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THE closer the ties of kinship and affection the more usetu!
and enduring should be the gift.
FOR members of the immediate
family there is nothing more
appropriate or more appreciated
than articles of furniture chosen
to suit the circumstances.
YOU will be surprised to see how many choice gifts will
be suggested by a trip through this store.
A BIG LOT of high-grade toys for Christmas.
o Seasonable cut
g and ferns, rloral arrangements
o for any occasion. Prompt at-o
g tention to out of town orders, g
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g WATSON-KING CO. Agents, g
flowers, palms o
Valuable City Property.
The Ida Terry property lying
Ion Fifth Avenue and on both
sides of the Covington Street in
the town of Rockingham is for
sale.- A home with sufficient
space. An investment unsur
passed. Inspect and make in
quiry and be prepared to bid on
this property at:
PLACE: In front of tne court
house Rockingham, N. C.
TIME: At 12 o'clock' noon,
Saturday, December 22nd, 1917.
TERMS: Cash.
This November 27th, 1917.
E. B. Terry,
The most complete line of
Bracelet Watches in all
grades at
J. D. Cameron
Rockingham, N. C.
fcza fla
We can turn out any
thing in the printing
line that you need, at
a price as low as any
one, quality, material
and workmanship con
sidered Come in and
see us before placing
your order elsewhere.
BY VIRTUE of a certain Deed of
Trust executed by the late D. M. Mor
rison to the undersigned, and duly re
corded in the Registry of Richmond
County, Book 90, Page 172. and the
following, we will sell to the highest
bidder for cash at the courthouse, in
the town of Rockingham, Richmond
County, N. C., on the 14th day of Janu
ary, lam, at w o'clock, noon,
nine tracts or parcels of land, lying
ana Deing in Kichmond County, and
described as follows, towit:
"FIRST TRACT: Lying and being
in Richmond County, North Carolina,
and in Marks' Creek Township, Be
ginning at a post oak, now down, three
black jack pointers, on the lower side
of Melton's branch, near r J
North side of Marks' Creek, the be
ginning confer of the Murdock Mc
Kinnon 300 acre survey, then ' with
its line N. 11 W. 33 chains to its cor
ner, thence with its other line E. 34
chains to its other corner near the
head of Douglas Spring Branch, and
a corner also of the Grant 75-acre
tract, then with its line N. K. 26
chains and 25 links to its other cor
ner, thence with its other line S. 45
E. 28 chains and 75 links to a corner
in the line of the Smith 150-acre
tract, then with its line N. 45 E.' 18
chains to its corner, then as its line
S. 40 E. 6 1-2 chains to another cor
ner of said tract, thence as its other
line S. 30 E. 10 chs. to its corner, be
ing also the beginning corner of a
fifty acre tract, now (then) William
Freeman's, thence as the line of
Smith's 150 acre tract, N. 60 E 5
chains to a corner, four marked pines
on the West of Hugh's Branch, thence
S. 45 E. 25 chains to a corner in the
Marks Creek Swamp, thence S. 45 W.
46 chains to a corner; thence N. 45 W.
41 chains, and 75 links to a corner in
the Grant lands in the head of the
said Douglas Spring Branch, and then
down the various courses of said
branch until the course S. 81 W. will
strike the Cheraw Road, Northwest
of the: Gun Smith Shop, thence with
the road S. 5 E. 10 chs. and 82 links
to the edge of Marks' Creek, thence
down the edge of said creek until a
line will strike the beginning that
runs a North course, containing a-
bout 450 acres, including the dwelling
house and other improvements, allot
ted to Catherine Morrison, afterwards
Catherine McFayden, widow of Mal-
com C. Morrison, deceased., and oth
ers, jury summoned to allot her dow
er in the lands of her deceased hus
band, the said Malcom C. Morrison,
the report of said jury being on rec
ord in the office of the Clerk of the
Superior Court of Richmond County,
in Book entitled "Estates etc," 1848
to 1853, at page 444, reference to
which is hereby made; excepting from
the above boundaries all of said land
situate on the west side of the Ben
nettsville and Rockingham Public
Road, conveyed to Archie Morrison,
said exception containing about 120
SECOND TRACT: Lying and be
ing in Richmond County, Marks' Creek
Township, adjoining the lands of
Catherine McFayden, G. J. Freeman
and others described as follows:
BEGINNING at the corner of the
dower (a sycamore tree) by the
road North side of Marks' Creek and
runs as the road leading to Bennetts
ville 7 chs., crossing Marks' Creek;
thence as said road S. 7 E. 13 chs.,
thence S. 15 degrees E. 4 chs., to a
stake in said road, a hickory and
black jack pointers; thence N. 81
degrees E. 17 chs., to a poplar tree in
the West edge of a branch, a black
gum pointer; thence N. 9 W. 7.50
chs., to a high water mark, or as the
back water may go when a dam is
raised then up said Marks' Creek a
long the edge of high water mark as
far as the water may go if it should
not reach beyond the upper line of
the Gill land; thence to the run of
said Creek; thence up said Creek as
far as the back water may go; thence
as a line of the lands conveyed by
Murdock Morrison to David Gill on
the 7th day of December, 1854, cros
sing said Creek to high water mark
on the opposite side; thence as the
edge of the pond nearly to the Mill
Dam; thence as its other line through
the garden by a peach tree; thence
as its other line direct to the begin
ning, containing 300 acres, more or
less, and being the lands conveyed
to D. M. Morrison by D. D. Gill and
wife by deed recorded in Book T. T.,
page 336, of the office of the Register
of Deeds for Richmond County.
THIRD TRACT: Lying and being
in Richmond County, Marks' Creek
Township, being the share allotted to
Samuel Russ in the division of the
estate lands of John Russ among his
heirs at law, Beginning at a stake
three black jack pointers, in the line
of Daniel "McLeod's fifty acre tract,
and in 5 chains east of a large pine,
the beginning corner of said tract,
north of the plantation of said Mc
Leod heirs, and runs with said tract
E. 14.75 chains to the corner of said
McLeod's tract, a stake and three
black jaek pointers; thence S. 15 chs.;
thence S. 64 E. 17.50 chains crossing
a branch below a spring to a corner;
thence N. 50 E. 15 chains; thence N.
23 W. 58 chains; thence direct to the
beginning, on both sides of the road
leading from Rockingham to Morri
son's Mill, containing 100 acres, more
or less.
FOURTH TRACT: Lying and be
ing in Richmond County, Marks Creek
Township, Beginning at a stake among
three large pines, the McLeod cor
ner, and runs East 60 chains to D. W.
Mclntyre'a corner; thence as his line
North SO West 27 chains to his cor
ner in the Cole line; then as said Cole
line West 26 chains to his corner;
then direct to the beginning1, con
toiaing 69 acres, more or leas, sad
being tae same tract of land that was
deeded to Sarah F. Smith by John D.
Shaw and wife. '
FIFTH TRACT: Lying and being
in Richmond Countv. Market drent't
Township. Beginning at a stake, two
pines and two black iack nointers.
south of Speeds old road and the cor
ner of Duncan Mclr.tyre's 60 acre sur
vey and runs West QR chains tn
Hunts' line; then North 30 chains to
the Green Pond Road; then with said
Road South 60 East 11 chains to Mc
Rae's line; then with it South 45 E.
to the beginning, it being that tract
of land granted to Mary Ann Mcln
tyre, in December, 1850, and recorded
in the office of the Ree nter nf Heeds
of Richmond County, in Book Q. Page
in, ana the said grant is hereby re
ferred to for a fuller description of
tne said land, said land was also con
veved to J. F. Bishop by Henry J.
Willow 'ghby and wife by deed dated
the 18th dav of March. 1904 and re.
corded in Book U. U. U., Page 384,
in Register of Deeds Office of RiMi.
mond County.
SIXTH TRACT: Lvinff and heino-
in Richmond Countv. Marks'
Township, and adjoining the lands of
unnsuan xacKae, u. A. Millikin, John
Chavis and Others. Retrinninr nf a
pine, two pine pointers, in the Calvin
Waddell line and runs N. 37 E. 1.50
chains to a pine, McLeod's corner,
thence E. E chains tn a turkev nnlr
thence N. 24 E. 28 chains to the line
oi unnsuan mediae's land; thence N.
40 W. 14.50 chains to a stake C A
Millikin's corner; thence as his line
S. 74 W. 27 chs. to a stake two black
jack pointers Millikin's corner; thence
S. 30 E. 33.50 chains to the beginning,
excepting, however, from the above
aescrioea lana fifty (SO) acres here
tofore Conveved bv M. J. Monro tn
William Lamply, and since conveyed
by William Lamply to Mary J. Moore,
containing 20 acres, more or less, pr
elusive of the 50 acres excepted a-
bove being the same land conveyed by
deed iated March the 9th, 1881, by
Morgan Taylor to Mary J. Moore,
and by Mary J. Moore to W. H. Steele
Dy aeea dated the 8th day o' January
SEVENTH TRACT: Lvin? and be
ing in Richmond County, Marks
Creek Township, and adjoining the
lands of Christian McRae. C. A. Milli
kin, John Chavis, et als., being a
part of a tract of land granted to Al
exander Hunt on the west side of the
Rockingham Road, Beginning at n
pine and two pine pointers in Calvin
Waddell's line and runs N. 37 K. l .Rft
chains to a Dine, the McRae corner!
thence E 5 chains to a turkey oak;
tnence N. 24 E. to Ned Cole's line;
thence N. a distance to make 50 acres
bv turmnsr West to the Oaiaev house
line and thense to the beginning, con
taining 50 acres, more or less, being
the same 50 acres excepted in the a
bove described tract deeded to W. H.
Steele by aMry J. Moore by deed dat
ed in 1897, and being the same two
tracts of land that was conveyed by
W. H. Steele to C. E. Ashworth by
deed dated October 4th, 1897, which
is recorded in Book K. K. K . Pom
295 Register's Office, Richmond Coun
ty, and the same two tracts of land
that was conveyed by the said C. E.
Ashworth and wife to M. R. Stubbs
by deed dated April 22, 1908, which is
registered in Book No. 58, Page 270,
Register's Office, of Richmond Coun
ty. EIGHTH TRACT: Lying and be
ing in Richmond County Marks Creek
Townshio. beinc known and designat
ed as lots No. 2 in the division of the
estate lands of John Russ among his
heirs at law, and the lot that was a
Uotted in the division of said lands
to N. J. Russ, Beginning at Sarah
Smith's corner, now a lightwood
stumn. and runs S. 4(1 W. 19 hnina to
a stake, thence N. 45 W. 12.50 chains
to a lightwood stake and oak pointers;
thence N. 5o E 15 chains to William
B. Smith's corner; thence N. 23 W. 15
chains to a stake, A pine and
black jack pointers, also i
corner of William B. Smith's 22
acre tract; thence N. 25 W 1 1-2 50
cnams to a forked black jack and
black jack pointers, in Duncan MoTn-
tyre's line: thence as his line K. 2K.Kn
chains, to a stake, black jack and
oaK pointers; thence S. 73 E. 12 chs.,
to the second line of the .Tnhn Rims
75 acre tract; thence as said Russ
line, reversed west 17 chains to his
second corner; thence with his first
line reversed. 25 chains to the becin-
ning, containing 57 acres, more or
less, a full description of said tract
of land being recorded in Book of
uraers ana Decrees from 1893 to
1901, at Page 560, Clerk Superior
court's umce, Kichrtlond County, ref
erence to which is hereby made for a
more perfect descrintion of said land
NINTH TRACT: Lying and being
in Richmond County, Marks Creek
Township, and adjoining the lands of
wney l,. otricKiin, tne Freeman lands
ana oiners, aescribed as follows:
Beginning at a spring by the road
and not far from said Creole nnd nd.
joining the Catherine McFayden
lands; a full and explicit description
and plot of this tract may be seen by
reierence to said SCatherine McFay
den's dower plat and papers in the
Clerk's Office of Richmond Cnnntv
conveyed to D. M. Morrison by Ralph
Morrison by deed dated November
zetn, xyuz, ana recorded in Book S. S.
b.f Page 382, of the Register's office
Richmond Countv.
The conveyance of the foregoing
described tracts of land was made
subject to a deed of trust executed
by D. M. Morrison to W. H. Wood,
Trustee, dated Februarv 14th 1019
and recorded in Book No. 64. Ptm gq
of the office of the Register of Deeds
i or Kicnmona county, which secured
an indebtedness to American Trust
Comnanv. of Charlntte. Iff. C. in
mount of 120,000.00, of which amount
siz,ouu.uu was then unpaid,
Tom sale is oudt because of failure
to pay either principal or interest on
any of the said notes, and is mad at
the request of Farmers Guano Com
pany, payee, of said notes.
This 13th day of December, 1917.
$jpyal&sy (Hat's,
Mortgagee's Sale.
Under and by virtue of the power con
tained in a certain Mortgage executed by
A. D. Spivey and wife to Ellerbe Insur
ance and Realty Company, dated July 2,
1915, and recorded in Book No. 95, page
146, in the office of the Register of Deeds
of Richmond county, default having
been made in the payment of the indebt
edness thereby secured, the undersigned
will sell at public auction, to the highest
bidder for cash, at the court house door
of Richmond county, at Rockingham,
N. C, at 12 o'clock, M. on Saturday the
12th day of January, 1918, the following
described real estate situate in the town
of Ellerbe, N. C, viz:
'Beginning at a stake in the edge
(North) of Page Street and in the west
edge of railroad right of way near Depot
and runs with Page Street N. 83 1-2 West
26 feet to a corner, thence N. 7 1-4 E.
seventy feet to centre of Grassy Island
road, thence along centre of said road N.
63 3-4 E. 53 3-4 feet to West edge of said
railroad right of of way, thence with
right of way S. 19 1-2 W. 101 1-2 feet to
the place of beginning.
TIME OF SALE: Saturday, January.
12, 1918.
PLACE OF SALE: Court House.
TERMS: Cash.
This Dec. 11, 1917.
Ellerbe Insurance & Realty Company.
Executive's Notice.
Having qufiliffed as executive of the
estate of Alice L. Townsend, deceased,
this is to notify til persons holding
claims against the estate of the said de
cedent to present same to me, duly veri
fied, on or before the 12 day of Decem
ber, 1913, or this notice will be plead in
bar of their recovery. All persons in
debted to said estate will please make
prompt Payment.
This, Dec. 12, 1917.
W. Steele Lowdermilk, Exec.
Report of the Condition of
The Bank of Ellerbe
at Ellerbe
in the State of North Carolina, at the
close of business November 20th, 1917.
Loans and discounts . . $88,366.42
Overdrafts secured $951.29;
unsecured 143.10 1094.39
Banking House $2995.26; Furni
ture and Fixtures $1804.61 4,799.87
All other real estate owned 2,000.00
Due from National Banks 13,448.44
Due from State Banks & B'kers 16,156.05
Cash Items 148.19
Silver coin, including all minor
coin currency 643.58
National bank notes and other
U.S. notes 3,578.00
Capitai stock paid in $10,000.00
Surplus fund 5,000.00
Undivided profits, less current
expenses & taxes paid 2,152.54
Deposits subject to check 90.212.80t
Time certificates- of deposit 18,630.22;
Cashier's checks outstanding 4,239.34
I, B. B. Farlow, Cashier of the above
named bank, do solemnly affirm that the
above statement is true to the best of my
knowledge and belief.
B. B. FARLOW, Cashier
Subscribed and sworn to before me,
this 10th day of Dec. 1917,
J. A. McAuley,
Clerk Superior Court Richmond County
W. L. Howel
J. R. Bennett
J. R. Wall
If you need
some come
in and s
':.., US
r 3

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