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As Told by the Papers in
the Neighboring
tv. r.ntiTitv Go Democratic by 1500
Majority-Preacher Arrested-Death
of a Young Mother -Negro Shot-
Found Dead in Bed.
Shelbv Star. Aug 8th.
Miss Sina Philback, aged GO,
was found dead in bed Sunday.
She resided near New House
and was a highly respected lady.
The interment took place Mon
The thresher operated by J .
Y. Elliott & Clines threshed
over .000 bushels of wheat and
oats this season. The wheat
yield has been very good
throughout the country.
Dr. Henry M. Wharton, of
Baltimore, who conducted re
vival services here a few years
ago, was arrested at Ocean City,
N. J., Saturday on the charge
of obtaining money under false
pretenses. He has been fi
nancially embarrassed for
Andrew Sarratt, colored, shot
Tom Blauton, colored, last
Saturday evening, the pistol
ball taking effect in the thigh.
The shooting occured in No. 9
township. Blanton was arrest
ed and brought to jail by
Deputy Sheriff J. Y. Elliott,
but the Sarratt negro escaped.
Mrs. Jacob B. Moore died
Saturday night at her home here
and was carried to ElBethel for
interment Sunday. She was
about 30 vears old and a good
woman. She leaves a husband
and two children. The infant
died in a few hours after its
birth. This family moved here
only a week ago.
The greatest Damocratic
victory in the history of the
county was recorded last
Thursday. The average ma
jority exceeds 1500. Every
township in Cleveland county
went Democratic except Nos.
1, 2 and 11, and the fusion ma
jorities were reduced to almost
nothing in these. No. 1 town
ship was lost by only 7 votes;
No. 2, which formerly gave 200
majority against us, was re
duced to about 10; No. 11 was
reduced from considerably
over 100 against us, down to
about 60. The other townships
were all rescued from the fus
ionists, and in hitherto Demo cratic
townships the majori
ties were greatly increased.
You assume n n.-k when you buy
Chamberlain's Colic. Cholera and
n;QrrhrPR Remedy. VV. A. Leslie,
Druggist, will refund your money if
you are not satisfied alter using h.
Iris everywhere admitted to be the
most successful remedy in use lor bow
el complaints and the only one that
never fails. It is pleasant, safe and
Watauga Pleased Over Mr. Spain-
hours Election in jshtk a xiuuuud
Prescription for Watauga Bepndli-
cans Other natters.
Boone Democrat, Aug. 9th.
The drought in Watauga
remains unbroken, and grow
ing croDS are suffering tor
The hav season is nearly
over, and a finei lot of grass
was never harvested in the
A famous prescription for
Watauga Republicans Sim
mons' Liver Regulator. Take
in full or broken doses, as you
The election passed off quite -
ly in Watauga, though riots
were predicted by some ot the
revenue doodlers before the
Hon. J. F. Spainhour, of
Morsranton. who was elected to
the Legislature from Burke
county by a majority of 396
votes, was in town Monday and
Tuesday. Our people are much
gratified over his election, for
doubtless he will be called up
on to look after the interests of
Watauga in the General As
sembly. He has the ability
and the willingness to help us.
Quite a number of our re
publican subscribers have dis
continued since the election,
and it amuses us to know how
they will want to see just one
more paper. Of course they
won't borrow it, for "He that
reads a paper and sponges as
he goes, will never reach that
happy land where milk and
honey flows." To be sure we
wouldn't say much this week
if we expected many of them
to see it.
oiurl tn death on Monday
evening of last week. It was
playing around m we .
when an oiaer sistci
out an oven of hot water to
scald a chicken. She stepped
cret the chicken, and
the little fellow walked back
,..ic milliner a little chair.
o,i ne-ainst the oven and
sat down in it. The mother
-n siek in bed and the father
sitting on a porch on
A Child Scalded to Death-Boiler Ex
plosion Ashamed of Caldwell's Vote
on the Amendment Death of an
Orphan Girl.
Lenoir Topic, Autr, 8th.
WTe mean no reflection on
anvone when we say that we
are ashamed of the vote of
Caldwell county on the amend
ment. It is a disgrace to the
county, nevertheless.
Miss Alice West, an orphan
girl who lived with Mr. Avery
Coffey on Zack's Fork, died of
typhoid fever Monday evening
and was burried at Union
church yesterday.
A boiler operated for Mr. J.
M. Barnhardt at a saw mill by
Mr. Calvin Cook in the neigh
borhood of Glenburnieexploded
one day last week, both ends
I blew out. There were several
men around at the time, but
! fortunately no one was hurt
seriously no one being in
range of the ends of the boiler.
A little two year old son of
Mr. and Mrs. A. P. McNeil, of
Kings Creek township, was
another side of the house.
TJoavintr the child scream, ne
ran to it. but it was so Daoiy
scalded that it died next day.
Within the Shadow of Sorrow's Gate
-Jnlv Marriages-Horse Killed It
self -Big Wheat Crop.
Lincolnton Journal, Aug 10th.
Mr. J. A' Lore and his ten
ants made on the Caldwell place
this year 3,267 bushels of wheat.
Of this, 1,850 bushels was Mr.
Lore's individual crop made
on 80 acres.
Register of Deeds Self issued
licenses to wed to the following
persons all white during
July: Chas. O. Houser and
Fannie Hoover, J. L. Lineber-
p-er and Katherine Wilkie,Geo.
W. La wing and EmmaLawing,
J. C. Nogle and Martha Boyles,
Robert Piercy and Bessie
Bridges, R. L. WThitner and
Ella Richardson.
Prof. G. T. Heafner, county
superintendent of schools, is
having the adage that misfor
tunes never come singly"
demonstrated. On Friday a
splendid horse owned by him
ran away with a plow and kept
on running until it killed itself.
Onlv about a week before Prof.
Heafner lost a large slice of his
wheat crop by fire.
The friends of Maj. and Mrs.
W. A. Graham will grieve to
learn of the extivme illness of
an incurable malady of their
daughter. Miss Florrie Graham.
There is no more lovely or
lovable girl in the State gentle,
amiable and intellectual and
it is inexpressibly sad that
Death should so early claim one
whose life has been a benedic
tion to those who came within
its serene and gentle influence.
County Mail Brought into Town with
ine inspawu ui &u xxpress x ounjj
People Entertained.
Marion Democrat, Aug 10th
Marion has a large number
of visitors at present.
The young people of the juu
ior set enjoyed themselves at
an informal party held at the
residence of Prof, and Mrs. J.
E. Guy Tuesday evening,
Pleasant diversions were pro
vided and refreshments were
Mrs. John Yancey , Jr. , enter
tained with a whist party at
her residence Tuesday evening.
The affair was given in honor
of her brother Caleb Mutz, of
Lincolnton, N. C. who is her
guest. Four tables were used
and the game thoroughly en
joyed, after which dainty re
freshments were served.
It is a rare thing for Marion -
ites to see the country mail be
ing brought into town with the
dispatch of an express. One
of those rare times occurred
on Tuesday. The horse, which
the post boy from Dysartsville
rides to the postoflice everyday
ran away on the above named
day while on his way here and
dashed up Main Street as if
another county was yet to be
heard from. The excited ani
mal was headed off and stopped
just above the post -office and
no danger was done. The post
bov was not injured but was
compelled to walk into town,
his horse having bolted from
him just below Col. Sinclair's
Yes, August Flower still has the
largest sale of any medicine in the
civilized world. Your mothers nd
grandmothers uever thought of using
anything else for Indigestion or Rilious
ness. Doctors were scarre, and they
seldom heard of Appendicitis, Net vous
Prostration or Heart failure, etc.
1 tlfV ll$P(1 Alicrifet h lim-f-r 1 1 r un m
J - . ' - - - M 'MU
the system aud stop fermentation of
undigested lood, regulate the actiou of
the liver, stimulate the nervous and
organic actiou of the system, and that
is an they tooK when teeling dull and
bad with headaches and other aches.
iou oniy neea a lew aoses ot Ureen s
August Flower, in linn id (nm
O ' - - . -. .vi ill. iyj
make you satisfied there is nothing
serious me matter with you. For sale
bv John Tull.
I am the mother of eigth children
and have had a great deal of experience
with medicines. Last summer mj
little daughter had the dysentery in its
worst form. We thought sue
die. I tried everything I could thiuR
of, but nothing seemed to do her any
good. I saw by an advertisement n
our nner that Chamberlain's Colic.
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy was
hirhlv recommended and sent ana
a bottle at once. It proved to he one
of the very best medicines we ever had
in the house. It saved my nine ure
ter's life. I am anxious for every
mother to kuow what an exceiic
medicine it is. Had I known it at rr
it would have saved me a great deni
anxiety aud my little daughter niucn
suffering. Yours truly. Mus. (t'-'-r;
Bukdick. Liberty, R. L tor w .
W. A. Leslie Druggist.
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Administrator's Notice.
ii.. mg.i ruhninistra?'''
C. T. A. of Eliza Scott, decea
late of Burke county, X. C, tft,s , ;jr4
notiiy all persons . v
against the estate of said yc'
exhibit them to the undersineu
before the 27th day of July. .
u: : :ii v, loml inb.'lT-'1 l'
recovery. All person i.JU
estate will please make it""
payment. mvr.
a. j K
Administrator C. T.
Scott deceased.
This July 27, 1900.

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