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T. C. Lee 6 Son
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Sparkling Comedy Drama, "Turn to the Right' Fourth Night at Chautauqua
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n-niwiw mi. I MMHMMIM IIIIIW Ill II I Ijy in
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"Turn to tht Kiglit," sjiarklinit comely drama, will le given on the fourth night vt the coming Kedpath Chautauqua by a cast of New York actors organized by the New York City Producing Department of the Hedpath Iiureao.
Turn to the Right" Is one of the great comedies of the generation and bus scored a tremendous success whererer presented. Fun and thrills abound and there is Just the right measure of pathos. "Turn to the Right if. great
Chautauqua feature and cne which will be thoroughly enjoyed by the entire audience.
Al H rilUDIATTr nHIirC nu-nt. These re all of North Caro- and those being1 sold on streets bv'
ULU tflMLUIIIj UrtlLlLJ lma. boys have evidently been stolen. 'I
ntfP lllTPnrPTTUP lirIlP The editor says in another column .
llllb INILKLMINIi Ktnb of date of Oct. H-th. 1S.S4. "North .... . t;T.rK . Fs
Canlina. since the 17th of April. A- MALK MI.LS
1,m!1. has equippid and sent into NOTICE OF CANDIDACY
the field 1 1 men. and has
.;ept her men shod, clothed and blank- Mnroe I.awer Has Already Can-
iteu; or ut least, nas turnisned tne
(.'oni'e lercte government the where
with to do fo."
In this same issue there is an ad
Bulletin of l!fil Furnishes Informa
tion in Regard to the I'rogres
War ISctwern the States
vassrd the District Thoroughly,
Says a Raleigh Dispatch.
Wheat Hav Farminir Imule-nenN md vertisement like this: "Sewinj,' Machine Kaleigh, April 12.-1. nlucky or not.
"A. "V1"'"" r. imp e-nents .ma .,, , k.,.,i,,.i ...i,.,, thirteenth means a scran in luduia
.Mills Filled with Flour Went l"p in
the Wicked Flames
Waxhaw, Route 1, April 15. While
at the honif of Mr. M. I.. Richardson,
son of the late Ksq. S. ,1. Richardson
of this (Rehoheth) community a few
days ntrn, I was introduced .o some
very old papers part i copies of
the Old Charlotte Dady !:..;iet:n.
These old papers ha. ev.ilciit'y
bten in th family for :;bo.r t-.vo yer.
eratiuns. the oldest ('i.' lii-a:''::; the
date of Feb. 12, 1m'-I. a -id is .itere
lure. more than .jS year o'd.
These old papers carry a i.T'.i:t -'i-al
of news of the war then n iina be
tween the North and the S ir.h, and
some of t'r.e.ie news items are such
as to amply verify Sherm:i:iV ieliv.i
tion of what war is.
One report bearing tli's htalijic:
"The Devastation of the "alley" says
"Sheridan reports to Grart that, in
moving down the valKy to Wood
stock, he has burned over twi thou
tand barns filled with whiat, hay and
farming implements, ar.d over sev
enty mills filled with flour and
wheat." There is some very scathing
comment on this action of Sheridan,
and an intimation that we will retali
ate by going over into the ency's
land and burning up New Yt
We find also a report by the i.iap
lin of Richmond hospital number S,
the following deaths of i t cent date
(Feb. 12, '64): H. E. Bowen. Co. F.
4th regiment; J. Bitten, Co. B, 4"th
regiment; E. Sutton. Co. I. 34th reg
M. K. 1'hillips, Co
ivuntcd. An old bachelor, whos
waidrobe is sadlv out of repair re- icicles tnis year, and the nrst gun
.jUests us to advertise for a sewing of the impending buttle was fired
machine for him. He wants one about yesterday when A. M. Stack, of Mou
lt years old. with Hue ees, brown roe. inscribed his name on the list of,
curls, and worth about one hundred candidates for judgeship in that dis
u:td fiftv thousand dollars. (Sl'.O,- '!";t"t. threw down the gauntlet
pon.tioi. there is not anv doubt about to Judge Walter E. Brock, named by
one like that bung worth the effort; '''overnor .Wrison to succeed Judge
hut w. -.-h! that kind sew ? V. J- Adams last September. ;
In this same column, w have this None- of which is news to anybody r
lum: "A spoetato" in Richmond has who has an ear even remotely attun-,
cuVulated the amount of Lou tr to ed to political soothsaying. It hasn't
It - ,.bt:i:i:iii that citv for the old ectn reiiuir -d a soothsayer. Mr.'
oi live cents a ilr nk; the ipian
We hereby notify all persons hav
ini: drains and ditches or pools of
standing water on their premises to
have same cleaned out and properly
drained at once and sae cost and
troulil". It is the desire of the sani
tary officer to begin in time that the
health of the city may be preserved
and tc tiiis end we ask for your full
co-operation as the sanitary ordi
nances must and will be strictly en
forced. This wil! incur a useless ex
pense and hard feelings, all of which
ran be avoided by each one doing his
part towards lelieving untold sufter
ing and the saving of life itself.
Do help us pleusan'ly and do not
force us to use harsher means as 111"
city must !) cleaned up and kept
W. J. Tiil l.l.. Sanitary Officer.
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j care of one's future. Many people have money left to them but Uck the so
cial training needed to properly care for it it gets away. IF YOU expect to
' have money left to you later on in life you will need training in order to be
able to give your interests the vigilant care they will demand if you are to hold
your own or build for a larger success. This training is only acquired by
actual practice. No other method for gaining it is so good, so business-like,
os safe as the Bank Account method. Start Your training NOW by coming in
and opening an account with us one dollar will get you started add to it as
you can. ,
The Rank that Backs the Farmer.
M. K. LEE. President; C. It. ADAMS. Vice-President; W. B. L0VF.rV.ie71
Dresiduit; R. A. MORROW, JR., Cashier. Directors. R. A. Morrow, Sr., F. C.
Henderson. L. N Presson. V. H. Love, G. S. Lee, M. K. Lee, T. C. Lee, W. M.
Gordon, W. A. Rediern, Tims. E. Williams, A. M. Secrest.
t:ty ;s tile oi:e-ir.i;:i!teii!h part oi
'i.l. oi' about five drops."
The following i said to be a bona
tide report of the Ti:nnv;dd. (!a.. hat
market in the issue oi Oc 10, IStil
One wind hat -' beaver skins.
' 2 lbs. clean washed wool
0 bushels corn.
1 'j bushels wheat.
10 fbs. bacon.
10 ns. l:.rd.
12 coon sk n.
" 1.") iviuskra: skins.
20 mink kins.
30 rabbit skins.
One rabbit hat for double the above
prices; one coon hat for advance
on the labbit hat; one beaver hat for
double the price of the rabbit hat
There are a great many other items
in these old "I. harlotte Bulletins
that might be of interest, but for the
present we rest. The subscription
price of the paper is: Daily fi
i,i, months, $10.00; daily 3 months, SH.OO
regiment; H. Turner, Co. C. 4c.h reg- . name is r.. a. w im-
iment; J. H. Yarborough, Co. K. -J4th kt'r amj he lias a notice in the paper
regiment; J. A. Battle, Co. C. 2nd warning citizens that any boy found
regiment; S. Corkan. Co. I. S2n l regi- The Bulletin on the streets
ment; P. B. Warlick. Co. B. 11th regi- hoa '.' bt r-Vrid to him. He says
ment; B. Ethridge, Co. I, loth regi- ",l a"""s rfe "
ment: M. E. West. Co. A. 4th reri-. th streets, but only at newsstands
She Knows
"I am a Domestic Science Graduate
and a chemical student from the
Normal School. After making
the experiment testing various
baking powders I never use any
except the Royal." Mrs. J. P.
Absolutely Pure
Contains No Alum
Leaves No Bitter Taste
Send for New Royal Cook Book-U't FREE
Royal Baking Powder Co., 130 William St, New York
Mack's neighbors months ago even'
wen to the length of staging a
ple'isii itt and his countrymen n..mi-!
tinted him by an overwhelming plu
rality. It was purely informal but
. i ry eloquent. :
No time was lost by the Monroe
lawyer, who was formerly solicitor j
.n that ditstrict, and he immediately,
went forth on the warpath. H? has i
ulready canvassed the district with ;
praiseworthy thoroughness, ar.d is I
priparng to carry the war teen :ur-j
ther into his adversary's country, j
Judge Brock has a scrap on his hands
that gives promise just now of being
a thriller.
Nor w ill the fighting be confined j
to the judgeship, according to rumor. I
Four or five candidates are reported j
to be in the field against Solicitor i
Nash, who succeeded the now judge. !
Solicitor Nash has filed his notice!
and paid his twenty dollars. Onpon- j
cuts, if any there be, are a trifle re- j
luctant to take the plunge, and Mr. j
Nash's name is inscribed in lonely :
,'randeur on roll of candidates. i
Interesting News Items From:
Monroe Route 5 j
Monroe Route 5, April 12. The!
farmers of this section have done very
little ploughing yet, as the weather
has been so unfavorable. If the'
weather stays favorable for a while
there will be lots of ploughing done I
n the next week or two.
Mr. W. A. Griffin, who has been con-1
fined to his home for a month or more .
with bronchitis and other troubles, is
improving slowly.
dr. Thxmas C. Griffin o: Charlotte
cj me down Saturday night to se his
her, Mr. W. A. Griffin.
Mrs. W. A. Whitaker of Houston I
si ent Saturday night with Mr. and!
Mr. W. E. Helms. j
Mrs. W. E. Helms, who has been'
s ifiVring with a catraract on her eye
fo.- e.erul months, was operated on
n? day last week in Monro? by Dr.
R. H. Garren. She stood the opere- j
tion well and is getting alon;j fine at
this writing. '
Mr. Even C. Helms and daughter,
Miss Cora, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Jen-
nings, all of Cahrlotte, motored,
down Sunday morning to see Mr.;
Helms' niece, Miss Alice Helms, who1
has been confined to her home for'
bout eight months. We are glad
to say that Miss Alice is improving
some and is able to be up and walk
about over the house. While Mr.
Helms was here he handed your cor-!
respondent dollar to pay for a six
months subscription to The Journal. I
Mr. John H. Hannah has put ud a
nice grocery store at Helmsville. Hei
sells all kinds of groceries as low as!
can be bought anywhere. He desires
liberal patronage of the community. 1
Th?" wheat and oat crop is looking!
fine. I
Rev. A. C. Davis will nreach at ;
Corinth Sunday at 11 o'clock, ac-!
cordirj to announcement.
Pljfe EN
t .'
CPRING finds our store with an un-
...,nll.. . oJrl f iUA Knot M
usually t ai icu uia oi inv moi kwu
the market affords; Seed that are de
pendable, that seldom ever fail to ,
"snrnut" and vou will find our Seed r-ts
a Department in charge of men who are JjjfcA
M i i! -.'iL it., l I 1 is'Jra
iamiuar wun me local seasons, who
know "when to plant," what seed are
best adapted to Union county soil and
everything else that the amateur
gardener might want to know.
pONT take any chances. Come to
headquarters for seed.
i h
.V4Sw f , -v-c 'til l
m I

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