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Volume XII.
Boomer, North Carolina, May, 1922.
Number 2.
TELL IT TO THE TOMB- ry off to that wonderful place I It's a mystery to me whyi If they keep on cutting down
STONES he tells about, then it am t right I table knives are called cutlery, the army at the present rate it
for him to set the temntation I never saw one that would will soon be as bur as it was
A ft I I
opooK! before 'em. He ought to be ar- cut. during the war.
bpooKum! rested and hand-cuffed to a
Spookalorumi mule's daddy and have his eight- The Topeka State Journal has You can now hear wireless
And now just look. cylinder imagination put in begun to print the Bible in music a thousand, miles. But
Sir Conan Doyle, the great jail.
British "Authority?" on Spiri
tism, is now lecturing m these
Benited States, trying to con
vince us that all the dead people Women are just likejnen, only
iie onu cuive. xi UU ASIltJO 1 different
new dook on spiritism aoout ev
ery fifteen minutes and what
serial formv There is one .more you can hear a scandal further
good opportunity for the public than that without any wireless.
to not read the Bible.
Faith can sometimes hold on
Speaking of "blind faith" I'll to the rope after hope lets loose
say this much: If the people ana tails.
still have any faith in the old
ery titteen minutes and what x have known lots of white political parties, it certainly is If a poor man had plenty of
of the blind varietv. money he wouldn't need it. Be-
world" will make several more ' . ing without it is where the need
volumes yet. The only way. to know is to The days cone jight $Long comes in.
Great is the Hon. Sir Doyle, find out for yourself. one after another, and we can
ereator of Dr. Watson and daddy sorter manage one at a time. .Have you heard about the
of Sherlock Holmes! Standing The English language is a But just suppose a whole week good times that have come?
here on the great American very good language to cuss with, should come all at once. Wouldn't Well, I haven't, either. 'Crack
1 1 f 1 . H .. J1 ' - I 'I I'll n t a. I 7
rtlatform. he rolls uo the sleeves
of his novelistic imagination and The big politicians made
it be awful?
away. I'm listening.
just cackles over how nice and stump speeches two years ago,
jleasant it is to be dead. You ana now they are "stumpea.
dont have to tote an old ugly m m - - doctors, lawyers and preachers. Pershing. But now. after near-
modern For that matter. We ain't got lv twn vpars nf TTArdtiiriPs nrna-
When the world really gets During the war the greatest
civilized it will have no use for American general was General
ody ot flesh around with you An excnange says moaern For that matter, we ain't got My two years of Hardtixnes pros-
&ny more, ana wait on its slow gu ao not put on. i notice mUch use for 'em now, but we perity, it begins to look like
motions wnne it eats nog-corpse uwy uuu t put wi very muwi. jUst have to endure em.
and com pone, drinks white
General Perishing.
lightning and chaws terbacker. L , ?f we ,had many 5Tor!ds liA The birds don't have any Th1 foo riph a fip1H
No sir ! You can just go sailing any government for the devil to stay out of.
4PJLUU11U ct XctUlV IXlUOOclXC, Ul I" I viiwv wc juiuw wx cuiu vet iiicj I'lVi S11VP hP II OVPrV
I broadcasting station on earth to
not even have to shave nor take If . everybody was smart feel like singing. Ain't it a pity Mlf w.fv
2, bath. You can slip upon peo- enough to live without work, that people can't have as much
IMA ntnr nAnw Trnnt- i-Kirkr o o it i jlij. lyx liiuiiuu vvuuiu liic v uuinuct t n d ninnc r mi
t0 ,. i, i5 ooj- i Mix rne piute papers are now
ing, ana wwcn au meir secret - trying to sneak in a few toler.
iCTions, ana iney win never ,frai(1 RuTsia i, o-oino- to 'X maixiaes able nice thgg about Russia.
Jwr c u wc. T T'Vra I i i j t ;;v,x: wmcn maKes me sorter sus-
inen n you nave occasion to "?" Ana aivorces, too, 1 guess, wnen inilQ tit ?nTnptbino i wrnno
A a r; nlnfo nonovo qt Komnn nn jL..i J i I picious tnat sometmng is wiong
cominumeate witn tne living you u.v uvgxniUiig a spnituai wiie mis ner spiriLu- 1Ti TrntlrvrlnTri
can graD a weeiy ooara uy tne "" ai nusoana over me neaa witn
seat of its breeches and make
it dance Jim Crow till your pain
t;ets easy.
Mv.v.v-n f
j j j w
a sniritual rolling-nin. I'll bet "PflfriAffcTn" i a WAV1 Vlf
Doctors write their prescnp- there's some tall spiritual cus-In tr hnnnrpd nnrl rTt.
tions in a dead language, and sing. ed, but it has been keeping such
alter the patient takes the stuff , , ua or h nf tTiat.
That's all verv bong-wong. he ls soon as dead as tne lan" Some of the "immortal souls" nearly all good people are
But then, after telling how 1S- that have passed ion to glory ashamed of it.
nicfc and pleasant it lis to be JhaYe no W to write poetry .
dead, he winds up with a terri- . me puuuuu put uun& ana sena it back nere. un, iney say tms is me wireless
ble warning against the sin of lt. seen that the scum always fudge! It's -bad enough to have age. Well, they have been dig-
cnimr?a "Pomelo ri rvr Aic qti rl
rises to the top. Where's the to endiire our own nbetrv. much ging around old Nineveh and
UUXViMVt V- UU11 V U1U UUU m . q " X V 7 L . .
3et they mustn't kill themselves. sklr? less a live-foot shelf of the Babylon a good deal and they
tpaaIp - - devil's doe-ererel. Excuse me! haven't found any wires there.
don't die, and can't die, what Doctors call their victims . So that must have been a wire-
does mere suicide amount to ? patients." I guess that's right. The secular newspapers and less age, too.
It is only getting rid of the old does take lots of patience to m&gazines will give any amount :
hull so they can go sailing on to enaure tne aoctors. of to these fellers who 5omeoi tne weatner-propnets
the spirit world and learn more Tf ZTV. wf.v advocate Spiritism- but thev Predicting a cool, damp sum-
than thev ever knew before If PeoPle c&n think better aavocate spiritism, out tney Very likely. There seems
"Ahy should Doyle object to wnen iney are nungry, - mese "vumi v 6 vito De a consiaeraoie coomess a-
that? Looks to me like he is vears 01 naratimes prosperity ; space to prove n a irauu 01 tae mong tne people towara tne oia
nnrfor innonsistmit Tf if nin't. ought to produce some great
light for the poor suffering souls thoughts. Has your belly done
of this miserable world to hur- an thinking yet, mister?
devil not to save my neck, parties, and there will be enough
There's your "free press" again, moonshine likker to produce
roc&$ dampness. So there vou are.

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