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FRIDAY, OCT. 26, 1900.
personal Mention and Items of Hews
by Our regular auBiiuu Acpviwi
II F VIS accomPlish much therebv n
""' dOubt. in Seiner . L . .-Z US1
s far one, aricfc r.rr::1: by Confess in our village since
I . uawmng- vu xuuing wiea Alpine Reporter. Hon
of listening to a candidate for
Congress in our village since
AlnifiA HTWrtr I XJ t rr T ' J f i
ntnthPirm;n u u . ' " auu. v. Finney uenvereu
of the a 1 ra" !SJ D "L. . ,ed . M- Kt Populist speech sev-
k L ui1,i,k icauyierian puipit here last eral v
mem wnn nope.
Oct. 24th, 1900. Scribo.
ears sine Hun. Irw
Sunday. Snainhour- vhn hn Wnmo i
We learn that Mr. Raranon reat avote with our people.
Oct. 24, 1900.
U No Who.
L Murphy went down to T winter of 1897 Mr. Br' has T" "!
Ur. 'uu4" ; .TftmM PppiI Ana Aftt.. u.j: tvnhmH fvop rattlinfr short Rtvprh-
... at 1 1 i I . vUV u. iuc icauiuffcilizens j .v-. o - i
Statesvilie -uunuay uii a fciiun and merchants of Clay Clay Co., W M t T . TT .
visit. V... struck his legagainst Vtake of MaSter John H Pltts has
r . . ice in such a manner as to bruise is returned from an extended
Tr I. F. Denton is spend- severely It he
. ' .,, nr tw,.:it.hishnmJlen and pained hTm l," 7w V'S'1 l a,,SDUr'- "I wi&h to express my thanks lo the
lf10- ,t -v.. w. I , .. : -J , ,
- uau v Liini in 1 1 1 1 1 i j -
h nn .:.k... j . . TUT- t . r m manufacturers ot Chamberlain a Colic.
rinnhprs "ifcuuui, uib aia oi crucnes. "e leaves, or uorgan ri.i..., tv u o l i
near Clumbers. He Wft8 , bvnhvsJ nB . , , , , . . Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, for
r, tvt u several kintla f i;n;mpn7.;ii 7 oeen visiung relatives having put on the market such a won-
Mr,C. A Marsh went to Soot here and at Rollins this week. Medicine - W. W. Mas
BlllK.n county Wednesday on but nothing gave any relief un n he be- U i xj ng.ll, of Beaumont, Texas. They
a vWt for a week. gan using CamberS Pai Balm 1 'f Tvo HenneS T,raVhTnU f T" w.hT
J . This brought almost a eamplete cu See that Mn -Caleb Bnnigarner dren have been saved laom attacks
,lr. .uarsnau rci.ree is on ,n a week's time aud he believes that wul sn be ablj to return .u..mu...
: fre f vvr W(lrs at Viic I had he tint nArl thia ram a At, !.:, 1 I lirr-iQ
J V I 1 I i'Ol t 'i w i-.w uv iiiu - vaxivijr alio uvuiUi
i nt Hurkemont would have had to be amputated. ,f. a,. XTT , "
home at Jurkemont. Pain Balm is unepualed for spraius, MlSS Alice Walker, who has
MisO. Summers, who has bruises and rheumatism. For sale by been substituting at the Hos-
been' visiting her home i n vv-A-Llie druggist. pital for several months, is at
must also feel thankful. It is for sale
by W. A. -Leslie druggist.
North Carolina Mitchell County.
Upon request of the bar of Burke
county and in view of the election to be -
held on Tuesday, the 6th of November,
previously announced by Rev. Aq attack-was lately made on Reaps, of this place. -W.
K. Houk The same ,b 0. P. Collier of Cherokee, Iowa, Rev. D. p. Lowdermi
ilk has
Iredeil, returned hereFriday. e
tj t J.JlT Miss Mattie Simpson, of the
ju.xv. o w.o. ... auu aujuiumg counties win Hospital is visiting her nai
noiiicu.-wV itaay, puuii entS, Mr. and Mrs. John W. ht-U ordered that the approaching term
week and returned nere Mon- bpeaKing ana oaroecue at Ma- Simpson. of the Superior Court of Burke county.
(jav m Hon, Saturday, Nov. 5, 1900. beginning November the 5th, be and
Everybody is invited. Mr. Joe Hennessee of Rol- the same is hereby postponed until
There will be no services at . Wns is the proud father of a Wednesdayt November 7th, and jurors
Oak Forrest Sunday, as was A FTTSNDTSH ATTAfllT fine bov: s(f is Mr. Chris vltn'!e nJTtthel
v - w i - i annfr on in ii:ju zt nri t n n r rnw uri 1 1
not be permitted to prove for attend
ance prior to said day.
l)0ll)One(l LO OUIluay, LUC till Lmjvcu laiai. lb i . .A , r , I ' '
i L I a.1 1 I. "i j tt - I ritn nuiTP cirlr Tor epvprs I I u;. r icmri
0 0 ' back got so lame he could not weeks. His friends willbe w. B. councill,
Mrs. J. A. Poovy and son stoop without great pain, nor glad to see him out againDr. Judge loth Judicial District.
Edr sister and nephew of g OMhiSlfo reSlS Hennessee is attending him. Hw J. J Bushels Of fct to
Rev. . K. Houk, who have ym untii he tried Electric Bit- tu;c r-iiffl stt- ..
leen visitiny-the latter for a ters which effected such a won- n ..." T,- . j i . HIE RClCt
...... " ....it,-:. . Lderfnl charge that he writes he aalne nlnes v,s,leQ lnenus
nT-r;r"; M"mC Ueelslikeaijewman.Thi8mar- and relatives near the State UsE THE Bickford & Huff-
. veious meaiome r Ho8p,tal last week. They man Grain Drills.
Hon. F. M. S.mmons, sen- tfZF'"? r,Tf"' attended Rev. Kelly Houk's
atorial candidate, and Hon. your health. Only 50c at John meeting. JS7rmriZlL iTu-in
T T, -1.1 tt a i m n t o , these drills in disc and hoe. It will
J. U liuxton paid the nospitai Tull Urug btore. Jonas Mull son ot Mn j.
A' pay you to see me if you are desiring- a
a short visit Saturday. The - Mull onrl hie rVmm Marvin grain drill. Remember, these are the
latter irentleman was also here
... . - . ... 1 111 LIU. ailU 11 I O 111 a a a. I
XUIOO XXllVJC i.UVyXlCCi iOUu r ... e -r T-v T I Will V Ul ilia 111 HI llcxvt lilt i vilvi uai -
-r f xt.- Lowuermilk, son 01 Kev. u. r. . .
TlltS(hv hp o-iipst of Dr ner orotner lur. James iuciee- 1ugSduuuUW.1SOTtglt.,.luux.
M ,n u ly on Hunting-creek this week. Lowderrn.lk, left on Sunday, state Hospital i. , now usi? one of
Murphy. J the 7th inst, for parts un- these drills and it gives entire satis
The basement and first state of Ohio. City of Toledo, known. Both were minors.
story of the new or additional IglSSta oath tnS Their . parents have heard
cottage for females here, in he is the senior partner of the firm of nothing as to their where-
r -'-t i. j F. J. Chene & Co., doing business in . .uw, iQf.
courseof erection, is completed the City of Toledo, County and state abouts since they lett.
and from indications it will be Six hundred bushels of corn
piite a beautiful, imposing lars for each and every of Catarrh jQ e heap and three stacks of
. that cannot be cured by the use of I . M . .. ,
Mr. J. W. Simpson as a result
and commodious structure UlTT ,B piT,DBn rnvip.
'Ill 1J UlollV Vi .
Sworn to Deiore mc iuu anuav-iiuw - 4i,
.. . i r w-w I F 'I'lifKsrtnxj'o rica in Trio I .13 Tf W .
rplurinn revival that in my presence, tms btn aay 01 icn- ul x ucouaj o wov, ,
y- V "
ber, A. D. 1886
straw is the loss sustained by 0LD IRON of every descrip-,
tion. including Steel, Wrought
Iron and Castings such as
ba river. The corn was sur-
i . . i
nas Deen conductea unaer a. w. ubaou. j c.ii tu; A AUiAnr cUc nf
Tseal Notary Public. rOUUUeu UUU uuaiiy tuouuucuk yiKj oui.v.0, v.i.
a tent near here for two weeks Hairs Catarrh Cure is taken intern- was swift enough to take the DRY BONES of all descrip-
lu KV .W.K. Houk, assisted ai Giles Bros, lost tions; aiso old RUBBER
bv several other divines, ter- for testimonials, free. several stacks of fodder and CTinpQ
. , F J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O. c OllUJliO.
minatad on Sunday evening b Druggists. 75c. tops. InaYr50 per ton for Old
list Mr Hnuk iimuch?rati- Hall's Family Pills are the best. . 1 pay -.DU per ion lor Via
las . Mr. Houkismuchgrati naii jr According to appointment, g Iron for HeftV
ed with the success andgood McetothePlblic Hon. J. C. Buxton together for D
v.omphshed. There were - with Hon. Joe Spamhour and AftTl -
U conversions and 100 .re- nnmmiBsioners of Mr. A. C. Avery, Jr., was L ' -
tion to
And it is his interr-
County Commissioners
Burke County that no person
her'e Tuesday afternoon. The Rublr f oes.
enter into this mode in the I also buy FURS of all kinds
t IS ttUlUUHWiW w m" I f IN " -j -pv p.. Ail
i ev angelical work in a more . t the county-without an Academy. After showing us Hear. Ier. -o011' ler
IVaUUlv uu x voouui uaiuo .
tensive way. beginning the aDDr0ved order or requisition
rst of the coming spring, in Accounts presented must be
this and other localities. He accompanied by either an ap
s now corresponding with proved order or requisition be -
1 nt makers preparatory for fore being paid. -
'ris. Mr. Houk is a zealous
untirine worker and will Subscribe for The News.
a few photos of Mr. Spencer
Blackburn, Mr. Buxton pro- BEEF HIDES, green or flint.
ceeded to a clear, earnest and Highest market prices,
forceful argumentontheques- r
tions before our people. We W. M. WcGalliard,
think his soeech did eood.
We had not had the pleasure MORGANTON, N. C.

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