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Isaac 8. Londbn, Editor and Prop'r
On Year $1.60
Six Months 75
Three Month .50
Single Copies OS
Office on Hancock Street
Telephone No. 182.
Entered a second-clasi mail
matter at the postoffice at Rock
Ingham, N. C.
Correspondence Invited.
Democratic In politics.
Published every Thursday at
Rockingham, Richmond county,
N. C. .t
Advertising rates on application.
. Clyde Davis, the versatile edi
tor of the Moore County News,
avers in his last week's issue that
since the editor of the Post-Dispatch
left Siler City, his county
of Moore has been literally over
run with rabbits. He is at a loss
to place the cause: the answer is
si mple. Ye editor London's name
has been associated so long with
Chatham rabbit statistics that
the rabbits there were struck
with the wanderlust and endeav
oring to follow him cross-country
to Richmond became lost in the
trackless torests or Moore, or
mired in the drifted sands! All
they need is some Mcses of
rabbit to lead them out of the
Moore county wilderness to the
.'happy hunting grounds' of Rich
, By the way, the first subscrip
tion received by the editor of the
Post-Dispatch, upon his arrival
in Rockingham three weeks ago,
was in the form of barter three
Our Richmond iriends possibly
doubt the verity of the number
of rabbits annually shipped from
Siler City. Last season the num
ber was over 16,000. The secret
of such wholesale shipments is
. in the market. Siler City has an
established market for such, and
three dealers have made and are
making a good living at the game.
What is done at .Siler City can
be done at Rockingham. The
rabbits are as plentiful, and the
development of the industry lags
for lack of an aggressive rabbit
! we bear ... no relationship . to, Dr.
i Jekyl and Mr. Hyde, with powers
; of being in two or more places at
the same time. ' r
' War between the United States
and Austria-Hungary was form
ally declared last Friday, Dec.
7th, the President signing the
resolution at 5:03 p. m. The res
o'uticn was approved by the
Hoi se, 363 to 1, the only vote
against it teing by the socialist
member from New York; this
one vote is important only for
the damning weight it will help
'o add in identifying "Socialism"
! with Kaiserism to the American
mind for yeais,to come.
The formal declaration of war
is a diplomatic measure as well
as a military measure. It gives
strength and encouragement to
the Italian Government in its
struggle to recover from the dis
aster that overtook its arms, and
it enables the United States to
deal more freely with subjects of
Austria-Hungary in this country
who have been doing Germany's
work and escaping the responsi
bility that attaches to enemy
aliens! It must also have its
moral effect within the Dual
Monarchy, whose subjects have
no quarrel with the United States
and who can have little sympa
thy with govenmental policies
that bring them into conflict with
the United States when they are
already so sorely beset.
The two most important meas
ures to be considered by Con
gress at this session will be the
proposed amendments to the
constitution in favor of prohibi
tion and woman suffrage.. A ma
jority of the last Congress were
in favor of both of these amend
ments, but a bare majority is not
sufficient. According to Article
V of the Constitution it requires
a majority of two-thirds of each
branch of Congress to propose an
amendment for adoption by the
states, and it then requires a vote
of three-fourths of the legisl
tures or conventions of the sev
eral states.
The advocates of both meas
ures claim they will be adopted
by the necessary two-thirds ma
jority. It is of interest to note
that on the vote for prohibition,
Congressmen Small and Pou will
be the only North Carolina Rep
resentatives to vote against it;
both Senators favor it. It is like-
y that Representative Weaver
will be the only North Carolina
Congressman to vote in favor of
woman suffrage; both Senators
are opposed to it.
It is well for our people to
realize the fact that Mr. Hoover
is merely a leader, and in no
sense the whole thing in this
great campaign of conservation.
He outlines a course and blazes
the way, but the people, the
masses whose interests are para-
mount,' must constitute the great
motive power if success is to
- crown our efforts. If the goal is
reached it will be through the
individual action of the people,
of YOU, and I.
The fear frequently, expressed g5
that this country may come to
want should be a perfectly, use
less fear; ' There is no logical
reason why the United States
should not produce ample for
her own wants and the needs of
her allies. We have the land
upon which to grow the crops
and a climate that renders any
thing approaching a crop failure
an impossibility. All that re
mains is for the American peo
ple to apply themselves to the
But it is at this point that the
trouble arises. For several dec
ades now the people have been
gradually deserting agriculture
for the industrial pursuits. Agri
culture has been at a discount
and the farmer regarded as of
somewhat inferior clay. Thou
sands of young men, if not train
ed in the professions, adopted the
mechanical trades till the farms
have become almost deserted.
The result was only to be ex
pected, and naturally the indus
trial ranks were unduly swelled
at the same time. . Nothing save
the over-abundance of mechani
cal labor is responsible for the
great labor disturbance of the
past half century. Labor in any
line, when it becomes to) frientv
ful, must either resort to compe-
tion or union in order to survive,
In this instance it chose uniofy
and the results we have seen.
From this time on, there should
be a systematic effort on the
part of the great labor unions to
curtail the number of recruits to
their ranks. Young men should g
be discouraged from deserting
the farms to engage in the trades,
The farms need them and should
have them. There is room for
several 'millions more young
men on the farms of this coun
try, and then the land would not
be overcrowded.
A more equitable distribution
of labor would result in great
good to all parties concerned.
The farms would benefit by the
added forces, while the trades
would benefit no less by the with
drawal of a surplus of labor that
is an endless source of trouble
and strife.
We have reached a point when
a ereat readjustment of labor is
imperative, and this readjustment
is up to the leaders . of the kbor
T e , .
ir an irem iaus to appear in
the Post-Dispatch that YOU
think should haveappeared there
in, don't blame the editor rather
blame yourself for not reporting
said item to the paper. We try
A most fearful explosion and
fire occurred at Halifax, N. S., on
Thursday of last week. A French
freight vessel loaded with ben
zine and high explosives collided
in the harbor with a Norwegian
freighter, causing the former to
expioae. i ne aetonation was
felt for nearly a hundred miles
and a large part of the city of
Halifax was destroyed bv the
fire that followed. 20,000 people
were rendered homeless and the
deaths will number over 3,000;
the property damage is over
$30,000,000. The day following
the explosion, a blizzard with a
three-foot snow, swept over the
city, adding cold to the death in
ferno already prevalent. When
the cause ot the accident is sifted
down, the chances . are that it
will be discovered the collision
on the part of the Norwegian
ship was. not accidental merely
another mark to be chareed
The aggregate mileage of the
rural free delivery routes in
North Carolina is 32,868, and en
tails an expenditure of $1,638,52
for operation during the year.
The number of routes is 1,398
and 1,075,310 patrons are served.
North Carolina has eight first
class postofhees, 44 second clas
150 third-class and 1,471 fourth-
class, making a total of 1,673.
V 1 . T- 1 . 1 1
Additional noitonai ana uenerai
News matter on Page 8, 3rd col.)
to get all the news, but lay no against the diabolical machina-
- claim to being a mind-reader; and tions of the Hun.' .
War Savings Stamps.
See your postmaster and let
him explain to you the way ir
which you may make small war
loans in amounts from $5 on up.
To anyone who pays $4.12 foi
this purpose, a war savings cer
tificate to the value ot $5 will be
given. This certificate will be
redeemed in 1923, when the Gov
ernment will refund the $5. 1 c
make it easy on the small invest
or who wishes to help the Gov
ernment, while at the same time
making compound interest or
his money so placed, war-thrift
stamps valued at 25 cents each
will be sold at any postoffice.
When $4 worth of these stamps
is purchased, a certificate for $5
will be issued therefor, upon pay
ment of 12 cents.
Several millions of dollars will
be raised in this way, and Rich
mond county will do her part
tars and
in f ranee."
tripes i
in two reels, with a five real feature,
Dec. 17th,
-Just a few words of what this picture contains
America's boys are now in the trenches in France fighting You
know and we know how greatly every audience is interested in
seeing them at work and play over there. This is the only pic- ,
ture that has ever been made of our, boys in this big war and we
want everybody to see it at THE STAR THEATRE Monday,
December 17th.
"The Torch Bearer"
is the five reel feature which we will show with this big war pic- " " '
ture, and it's star is William Russell. This is going to be one of
the biggest days of show; that you will ever see, and don't forget
the date. . . . .
Matinee promptly at 3:30. Night promptly at 7 o'clock.
Admission 25 and
Christmas Jewelry! Where will I get it? Why
at Helms & Co. I got it tiwrt last Christmas
and it proved to be of the dlSF QUALITY and
therefore I'll revisit that up-to-date store for
my Christmas goods THIS year. : : :
We are able to state that we have secured
a splendid line of watches, diamonds and vari
ous articles of jewelry, and most everything
will be at or near the old price we would ad
vise all to buy early, as goods are scarce, es
pecially watches. However, we are ready for
you and It will pay you to see us FIRST.
-Moral-Shop early.
Opposite Rockingham Hotel

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