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parr rorR
THE MOXR0E JOtTWAt, TT.il'W. U.1T 12. IflSI.
nr.irr PACES
' f
- - 1
! 'i
'r I
. V
, -
"-. 'r
... . v-, . 4
rounded lt9 by the rr-n-tu owner-.
(I, M. Bea-lr nJ R. F. IWidt-y.
V 1
c. :
i.. j.-
v.:i. l !
t Villi
-t J .
, 1:1-
. M 7JEAS1.F.Y. .
FRIDAY. U.lr 12. is2l.
Time is HO llti.ilnial a ;u- -sSOU
litlv t-: :..- IJ--1 i Jjt--
thni.ua t-V" ' t in tVil o.n. -iey.
and t.lis t.i.l is iK-..fi::il'-J ;'!
tta.e. I:i th. Sand IDHs ! ' " :"
kud nt...... alA.I:- 'id : 'l J- j '
and $J -- cat., almost at t.:.
of $4 ;e: lUf Ii I; and :.v.
ts.. ......I.-. iifv t!o:a ui'id
city u .a..n :;ui iv
ur.I :.n!.i!.' a I'l l'-- I:-at 'iii-
U!tr? !..u:iii aJ .-it tJ - ati--
Uitoiy. Il is i!t i:eisa: . it
u 4ij to C.;iito: ma to
oi'f.ativf saai
go hai.tl in
" L ii"t ": r
- .:-- rra uiu-
a : -.t.
;.: j Ituiio:-.
I.-:. f!.My tli'..
a-.! t;-.
.-.! ' I V.
1 : . . .!: r.
U. : a:t--r
i ; :;.! sy u! n .'.
!,. .! f'a
.t: - om
Special Notices
Oui? cnt a word aeh in-rtiiin.
;u- l 'i .-.-t lorui d.i'.!e
i.i- o'ri!:i! a'sJ on-
l:i:J t
-tin- a..i ;i
. i. if.
a! i-o-
t.i . A: r.
l is m- u -::: J
.!:.! !".! o! !'' il v..
... 't.iiitii. It a
t.l!!..!l tit 1;'II .W '
lint, if ok- !;! vi t1
w.rn out ty t;.. t.in.
o.v:: t-ts. n.'l ! J ti "'
hi-iM.iii to ih- n ul.'.lf
ti'.'i. w'i it w
int in this i
a s rofouiiJ
.. i! i-'ckfti
tiva'.ly fokius t:;
s tr ivj t t rtiii!
I -. i !l th.it
' .; :::i i 'i
' . ht;.'-s ol
-T J-' - ' HI
r .in-l lt fit
' ';t. I is ii"'
:i ,-h.r is
:i !:.it !.i.i
,.: tV nit.""-
; I... i .t I t:ut
lli'v l.lit.l -i":!-1''. ' -
shu .
:... n.-i' H"t P'oi.ililv
a!! l.f 'ravtliiu in aiishii.s t.y that
tit!!. si v!iy worry?
Fmhrr f 1"- 'l:1,
Krit-i:Js ::i t'.-is s.i tio!i i!l It'.in:
with :r,t th.-.t Mrs. B. L. Hit- is
V.'ANTi'.l' "I t i-j;tuiv l 'it-ad oi
mttie. H.if a r...r f.i-li:rt. f.vv
i.. . . i .i.u. j. .v. r.'icf.
WAXTill A hoi.M-iin-irt r ta cat
Kr :a::.iiy l it!t of moi'a. r. Ad
u'tr l!o 'IT-Z. .Monro- Koute 2.
t'vll SALK Saxon Six automobilt-;
Fu.u loari'it car. UaiMiu. H.
t. Sf wau.
KOU SALK Sivri'om 'juu-aluw in
!i:st-c!a-s cotniitwn ; ami soim- niif
It i.'.iiu.- lot. 0. 1. Uo'.t its. tfl-
At" TO TKANKi:U SUM -alnliii
low fuii!i..:s daily. You gti
ii.ncl t-t-m.-t- hi-iv ami e aj;ntoi
isif yo'M (.ittoiiai.i1. too. Just
.!.iiif 4 Fiank H.-lms' Tian
! r.
JKWKLKY cany a full line to
s- '..it from. A. W. Mi'Call.
OO.ME to M.'rion county. Florida;
iiaf wiu.t you want; a-ricuituial
ctiitt!' of Stat-; i in 1 roxtd and ui.
iiiiii:od tainis; city t''.l'.'it.v.
Orovti Or Pin. tVala. Fla.
w; i-alL-d to Stat. svi'.l.- last w. to
V w"h lit-r tatVr. Mr. Utiliot j i.ra-
liari who was seriously iil. A f l-- Si;t: THE NEW OOKOXA typt writer
tram tioia Mr. B:i;:i-:s Monday at Thf V. J. Kudiif Co. "a.
iroauht tht di-tr.ssii.c u-ws that ....v.-n t , f
Mr Graham di.d Siiiiday movninc oi a.M r-'-1' '";
cai:i o s t.oi ui:x mi i.tiu
Our ii-ithbov, t'.i- Ch.-M.r K-i.ft-er
rhai'.-odiit s, as follows:
litait t.-ouWf. Mr. i.rn.".a:.i na.i t:s
it.t his dainiht.-r I'.t rf on s. vi ral oc-
and in
viy :i
lit day
l :::s t.ory
CO C'ai' S) lias l'tfll d
p.atii lays his icy J.u.d-
and Caiu.-o a of t
iu tlii- l-iti-.lo;u of s'ln.r
lu;-.i' tuonj.f!! all h
Vi !t - i.;ii'-ly '.:-'i' "
dit.o'.is. i...'i.;- yt ii's .1 '
ac'.ii' ' at a-'-t-a ! ' '!!
acci.l. lit . '. X- w Y H k .:
jer lhn ii i j-ii: i ! l;i
bioi. -In about liis !' ;il
Jat.ii .
K: l i-
fi'ia' Car.iso 1
th wo-1.1 of
that th ! w'i
l iany yt .11 s alu
Ian to iv.iol his
di"s io-
i i.n'd
in a!!
ad tor lh
1. 1. i-tut it'll of t'
It was
at-' t".
?i!li- I
lit? ft".'.
pi'l l "
tei.f: s
froi i '
of :i- .i
t t..
t :l.
is th
!.';t I.
l'a: n-
h'.lt i?
lood royal
thr' mi lis-
i V d.
,r y i'oi.-
a:: 1
..- ;.'. i
it. !;.'
. .1 its-If
al lial-
1 !:: lo
w, .:.!.
was I"
f !:..' . r at
v. ill :mt
: utchi:..'
-tat of
. . L . ... ... t.-i!.. .
on and au wno na.i t:i- (....i.-.-
fet.owiri: him wv'" :''-at! im-
i id wit'i In.: Kindly, courtt-
- ro.:.. hi -vas th. itifft-ct ty.f
o' S "Uth-'n t.-'it'. man, and his pass
in is a sonri'f of tri.f to his niany
l i i.ds 't. :.'. H" was I nri" 1 at
Moc-is;ll. , his oi l hon.t'. Mo:: Jay n!-
Mr. nti.l M's. H.-'iic- Harvll ami
chiMr. I- and Mi-s J-an Harr-11 -r.
x j,;';t '" th.' w..k in Chatl.-ttf. Th
av.in,..UK.,I hti:" '" Mri..
tt!,... .... it, watt and child r.'tv
watchi. can save you
cy. A. V. McCall. .
HWHEST CASH PRICE paid for old
Maho'-any fniiTituiv. China. Yace?.
Dniss .:id:roiis. Sc!vns, -te. Ad
, lir. ss P.ox Charlotte. X. C.
WATCHES. Watches. Watches El
tin. H.unp l.'ii. South Bend, Wal
t ian. etc. Ju-t ttc.ived a full
lint . A. W. MiCall.
o rit li OF TIU'STI F s SAI F
N'.'i'vr is h.ri-by turn that under
il.j J.v M't'.e Of Ije I'gHilj coLtaia-
t.! ii a t-.ituiu dr-t-i uf trusi tcu
tt : y j j'.a Chaiiibi is u:i Xhv 3th day
.. s.'i i. m'i, I'.-lJ. which d.d oi
;;! was re. Ut' d to n.-nie Ct ltain
: - i:i-:,un!.t-d tht-'t-iii, and delauil
:i.iv.i.i b. n made in the wiutut ot
,-uid LclH ami dt iiund havms been
:.:aie OH Use by the Jioldt of ald
u.ed of tr.ft. 1 Wlil ciu
.ilillt!.i. the I till t AumiM, 1021.
al 1 1 oIOik M.. t the couit hi'Use
.iot-r in Monroe, N. C, o.Ter for ale
a. f.ir.i.wuu Utciil'tl tract of
'.and .tiij tiniiiijt tbv Ui: '. ui lorn Wil
i ai-is. K:an' Ciiamb-if and other.
.. 1 I'tuiuVd ni.il dtscriuru m fal-
' ;
Bt'-it:di.g at a P. O. with two
c:!.t. v. Tmr William and Ktank
i '..ai.iV s corner, and running thence
S. ";! F. chs. to a pin- stump,
or :.-ai tit north bank of Halt
B i-ni'i. thi.e ash p.iiiii.rs,
:;. - it- S. S.;i W. 32.2.1 chs. to a
pi:i knot stake bt-aiini: au X
an I standms 23 link wvt of
a diain with o'lf 5. O. and one pine
, oi.tt-is. raiil MiK and Chambers
. u.t-r. . I.-o a corn, r of the Kedietn
tVn X. 54', W. SJ.fO chs.
w:tii said M.1U line, passiiu his co--:.
r to a new public road; th.uce with
.Voi-n' line to a lame W. 0.. Moore
l i.- or ciimi-r; thfiu-e X. 8 W. 9 chs.
to an iron taks. a in corner; thence
ith a r.-w division line N. 53 E. 3o.
ch. to t!i.j betinninp, containing
i:;T.T a'iti. more or less, and being
: sati'e tract of land conveyed to
Join Ch.tmlitrs by M. K. Lee and
wife by died datfd Sept. !. 119.
Ueftrmce to said dt-d of trust
Hoik AX. pate 452. R.istiy of Cn
.0:1 county.
Term of sale Cash.
Th's 12th dav of Jul v. 1!21.
W. B. LOYE. Trust-e.
Accutaoy cannot be obtained fions a poor watch.
Of what use I a watch if it fails to keep accurate time?
You will be punctual in your nuaeements if tlmeJ by a watch
brought here.
You run no risk for the make! Kuaiaitee them to us; we to you.
i f Cut c; lit cm ima I I
ic STAT I ON gftS
, mm. I
Orricf STTioMtl
1 Haiii't'ii
his a'ati'
u. M'-. Hi d M:
V -v J.
X". w Corona ty pt w riu i . Come in
mid M ns show this machine to
xoo.Thf W. J. Bud-o Co.
n w.
s. W. T
1'IAMOXl" and J.wtlry
to s. 1. ct from. A. W
-A full line
v, :o Ma
'ias li-'"
tl .' fo
, with his
..-tnin.'d io
id dan.'hi. r.
r's nmth-
Shelton H:ivitU ar.d Mr.
a 'lis
I '
w ;ll ha-..- t'
t! j t t.
.in !v at Hi -
h i liiy
,1 I..1V-
.;,- i it'tii'f of mi'' .1 i
V' : an, know n t )
.i- , n.i'.i'.il and -if.. :
1, lai' d thai Mr. B;j an
.! a l-'i tur- at D' lav. n.
. Api.'it-.
:,a,i .!-Wis.-oii-
FOK Nt I'. W . I. W . 1 1 MI'I li
Tli- laiiirnibnr- K.'ii.i'i..' t-11 - o.
n in
It is
tin, i.:id was hnrryinit by au''i:ii"til"
to Wauk. -an, a Chiciu fiibuib,
wlieii' in was lo ii i .. it i on a ihail
tauiiua platfuiia the sum. t'ei.iim.
His car was niakiiii; around fifty
miles win n he was hailed by a small
town '.'i.'ii t num. Elaivii- that h
was William Jeiinim-s Ilryaii-in-a-huriy,
hi'inu r.-cotuiz. d loi what h"
was, due iiiioliinies w re off. red and
tho s-eeditu 'alkin- l.iaclii'.o w.ni o
its way. But a different ndv nt'if"
await, il ii i in at Zio'i I'itv the
same Zion City you loaid
about whre a moioreycl" drov-' t :.-
machine to the cnib.
"I am William J.nr.ii,.
said Mi . Ill van to a i'"U
"Glad to know yon," said the mo
torcycle policeman. "I'm Womliow
Wilson and the man in uniform acioss
the street is Kol.ert E. Lee. Christ o-plp-r
Coliiinbus is out shootiiu cia;i
with iju i :i Elizabeth."
The Commoner. '0I mice in his
life, hail no answer ready and 'he
party prm --d. d to polic lo alip ai
telS. The polire chief took oil" look
ami said: "I.t me shake the hand
that raise 1 wrapeju- t.i it present
hlth state."
Mr. Bryan complied and sped on to
Dwi-l-.t Mi
- , . i ; vr two w.t
V.oi'. -. Mr. Uov Mars
his home in Paceland W
Mis. J J. Edwauls
Ifook-. are visi'in'.
. r ut .vp. I in. .
Hallman of Charlotte ;
f... w. kk .it home h. r. .
M's F. W. A-hcraf?
tl'll' with h"i t'-ii'i
a; Ci'lii'i. leas, IP I
H. It. M irh is sii
!:, !! nde'-so'ivi.l- a
If. 1! A r ma- -'! i"1'1
-p. ...i'r.c th-' we
r .1 M B'Vis t.
i U ft W- d i' sd.i
.. t,- i
. Can :. la . "if n .-f W iNon
i,.. st ,.1 Miss Ed i-a Burns.
M. l.ittl" and da'i-ht.T,
; ; ,,t,v ha' i. nun' il t'om t'Kia
w ;. re tin y v
HIUI Pee 1,1111
s. .1 C. Lin!.-
d to their home in
-dav alter sp'
, r. Mr. V
'ill'i COT
11,1'"- ,1 f.
I'd Mont;-
s.l-l. f
iii l.iim-.'s'
.am. ht.-r. Mis
o i !' w day
BltlXG US your chickens and eggs.
We ray the top. McColIuni Bros
i i . - a
PUBLIC riRAY MovlUK a specialty;
prit-e.1 r.n-nn.able. Residence phone
2S-J; u-re SI. J- W. Richardson.
XoTICE lb-fore huildinc investi
tatt Atison county Brown Stone,
t'henoer. more durable and attrac
tive than In id:. Will be pleased
'o submit i'ids at anv time. Ad
dress: Peter Bianco
X, C.
Havin-- this day duly qualiiit'l be-,
ore the 01. i k of the Superior Court
I I":. ion County hs Administratrix cf
th-- t:ji,' of William McDonald, Sr.,
hi'e of the county of Union and State
if Xortll Caio'iir.a. this is to notify
..ii p imiiis hoi. line chums ncaiust
-aid estate tu ; resent, thjta to tho '.tn-i-rs:;.
eil i,hiinistriitri on or be
fore the 1st day of August. Ifl22. or
his notice will be plead in bar of.
:.. ir rit tit of r eowt y.
All i' rsons ind-bted to faid . state
will pierse make prompt settlement.
This Julv S'l. 1H21.
ALI.1E (J. HORXE. Adminis'rati i
of I he estate of William McDonald.
John C. Sikes, Attorney.
WANT! ill Twi
iin.l L'.li ;: ''
couple. -
I J.
I'll :
W. dip
d Mt
and c'liid'
n n-
Die e, yeiai
ne Mat.n.
, , f C'eirlott- 1?
11a "l- V.
vi us -ut 'in iiKi' i") mis i
from 'Columbia Utile r-'ty win i
i,..- I.. .... tnkin n course for
w. ok, and is Oi" Ci" -t o' if r sister
Mis. B. C. Park. r.
Mis- Julia Parr- tt of I', a
th.. m,. nt of hi r nun'. Ml
vt'ja n.nii-i vol ; M1,1
-.. .t of h- -i-t r. M'-v .1. i'. -:'
weeks with Mis U
Mi- l.ilii.'n Park
l! .- 'le-t ol Vl l.i
11. vii tne of the power of sale con
tained in a luorUa-e de. d executed
an th. 7th day of April, 1.1". to W.
K. William hy A. Lincoln and wife.
I'..-! duly recorded in the office of
:;.-i-t r of D e.ls for 1'i'ion f,-n:i:iy,
C. in book A. M., oti pan.' 441.
: fault I'.avinu I n tnad In tin' pay-
:;,. llt of the oliliatillll theft il, s.'Clll
d, lh" lllldel.sii.ned asi-iuioe will
-.Il al until;.' auction n? the rou it
house door In Monro. , I'nion Coiin-
KOU SALE. or trade---cash or credit, ty, X. C. to the highest bidd-r for
on- Bulck Six tonriiu' car; also one cash, at 12 o'clock noon, on
Hupmob'le lourim:; both in perfect Nnlui.lay. SepteinlH'r ;tid, 1021,
runnini; condition A. W. McCall. I th. following described piece or par-
""Icel of land, lying and beim; in (.aid
FOR KENT Most up-to-date parace -,.,. ... ail(i t,,t.. near the X. E. con-
FOR SALE Modern bungalow In
first class shape or. East Everettf
PttPPt. See W. J. Rudge.
KITTY 1" 'LEAKS will purchase the
N. w Corona typewriter at The W.
.1. K'ld-e Co.'s.
Air Line Railroad
Tralm Arrlra
No. 14 from CharlotU .... 5.B0 a.m.
No. 12 from Atlanta 6:30 a. m.
No. 34 from Rutherfordton 10:50 a. m.
No. 5 from Richmond .... 7.55 a.m.
No. 19 from Wilmington . . 11:20 a. m.
No. 15 from Monroe
No. 29 frem Monroe
No. 31 from Raleigh
and Wilmington 2:40 p.m.
No. 20 from Charlotte .... 5.50 p.m.
No. 30 from Atlanta 5.50 p. m.
No. 16 from Rutherfordton 9.10 i. m.
No. 6 from Atlanta 9.35 p. m.
No. 13 from Wilmington .. 10:45 p.m.
No. 11 from Portsmouth . . 11:15 p. m.
TlckeJ Agent.
5.55 a. m. tor Wilmington.
6:35 a. m. for Richmond
10:55 a. m. for Raleigh
and Wilmington
8.00 a. m. for Atlanta.
11.30 a. ei. for Charle'te.
8.10 a. ni. for Rutherfordton.
11:30 a. m. for Atlan'a
2.45 p. m. for Ruthcrfordtan
6.00 p. tu. for W iltnlucton.
9.45 for Richmond.
10:50 p. m. for Charlotte.
11:20 p. m. for Atlanta.
Division PaswiiRer Agent.
Charlotte. 5i. a
she .
.-'lhind is
Ed. M.
il' iS th"
a ml sab s room in Monro-,
building is located corner
ami liowell si reels, opposite nn
postoftlce. Modern in construc
tion, the sales room having plate
nhi"- front on both Main and
Crowell streets. Tile floors, and in
other words, nil Ideal building.
Cordon Insurance and Investment
Bi van,"
si foi his
Hogville New.
The Posiiuastir iii discussing
possibilities and probability
Pitur-' -a" it as his oi
this co'.nt'y will ".n
I'l.-ideiilial timber, as
soon n.' no ran spun
now the onlv place In
they us" split I ail
fences are toinc '
as no one se.-m
rails for tin in.
Hank Pott, all- r r-adin- th
town of Miami, Fla.
t'er W. J. Biyan t
hir a eur to tak'
ol the
IIO'.I t.iiU
rill n.t oi
thef" will
Il.lgville is
know of where
fencs and these
.lo-vn lni-hty l:it.
to care to s'.dit I.' "
KIN'f'.S. RINTtS We have a few
rini: bit that we will sell from
the Preslar Manguni stock at
half price. Come in and look tin tu
over. Th" W. J. Itndce Co.
Contlini.il from Mitte one.
that we w. re insid" of tho-- irnt.-s
tiiioiuii no ini'-fition of our own;
that we very much d. sired to m t out
side, and if In' would kindly let u
out we would most assoiedly stay
out, for risi.t at that time we didn't
caie vi;.i h.-r we ever saw that part
of the world I'.iiain or not. There was
plenty to ! in the other dir. C ion.
Then the bo-s, who by the way, has
the f napoin: est . yes we ev r saw,
look.d us ovu as if we w.re some
,.! the
was iioini; to oi
ii thousand d"l
ihe job as city
. . ... . . ......... ..H l 111
mana-er, sani n tue omiuou;.-!
not tr.ke the lot) he would be tlad to
co,-;der it. Hank and Z- ro P'-ck have
for a lorn; time b. en trying to man
tue HogNille ire. of c iaue.
Sine- he ilisarmaiu' fit proposition
of President Harding w-.s m.i.le Imc
Smith and Bill IKdlwaiuer have been
offering for sab- s.v. rrl i;ood pistols,
nuns and knives.
Dag Smith who swore off fioui all
his meanness the first of the year lias
since It -'t so hot resumed cussinu
and smoking. He now puts a great
U-ll ol eieia-'V into both o! te.es.'.
V hicll is believed t ) I'" l'"' ins
. -'tins: so far te hii d with them.
ro Pec k w ho rot mad and left
home forever a few days ago, botmht
a corn crop at Petunia l!id-e.
Cape Alsop says it looks live every
thing is arranged about right. Tor
instance, the onion-eating season
comes at the shme time of year that
the people bee In to lais" llo-ir win
dow. 1 Mis. Petunia B Icher, who hi..
! ,v.io neatly everything !. in i"
category to attract attention. 1ms
now bought a new dress th-it is so
long that it comes down ;o her shoe
Sir Gilbert Parker
This finuj. of im,. Citv of Monroe, bounded
Maitl and d.-sc; ih. il as follows: Bediming,
at the S. E point of the Inter." ct ion '
mad" by Jerome Avenue and Boyte (
street and run with taid Avenue S.
R( E. 14". rut to a siake at alloy:
thence with western edge of-aid al
ley S. 3.4 W. "nt feet to a stake, coi
ner of Lot No. 14. Block 5; thence
with tho northerly boundary of Lot
Xo. 14 iiforemt ntionetl. X. 81 W. 143
feet io a stake In the -asti in edge of
Boyte street; tlunce with eastern
edge of Boyte streit X. 3.4 E.
50 feet to the beginning, containing
5o by 14.1 feet square and being Lot
Xo. 13 in Block 5 as shown on the
registered plot of Vann Heights ad
dition to the City ot Monroe, proper
ty so'd by Monroe Rtalty Co., con
vevtd bv snid company to Lie Gtifun
by' deed dated 11th Oct.. lOnr). re
corded in Registry of said county in
Book 4 2. pace 51 5. and conveyed by
said Griffin and wife to said Abraham
Lincoln by deed dated April 5. l!in.
Sold to satisfy provisions of said
mortgace deed.
This August 3. 1021.
FOR SALE One Auburn Beauty Sh
and three Maxwell 5-passenger cart
J. W. Laney. Agt.
strange and undesirable specie. of, top-.
something, thought a minute, theiij Alexander Moely is having Ids
said in a puzzled but stern voice. 'chair bottomed, as he gets tired sit-
' H w in the tr; how did you tins on the fence all the time,
get In here?- T!l(1 Rlind j(aii reports that busl-
AVe Mt that to be rather a f"''l ,.,,. .-op:eslon Is abating, and the ln
tjticstion, but we explained lnciilly i a;r.,,i,.tla are that his busin -ss will
that we cam In through a gate; how , i," back to normal. He is figuring
ele c!id h think we got In? SHU he ;
wasn't satisfied.
"Who let yo.i In?" he then de
manded. Now we ask anybody, how In the
world could we be expected to know
that, not having had a personal Intro
duction to any of he force? So
"A man." we tcld him.
"When?" he wanted to know.
"This morninc." we answered.
Then llcht dawned. "Oh, ye. you
.1 L 1
on gifting a new tune ior nis nana
organ and Installing u bright new
I tin cup.
I The Hogville Loafers Club lias
l tluce the extremely hot weather hit
lure decided to change its mccunt:
place from the postofflce to the large
shsde tie nearby. Th Po-t master is
clad of this as I will affutd him
more breathing space.
Cn. hv. n-lf net we.llth. b'lt nOMC
came in this morning before the gats by"w(,a;t-j can iti;-c.is it.
Only a very limited number of
Canudiana have received the distinc
tion of knighthood. Among them
Gilbert Parker stands out most prom
inently, for he has the unique record
of acquiring the honor solely as a
recognition cf his literary gifta.
Since making him a knight in 1902,
the British Empire has conferred ad
ditional honors upon him. He was
created a baronet of the first clasa in
1915. privy councillor in 1916 and
later made honorary colonel of the
ancient and aristocratic Kent Koyal
Garrison artillery. He also has a col
lection of regular and special college
To most of us he is more impres
alve as plain Gilbert Parker, one of
the foremost noTelists of the day,
who was once a poor boy and whe
rose to his present prominence
through the sheer fore of ability.
. He hf written about thirty novels,
book rf poems, several successful
rdavs and some books on travel. It
was the great Canadian story, "The
Ripht of Way." which established
him firmly. This paper has secured
one of his very successful stories,
"No Defense," for serial printing. It
nil! start iocs. Do not miss it.
Durham, North Carolina
Trinity College offers the general student the choice of a wide vari
ety of courses leading to the bachelor's degree. For niaturt stu
dents it provides ulso special groups of studies In Business Admin
istration, Religions Training, Engineering. Preniedical and General
Science Work. Teaching instruction In all Departments. School of
Law. Fall Term begins "Sept. 14. 1921. For catilogue and illiisUa
ted Booklet address.
It. L. FLOWERS, Se-re ai y to (lie Coi mihiIoii.
Se&board Air Line Railway
Announces Reduced Round Trip Fares
Atlantic City, N. J.
Niagara Falls, N. Y.
The following Round-trip fares will apply from stations shown below:
Atlantic City, X. J.
Favorite of French Monarch Respon.
sible for Coiffure Which Became
a Universal Style.
Styles have had queer origins, and
none more unique than the fontagne?.
a style of hair dressing popular lu the
enrly part of the eighteenth century.
The dressing consisted largely of do
ing the hair high and binding It In
place with a Jeweled lillel or ribbon.
At one time It was worn by every lady
In the court of Louis XIV, and from
thiTe It spread to all parts of the civ
ilized world where fashion reigned.
The manner of Its origin Is this:
The king went for a ride one morn
ing with Mile, de Fontagne, a lovely
girl with whom the king was madly In
love, and who was not cold to his ad
vances. In fact she shortly took her
place as his favorite. As they rode,
her hair cnnie tumbling down, and
there Is reason to believe the little com
edy that followed had been staged In
In advance, even to the loosening of
the pins that allowed her beautiful
tress; to escape. At any rate, the
lady slipped from ber horse, and with
a langh lifted her skirts and took off
a Jeweled garter which she hound
around her hastily replied hair. The
king was delighted wlUi the by-plny.
and upon arriving at the palace an
nounced the mmte the most beromjng
In the world. Within 24 hours every
coquette and matron In the court had
adopted the fashion.
Niagara Falls, T.
Yia Baltimore &. Ohio R. R. July
19th, August 2nd, 16th and 30th.
Charlotte. N. C 120.70
Monroe, N. C 20.m,0
Llncolton. N. C $31.40
Shelby. N. C 32.15
Bostie, N. C 32.9l
Uiitherfordton, N. C $33.10
War Tax to Be Added.
Atlantic City, X
Via Pennsylvania R. R. July 13th,
and 27th, Aug. 10th and 24th, and
September 7th. 1921.
Will also sell to North Jersey
Resorrs via same route at fares
$1.20 higher than Atlantic City.
Ticket good on all regular trains (except Pennsylvania R. R. Con
gressional Limited I. Tickets limited to 18 days Including date of sale.
Good to stop over at Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, on return
trip only, not to exceed 10 days, within final limit of ticket.
Niagara Falls, X. V.
latei of Sale.
Via Pennsylvania R. R. July 31st. Yla Baltimore Ohio R. R. July
August 4th, 18th. September 1st, 29th, August 12th, and 26th.
15th. 29th, and October 13th. ,..,,
r.ood onlv on Sneclal train leav- uooa oniy on pecial nam
Ing Washington 7:40 a. m. ing Washington
Good returning on all regular (except Limited) rans.
formation call on nearest licket Agent, or address
:20 a. ni.
For further In-
i E. W. LONG,
Division Passenger Agent,
Charlotte, N. C.
I. v
Vh?t children hear at home soon
files abroad.
The Wingate School
A high standard Christian secondary school for boys and girls. Accred
ited by the State. Special departments of Music, Bible. Expression
and special course for training public school teachers. Splendid ath
letics. literary societies. B. Y. P. U., strong Christian atmosphere,
thorough work, moderate expense. Total school expense for nffie
months $180 to $200. Next session oepns August 23. 1921.
For further Information addresa V. M. BF.At'H. PUnclpiil.
Wlngste, X. C

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