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Pago Two
A Monthly Message of Warning
and Counsel and Comfort to
a Stricken World.
fames Larkln Pearson, ..- .. Editor
Single subscription, year 25 cents.
In clubs of five or more ' 15 cents.
Entered as second-class matter
March 3, 1916, at the postoffice at
Boomer, N. C, under the act of
Xlarch 3. 1879.
Do not send postage stamps on sub
scription. Remittances should be made by
Registered letter, express or postoffice
money order.
Be careful to write your own name
end address plainly, and direct all
letters and make all orders payable
Now, dear readers and friends
fchis is a personal letter to you. 3
jwrant you to regard it as just as
personal and just as important a
& I had written it direct on mj
typewriter and mailed it to you ii
a sealed envelcpe under a three
pent stamp.
What do you think of the line
j&f talk I am giving you this timel
If you believe my New Message
pontains something that the people
ought to read and think about
then I want you to appoint your
&elf as a missionary to help spread
it among your friends. Tote this
Issue around in your pocket and
read it to people you meet and
ask them, what they think about
St. You will find more people
thinking along these lines that
you might suppose. And if you
happen to strike a few who have
aot yet begun to think on these
things, this paper will wake then:
)ap and put them to thinking.
The whole human race today is
aware of the fact that this old
earth is passing through a great
crisis, and that SOMETHING oi
far-reaching consequence to the
people must be the result. The
human mind is in a questioning
attitude, wondering if this reaU
is the end, and the oldcut-and
jdried conceptions of what is going
to happen in the wind-up are be
Ing changed rapidly.
, Hence the time is ripe for thib
New Message, and I want you tc
help me spread it into every nool
and corner of this broad land. It
Is going to take a great deal oi
money to run this thing undei
present conditions Print papei
costs about twice what it former
ly did, and some kind of war taj
!(in the form of postage or other
wise) is going to fall heavily oi
all publishers. And besides that
I am constantly needing to adc
new machinery and office equip
ment to handle the business. Yov
folks hustle up the clubs and I'l
furnish the chin-music till every
thing goes easy.
The reason Hungary went Bol
shevist was because Hungary
was hungry.
A North Carolina editor savs
the word "Bolshevist-' is not fit
for anything but a cuss-vord.
Well, that seems to be what the
majority of folks are using it for.
I guess the next move will be
to take "In God We Trust ' off
of our coins and put on them "In
the Leegonashuns. We Trust.
It would be nearer the truth, at
Show this paper around among
your friends and get up a big
club for it. Just read one or two
pieces in a crowd and you'll get
the whole bunch.
The constitution they have
drawn up for the Leegonashuns
does not mention the name of
God at all. The excuse they give
for not recognizing God in their
work is that the heathen nations
would object to it. So it seems
that they consider it more im
portant to please the heathen
than to please God.
I still find a few people so
hopelessly ignorant that they
can't understand plain English
when they see it or hear it.
Every few days I get a letter
from one of these hopeless cases
insisting that I say there is no
future punishment for the
wicked. And this in spite of the
fact that I have so often said
the future punishment of the
wicked will be bad; enough to
KILL its victims. Maybe the
poor old fools think that being
KILLED is just good fun.
If the world gradually settles
back to pre-war conditions and
goes on just like it was before
then I will be willing to confess
that I was just mistaken. On the
other hand, if the present up
setting and over-turning, contin
ues until everything is changed
and the Millennial Kingdom set
up over the whole earth, then it
will be opto my critics to confess
that THEY were mistaken.
will be game and "f ess up" if it
becomes necessary. Will my crit
ics promise to do the same?
When Truth and Error come
into conflict with each other you
can generally tell which is which
by watching to see which gets
mad about it. Please take notice
that 1 do not get mad at you for
differing from me, and the only
way you can put up even the
appearance of holding your own
with me is by keeping in a good
humor about i t.
Eternity is a circle. This ir
proven by the fact that all the
heavenly bodies travel in circu
lar orbits. If eternity was a
bee-line pointing right straight
toward some infinitely distant
point, then the stars and planets
would move m a straignt line.
But we know that they go
around and around, passing the
same point many times.
So does eternity. But the or
bit of eternity is so big that
each round trip is like a full
eternity to us. That is because
the known history of our. race
covers such a comparatively
short segment of the circle.
In all God's creation he has
never made anything that goes
in a bee-line right straight
ahead forever. Even the com
ets, which are the most reckless
travelers of all the heavenly
bodies, have their orbits that
take them out into space and
bring them back.
The circle is the only thing
that is endless and eternal. God
himself is a circle.
A thing cannot have one end
without having two ends. If
you find the loose end of a tele
phone wire lying on the ground,
you cannot have any idea how
long the wire is, but you can be
absolutely certain that it has
another end SOMEWHERE.
Suppose you follow the wire till
you find its other end, and then
bring it around and solder it
fast and solid to the first end.
Then that wire has no end at all
r-rit is a circle. And if you un
dertake to cut that wire in such
a way as to make- just one end
you will find that you can't do
iti The same cut that makes
one end makes two.
Now apply that same rule to
the human soul and see what
you get. If you try to conceive
of an4mmortal soul whose ex
istence never can end, you are
brought right bang up against
the fact that it never could have
begun. Because I tell you again
ill .1 n
mat you can t conceive oi a
thing having one end without
having two. .
Even the immortal soul advo
cates generally teach that each
individual soul comes into exis
tence somewhere near the time
that the individual's body 'is
born. But that gives it a begin
ning, and anything that has a
beginning must have an end or
at least the possibility of an end.
On the other hand, if the soul
does not begin at conception or
birth, or somewhere between.
then when does it begin? The
only other answer is that every
soul that ever is to exist has al
ways existed. They were not
created at any time, because
that would have been a begin
ning. No matter how many bil
lions of years back you might
trace that beginning, still it
would be a BEGINNING, just
the same. Each individual soul,
ji n i .i
tnereiore, must nave oeen a
self - existent entity co-equal
with God. And these souls have
floated around in space for all
these countless billions of years
waiting to inhabit our poor de
caying, bodies for just a little
moment and then be set adrift
again. It looks to me like a soul
Aoril, 1919
would get mighty tired of such
a life. -
It was the effort of .trying ta
iet around that difficulty that
;aused the transmigration ox
oiils" theory to get started.
There is no way of getting
iround the tact that it souls, are .
andiess m one direction tner
are just as certainly endless in
the other direction, and that
gave rise to the notion that
these self-existent immortal
souls (that never begun and nev
er can end) would naturally live
in one body awhile and then
when that body died they would
take ud their abode in another
body, and on that way through
eternity. That is a heathen
doctrine, and is taught by most
of the heathen religions to-day.
Our orthodox creeds don't go
that far with it, but they might
as well. They start out on the
"immortal sour road- which in
evitably leads to "transmigra
tion " and t.hprtvis fi wav to get
out of that road when they once
get on it. Thereis just one or
three things they have got to
do : They have got to go on
the whole way and accept the
neathen doctrine of transmi
gration, or thev have got to stoo
hnlf-wnv and stand there like &
set of fools, or they have got to
turn right square around and
come back to the Truth.
And the Truth is that God has
man being. He made Adam and
Eve so that they COULD have
lived forever if they had been
OBEDIENT. But at the same
time He made them so that diso
bedience on their 1 part would"
hrmer deatn unon tnem. in tne
future life the righteous can and
will live forever by being v&&
DIENT, just as Adam and Eve
could have done. But that end-
i i t mi i j.- -ti ;
less nie win uepena on ineir
staying in harmony with God,
just as the electric light depends
on being connected with the
One day we are told that the
peace conference is all harmony
and that satisfactory progress is
being made, and the next day we
are just as positively assured
that everything has gone to
eternal smash and there is no
hope of getting anything done.
All of which leads me to suspect
that they don't any of them
L-nrvTir row nmnTi nVirwit it TTTAn
the "big four" themselves are
just about as badly stumped as
the rest. They don't know one
minute which way they are go
ing to jump the next.
They tell us that the soul of.
man is a little spark of divinity
a little part of God and that,
being a part of God, it certainly
is immortal. Then they go
ahead and say that some of
these immortal souls some of
these little parts of God will be
lost and sent to hell to live in
torment eternally. Which is the
same as saying that God is go
ing to take many small parts of
HIMSELF and doom them to an
endless hell of torment. Think
of that, will you? Just imagine
a perfect and altogether good
God sending a part of HIMSELF
to eternal torment ! Can you
beat it?

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