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J. S. BUTCHER, Blackwell. Okla.-
I got my first paper a short time ago.
and sure am pleased with your way
of teaching the Scriptures. And the
wife's page to a Brother in Babylon
is sure good. So I felt it my duty
to help the good work along, sp I
picked up a few subscribers vesterdav.
and will now turn them over to you.
I will put their names and addresses
on another sheet ,and hope you will
get them all right.
G. C. BARNES, R. 7, Winston-
S&flem, N. C. I have just been read
ing your paper called The Fool-Killer,
and like it very much, and am send
ing you. a club of four at 25 cents
each. Please send us the paper for
one year. You might also send me
some sample copies.
WM. T. YEAGER, Export, Pa.-
Enclosed find $2.25 for which you
will please enter the accompanying
names on your list, and extend my
subscription another year. Just give
them the best you have m the shop,
and I will send you some more in the
near future.
JOHN M. DENNY. Wirt, Okla.
Dear Sir, Comrade, Brother, Friend
and Fellow Worker. I have been
reading your good paper for some
time and I appreciate your efforts
along the line of better things for
humanity. So I am enclosing you
one dollar for four yearly subscrip
tions. Yours for all humanity.
H. S. JACOBS, R.7, Pine Bluff. Ark.
This is the third year I am subscrib
ing for your paper. I like your doc
trine very well. I always try to get
those people who have never read
your paper on my clubs, so all may
hear of your dope and begin to think.
Enclosed find $1.50 for which send
The Fool-Killer one year to each ad
dress on serapate sheet.
C. B. CLAYTON. 212 E. Bath St.,
Covington, W. Va. Enclosed find
check for $1.50 for which send The,
Fool-Killer to this list for one year.
This is a group of mechanists with
whom I work, and who were interest
ed in your views on the labor ques
tion, etc., seen in a copy of The Fool
Killer and passed among them. Best
wishes for your success.
B. T. WHITE, R3, Warren, Ark.
Enclosed find check for one dollar
which is to pay for four subs to The
Fool-Killer. I happened to have one
and carried it up to the mill where
I was working to let a fellow-worker
see it, and the result was that those
fellows began handing me the quart
ers saying, "Here, will you have The
Fool-Killer sent to me?" I said, "I
am not an agent for it, but I will send
in your subs." One copy is well worth
the price of a year's subscription.
G. W. CUMBUS, 720 Chase St..
Athens, Ga. We have in Athens,
Georgia, some near-fools that need to
be killed, and that is why we are
calling on The Fool-Killer man again.
Here is a list of fools we want you to
kill just as quick as you can by send
ing your paper to them for one year.
And I want you to do the work jam-up
and be sure you do not quit when it
is just half done.
M. V. TANNER, Milledgeville, Ga.
I have read your January issue. It
H a fiae paper. Just one eye open
and half-thinking ought to make a
smasn on every reader. So I would
liKe some sample copies. If conven
lent send several. I promise, the
Lord willing, to place them and take
them up and replace them two or
tnee times, lours in the One Hope.
REV. W. J. DAVIS, Box 242, Ozark,
Ark. Check enclosed herewith for
$4.00 .for these "16 subs. And more to
follow. I like your paper for the
truth it contains, and for the Christ
ian spirit and the unique way you
say things, also the name of your
paper all these things attract at
tention and whet the appetite for the
next issue.
G. W. MADDOX, R3, Hoschton. Ga.
Enclosed find one dollar for four
subs. I have been reading your paper
for some time and like it fine. Please
send me a few sample copies I want
to start your paper in this country.
Hurrah for you! Keep the good work
SALLIE ADAIR, Havana. Ark.-
Enelosed find one dollar and a list
of subscribers. I like your little paper
tine. It is the best medicine I have
found for the blues. I like the way
you have of telling the truth, and
there is not anything we need worse
than the truth.
W. B. ANDERSON, Rt. B, Box 113.
Lake City, Fla. I like your paper
tine. I think it is just full of truths.
Would be glad if everybody in the
whole world could get just one copy,
at least. It would do the world eood.
Please send me a few sample copies
and I think I can send some clubs.
E. N. HANEY, Gore, Okla. .
Please change my paper from
Spiro, Okla., to Gore, Okla,. as
I don't want to miss anv of that
dope you peddle, as I am just like
you i don't believe in eternal
torment or going to heaven when
l die. I believe it means iust
what it says. My Bible tells me
this earth will be the home of
the saved, and that is what I am
looking for my Kincr and His
Kingdom and God speed the
time, is my prayer.
DR. M. S. STOUGH, Dothan.
Ala. Enclosed find check for
$1.75, for which please send
Fool-Killer for one year to the
enclosed club of seven. You are
getting better in the truth with
every issue.
P. H. HOOKER. Box 146.
Townley, Ala. You will please
send The Fool-Killer to the ac
companying four addresses, for
which you will find enclosed one
dollar. Please put these names
on your list at once, as they are
rock-ribbed believers in your lit
tle Fool-Killeiv Yours for the
cause of humanity.
Slowly but steadily the world is
earning a little sense about Russia.
A little dribble of truth is banning
to seep through the big dam of lies
that the plutes have built around Rna-
sia. Yes, honey I know that last ex
pression sounds sorter like "dam lie,"
but 1 didn't use it as a cuss word. So
don't you go off and say that Pearson
I have been contending all the time
that the United States of America
is in some sort of, sense the anti
type of Joseph, the Dreamer. In
fact, it seems reasonable to me that
the main body of our people al
though indeed a very mixed popula
tioh may be direct lineal descendants
of Joseph. .
If you will just read in Genesis
where Jacob in his old' age blessed
the two sons of Joseph, and also
where he spoke to all of his own sons
together, telling them what would
happen in the last days, you may get
a new idea about Joseph. ,
You remember Joseph had two sons
named Ephraim and Manassah, and
Manassah was the firstborn. But
when old man Jacob went to give
them his blessing he put his right
hand on the head of Ephraim, the
younger, and his . left hand on the
head of Manasseh, the firstborn. And
when Joseph called Jacob's attention
to the fact that .Mannasseh was the
older and tried to make him change
his hands, he refused to do it, saying:
"I know it, my son, I know it. He
also shall become a people, and he also
shall be great; but truly his younger
brother shall be greater than he, and
his seed shall become a multitude of
nations." Genesis 48:10.
And then a little further alonff in
chapter 49,where Jacob is "telling the
fortunes" of his boys, as you might
say, we read:
"Joseph is a fruitful bough, even
a fruitful bough by a well, whose
branches run over the wall." Gen.
We see that both of Joseph's boys
were -to be great, but Ephraim was
to be the greater, and was to be
come " a multitude of nations."
What about that multitude of na
tions? Who are they and where are
they? It certainly doss not mean
the Jews, because they didn't come
from Joseph at all they came from
Judah. And the Jews are only one
nation, anyhow, and not a very big
one at that. I can't get away from
the notion that there must be several
great nations in the world today who
are of the seed of Joseph. And we
would naturally expect the greatest
of the Joseph nations to be the see:v
of Ephraim. What nation could that
be except the United States, which
is admittedly the greatest nation in
the world today?
Remember, again, that Joseph is a
fruitful bough, even a fruitful bough
by a well whose brances ran over the
wall. A well carries with it the idea
of water, and the "wall" might be the
Atlantic or Pacific ocean. Anyway,
Joseph's branches were to spread out
run over the wall and produce
fruit in some other part of the world.
I find so many things in the his
tory of the United States that cor
respond to the history of Joseph that
I am just about certain there is a
connection between the two. It woula
make this article too long to enumer
ate ail the similarities I have in mind.
But, for one thing, Joseph was sent
away into a foreign land, where he
became great and was used as an
agency for feeding the world in a time
of great food shortage. He was the
Herbert Hoover of that time.
And now, during the war and since
the war, the United States has had
to practically feed the world. And
the one man in the United States
who has done more than any other
man to keep the world from starviner
' Gf
is Herbert Hoover.
It may be more than just an acci
dent that Herbert Hoover is now be
ing looked to from all sides as the
man best fitted to be our next presi
dent. . And it may mean something,
also, that he has no nolitics. n far-
as anybody can discover. Both Demo
crats and Kepubiicans are talking:
wCout nominating him. It is even sug
gested that he may be nominated by
both parties, which would be a new
thing in American politics.
TftC became very wealthy after-
he became governor of Egypt. The
United States , is the richest nation
in the world corresponding to the
Egypt of Joseph's time and Hoover
is a multi-millionaire and a long
headed business man.
loaf nf-all. looky here how
these words correspond as to number
of letters:
That fact may not mean anything
buV-but well, form your own con
clusions. TOM WATSON.
Thomas E. Watson, the red-headed
cyclone of Georgia, is coming aiwmd.
He is a "red" from away up
creek, although the red is now some
what mixed with gray.
I remember a few years ago Ton
used to cuss out the Socialists with
every cuss-word he could lay his ton
gue to. Butduring the war he got
a dose of persecution and suppression
himself and learned what it tasted
like, and now he knows how to sympa
thize with Debs and the other victims
of our patriotic American Kaiserism.
Tom is now demanding in words
that fairly sizzle that Debs be turned
out of prison. About the next crack
out of the box he will be offering to
vote for him. Tom is all wool, a yard
wide and a foot thick.
The Great Goggle-Byed Elickt
tt of-r "rich bull" from Her-
HCIV AO cwvv"-
bert Hoover. Still discussing the
Russian situation, he contends that
the Russian people have no money to
buy anything with, and that nobody
is going to give them credit, and he
e whpw the whole Soviet govern-
OCW f " " w- - .
ment is going to collapse m a few
days. And tnen ngnt in
i.vu covC this-. "One thing that
needs to be guarded against m the
United States is that our frontier antf
port officers must redouble their vigor
I 4. V nvnrt tn US of BolsheVlk
agents, propaganda, and MONEY o
create revolution." upenea m xuu
and put his foot in it just as nice as
you ever saw. Since I wrote my
piece about "Joseph and Hoover" I
trottmcr ready to take it
CUU o-lvwv o - " ,
all back. I am afraid Hoove? is go
ing to turn out to be a tolerable bun
sort of a Joseph, after all.
that he came to pur-
tfCOMt? wwv -
nao immm-tfllitv for such as would-.
believe on him. But the popular
creeds say that Jesus man khvy
what he was talking about, because
naturally immortal
anyhow and don't need any help from
Jesus to keep them from dying. That
is the devil's theology. He made it
in his own work-shop, and if you will
it risht carefully you will
find the print of his old claws on ik-

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