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The Burke County Hews,
Published Every Friday
G. COBB, -
!pilrimae to him who dares
I to do his duty ! There are no
flowers except a few bouquets
snatched from the graves of
fallen foes; there is no happi-
nessexcept the transient thrill
i c t a 1 i i
oi cruel triumph, wnicn passes
VA). cV 1 UB. bkea shadow across the heart.
zi7:7":r.z "Evcrv honest man who
runs for office is a candidate
for trouble; for the fruits of
political victory turn to ashes
on the lips. j
"To me there is nothing in I
this world so pathetic as a can
ditate. He is like a mariner!
without a compass, drifting
on the tempest-tossed waves
of uncertainty, between the
Tin: Bukkk County Xkws, smiling cliffs of hope and the
Morfanton, X. C. frowning cras of fear. He
is a walking petition and living
praver; he is the pack-horse
of public sentiment; he is the
dromedary of politics. And
even if he reaches the foal of!
his ambition, he will soon feel
the beak of the vulture in his
One Year, 75 Cents.
Six Months 40
Three Months 25
Advertising rates made known
on application.
Address all communications
the Merrimac, but Tennessee i nr. Greek O. Andrews AttemPU
hasa 'Merrv Mac' that proudly ! Suicide,
floats on the billow -our own ! W .lnutnr. Dispatch, 1Mb.
Benton McMillin." A well dres-ed y.Mni-rmam.t :!,
build registered Saturday night a
Dunharton hotel a- ii. L Adam, ;
more. tie on noi ieae in- r.-.in
STATK NKW S. terday and in response to impm ie .
he wns not ill and wanted nothing.
The school fund in Durham county similar reply v.i gicn this nim . , ,
amounts to $2.."0 per capita. This afternoon a strong smell t
lit in r traced to his room t lu- do.,
m. li. Ivlmiston tias neen appoiM- nn.Vi u Jjn)1 ,u, m;UJ (o(m(1
scions on the bed The clacks an. t,;
the door and keyhole were Mutled wi ,
ed postmaster at Blowing Hock.
A movement is on toot in Charlotte
10 organize a company to build
electric car line around the citv.
paper and the gas was flowing tVout
two open burners.
He was taken to the Kmcrgency
pital and afte several hours of
The Atlantic Hotel at Morehead
. 'O I . , 1 1 L.- . 1. C'.l ... I .1
lUV win oe soui reonmiy run 10 woiK restored 10 conciounes .
islv a nmrtagage for 81.4J,00(. It was bein questioned he admitted lu
built in 1M at a eo-t of &2tf.U00.
The Governor has pardoned .las.
Cornell, of Watauga, convicted ot house
burning and sentenced to u term in the
penitentiary. He had served two
Greek (). Andrews, a journalist. At
midnight his condition stil! eiiti-.d.
Andrews has been prominent in n.w..
paper work in the South. He i ,,
well known North Carolina tamilv.
.Mi. Andrews was former lv rt
On Mondav Robert L. Tav- heart and the fan" of the ser-i
lor left thejnibernatorial chair l)LMlt in llis soul-
"I am no longer a candidate. '
...i:, r.t... !...!. ;..i, v.... i
(iiiiim to uic iinn iii iicn? illltl I J ! it !
Capt. Gardner, of Shelby company, ver. Later he was editor ot the llv
had the honor of temporarily taking , Visitor, an evening paper of Ualeig!,.
charge of Mono east I"! when it came 'He was iuMrumental in organizing tj.
into the hands ot the Americans, but ,ompany which established the lialt i.-h
was soon relieve! by the regular garri- ' lt and was connected with that pap.
Tennessee and Bent
Never ayain will I be inauru-
UUMm"1 IL,n m ms SUM1- rated into public office. The!
Below we print Governor :irfc ()f ni v humble public ca-1
Taylor's speech, believing that reer now rests on the Arrarat!
of private life, and I stand on
its peaceful summit and look I
down on the receding flood of
politics. The dove of my des
tiny has brought me an olive:
branch from happier fields, !
and, I yo hence to labor and !
to love. '
"I take with me a heart full
of gratitude and a soul full of'
precious memories; gratitude
to the people for their unwav-i
erinr confidence in me; pre-;
cious memories of my friends
who have been kind and true.
"The record that I have
made is an open book to all. I
am willing tolivebythat record;
I am willinjjfto die by it. For
whatever mistakes I may have
committed. I have kept steadi
ly in view the honor of the
State and the happiness of the
our people will en joy this very
characteristic production :
"Mr. Speaker, Ladies and
Gentlemen: I am about to
shuttle oiT this mortal coil of
politics and fly away to the
heaven of my native mountains,
where I may think and dream
in peace, safe from the sick
ening stilly of unjust criti
cism; safe from the talons of
some old political vulture;
safe from the slimy kiss and
the keen dajo'er of inrati
t tide.
"I do not mean to say that
all politicians are vultures or
that they are all hypocritesor
assassins; for the rreat ma
jority ot our public men are
upright and honest, and wor
thy ot the confidence reposed
in them by the people; vet
there are black wintrs in the
son of artillery"1.
The local camp of Confederate ver- ;
erans at Raleiirh has adopted a resold I
tion protesting against Butler's bill to !
pension ex-Confederates. The Con j
federate camps all over the country are j
passing similar resolutions.
until about six month- ao. At;.i
beinn revived Mr. Andrews denied tli,(:
he attempted sdh-ide and said thai tin
escaping jjras was an accident. Srai
v i lie Landmark.
Thank You, Brother.
' Statesville Landmark.
Chas. A. Traylor, who was ion-; The L.indmaik has rec.ived tl,.
vieted in Rowan Superior Court ot ti,( ,iUinuM- of TllK 1 l KK r. Cot n n
for-rery and sentenced to two years in : XKvs, a weekly paper established :.i
the penitentiary has been pardoned by .M, canton by Sir. T. G. CoU,. Ii i
(;ov. Ku-sell. He had served ten j well gotten up and lri-tle with
months of his term. Traylor was a lor;,l M,ws. The Landmaik wi. ne
wel I known sport prior to his eon- .Mj-. Cobb sj.'cess in his new ventuie.
victiou. - - -
Win-ton Sentinel: An invenn.n
The Citizen says Mrs. Thomas V. w bein' laken at th link ot (im!
Patt.n, Miss dosie l'atton and McLeo.l fnr, ( ; ,-.-ensboro, which went into -w
Itfon left Asheville We.lnesday 'f nntarv lhpii lat ion last week, dexe!..
last week for Cuba, to visit Capt. I'at- tH. ;tV that the depositors w ill he p d t
ton, who is with the First North Caro- j,, f,,
liua lJeniment at Mariano. Thev will
make a tour ot the island and expect to PV Subscribe tor Tin.
return to Asheville abouut the loth of XlCWS. 75 cents per ear. 4"
cents for six months, 25 cent
for three months.
political firmament, and ret)-1 "As I have already present-
tiles crawl and hiss in every cu Ul on puouc ques-
capital. Hut, thank Cmd, the tions ilVliy recont "K-ssajre
live thunders of eternal truth I to tlu' ('-"ral Assembly, I
always clear the atmosphere, i unnecessary to further
and "the heel of justice will (l,sCl,ss tn " this happy
liishop Cheshire, d the Episcopal
Church, has auihorized and requested 1
the clergy of his diocese to prav for HflP nllPT I Q H H f Of
the Divine -Miidance in behalt oV HlU IIIVGI LallU lUI 0011
State Legislature by adding the words. ;
'and for the General Assembly of this ; lleie's your chance to get poM--i".
State, now in session," immediately : of .V) acres of as tine land a- there i
after the words "in Congiess assem- in l.urke county. It i only a mil'
bled." in the prayer for Congress. and a half from Morganton. ou He
Catawba river, the greater nait oi i'
oeeu oeg ,,. .,., i,,,,,,,,,, ;ll)l. A Healed
eonine superior Lourt to settle the
question d" the judgeship of the twelfth
judicial district, which is m diinte
the serpent's : Occasion: ha) to Otir new between Judges Moore and Norwood.
ii win oe recaiieu mat. acting on tti
lu;id Lfovernor; happy to you; hap-
"I do not retire from this j 1' to me; h:iVV' to us all.
nflice with the ranklino-of dis-! "It only remains for me to
appointment and chagrin in : n'( .vou 'in atVectionate and
my bosom, but rather as mu! final farewell, and to express
who retires from labor to rest; ; tnt prayer that the Christ
from war to peace: from trou-' who died for love and mercy's
ble to happiness. sake will juide our chief exe-
I d not retire, the Som-i '"tive and all who shall follow
nambulist of a shattered n,m 'n the paths of peace and
dream, but with all the buds!ove baptize them with
of hope bursting into bloom ; the spirit of mercy. Fare
and all the bowers of the fu-;well, farewell."
ture rinirino- with mehnly. I i "I now have the distin
am cntented with mv lot inliruished honor to close the
lite. 1 hree times I have won
the laurel wreath of honor,
twined by the people of im
itative State, and that is rlory
enough for me.
''While I believe that the
.-wv, uiuciiis iiu iiieir suuis. io cnanje tne
bail, yet how thorny is the 'figure - the United States
path and how unhappy the hoaM of a llobon who siink
ucinjg on nit
supposition that Norwood hail resigned
the judgeship, as tioy. Ruell claims,
dudge Moore va, at t!e last election,
electeti judge for the twelfth di-trict
ami. iuce the Ut ot .laniia-y. ha
exercised the functions of the otli'-e.
Norwood, however, still claims to be
the legal judge and the suit
entered to -ettle the matter.
scene, so far as I am concern
ed. Benton McMillin has
iriven his heart and hand to
Tennessee. I now pronounce
them husband and wife and
mav the lonl have mercv on
1 he (irarid Lodge of Mason-, in
ses-d n at Iialeigh, elected the following
officers: (irand master. Kihard S.
Noble, of Selma ; deputy rand master.
Ii' rlv S. IJov-ter : euir grand
warden. Hernv T. ( lark ; junir grand
W'trden. V. S. Lwldell : grate! treas
urer, William Simpsiui : grand secre
tary, John Drewry, ot Raleigh.
All fraternal relations were severed
w ith the irand Lodge ot the State of'
Wellington, beeaue of it-admi-ion
a negro from Illinois a- a Mason,
w hich the (irand I-odge of Norih Caro
lina declare- to le h violation ,;f
landmark of Ma-onry iu recognizing
negro lodges.
oouoiii uiUM. ieaiel a
in a high state of cultivation. I'ui-cha-er
will be allowed the pri iiege !
'X' hanging lO acres of thi- laud ir I1
acre- of wood land near the tract i! -de-ir'd.
before or after salt i- made.
( ojne early if vow wish to buy
exce'letif farm cheap Till guar.i .
teed clear. Applv to
r. (;. ( t )i;i;.
NhW- i.flic.
Two Papers
For Price of One.
Write a postal card tv
-ample copies of the
I wo large eigh.-page pajM-r-.
one DemM-tati- with a big D. the
tf.er for the H.... a, pHr,.
Until b.r I io- Year f.i ( Un- D !
Add res ,
Raleirh. N .

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