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25 Cents
i Year
15 Cents
in Clubs
of Five
or More.
' ' -
(formerly the fool-killer)
When you
get hold of
good, pasa
it around.
Send in a
big club.
For this purpose Jthe Son of God
was manifested, that he might de
stroy the works of the devil. I John
3 '.&. i.
Here we see that the Son of
God is going to DESTROY all
the works of the devil. That will
Include death and sin and every
evil thing that we know, and if
there were such a place as the
orthodox heirtt-would include
that, too.
We used to hear it called the
"bad place," and if it is bad it
certainly is one of the devil's
jobs and is to be destroyed. And
if all the works of the devil are
destroyed it will remove every
bad thing out of the -whole uni
verse. There could not be a
"bad place," and there could not
be any sinners to . suffer in it,
because as long as there is one
sinner still living in an orthodox
hell there still remains some of
' the devil's works, and the Son of
of God would have to - acknow
ledge that he had failed to do
what he said he was going to
Have you got such little confi
dence in Jesus that you think he
is going to fail in the main thing
that he set out to do ? If that's
all you know about Jesus and Ins
power to do -things-1 am afvaid
you are a mighty poor Christian.
No, he is not going to fail. He
is going to destroy all the works
of the devil. AND WHEN HE
DESTROY he does not mean
sweeping them up in a corner
and letting them lie there and
stink throughout endless eterni
ty. God does not do that sort of
house-cleaning. When God sees.
something lying around m his
way that he's got no use for
something that is ugly and re
pulsive and evil and never can
be any benefit to anybody, he
does not set aside one big sec
tion of his universe to hold all
that useless junk. He just
blots it out'of existence, and
that's the way the Son of God
is going to destroy the devil and
. all his works.
That s what the ook says,
and I'm fool enough to believe it.
But all the big orthodox preach
ers come along and tell me that
the Bible has got it wrong. They
sav that sin and evil and all the
works of the devil are going to
exist right on and on, and that
the Son of God never had any
notion of doing what he said he
;was going to do.
I came across sometnmg m
my reading the other day that
was so funny I just had to bust
out and laugh. I was reading a
sermon on this very same text
by one of the big Eternal Tor
ment pop-guns, and l want, to
show vou how he fixed it. He
began by quoting the text, "For
this purpose was the Son of God
manifested, thaihe might de
stroy the works of the devil,"
and after going through a great
long rigamarole in which he
tried his best to twist all -the
meaning out of the text, he
wound up by saying, "And Sa
tan himself will be banished
he will be PUT AWAY; every
sinner will have been . PUT
Nov don't that cap the stack?
Bless my gizzard ! PUT AWAY !
The text does not say a word
about putting anything away.
It says all the evil things will
be DESTROYED. Imagine God
saying to some of the angejs,
"Here, you angels, come and ga
ther un all this nastiness that,
the devil has smeared over my
universe. Gather up every scrap
of filth and nastiness you can
find and put it away carefully
in the cellar, because I might
need it some time."
My sakes alive ! It must take
nerve to be an orthodox preach
er and dispute God's word like
that ! It's a wonder to me that
God don't thunder-strike every
one of them.
In turning the pages of a big
agricultural monthly, my eye
happened to catch the following
"gem'' from the inspired pen of
some ignorant female scribbler:
"The Bolshevists and the bomb
throwers are of a class so many cen
turies crushed and down-trodden that
about all the sense they have left is
that of animal at bay. They snap at
friend and foe alike. God pity them
and give them light."
If you see the words, "Your Su
scription Has Expired," stamped in
red ink over this notice, it just means
this: If you have not lately sent in
your renewal, then your time is out.
But if vou HAVE sent in your re
newel, then pay no attention, to the
rubber stamp notice, as it refers only
to your OLD subscription. The re
newal that you have sent will bring
the paper right on.
Please send in your renewal very
promptly, if you have not already
done so, and send alone, with it as
many new ones as you can.
Great spoons ! If. that ain't a
u unco Vr cc tcxici sjx. x o t ii Liiii t n l j. I nu u,, w.ia
IT iAi.V ""EJ UiU WUliU
j tto t want jruu tu uu&n, ctb um -f?n l ic o i, Jn,J,r
Vvatts says. Here we have a 0oV;J, Woi u-a pi.
T O 1 1 O O -F"V T- i r " I- y-k if 111 1 -vt-- r-v-l I O ?
lail OcUli JiC Ul LliC U1U.J-U1 1HI1UI- , 1
? j " any now.
pie. ihey try to discuss and
settle the great world problems
r1- V-l-l mr A z-v-n ninnlliT lrnrviTT
VVJ r I 'LI r V HUM I. I.l. .llil.l V rviniwi r r 11 i i
J . " w I It t h ni'n hop anew I a n t o tviooc'
PTinnn-h to Pnd a blind crnnP tn iiCVO VV-A " "lco
water. This writer admits that in this world a11 that business ,
the Bolshevists and bomb- at Paris is a mess. Oh, we were
throwers belong to the oppress- just going to make out the
I 11 111 1 1 I
ea ana aown-troaaen class, ana terms and show Cermanv tha
she admits that the oppression i;, . u
, . ,i j ; i i UUttCU CU1U VJClIIJlclIlV WUU1U
HQ Bff0, ic a,ic have nothing else to do but sign.
of their being Bolshevists and Germany would not be allowed
hnmh-thrnwovc frior TiVon oVio to open her mouth in protest,
uuiiiu mil vr ksj. (j uy Ui-V J . 1 11V11 U11U I IT 11 ii .
bitterly condemns these unfor-?d she would not be given any.
fiinnfA TiPnrlp fnv Kpo- lilro thr wiaiice iu nave uie terms cnang-
I .could easily write all the
stuff that I need to fill this little
i iii i
paper each month, but some at
these-here -skeery -orthodox
folks are afraid of what I write.
They think that anything that-
thar old crazy Pearson writes is
dangerous, and won't do to listen
to at all. And that's why I am
printing in this issue some state
ments by some of the big well-known-
and respectable "ortho
dox" leaders, showing that they
gree with me on the Second
Coming, the Millennium, the
Church, the Kingdom, and so
forth. I am goingto put these
f raid-cats in a position where if
they reject me they will also
have to reject some of their own
big guns. The trouble with the
great bulk of the orthodox peo
ple is that they are terribly nar
row and terribly ignorant. They
don't read and think enough to
- i i 1 1
even una out what their own in
telligent leaders are believing
and teaching.
Some of the statements of
doctrine that Lam printing from
these big orthodox leaders will
be a terrible shock to the little
one-horse stand-patters, but
i i i j i
they neednt to jump onto me
about it. They will have to go
i i i
ana raise cane with their own
leaders for agreeing with that
old fool Pearson about these
Qro KiTf nai'iT' 'MTTkTrl rlnoc cq-7-
against the oppressors who have r5CK0 ou know wnat happen
madp thpm so WViptipvpv hup ed. Germany refused to sign,
man is oppressed, it. is a clear
case that some other man is do
ing the oppressing, And if the
ii- i
oppressing causes the man wno
is being oppressed to degenerate
into a brute, then I want you to
look mV in the eye and tell me
whtfls to blame for it'.
1 1 1 J 1 j : 1
Know very wen mat tne man
who does the oppressing
persecuting -is the guilty
ut we mustn t say a
and then we begun to sorter
crawl down off our high hosses
and invited fhe Germans m'.o a
further par'ey . about whac. sort
of terms they WOULD be will
ing to sign. And I predict that
when the Peace Treaty -is nnailv
Vnil signed (if it ev?.r L ) all them
terriDie teetn tnat were nrst put
n(j in it will be pulled out,. and Ger-
many won't be half as badly
, j whipped as we heard she was.
Vl I A J1 1 1 11 T- ll
against our darling plutocrats And en ere Jf Repubh
who crrinH fhp-nonv utiHpv -fhpiv can Majority .at Washing' on
i i i mi
iron neeis. un, no: iney are
nice little winged angels, and
they must be allowed to go on
with their nice little game of
putting the poor into the hop-
SI1 -t t
pers oi their oppression mills
and grinding out more Bolshe
vists. -And then we must cuss
raising all kinds of Cain about it.
It looks to. me like the man-
made millennium has still got
several bad-kinks in its back
I want to show vou ris-ht here
Bolshevist for being what the how weak and inconsistent the
1 1 i i i i'
oppressor s mill nas maae him. plans of even the greatest men
Just as if he could help it. You are. We are to have a League
can be very certain that all the 0f Nations, which as we have
oppressed people in the world been told a thousand timeswill
would be mighty glad to escape entirely prevent war in the fu
being oppressed and thus es- ture. It will just simply make
cape being made into Bolshe- war impossible. But, in the very
vists if they could. The trou- next breath, France wants an
ble is that these unfortunate op- ADDITIONAL guarantee. Hav
pressed people are right now ing got a League of Nations that
trying to escape from their aw- will positively make war impos
ful fate in the only way. the sible, France now demands a
poor things Know ana tnat s PRIVATE ALLIANCE with
why they are Bolshevists and Great Britain and the United
bomb-throwers. If they would States to make, her safe in case
just he still and take all the there SHOULD be war. Can't
I abuse that their oppressors you see that France's eae-erness
could pile upon them then they for an alliance is a confession
would be the nicest sort of little that she has no confidence in the
slaves. . . Leacrue?

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