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Volume L Numbero.
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A if
BUND ISSUE INTERVIEWS voting for this proposd bond issue,
; which is necessary for the pro
IhlllllH S Of fltir Pnimlncnl PiZCIIS Tefand welfare of our eonunun-
... n -J I.. II... I'.r. i,l.i,l Ci.liml 'tV'
Ill lllHJillU Ul nil! uiuubu M,mim j
linnil Issue:
"The kind issue shouffl
passed because there is
l ough room to aecommod
bt e-
e the
hildren as it is. and eil'di
from the schools cannot be
cd without more room to -reoni
modate the lower grades ;spe
"The loss of the bon
would be a -great blow
town. It would deter
from moving here to live.
i the
pie simply will not go to a
where they cannot get. as
factory school facilities for
at IS-
it her
children as they can get ini
"The oidy additional exp
.1. . i i :
ISO 01
carrying on ino ema.ii.iiin;
in this community after t.hJ bom
Hsuc is passed, will be thJsalar
ies of two more teachers!
janitor, while at the sanx
the efficiency of the sch
be practically doubled. 1",
"Teachers cannot beg
longer to teach the room
primary grades, crowdoi
are at present. Must (
have titty percent more Tptipi
t'.ian they can proirerly handle.
They have been kept marking
b:?cause they understoo.! thdhond
issue would be passed.
"If the bond wile should lot le '
passed, two shifts of scjjolars 1
and probably teachers will II' al
solutely necessary." H
L. S. Cannpn.
"In this age of commercialism,
ability and efficiency are the
greatest assets a people can Jave:
and it is only by the education of
our children that such ability and
efficiency can be acquired'-and
maintained, at the present time
and in the future.
"To some the cost may seem
high, but if we will stop to think
of the results: what a ptople
educated in every branch of in
dustry, means to a comminity,
we well realize that the profit
we receive repay us an hundred
fold. "What we want is a people in
our community who can do things
and do them right and it is only
by education that we get them,
When I speak of 'our children,1;
I mean the children of the com
munity, everybody's children.
Every good citizen, whether he
is blessed with children of his own
or not, should be public spirite
enough to regard the children of
ami a
J time
l will
!i anv
I them
his country.State and eommuni y, "It gives the town more pres
to a certain extentas his children, tige in the financial world. It
our children, and should be Heal- gives every child an opportunity
ously interested in their welfare to get an education. Weneed
and education." the additional room for educa-
A. L. Clark.
"Because I believe the education
of it.se, i I Iron to be the first duty
of ever community, I am unl.es-itatiny-
r in"taor of the proposed
Kiid i.isui-, for'be purpose of en-
larging the educAnKfiil facilities
' for t! childrenof Roanoke
Ra- ;.lsand RwMfiary.
v It is unq
'i present fail
1 tierotour
"It is unqojStinai)e that our
ilities for the edin
children are inade
quate. The Trustees of the Grad
ed School, who were selected for
'hf purpose of managing our
Graded Sehool and who are, by
virtue of their experience, more
familiar with our school needs,
have, after careful consideration,
recommended the raising of
twenty thousand dollars to meet
the increased educational needs
oj our community.
r" " 'They are the men selected for
this purpose and we should feel
safe in leaving the decision of the
amount needed in their hands.
We should also leave with them
the administration of this fund
and to their discretion the amount
to be expended on the building
of ,the primary school at Rose-
matw and the amount to be ex-
t?ned for the enlargement of
th school at Roanoke Rapids. ..
"Roanoke Rapids and Rosemary
are, as far as the welfare of the
children is concerned, one yom -
munity and no spirit of selfish-
- '3 should operate; to prp"
n in either plajj
W. L. tamg.
"I cannot see how the people of
this community can fail to vote
for this bond issue, if
they wish
. '
to educate their children
'It seem to me that every parent
and every good ..citizen
of the
community, whether he be a
parent or not. should be willing
and anxious to vote for these
"A fwivcrnnr fVniir said in his
. ..n.. f :.... r
HTl II. Ml' HM IN'I cllPMin Uli
the community will have to pay
S.r, percent of the increased taxes!0" s,iy .ou WIU UHC a'unhl ,l
necessitated by the bond
,,n, il1(1 mniiile nf tlip inwn will
only have to pay 15 percent.
"I portninlv rtn tint Ken hnvv sinv
person who believes in education
nt nil li,iiil1lwnnttrivntnn.rni,,t.lU,ml,lat-tHt4lll'n an !l(,t'
a proiiosition like that."
T. W. Mullen.
"Relieving in progressiveness
and that, every child should be
given the best opportunity possi
ble to equip it for the best citizen
ship, makes me favor the bond
issue. It is not so much that we
may or may not want enlarged
school buildings;the fact is simply
that we have got to have them.
"A few years ago we had pass
ed through the Legislature an act
forbidding the employment of
children under twelve years pf
age. This was done for the bene-
it of the education of the chil
dren. Having tried it and meet
ing w ith the greatest success, later
the legislature passed a law for
bidding the employment of chil
dren under fourteen years of age.
That act met with the same suc
cess as the first. We still were not
satisfied and seeing that some of
the children were not taking ad
vantage of their opportunities, a
law was passed making it com
"v that the parents should
.; .
send their children to school.
he sum total which th.s goes
to show is simply that our laws
require the children to go to
school, and if they go, with the
present capacity of our school
.,! !. l
bin l ing's, they cannot receive
' v
the fullest benefit" from their
. -
opportunity, and jono of us can
all'ord to lose time.
F. Horner.
"My first and most specific
reason for wishing the proposed
bond issue for the Graded
Schools carried, is - because the
bond issue means better schools;
and better schools mean better
tional purposes, we need room
for entertainents, we need an
"if we failed to carry this
bond issue it would give the
I community a black eye for years;
! it would lie a thing which we
; could probably never live down,
j "I know hundreds of reasons
;why the bond issue should be
' passed but as yet I have heard
not one adequate reason for its
being defeated. Of course the
bond issue will be carried.
J. W. House.
"I would prove recreant to
my convictions should I hold my
peace when there is so much dis
cussion "pro and con," in refer
ence to the election to determine
whether or not bonds shall be is-
sued whereby our present school ,good N c on Wednesday,
building may be made common-; April mhf at 11:00 A M The
surate to the rapid growth of our;i.ntinv mir wi, rptlini on FrUsiv
towns, so that every child who
knocks for admission may be
properly and comfortably seated.
"It has been my lot to hear
men talk about this election who
have no education; some are fa
thers with children now going to
school. Fathers that have been
deprived of this are unfortunate
; but your boy twenty years hence
! wji be a thousanH '
j unfortunate tyy
i for as f
'd j
v -
I "T cannot believe that we have
very many intelligent men who
will vote against the progress of
our schools. Some men are
kicking who pay the enormous
sum of twenty or thirty cents
school tax per year.
I now 'ie scn00' ax should
' creased 50 per cent, the
est burden would fall
upon the
('ni,P("'alions who now pay 85 per
cent of the tax. J hey are not
kicking, why? because they see
the great need of educating your
children. Voter, why should
some other man think more a-
bout the future welfare
of your
child than you do? And then
matter of so vital
il ... .. p : .. i : . 4
"" ' ' " . .
imiw.pt.ivw.rt n
your own home lor me sane oi a
tew cents more tax; It so l say
'with all the emphasis of my
soul- "nnme " the man who con
the thought.
! r ii..
: pletion.
' As Chairman ol the Hoard of i n- t
Trustees of this Graded School Mr. I-. h. Davison of Rich
District, I have made a careful mnl. Va.. is here assisting Mr
study of the conditions w,ich W. Webb in the piano sale of
exist in our schools and I can the Walter D. Moses Company,
positively stale to the voters of j Mrs. D. L. Leslie left Roanoke
the District that our present ! Rapids Thursday morning for
school facilities are entirely in-! Portland, Me., where she will
adequate for our present needs, spend alioiit two months before
not to speak of the large increase ; joining her husband at Cornell,
in attendance which we may j Wis.
reasonably exepect next year. Mf R Q Lassiter spent Thurs-
1 he school building in Loanoke : (, f)f this wock jn Norfo,k
Rapids will no more than accomo- j
date the children of Roanoke! The Presbyterianprayerser
Rapids proper, and it is absolute-1 vice will be held at Capt. and
ly necessary that we make alMrs. J.M. McMurray's Sunday
proper provision for the children ! nt 8 '" M- You are .cordially, m
of Rosemary and the southern ! vited.
part of the District. The only! Afire alarm was turned in
way to provide properly for these! Monday evening about seven
children is to ereta school build -
ing which will be easily accessible
to them.
"In the expenditure of the
funds arising from the issuance of
"-, v-i..v .v...
; lie absolutely no discrimination
iiri!ncf nmr tin ft ftf tKd uiTinI
, the . Jcg of thJ &.h(KtI
'T VV r "l,t
' fff!00 T7 ,myr
: in the District, and for the con -
. , , ., , .
1 ininmwn rt t hn rni t twin in rr
I " . " J
! part of the District,
... , , . no . . ,
our school will sudor a setback
which it will take us many years
! to overcome. I therefore earnestly
! ask you to cast your vote with
us on this important question
which means so much to every
one. in this community
C. A. Wyche.
Primaries and County Convention
The township primaries will be : . . , . ,
, ,- . , . j trip on ast Sunday,
held on Saturday, the loth day ! 1
of May, 1914, at 5 o'clock p. m. j Mr. Sugg Fleming, Mr. W. M.
for the purpose of sending dele- j Chauncey, Miss Ella Lee Chaun
gates to the county convention to cey and Miss Latham Jones
be held at Halifax onSaturday motored from Washington Satur
the 23rd of May, and for the pur-1 day and spent Sunday and a part
liose of electing township execu- of Monday as the guests of Mr.
tive committees of five. The and Mrs. J. M. Jackson,
county convention is for the Mr. S. F. Patterson left Mon
purposeof sending delegates to! day for a week's trip to Boston
the State and District Conven
tions. The chairmen of the town
ship executive committees con
stitute the county executive com
mittee and this committee will
meet at Halifax on the same day
as the convention forthe purpose
of electing a county chairman.
Mr. R. B. King of Roanoke
Rapids and Miss Ester Savage of
Oak Citv. were married at. Hob-
to the home of Mr. King
who holds a position with the
Halifax Paper Company.
Mr. William C. McCraw and
Miss Fannie Rook were married
on last Sunday evening at seven
o'clock. The ceremony took
place at the Methodist Parsonage
jaVi;and was performed by Rev.
great William Towe. The happy couple
and nave the good wishes of all of
tween their many friends. They will
make tW
"Vtiltor -
Items nf Inferos! In and Around Rose
mary and RoanokiiRaplils
Mr. R. L. Towe, who has been
. teaching in the Gary--High
be in- School, returned home on Tues-great-i
day. Since leaving Cary he hai
! been spending a tew davs with
relatives in the eastern part of
the SUite. His grandmother,
Mrs. Crawford, accompanied
him here to spend some time
with Rev. and Mrs. William
Miss Elinor Manning has re
turned to Richmond and has tak
;en the same position she former
- - . . .
. i.i ... .i in i. 1. Tri .i o
i ly held witn tne i.iaiocK rruu
: i,.,wi.. fimn.,nv
Mr. Gale Farris and Mr. N, C.
Walters are at. Rosemary paint-
.1 . I" .. iU U
TVriuh ' "'K uu scenery lor me ni-w uiim-
lMM':... I...M.I! TO -1. U.,
; building is rann v nearing eom-
Oclock from the residence of Mr.
Peter IIux in new town. The
Fire Cflmpany turned out prompt-
' ly in response to the alarm; the
i the blaze, however, being only a
!!., A .... oU) ,n..kl
suuuiiMiu.n huucuiuku
! from an oil lamp, theonly damage
,4.,. f.v fVi ckajl nn1 iii
i ..8 andhe footof one bed.
Mr. J. W. House went as a
delegate from the Roanoke Rapids
I Baptist Raraca Class to the State
n T),., P,t,
Raraca-Philathea Conference in
Durham on Sunday and Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Jackson
and a party of friends motored to
Panacea Springs on -Monday
j afternoon.
Mrs. J. W. House and Mrs L.
II. Hale are visiting in Halifax
this week.
Mrs. J. L. Patterson and chil
dren are visiting relatives in At
lanta, Ga. '
Mr. J. L. Patterson went to
and other cities on business.
See us for screen
windows. -The R.
doors and
just received. The Rosemary
Supply Company.
A man's wife is the best part
ner he has if he only gives her a
chance.' Give your wife an ac
count in the First National Bank
and she will save you money.
E. H. Harriman left a vast for
tune. His wife had a share in
making it and he left it to her,
knowing her ability to handle it.
Mr. J. G. Farmer "went to
Norfolk on Saturday afternoon
after his family, Mr. Farmer
has accepted a position as second
hand in the spinning room with
the Rosemary Manufacturing
Mr J. M. Davis, of RosemaryS
and, Mr. W. F. Lee, of Norfolk,
jVa., have purchased the business
in Rosemary owned by Jenkins
& Saunders. The stock will be
; largely increased and the new
1 firm nr coirnr to make a snocial-
) ty of fresh meats vegetables, etc.
Dr. Smith from Black Creek,
N. C. was in town on Sunday
visiting friends.
Mr. Percy Tiller'; of Scotlf'd
Neck spent Saturday and Siday
in town.
Miss Blanche Vincent of Vul
Nre was in town on Saturday.
Help us make our local column
complete by handing your locals
in to P, V.' Mattews, F. C. Hege,
0 'phoning them in to the office.
Mr. Monroe Jenkins spent Sun
day out of town.
Misses Annie Mabry and Mar
tha Stanley spent Sunday in
Mr. J. 11. King spent Sunday
in Littleton.
Mr. J. M. Johnston of Little
ton was in town on Friday.
Mr. W. F. Horner went toj
Philadelphia on Monday on a
business trip.
Rev. J. M. Millard, pastor of
the Presbyterian Church in .Lit
tleton, held services here last Sun
day. He held special services for
the Odd Fellows in the Rosemary
Baptist Church on Sunday morn
ing and held services in the Bap
tist Church in Roanoke Rapids on
Sunday night.
A special meeting of the Young
People's BibleSociety will be held
at the Methodist Church in Roan
oke Rapids next Monday night,
May 4. All the members are earn
estly requested to be present.
Don't forget the meeting next
Tuesday night at the Mayor's
Olfiice for the purpose of organiz
ing the Chamber of Commerce.
Mr. R. L. Towe has accepted
a position with the First Nation
al Bank of Roanoke Rapids.
The many friends of Capt. J.
M. McMurray are rejoicing to
see him out and around again af
ter his protracted illness. He
has been ill with grippe followed
by rheumatism for over seven
Miss Urtie Harrison of Little
ton is spending the week end
with Miss Mabel McMurray.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Thrower
of Vaughan attended the play
here last Friday night.
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Williams
spent Monday and Tuesday in
Mr. Owen Williams of Airlie
was in town Tuesday.
The Presbyterian Ladies Aid
Society will meet at the home of
Mrs. R. P. Beckwith next Tues
day afternoon at three o'clock.
Mrs. Charles Webb entertain
ed a few friends at her home last
Friday evening.
Mrs. Job Taylor entertained
Saturday afternoon in honor of
Mrs. Leslie.
Mr. Ivey and family moved
from Rosemary Mills to the Shaw
Cotton Mills at Weldon on last
Contestant No. 43 in the Hancock-House
Piano Contest is Mrs.
J. M. Jackson. She will appre
ciate the votes of all of her
Messrs. J. E. Spencer and F.
C. Hege attended the Baraca
Philathea Convention in Dur
ham as delegates respectively
from the Rosemary Baptist and
Methodist Baraca classes.
Mr. J. II. Norman of Halifax,
Mr. J. E. Bowers and Mr. N. A.
Riddick of Scotland Neck, - wer&
in town Thursday.
Miss Margaret Mizelle, who
has been teaching school in An
drews, N. C. returned to Roa
noke Rapids on Wednesday and
will spend some time with Mr.
and Mrs. W. G. Lynch,
Mr. John Sawyer returned
Wedneday from Durham where
he attended the Baraca-Philathea
Convention Monday and Tues-
aay, as a ueiegaie irom me jun
ior Baraca Class of the Rose
mary Methodist. Sunday School.
Mr. John Waller left Friday
night for Wimington. N. C.
where he has accepted a position
with the Delgado Mills. .
Mr. Leonard Loomis came in
from Raleigh on Sunday after
noon. He has accepted a posi
tion with the Patterson Mills and
his family will join him shortly.
Mr. J. T. Munford, Sr., No.
22 Front Street, Rosemary, suf
fered a stroke of paralysis on
last Friday night. He was un
conscious for several days but
has now partially recovered the
use of his' limbs and can talk.
Mr. Munford has worked for
the Rosemary Mfg. Co. for a
number of years and his family
have the sympathy of many
friends. We trust he may en
tirely recover.
Mr. G. N. Nelms, Asst. Supt.
Metropolitan Life Ins. Co. paid
a flying visit to Agent Hege on
Wednesday evening.
Mr. George Andrews, of Ral
eigh, has accepted a position
with the Patterson Mills. He
will move his family here short
ly as he returned home Monday
to pack up and bring his family
Rev. Jesse Blalock will hold
services in the Baptist Church
Roanoke Rapids next Sunday
morning and evening. His morn
ing discourse will be on the
"Ideals of Christian Attain
ment", and the text of his Sun
day evening sermon will be "Let
the wicked forsake his way
and the unrighteous man his
thoughts. s
Mrs. J. M. Jackson takes this
opportunity of informing her
friends that she is in the contest
for the Inner Player Piano now
running at Hancock-House Com
pany's. Her number is 43.
Miss Dora Jolly of the Metho
dist Orphanage at Raleigh, is
here spending the vacation with
her mother.
Mrs. Fannie Wombles of Ports
mouth, Va., and Mr. Thomas
Iff 1 rt i v r
iviuniora oi iranKiin, va., are
visiting the family of Mr. J. T
Mrs. A. S. Mason and family
of Scran ton, N. C, has recently
moved here and will be employed
by the Rosemary Mfg. Co.
Messrs. Sandy Hyatt and R. 0.
Mays with their families, have
moved here from Hyde County,
to accept work with the Rose
mary Mills,
L. J. Hollowell and wife of
New York are here, and have
accepted positions with the Mills
at Rosemary,
The county Commissioners
will hold their regular monthly
session in Halifax on next Mon
The county Commissioners
will draw a jury on Monday for
the June term of Halifax Super
ior Court, which begins Monday,
June 1st.
Mr. Moses Whitely left Wed
nesday for Hobgobd to attend
the wedding of Mr. R. B. King
and Miss Ester Savage; He
will visit his large farpi near
Oak City before, returning.
Mr. J. F. Williams and family
trom Petersburg, Va., are mov
ing into the Patterson Mil? Vil-
Jit Jl Jt Jt
i Rosemary Patterson Roanoke Roanoke
Mills Mills Rapids Mills
Ros May 2 May 16 'May 9
M... Subscribe June 13 June 27 June 20 .
M'"8 July 25 Aug. 8 Augrl ,
L : , x.
PatteW Mff - May9l
July 4f June 20f June 27f
m Aug. 15f Aug.' If Aug.8f
Roanoke fne ay 30 May 2f '
. j July 18f July 11 , Che June 13f
Rapid. - Aug, 29f Aug. 22 -v.- July 25f
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Roanoke Mf??5 Mf .
July llf . July 18 July 4 Herald
Mills Aug. 22f Aug 29 Aug. 15 v
"f denotes teams blaying first
emotes teams b
liage this week. They are ex
perienced hands and we trust
they will like the village and the
Mr. Will Cleaton, a former re
sident of Rosemary, who is now
located in Richmond, Va., is here
this week visiting relatives.
Rev. J. M. Millard of Littleton,
preached an able and interesting
sermon Sunday to the local lodge
of Odd Fellows, the occasion be
ing the Ninety-Fifth anniversa
ry of this organization. About
forty of the members turned out
fn a body to hear him.
Mr. Jasper Thompson return
ed this week from Richmond,
Va., where he spent a few days
on business.
Miss Pattie Byrd after a weeks
visit to relatives and friends in
Durham, returned home Sunday.
Mr. J. D. Shearin of Aurelian
Springs, spent the day here
Wednesday on business.
The Rosemary Concert Band
went to Weldon Tuesday, where
they made music for the land
sale held at that place.
Sunday morning, May 3rd, at
11 o'clock in the Rosemary M. E.
Church. Rev. W. M. Towe will
preach a special sermon to the
local Lodge of the W. 0. W.
Important Meeting
To the Business Men of Roanoke
Rapids and Rosemary
We, the undersigned, believing
that a Chamber of Commerce or
Business Men's Club, composed
of the business men of Roanoke
Rapids and Rosemary, and or
ganized for the purpose of pro
moting the commercial and in
dustrial growth of this commun
ity, would be of the greatest
benefit to the community, here
by call:
A meeting of all of the busi
ness men of Roanoke Rapids and
Rosemary to meet in the mayor's
office in Roanoke Rapids, on May
5th, 1914, at 8:00 p. M., for the
purpose of organizing such an
All business men interested in
this movement are urgently re
quested to attend.
E. II. Ricks,
C. A. Wyche,
J. M. Jackson,
T. W. M. Long,
J. T. Chase,
W. S. Hancock,
J. W. House,
, S. J. Bounds,
, Wells D. Tillery,
B. S. Webb, V
L. G. Shell,
T. W. Mullen,
Jno. L. Patterson,
Wm. Towe,
M. McRae Faison,
J. T.IStainback,
W. L. Long,
A. E. Akers.
Advertised in Roanoke Rapids
Postofficei Will E. Culhane,
George Wasby, .Mrs. Milley 'Til
ley, Mrs. W. E. Culhane. P. B.
Shaw, Walter Marks, Miss Fay
Parham, Mrs. Joe Howell, A. J.
,-" '"V

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