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HINTON BURSON, R3, Roopville,
Ga. Dear Mr. Pearson. I have just
finished reading The Fool-Killer, and
it brought plain truths to my mind
that I had never got elsewhere. And
not only the last paper but all that I
to truths that are reasonable, and I
got a lot of those old hide-bound fools
in some close places just by using
truths that I find in The Fool-Killer.
Y'ur view of an endless torment has
ever been my view since I got old
enough to have any sense at all.
Some men with the furrows of age
on their faces will laugh at me for
saying the Bible does not teach that
there is a place of endless misery
after death. And I wish old Pearson
was present to sit down on some old
pine log and tell him just how it is.
I can see through the thing, but I
can't explain it like you can. I wish
I was able to show the whole matter
with fair reason as you do. I would
change their laughter into studying.
Let me tell you what I think of a
man that believes that old lie. He
has let the other fellow do his think
ing, also his reading, that's what's
the matter. Not long ago I was
talking to a goody-goody Baptist, and
I told him what I believed about that
old lie. And he said: "Well, if
was vou I would be careful and not
talk that before my children." I ask
ed him whv. and he said: "It will
- w-
cause them to be bad men and wo
men." Then I said that I wanted my
children to believe the truth about
anything, and I had long ago been
convinced that his kind had slandered
God with that - old f alsehood, and I
didn't want my children to be that
ignorant-if I could help it. Well, I
just want you 10 Keep unliving u
the same kind of stuff. ,
a FRED SCHULZ, 74 - Henry St.,
Brooklyn, N. vY.-Dear Brothers
Pardon me for calling you brother at
our first introduction to each other;
but I am so much in harmony with
your , views as expressed in your very
valuable paper, The Fool-Killer, re
garding your political andreligious
views that I cannot help shaking your
hand and calling you "brother." I
Ga. I want you to know that I have
found the last two issues of your
papei very interesting. Your views
ar 3 sensible and ..well ep .tisscxi.
While I like the name "Good Nws''
best, I agree that "The Foo!-Kule)"
is more appropriate, considering the
style of expression you employ. There
are those who disagree with some
things you say, but every one finds
your paper interesting and that is
saying a good deal. Indeed, I find
much to admire in you your fearless,
bold, sincere-sounding phrases are
forceful and full of good sense. Your
periodical is improving, and I wish
you success. (EDITOR'S NOTE:
Thank you, Brother Samples, for your
kind words. I knew you were a good
generous-hearted fellow, but knowing
you to be entirely orthodox (and a
preacher besides, I believe) I hardly
expected that you could appreciate
The Fool-Killer at all. Most people
of your kind are too dead set against
my views to even acknowledge that
they, are interesting. It is a. hopeful
sign when leaders of orthodoxy will
read and consider what I say. It
shows that the light of truth is grad
ually breaking through into the minds
of the people, and it will not be many
more years until you will all have to
openly acknowledge that I am right.
Some of the most intelligent among
you (such as yourself) are "almost
persuaded" right now, if you would
just own it. I know all about how
hard it is to break away from the old
errors of orthodoxy. I have been
all ftlnncf tho. road. Wft r all cow
ards, more or less, when it comes to she explained to him how
a thing like that. We are not afraid he could tell when they were
of the truth when we find it, but we ripe.
are afraid of what somebody .will sayj "Ef hit goes 'Pink!' when you
about us if we dare to get out of the thumps hit wid yer finger, dat same kind of work he is doing
old rut. .reopie who stand nigft as miHyun am green. But ef hit today in all this Spiritualist bu
leaders in their cimrch find it much goes Tunkl den hit am ripe, siness that is going on. And bid
JtJ t Now, you low-down, roguish nig- man Saul lost his life for that
Some poor, pitiful polliwog ol
an orthodox idiot who sails un
der the high and mighty name of
"Rev. James Douglas, M. A. has
flindered away and writ a book
on the subject of Spiritualism.
He calls the book, "Spiritualism :
a Sin and a Crime."
Now that title is all right, for
Spiritualism IS a sin and a
crime. But the poor old fool
completely spoils the effect of
his book by writing it from the
orthodox standpoint and taking
for granted the immortality of
the soul.
I wish to goodness I could get
the wooden-headed warts of or
thodoxy to see that the immor
tality of the soul is positively
the only leg that Spiritualism
has to stand on. Knock that out
and the whole devilish scheme
falls kersmash.
But we find that the entire
strength of Orthodoxy is exert
ed to sustain this false leg on
which Spiritualism stands while
at the same time it is pretend
ing to oppose Spiritualism. It
reminds me of the old nigger
Mammy who whipped her son
Sambo for stealing green water
melons, but gave him to under-
j stand that it would be all right
tor him to steal ripe ones. And
lish the church's main central
doctrine of the immortality of
che soul. It is sorter like a
jtarving man refusing. to eat a
nice, warm dinner when it is set
before him. From the ortho
dox standpoint Spiritualism i&
the very richest kind of soul-
gravy, and it looks to me like the
churches would just fall over
each other to get their snouts in
Try your smeller on this bokay
of nonsense quoted from the
above-mentioned book:
"There is no case in scripture
of a human spirit being per
mitted to hold converse with
man after death, except that of
Samuel, who was sent in God's
Samuel's big toe ! There goes
the ignorant fool trying to argue
that it really WAS Samuel that
the old Witch of Endor called
up for Saul to talk with. And
he says that Samuel was sent
in that case because God was
mad. What an awful conception
of God! To think that God, in
a fit of anger, would establish
Spiritualism in the world, and
then have His churches fight it
all the rest of their days !
Why, you poor simpleton, God
had no more to do with that case
than you did. Not a bit. And
the spirit that talked with Saul
was no more Samuel than the
daddy of Tom Watt's old mule
was Samuel. The whole thing
was the devil's work the very
tw fhv ita Zr'Jalger -see ef you -can 'member dat very act of consulting that old
face the scandal and disgrace of be
ing called a "heretic." But they may
have to face a worse scandal and dis-
nex' time you goes to steal a witch, it you don't believe nv
worter-millyun." read 1st Chronicles 10:18.
So it seems that the differ- Now does anybody believe that
drace than that some of these days ence between Orthodoxy and God would have sent Samuel to
if they don't get right. J. L. Pear- Spiritualism is just the differ- talk with Saul, and. then killed
son;) ence between "Pink!" and Saul for talking to him? No.
Punk !" Old Mammy Ortho- sir, that won't work at all. When
AUBK1SY U. Jf AINTJJiK. KOXDOrO. Mwv Aruz nnf sthWf fwtor ca I imii fr. orviif 444- o rkXTE
don't know how you got hold of my N. C.-Weli, sir, Mr. FoKiller, you Rev Sambo D visitmo- the case where a dhembodi cnul
address, but it does not bother me havent quite killed yet, but you KB:mD0 visiting tne case where a disembodied soul
anv. enourii to sav that I am miffhtv JU L - spiritual watermelon patch in was allowed to come back and
" -r J o -- - - a aic
lad you sent me some copies of The flwha t m tne aanc oi tne noon, out sne commune with tne living, you let
Fool-Killer, for it has amused me see at you can do for three of my wants hi mto bring home spooks down the bars for other disem
every time it came to me. I intended brothers and some of my friends that that will say "Punk I" bodied souls to do the same
many a time to send in my subscrip- have your paper( and i think Orthodoxy thinks the spirit- And then you have no right in
tion, but I receive so much reading they like it fine j am gla(i to say ual watermelon patch is full of the world to kick against Spirit-
matter from an directions (tnat i that The Fool-Killer is certainly worth good healthy living spirits all ualism, because it is only follow-
naraiy get tnrougn wiui km, ana taking. It is worth so much that it right, but is as mad as the Old ing in your footsteps coming in
nucucxy .uxKu. w , - v even teacnes sweet potatoes to act Scratch because the Spiritual- through the gap you have made
sub for your paper Received Vol. the fool. I had some Fool-Killer I arft nillliTlfr fnr ft
X, No. 1, today, and being a very papers in the potato cellar, and the Tf . nrc. nno)n,ir,f Tf mn aee
id dav t Rtaved at home tonight and 0A It is a strange and unaccount- But if you have sense enough
read it through from A to Izzard, as The Fool-Killer and they thought abIe tninff to 4116 tha.t anybodv to Put UP tnat &aP teach the
you express it, and I assure, you l their time had come, so thev rotted can so totally devoid of sense truth that dead people are
laughed more than I ever did in any Qur old red rooster was walkine ana reason as to hang on to a DEAD, and that they CANNOT
good vaudeville show. Your treatise around in the yard the other day theory which is not only CQn- come back and communicate?
im Luther is great; so is the "Ser- crowing, "Hurrah for Pearson!" and jtrary to the Bible, but contrary I with the living, then Spiritual
mon on Persecution, ana tne ier- i jked some one what he was doine: I to all reason and common sense. I ism has no Dlace to come in at.
mon on Souls." I agree on all points that for, and they said they euessed "Rnt. if nnnlA aw dpfprminAd tnlYnii havo slamm fha Amr in
7lth TSJ60113 anw poli)ica1' f9' '." had been reading The crazy idiots and believe that its face and knocked the last
I have held the same views for many Fool-KiUey. (Editor's ote:You the sou of deal ,e are prop from under it
- : b!l; then why in the very mischief Now, Mister Smarty, which.
R. H. DONALDSON, Watts Sub- have eyes ,or at least they have are they twilling to accept the are yqu going to do? Are yoir
Station, Laurens, S. C I am sending miriitv Door ones. Thev couldn't see Proof that Spiritualism off ers ? I croincr to keen on holding thafc
Tou one dollar for four subs to The to read The Fool-Killer, and that's As Dr. Conan Doyle says, One Qen fo Sni;t: ftP nfpr
frool-Killer. S5cnd all to Watts Sub- wv t, i t.-a j u nvnWom fVmf won QViWVl "pciA AUA PA"m XO enier,-
Otation. Jim, I like your paper fine, it would have saved them. Pearson. Holmes cannot solve is whv the ana tnen CUSS 11 ?fter lt enters?
I was tickled nearly to death at what church should oppose Spiritual- 0r wil1 you shut that door-
you said aoQut tne armnais. rut it My guess is that the next president ism in the face of the fact that against it and give it no chanc
u ciicxn uu wicjr icw v. ocuu uio i weil .uoover, Uryan or Debs.
tsw samples. '
Spiritualism is trying to estab-lto come in at all?

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