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What a terrible disappointment
all this must be to Senator Fall.
' - V
Herald Publishing Company, Inc.
J. T. Stainback
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Telephone .
Enlorvd as Second Class Malter April
3, 1!M I, at the I'ost OHiee at Roanoke
liapids. North Carolina, under Act of
March '.I, l.STD.
Friday, May 8, 1911.
Criticising Under Dlfllcullles
When is dean up day in Roa
noke Rapids?
Till: KINSTUN llll t PK1SS
The Kinston Free Press has
changed hands, Mr. II. Gait
Rraxton of Raleigh being the
new editor. From what we
have heard of Mr. Braxton, we
predict a howling success for f
the Free Press under his man-!
agement The Free Press is a i
good paper, located in a good
section and there is no reason in
the world why the paper under
Mr. I'raxton's experienced man
agement should not make good
in every sense of the word.
The greatest force in the mak
ing of cities to-day is the Cham
ber of Commerce or association
of the business men of the cities
I'm-the purpose of advertising
the advantage's of their particu
lar locality and the oll'ering of
inducements to manufacturing
plants, new businesses, etc., to
locate in their community.
We do not know w hether Ath
ens and Rome bad Chambers of
Commerce or not-our know
ledge of history not being com
plete on that point, but we ven
ture to assert that they did and
put forward as proof the fact
that they grew!
During Julius Ceasar's term as
an( 'hamber o f Commerce he mac
a great impression on the peo
Not since the Civil War has an
administration of the Govern- j
ment of the United States had to
deal with as difficult and embar- i
rassing a situation or one so
fraught with dangerous possibil-'
ities as that which has faced the
present administration during
practically its entire tenure of
Compared with the Mexican
situation, the tariff question and :
the repeal of free tolls sink into j
insignificance. It has seemed
all along a case of "be damned
if you do and be damned if you
don't," quoting from Uncle Jo
seph Gurney Cannon. ;
Reset on one side by jingoes:
and hot heads, demanding war
and death and desolation to!
everything Mexican, bitterly;
criticised by the opposition be
cause of its refusal to extend the
right hand of fellowship to the '
murderer Huerta, the adminis-,
tration has steered a safe andj
sane middle course through the
whole perplexing dilemma. It
abstained from armed interven
tion with its dangerous possibili
ties as long as it could honorably
do so. When that course be
came imperative, it went about
it in a quiet and dignified way:
ignoring the hysteria prevalent
i in Ixith houses ot congress,
which seemed ready to plunge
: the nation into war not proven to
be necessary, and undaunted by
, the fear of foreign complications
0r the violent and unjust criti
cisms it was subject to at home,
j Never was the wisdom of a
foreign policy more forcibly
brought out by the course of e-
vents following that policy. Our
naval and military forces have
I taken Vera Cruz with a mini
mum loss of life on both sides.
No American citizens residing
in Mexico were injured on ac
count of the invasion of our
i troops, due to the humane and
! considerate treatment of the
A Real Advertiser
Speaking of advertising, the
late Andrew Lang, according
to the Outlook, makes this
suggestive little comparison: -"When
a goose lays an egg
she just waddles off as if she
were ashamed of it just be
cause she is a goose. When
,a hen lays an egg ah, she
calls heaven and earth to wit
ness it. The hen is a natural
born advertiser. 1 Ience the
demand for hen's eggs ex
ceeds the demand for goose
eggs, and the hen has all the
business she can attend to."
Are you a goose?
Apropos of the sunny summertime, (lowers in May-and the
flowers that blossom on the sporting page as well, we quote the
following "baseball sonnet" by A. J. Priest from Collier's Weekly:
l'aseball, thou art my god; I do adore thee,
My soul is thrilled when I see Johnson on the mound,
Of watch the runner's spikes tear up the ground:
In good sooth thou dost stir me unto ecstasy.
Impatiently I do await the coming spring,
For basketball hut poorly fills the interim,
Utterly failing to appease the fan's fond whim.
We do attend thee, baseball; we would crown thee king.
Oh, Time, thy wings are leaden. Come, make haste
And bring these winter months unto their close.
Baseball's the only sport for my nice taste, '
Sliced, Time, or 1 will yank thy wrinkled nose. j
llriii-J mi I'ii"J I!ixrbtill,cnnnieI the tjirntrxl nf llirin nil;
llriir-J mi I hr hut, the j7hv, nnil Inst, nut trust, the mil.
Brooms, scrubbing brushes,
water, whitewash and paint plus
! ATAvirtflnri Kit -1- s A n-,,u.'...
ng Secretary of the Rom- f 7 "-' " enthusiasm is what we need. Let
ie i
Pie of the difTerent placrai, bVV 7' ' ' :l
., , , . , , . II i ir ! branches of Congress, the
through which he travelled. lie; , i , ,
went at the job with all the ear
nestness of the modern, aggres-j
of health
Lot us all join
to eliminate the
sive Chambers of Commerce.
His zeal in his task of impressing
the advantages of Rome on the
liarl'arians was effective to the
greatest extent. Those barbar
ians whom he could not convince
had very little to say about it
a I'terwards.
Mvery country he went into
started to doing business with j
Ri niie. The first thing he didj
i , , ,, , - dissatisfaction and unrest f e t by
liiiild a mad -and every road led , ., . ,
to Rome. There was no side
stepping possible under Jnle's
management. I Ie was some bus
iness getter. We do things a
little differently now, but every
city in the United States is striv
ing for the very thing that Ju
lius Ceasar attained for Rome
industrial supremacy.
When this goes to press the
first meeting of the Chamber of
Commerce forRoanokeRapidsand
Rosemary will have been held
A "permanent organization will
have been effected and after that
is done it will be up to the mem
bers of the Chamber of Com
merce as to how much progress
they will make. Without work,
iilj mnl'n in f iirhf rtn
i , - , ' un iiuinv (in w(n ii uiib un
HIUI.U..!,,,,, !an(Jlhasethe ,,nemy
uitu uy many iiit-Miuri.i ui uuill i
4 Urt o.nnom'.n,
v 1 n ... LI"- til i 1 1 Mil 1 i
: :'Veuh,"l?",e,, ':1TIls' accumulations of the fall
iV i ' , , j winter seasons and to rout the
paid the penalty for this rash-! ,,-..,
( tillH.t! JV I 1 I l.-l,
! Kill the pests, fly and mosquito.
! Let us clean up the yards, clean
; all vacant lots. Let owner and
tanant co-operate to get rid of
i the dirt accumulations.
Nearly every city, town and vil
' lage in the United States and in
every civilized country areprac
; ticing the clean up system in the
spring time. Let us be the first
in the race in this vicinity for
i bettering conditions,
j Discard the rubbish and trash
j from your cellar, storeroom, yard
S and lot. Reduce sickness and
flies. Man, woman and child lie
; loyal to the task of cleaning up.
i Join the health campaign, in-
t(iorsing anu urging a vigorous
; clean-up. It will improve the
! health conditions of this town.
I You know that the fly, the
; mosquito and the rat prefer filth
and refuse in which to breed, in
fact, the fly cannot breed else
where. You know that decom
posed animal and organic mat
ter is the home of flies to lay
their eggs.
Flies are known to lay as high
n ess.
As events now stand, it looks
as if very little more will have to
be done in the way of military
operations. Every dispatch from
Mexico City tells of the hasten
ing of the crumbiing up process
with the Huerta regime, the
more friendly spirit being evinc
ed by Mexicans toward the Amer
icans and the increase of the
Mexicans everywhere toward
the Huerta regime.
No man can safely prophesy
the result, but what looked im
jiossible last week, seems very
nearly accomplished now. It
looks like from now on as if the
critics of the administration will
be criticising under difficulties.
Just what some of them would
have accomplished if they had
been allowed to handle the Mex
ican situation in . their way, is
fearful to contemplate.
In accordance with a resolu-
The Crisis
For the Good of the People
is not only Sanitary Wrapped,
but Baked Scientifically Pure
and Wholesome. So Delicious
and Nutritious.
All our Brands of Breads and cakes
are securely Wrapped and Protected.
Try one and "Get the Bake-Shop-Habit"
The Sign of
High Grade
insist that all stagnant pools and
ponds in the neighborhood should
be properly taken care of.
Proper health conditions cannot
lie maintained where filth and
rubbish are allowed to remain
and accumulate from year to year.
Pure fresh air is necessary for
health and comfort and accumu
lations of rubbish greatly, de
crease the purity of the air. Of
course the health authorities
must provide a place where the
waste material should be reniov- -
to- I "Now, Tommy," reprimanded:
There is no reason why all the mother of whom Lippincott's !
good and desirable citizens should ! tells, "don't let me catch you I
not avail themselves of this op-1 throwing any more stones." j
portunity. It is the duty of! "Well, what will I do when the
every good citizen to co-operate other fellows throw em?" asked !
in improving the sanitary condi-: Tommy. j
tionsof the houses in which j "Just come and tell me," his1
tney dwell; or in other words to mother rendied,
Roanoke Rapids, N. C.
Rosemary, N. C.
Ll r ! ., .
in;i)) wave a lew uves mat other
wise might be lost.
Contributed by,
Samuel Sonic.
"Tell you!" he exclaimed in
"Why, you couldn't hit the
broad side of a barn!" .
tion adopted at a recent meeting as one thousand ecrm, at mo
and hard work.on the part of the of the Democratic State Execu- an(j only one fly can produce in
uveuonimiueeprecinci primaries the course of a season countless
majority ot the business men in
this place very little can be done.
We must advertise this commun
ity to the world in every possible
way. Let the public know the
advantages we have to offer
them. Make it easy for stran
gers to find out about this com
munity. We know we have the
cheapest and most readily avail
able water iiower in this section of
the State, that we have splendid
factory sites, a healthy, vigorous
community, an agreeable climate.
Why not let the public know it?
This community has grown great
enough to forget its jealousies,
its little sectional differences: it
is big enough to be broadminded
Whether it will be co-operative,
whether our business men will
.... . .
get together and work tor a
common cause the growth of
the community remains to be
No community in the State hs
the latent possibilities of this
one-why not begin to realize
on them now?
for the purpose of sending dele
gates to the County Convention
and electing a precinct committee
millions. It is essential to elimin
ate the fly as early as you can
betore it has an nnnortnnitv tn
ot nve members will be held at 5: lay the first eggs. Flies carry
o'clock p. m. on Saturday, May disease germs both internally
the 16th, at the voting places of and externally. They may carry
tte precincto. infections of any kind on their
The County Convention which ! bodies.
will elect delegates to the State
and District Convention will be
held at Halifax on Saturday,
May the 23rd, at 12 o'clock M.
The County Executive Com
mittee will meet at the same
time and place for the purpose
of electing a County Chairman.
The Chairmen of the precinct
committees constitute the County
Executive Committee.
By order of the County Dem
ocratic Excutive Committee.
I. E. Green, Chairman.
; Weldon, N. C.
N. FlTZPATRICK, Secretary.
We say just as mean things
about others as they do about us,
but of tourse, that is altogether
different A,
Screen your house properly. The
mosquito is a dangerous insect
The mosquito is the one medium
through which malaria is com-'
municated. Eliminate standing
water, as every place where
water stagnates is sure to con
tain the mosquito in some state
of its life. Let us remove all re
fuse from our premises and see
that the water pitchers, crocks,
jars, rain barrels, etc., are investi
gated and made mosquito proof
by emptying the water.
Stagnant ponds, swamps and
pools should be filled in with
clean earth "or cinders and if same
is impossible, oil regularly about
every two weeks during the sum
mer months. Every citizen should
While the judge was giving; He had just seated himself be-j
his charge to the jury in the burg- side her in the park, says Judge,
lary case, one jurymen faint-! and as she did notmoveaway, he j
ed. His lordship, so the British gained some encouragement'" Do j
paper reporting the incident sa vs. you er believe in this-er-
had just impressively said:
"Gentlemen of the jury in ar
riving at the verdict you must
take the testimony of the witnes
ses for the defence into consider
ation and give them full weight."
At the words "and give them
full weight," the juryman swoon
ed away. He was a coal merchant
kissing idea?" he ventured.
"Are you eugenic?" she asked.
"Why, no!" he replied, a bit
confused. "I'm Joe."
"Ellen, I love but thee alone!"
Thus sighed the tender youth.
"Oh, dear one, then, my precious
own! With trembling lips and
! earnest tone, I swear I speak the
. truth!" He paused. A blush
Residing in a little village is alo'erspread her cheek. She let
lawyer who is accordi ng toadies' j him draw her near. Scarce for
Home Journal, famous for draw-! emotion could she speak, Yet
ing wills, in which branch of! she did ask, in accents meek,
business he has long enjoyed a How much have you a year?'
monopoly of the country for miles
A few months since a-wealthy
man died.
There was much speculation as
to the value of the property, and
the town gossip set about to
find out the facts. lie hunted
up the lawyers, and after a few
preliminary remarks alxiut the
deceased, he said rather bluntly:
"I suppose you made Brown's
'Then you probably know how
much he left Would you mind
telling me?"
"Not at all." the lawyer an
swered, as he resumed his writ
ing. He left everything he had."
Our UEYWOOn GO-CARTS are stylish, comfort
able and cliirahle.
They cost you no more tlian the old style and are
vastly superior.
We have them at prices to suit every customer.
CASH or EASY Payments.
Exclusive Furniture Dealers
Roanoke Rapids, N. C.
Attorney! at Law
Roanoke Rapids, N. C.
Room No. 5, Upitiri in Sink Building
Over what to get to eat, Mrs. House
(..ryrtuw N C Jftckwrm. N. C.
W, L. LONG, Roinoke Rapid,. N. C
Attorneys at Law
Officer Rotnoke Rapkla, N. C, and
Jackson, N. C.
dr. l. g. shaffer!
in the EXAMINATION of th. Fvr J
"I thought you had thrown ' fitting classes, at Raannk r.i.:j. I
Authur Over?" j ewjr 2nd and 4th Saturday. No !
"I did, but you know how a for examination. "Artif.UI r
girl thrOWS." I mad. to order, aatitfaction f uaranteed."
Keeper? When we keep a full
of everything eatable
best line of canned goods
can buy
s '

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