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NO. 12.
well as mme, and after awhile,
when it covers the nation even as
How I Got Left.
When I was a little,' chap, "just
growing up, I was about as poor
and seedy looking as they made
'em.' Ain't much better yet, so
far as looks' sro. One Christmas
bjir, Sunday School was ' going to
helped to lug he darn thing two
niiles and ut it up. And if I got
ap much as one stick of striped
candy yoVmay. shoot me. I was
jpoor trashy" and .it. would dis
grace the : Sunday School to give
me anything. .'. I xotice that the
same rules are obseryed " to-day.
When the Christmas presents are
distributed, the rich kid (who don't
need -anything); gets a whole -arm:
fulli while the poor kid; just has
to stand there ' and slobber his
lower lip;full and then drink. it.
Friends, I hardly know how to rags cover the poor, you' will be
express my thanks to you for the glad that you gave-me a: helping
splendid work you have been, do- hand in time of neecf. Therefore
in for me. If I had a thousand continue the good wbrk:which you
arras, and every arm was a thou- have so bravel v becmn. Don't rest
sard miles long, I'd 'just like to and don't 1st anybody lse irest un- Kaveua bi "tref went with
w, ,Trtl1 ii,f Dva the boys to cut the tree, and I
hug every one of you. But. lye til , every grown man in yourJupinptft h ' tuA rfrn t.wr two
only got two poor little arms, and neighborhood is a subscriber to
they are kept so busy that I doil't The Fool-Killer. If ever the com-
hardly get time to hug my bid mon people needed to do some in-
wmmpm ' i- dependent thinking it is now, and
My appeal, iii 'the-December The 5?ol-F'?F ,wi give them
i i Vi i . something to think about.
issue, for helpvto buy a new print- Now so it eo6d bovsr Just
ing plant for The Tool-Killer was "shell the woods" with - Fobl-
well received and the response has Killers and don't let a man escape
been very gratifyinir
have literallyvpoured in irom .ev- f?ufr ueasuriug aPP es, anu
. v TT ,A , if I don't keep 'em awake you
uuuA auu wiuci utuq " iCan have my head for a maul.
btates. Several club-raisers have
sent three or four: clubs ar wjeek
right along. I have been tryinjg to
acknowledge the receipt of all
clubs, but during December they
came so fast that Igot behind and
couldn't catch up. Therefore a'
good many clubs were not ac
knowledged in the usual way. To
those club-seriders whddid not re
ceive my card of thanks, let ? me
say here that I appreciate; your
kindness more 'than mere-words
can express.
The total subscription - receipts
for December, 1911, amounted to
$269.40. That was not quite as
much as I was hoping for, but it
did pretty well. That amount will
go a good piece-to ward paying, for
the new press, 1 but , you know
mere are some running expenses
that must come out! of it. And
there must be a gasoline engine to
run the new press, also ' a paper-:
cutter and some more '' type. So
you see we are not quite out of
the tight place yet. I called . for
1500.00 in December, and. got a
little over half of it. This time' I
will not name any certain amount,
but please send just all you pos
sibly can. I will, use v it for the
equipment and .improvement of
the naDer. flompqfta vhn-tnnw ;J
i Defense. J5Ki4 .-
Drawn especially-for The FoolKiller by Lawson C. Dreese.
4 '
Oh; herels oiir old friend, Mr. World, a-straddle of a gun;
He loves that little music-booK-r-Dut. murder is sucn mm
While songs of "Universal PeaceVrare falling from his lips, ,
His navy-yards are busy building bigger' battleships. 1 , ''.
' A bannon for a tuning-fork to get the proper pitch, ' " t s f .
And death for all the under dogs and money for the rich; ,
A lot of silly twaddle in an Arbitration Court, r, ; - :
And then another i,Dreadnaughtn ; and another frowning fbrt.
A missionary crusade to the lands beyond the tides, . . , .
And guns to, shoot religion into. their old stubborn hides I . .
The World's a bloody hypocrite and sings a drotted lie : ), , .
The chorus" of its Song of Peace is, igeeP yourpowderdry!n
, There have , been more "beg-,
gars". in this" neck of the, woods ,
during the : recent' holidays than
Carter had oats. I never have
earned for certain, how many oats
Carter had, but it must have been
a monstrous pile of 'em. -
I am not much popular around
here, and the ; women Tand girls
don't usually smile at me unless
they want something. So when. .1.
see a big holiday smile coming .to
wards me with, a woman; or "girl ,'"
clipity-clip right after it, I always
know whats coming next. , .Here
"Oh, Mr. Pearson, I'm SOilad ;
to see you! We are -getting up
money to buy thev children a -
Christmas treat. Won't you please
give something?" . , l,.
And with that smile hanging .
over me like a hatchet over a tiir- C
key's neck, what can I do? Not ay .
darn thing but cough upr And to '
make it still worse, I don't hardly-
get over the first shock till I see
another smile coming with a girl
in Hts arms, and the same per-(
f ormance has to be enacted over '
again. And again and again, till I
get sick and tired of it all;
What next? Why, bless your
granny's rheu matism, they go
ahead and buy J candy and dolls 7
and other junk, and maybe fix up '
a Christmas tree. Theh if you will
listen to he i names as theyare ca li
ed out, every'dadgasted one will J
belong to well-to-do families who
are a heap more able to buy things
than l am.; The poor little ragged
w aifs who live' in cabins and who
don't have nice clothes to wear
"they never . get a smell-of the
Christmas goodies. And yet God 1
knows if anybody needs a little
bit of Christmas cheer, they are' '
the ones. t ; r ; .
' But; our good Sunday School ;
Christians are afraid it might sor
ter contaminate their eminent re- .
spectability if they should stoop
down and touch hands with the
poor and needy,;
---" '
Th3 Fool-Killer is your paper as r
" 1
( i

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