lt l Advance.
KotlUiled Itl lv by the pirsellt
owners and iitiMiliT. 0. M. - 1 K
f. Dr!ry.
The Journal lSuilditi. comer 'I
Jefferson ami Ie.tI.V reeta.
Litter '
llilniif No. 11.
the road bank and escape the force
ot the wind that would doubtless
have parried soiu? of them away wiu
it. The ho-ijie mas a conuilete wreck.
! Nothing were left (mart, except the
dining room floor a:td while Mr. Pav
a ton and his family were within forty
..f ihd h.n:e behind th rmt.l
a Wonder Tlutl -baLk ht). Jld n1, ,.,. ,ne fra?h ,
did not know the house was down
until th..v put mi utter the tlnrr.i
k.'.vluw. R. !. U. No. 1. June . ailJ K,k ,0 sve what had hm;
- Ute :arei u.ie enjoyed evcel- Thrlr household i-ffects ate
eiii wtuWirr conmtioi.s fine the ' -SOel a few thinvs they found
H.iv.si tip of la.m work and crop.-, u, ,rrt, ,(ls (ajIv damaged,
at this Mue. are m the finest shpej Thj , f r a, we followed the
' tath of the stortit. but we learncc
i.inwiui; Crop. Tree ami
i l.ilte.1 IhMiily ml tallied
IH(;IK- - I: 1
vcr..l Did Not I Their Live.
A notice to dreo".t:nt:e The Journal
Is uiitiv.4t. as we i:n.! fiaud th.t'
you do not want the paper -ion you
do not run your utcr.p'!oi.
11 I IV. .11 ii. !-.
ll Ml
.1 ; 1 t he imw
P 'in for ot t
,c I! Il-
,1 Mr.
,s '
THI" I'ol I V
Th-1' pollth'.ll
react trir.i. i!.i!!
er is d uioio'v.it
Pun k. the i l
tn.-i. I:t I'Mrt.
was a i ;i iii ii-;
re. J M:. I'ait
hlt l :ne It r .-t f;S f,. -..t In
lr.!is i'l A'isii'i .-o ,nt;. . l for a
f iio:i roi'iitv a"'1' !..'' I'ttu'f.
Katttraily wh n i ,ns .-t M,. lo!:'i
o:i' i-o:it !'.;. !.: 'i .m-".i'm'' '."Sa..
to teaeh MiHitti. . his it i. tiN
conliilt iitlv hnikii! !! a t-i;i nij-'K'ii
cf An.-oti oottuty's !!..'-. . '-vh a
lnt;i!itil. if not ! I --tea.l.
Mr. Pt-tvft iiiiiiii'KiC' il his i .u:.'il.n
for the honot. h;r!l all :'h's I
the (.ante, !'li)iikt'.l in ih. eouitty.
After Mr. Vanu's ' 'a'i 'h froi.i
the race, a dvidd I'.ttili'y .)t,iin'
Mi-. Brock, ii"' f"i n-:-0!!a! reason.
bl' !0.i:s' of the PI.-. plnUe. v.as
dlsoernihle. Wan:: frie'nis of Mr
Brock hete who t-a!l wiin'fd h ni
to have the nomination despite t ':
rO!l:IS made i'.t ih-' i a,.ii.iu:i four
years ato, tiled l:i vain t -,-,n 'li
tide of Mii'i'i.i t :'at ..is . i v i !'t ; : i r
.that II is I'Osi-iuie to ;el theui ia. Tne
' ; ut.it ale jitotMlily a little off in
Fiie lor tin date owing to the e
te..ul iale start, bat ttiey are doiiis
lit ir best in tiiiikiii. fc'.owih ar.d are
:.rui:hy and itcitui!-ius: ; the Kent
ia ii iia- ta.lt u ju?t rich! tor us
..ad t: to dale no o.ie iias nad leasou
coii.l'iaiti. eM .it r Iwvause of loo.
!. ii.-.i or livie ;:!!. 'ihe Weather has
. i. tuea. .y ao. pail ot the
rii ali ct'tttiu -ri-wtis know t
i iiH-.nc.iie to: coitoil i
. .. i:iie." .i-d tio.ie laise a kit on
:i, u.
.i i;k t.i l
a tociow who
trom i-ariies lurtlier on that it d:.i
about the same tlesree of daniase r:
the Howie Mine seetion and was f
ins on thrvitKh Wesley Chael con:
munity at a dl'tiate fleed. At M.
Ben Hancock's we vt re informed tha'
some of i he children were rmht se
verely injured. One li'tle Kirl wa
carried some distance by the win!
and she received some wound
that required ihe service of a phj -sieian.
Yet ihe treat wonder is. how
so little los of life and bodily i
A Good Showing of
Which are Needed
Comfort These Summer
!i Jury can he possible iii the midst
such dire havoc Xovt s Homo.
;l. i. o.:e Uked Olt.t ntue ut.o. '
Uhais i at- mallei. No us Hoa.o. LilH-malilv t.i diiidner.
r.-';r-';;:!";;;;r 1",:1!.jt; ! .
I... :, i,i i'i,. same rouuitioit ot ! An olseta-!o:i which ihe Mom.
... i. 1. 1 1.. ij i.i ,.i a sii:..-; Journal is pleased to make whit
i. i i -on to .,oy a vacaiion. ' hit . "mijiht
,. iii is Wi ic :ioi column in last
. :in:iili -n i lt a certain party back
Hiitttmer-ward. Mr
ta lii'ed with the
vlthdrttwal from th
Mr. Brock is sa'd
over our an if 'i-li'.
tuotiiiMS in 1 1' 1 i. o:
stand the Ionic ot t'.' si
p i i. ,! p: i i! i.i i i
Cottjitess. We iin-k" h
to pro hi'ii !'i:n ;
del" i f : In' Ko'ii'.t -on
i'roi k is a
i io-i.
-ace I.iilnw
to !) ehavri'ieil
He lt!.i.e '!o
cou'il Ullliet
SI- !.H M.I tt iMcil
oi a sa' tn
!'i , v t .
; She l!!'M-
Ti: 11 S :i
iii soi..t tompiaiui as reg-
h ii .u..:usi Lis ufiil:;eiice. As an
...!' r l.l I Me eoMpLllnt he sent J(
..isi eard with a picime of hiiuscll
i.::,. la, i :n the middle oi his litil
;til a ":niiHe" on tUllliliK lus
, i oi -, thai looked to be us lati:e
,i- noise f!:es, iiis slipper, under- ,
.i.-ath the p i'Mte was neatly printed. I
"'1 mi bus) to wtite." It wasn't loos- ;
luti.N's iii my c. se. utit it was some
:i.:na iliai kt pt i.ie ;.s bi.sy as u bee
i.i a ,ar bucket irxinc to i;et out. U
o.i want to know what it is, I'll tt ii 1
i ,i in s tuuin; 1 a:a nuyinj; coin lo
ieed I t 'i mules o:i this siiiiiliier ami
i ii ; coined it 1 V.aut lo do it guv
i...llt , so I Ve !;etll a' woik. j
'Ihe ,ieW eil'.lti'l ill tteliobelh ha.
i. , i, , i.ed tor and the contl'e-i
..iiio.i are pro'.oi i.i the pt.i!iige oi '
-u tiii.ili hi it.i cot. Miiii: ions than:
,i..s :ieeu ,iito;ut,i .a, i.i since tin!
o,ii:,hi. oi Citn i.o,.se ot worship
u.o i ai s ato. The H;i,:i Mtiuoiiiit
s :.-! iui'e te.uly ii t ,sc .et. 1 lit-i
:,,.'.;. ftaso'i ill ihe hcUls iia. held up j
'!o t. oi'K u tiipot ai ;:j . We 'li.idti-.
; ,,;iit ;he 'i'..i,u::. is n i.i lor tn '
be of intei t s t to .Morrison's
oppnents." is mat "The Charloiti
Observer has sivei: Mr. Uardner
public utieraiices more space tha::
any oilier paper in North Carolinr,
with the possible exception of Th
Shelby Star, published in Mr. Gaiii
tier's home county." The Journal ac
vises that I'nion county folks who
believt 1:1 stickinc by the 'home man.'
should not be loo hasty in criticisini.
The Observer for iloini; that ver
same thint.' ' The Observer has h;i''
cause to know that some of Mr. Gard
net's friends not only lark apprecia
tion of the space 'his paper has de
vottd to their favorite through th
four years of h s catapainn for Gov
ernor, but that they contend The Ob
sener is t'al liru short of the requln
tuents in not openly advocating tin
claims of the Shelby man. Thev
would deny it the pnvileue of takili
sules for its home man. repardless o1
the fact that Mi. tiardner has had 1 0
tin free n. n of its news columns for j
jei'.rs piui. Ae,i i' line, e siuuu uu
der obligations to our Monroe frit ml
for tile generous iiLf;istion in the
din cti. hi of coiiiiuoti fairness.
: o
I o
, o
; o
. o
I o
I o
I o
, o
1 o
, o
I o
I o
$1.00 VALUES AT 68c
."!) Nfv I'attorns t.f tho $1.00 Kind of Voil in Navy, Cvh Ulack. etc.. all
(icum ttt' iattcrns, bost designs, jiiitt'd at (;8c
Aii.ttli.T K.t of Y.'il Waists f$ $1.48, $2.98 and $4.1)."
.lust lvcrivnl a nit-c shipment of Ponder and dap Silk Hlouses $2.98 to $458
f'ti.iM) Trici'lcttc ovtT bl(ust (lu-st shades) at .:.;.")
j, 1."0 TrieuK'tti' tivev blouo at 8.9.
IJntliiiiir Suits in all wanted euli.rs $1.00 to $4.98
Child's Parasol 4Se to $1.48
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Itruc and Small sizes
.$1.48 to $f).r0
, O.I
id I i.it
. r In,
s D. ell
i. k ,.. :
I lo,
us (1 against hi' t. an, I h.ol he i,-m;tiii-.d
in the st co-id tace, he w-i- Id
have tcceiM-d a laiite majority i i 'bl
uer!! of woods. Mr. lid- ii i- ;i l tn
able )(raii man, and tin re :'! irnt
dfc'.s who woitid il-oi.i it ,i i il.-ii s .! t
to aj-.-i.-i in furthi rin- his personal
ambitions at u mote appropriate
time. So he must not become ton
ciabiiii red ata t:sl the lai-rst Ii-mo-craiic
county in the district, a county
which hasn't had the houo: of .:),!
lug a ative sou to Congress since it
was incorporated in tho rev nth !..
(riot, and prohahlv :t, v, : vil", JuiIj
ltV fr.itn the fail !.! ot o ir ; ,t-;
A ao
oil I ,
'.I li
lt- t -.
- ,-i :
a ii 1 1
el.ee ;
A t.otth I I I I.OW, Bl T
home p-'op-', t-.i.s'ak!:iv: 'h-'
v l -ti l
-I IllOll;
i ,-1 h i'- I u f . i
1 1 ii,. I it li oi o . r home
I t !t' an' ,ci ot a stii -1..-
,1 i;'.- t ' s ie ,i-i al i .it.
.WO 11,1.1- IHUIU ol US.
c I h ii o cioi ii we not lei i
, - iia,l tack ot do-: I v om a In;!
1 1 o 1 1 h v. i ,' ( ot us and In-aid a mihii
I iiiuliiiiii; as of disiaui thunder. We
veie lookliii; to see it we could de
ciil' what such iriusual commotion.
... c s:t,,i.l i lo ,i cm. hi mean, when
on. .ii t h i Ml,:: , n ctiieii out, ' Just
look ovi r the hill : What is that '.' '
We loukcii and it - eiued thai a in!
c:i, o i r a ip.ee turuaee had .-t.dpeul.i
bti.-t . ifh ,iMi v.as isi:iiii; lin and
.-l.il'ke ill all ill. I'll lice Olljllll',
I'ti-ni uesenp'ioim we had lead ol
1 icii-:i.-, v, e l:io , we ai n
'onkiui; -!la:i.!.. at t -i.e. The Iiunel
i .-:,,i pi- w,.s ptai:. I;, pi i nt-: ce ami
i, son ot t lie late ; g
the millionaire ; Q
I om'pil-
tiiontaty i 'i-fei-i'itfe i i John Barker
for assutam-i'-t m' siijipoit. are tmd' r
the imt-:-esMo'.! that 'ii- Jotirn.il fav
ors the Monro- ippu for the huh posi
tion to which ii- apires. This i:.i
piesfioil is i!-c:d ly it ton :::s. Mr.
rarkcr Is (:i" of i'nion county's lead
ins citiietis, and o far as ability is
concerned, is of ilr.b riuttorial timber,
but his faith is the opposite to that
which this paper has consistently ad-ieitbei
heted to since its ettMhllshrMMi! The I al
most prominent, a-id the most influ
ential Democrats in the co-nty will
ingly certify to Mr. Parker's hiith
moral charcater, ami his ability; hut
few, if any ef the class we have : :en
lloned, po any lurtlier. This is the
I'i Lit. a.
:h:,u dtiailfnl
1 he .--onn
poilil pb-icl o :
Oi t he if, et he,, i
.11 .-Soul I. ' '.ii oi
f as;, i :c- ''
Hope Mellnn.i
ll'.ie, .li!. i I : ' i 'it
lll'l-ll U.i tilt-
heaps a:
li I ot
r most
,1 blew
e Kl.o..
,ele p.
!,(l! 0-
ll ! l-t PU W ilS sOtllt- I
to b i.olll. j
ori'ck Ktotitul al iii
li'i'ioiti d j.itds i as'
: ti!:e ti.pf lI.i.tciH k i
p. a'.d 1 1 :. eii d i.url b- '
,e t ,utl Oiill neat Ne'.V !
i In:: i il, o i l he stale
y tote i.p .ioiiikI.
i 'i r ami o!le it.
In- MHUllli; Clops
;il. Vl.e Hal cintei ,
ui ot ihe storm was 1
r o.ie h.. rolled leet I
Woiili Whole Heaps lint ( p.u't Have
licnelit of It.
tl'ior.i the Minneapolis Journal.)
Job. I le Witle. one ol the wealth
h-st nie.i in Mir.lo s
. Ktnioiph IV U'.lti
toot h-bi-ish mail'. fact ttrei . celebrate,
h.s liirihday today as inmate of Ihe
Hi-i'itopin i iiti lit poor farm. Though
one of the wealthiest men in the State,
he is absolutely penniless. lie was
!'..!., i,.,. v "'I IkMl l,il rn:
months alter bis father's death. I?
t i..,,, ,lt ..i in.. . .I.lui. li.. O
II IK II III- ..ill 'l. ......
iWitle was probated it was learnei
that he hail set aside the sum of $60,
iiiio.uuo in irusi for his heir, to be
paid in full lo him or her not he
lore Ins iTith birthday. To tench Ihe
leiliiiied number of birthdays the
lie Witte will have to live lo years.
Mis. Ie Wille pitvious to her
j dentli si years una in an automobile
accident at l a ii by, Minn., FouMit to
break the will of her husband relative
in tiie son's division oi the estate,
but the Supreme court decreed thai
' it con! 1 not be set aside.
' l.tap year day is ; misfortune,"
! s.i id John lie Witte. us he peeled :iO
juttoes in the kitchin of the county
I poor farm today. "And to make it
doubly worse, the tt -as.iry depart
itipnl at Washington has just sent me
Jan income statement for 1!'1' to he
tiled In fore March l.". Here 1 am,
without a nickel, forced to seek a
! charitable institution in my old aae.
1 il.iu't know how- I will pay that In
come lax unless the government will
I take its equivalent In chewiuu lobar-
c:i ires or pota'o (leehncs.
8 i 'lOe each
Made up of Percales, (iinhams, Pleofhiiius, Huitinc:. values up to 25o vard
at... J.lOe
Several thousand yards of yard wide Suitir.ys, :52-ineli iinhaius, yaitl wide
' Percales, li-ht ami tlark Crepes, e". UK;
31 Big
si niu
e but the Till.
b iiiiiipi; on i
Almut Price After the hii War.
(Ftoi.i ;he Kansas City Star I
The climax of Civil war prices was
way The Journal feels towards oar j cuitact with the euttii at this point.
dkHnru'sheil vnur.i.' felli.w-rit i jn I J'rolil lh!( nolf.t on. as far US
e v.as i icked in lor a nmcii
width. A Per It.un.K the
piouiiu for a fhori space fiom its htst
nit, it stt.itk a sicoiid time with in- .reached at Ihe close of and last
ctaed forct in a valley between Mr. ,ed duly a short time in UC5. The
Wiliiaia Mai ze and hm son. Mr. Sam ; b ehest ioiut touched showed an av
Marze end Mr. Maize says the ex- rat.-e increase w II past luo per cent,
plosion ol a hiii-e cannon would no' Many art idea at this lime weie sell
,,ave made such a lo'id or pi:cin.' iuk f ir thtee, and ome for four and
iei.ort t t was made by the not in five tltms what they brouthl at the
b'-:lnniiiu of the war. The general
pilce level, 217 points, was 2 points
i have an account of it, is played pur- aboe that reached hy the tdjening; of I
it.cpiar havoc. At .Mr. am fax'ou s 'tie armistice in November, ISIS.
; it i-.isl eJe.l his house, takim; ofl ! Early In H65 (lour wa selliut for
Opposition to the soldier relief biil the tro t part tf the roof of his ! $22 bat rel ; gucar had advanced to
cost John H. Small his sat in Con- j hoiife eml leariiu up larpe fruit trees 33 cents a pound, butter to 75 cents, I
if P ,. bt;ive the claims a,!,! fli!,kil 8 'he dirt from their roots 1 and veK.table. canned :oods, teu
grets. 11 we can dui e tne ciaiiusj, ,ravuil ,htm j., allol!l,.r ,,atI of aa rofiees had doubled In price, l'ork 1
of the ex-service men of hm district, t ,,,,, ,, n.tmiiy t,iw u, hinhad moved up from 120 a barrel to!
The minute the soldier leaders of the j no( pasture fence and lifted it up $6t wholesale. Coal was selling for
district learned that he was opposed : "n the crauml. At Senix Williiims. $19 a ton, kerosene at 9tJ cents a gsl
to adjusted compensa-lon, or a bnn.lco,,,rd- Ijli.i no building Ion a spool of cotton thread for 30 I
tstandmp. It to,k h;s dwellmic house cents, and muslins that had sold for
tis, as Wall street persls's in call-; off ,.f ,,,, aml u,r, linl fuus on , from 6 to 7 cents a ard In 1 86'J wero
lug the nieastire, they set !n motion; the torch floor, unharmed in petson. hard to at 75 cents a yard. j
the machinery which brought about At Mr. WyUy Knt, it look down Hut people who had to buy rom-
two stove nuea trom n:s uweinnn. niounics near 111 nose and Imtnedl
, blew his automobile house dow n and ately after th close of the civ,l war
jset the au'omobile on top of the rub-. had an experience that has not yet
ibish, unharmed, except for the hend-'come to the present purchasers.
linn of a fender and tearitiK one or Prices began to fall early in 1865 as
two small holes in the top It tore it become more and more aptarent
his tenant houses litierally to pieces that the war must soon end . llv the
and carried the pieces away, alfo did time Lee surrendered n April .if that
j r
Ms defeat. Regardless of one's opin
ion of the measure, this result of the
primary shows that the ex-service
men are a force to reckon with. When
Washington learns of the facts In the
fight, pofsibly the learned Senators
will be disposed to give the demands
pf the soldiers more consideration.
' Col. I. M. Meeklns. of Elizabeth
City, stands at the head of the Re
publican pi line in this state. Ac
cording to the Independent, of the
Col'a home town, he was one of the
original Harding men, and was pres
ent at that conference held In New
Tork several months apo by Republi
can leaders, which decided the nomi
nee. Most of the other Republicans
In this state, as usual, were late in
Jumping on the band wagon.
Public Hpeaklng.
Major W. C. Heath will speak at
Sandy Ridge school houst next Sat
urday cipht. Juno 26th. at eight
o'clock. Lot eterybody hoar him.
likewise to his barns and outhouses, .year tied b.'er. a ?enetai d-ciine
3tra.n; to try, no or.e was crriously (of 27 points in !. jneral --lane of
hu:t and onl two tf the nr..l'i thai price.
were In the-barn wero Mlahtly In- J By 1S64 the declne was arrested
Jured. From his pltrs to Mr. Ray- and a slight upward movement began
mond raxton'a, cn the Providence, that continued for two years, al
road, near Mr. B. F. Price 'a, there I though the peak prices of the war
Is or was a larce body of fine tlm- jwere not again reached, for another
ber and for the width of the storm year prices hestltated. and then in
through this forest it is shocking to j 186!). four years after Hie ending of
look at. Huge pines and giant oaks the war. a steady decline set In. For
are litierally splintered and platted three yearl from 1871 to 1&7I In
together lit such a tangled condition j eluding the panic year the decl!ni
that it will be difficult to untangle 'paused. It then began once more and
and get out the excellent timber for .continued until 1878, 13 years after
milling. The places where the storm the close of the war, when the specie
sruck th llMle cotton and other payment was resumed and the p re-
crops looks as If it had been singed
and beaten with hall, until only the
stubs are left.
Mr. Paxton, hearing the approach
of the storm, called to his people to
get out of the bouse and make for a
"cut" In the road Just In front of
the bouse. This they all did and
war level of prices was reached.
What caused the decline according
to Prof. F. W. Taussig, the distin
guished Harvard economist, was tho
increase in property and wealth, so
there waa a gradual "growing up to
tho currency." Prices fell as goods
became more abundant through tho
The Wonderful Water Seal
The final fortification against loss of precious
cooking heat must be at the top of the fireless
eookstove. It is right here that the Domestic
Science is immensely superior. A "water seal"
at the top is the only thing that will hold the heat,
and our fireless cookstores are the only ones on
the market with "water seal" covers. The "water
seal" is effected in a U-shaped groove where the
cover fits into the cooking compartment. Moisture
collects and forms a perfect seal against the es
cape of heat. This exclusive feature is fully pro
tected by patents. Insist upon a fireless eookstove
with the wonderful "water seal."
The Domestic Science Fireless Cookstove is
Manufactured by -
Toledo, Ohio, U. S. A.
Two large factories. Representatives and dealers
in nearly every town and city.
wero Just lo II 010 to "duck" behind Increase ot reduction.

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