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oanoke Rapids
Volume I. Number 11.
Sixth Series Last Saturday Ties All Teams. Roanoke Rap
id Defeating Rosemary 10 lo 3. Patterson Mills 3
to Roanoke Mills 1. Some scorekeeper's
Dope on Batting Averages
Roanoke Mills
IfoaimKe Rapid
Patterson Mills
How They Play Tomorrow
Roanoke Rapids vs Roanoke Mills (first game)
Rosemary vs Patterson Mills
Roanoke Rapids vs Rosemary
The most disastrous day for
the Rosemary team sinee the be
ginning of the league. Several
factors contributed to the piling
up of the ten rims against lloi'.e
mary, chief among which id'
course were the sixteen errors
made during the game by Rose
mary, but the Roanoke Rapids
team, also made a better show
against Welsh than they ever
did before-Hughes for the Rap
ids making three hits out of live
times at bat.
The first inning was nothing,
nothing, Roanoke going to bat
with three up and three down.
For Rosemary Cunningham got
as far as third on Stinson's er-
ror, a wild pilch and I he play
from third to first again:,! Hay -
es. He died there when I 'oh
bins Hew out to second.
In the second inning, Roanoke
to the bat, the comedy of errors
began. A passed ball on third
strike put Smith on first, two
singles, Hughes and Kdnioiid
sons, scored him and Mac John
Son's error scored Hughes and
Edmondson. Rosemary didn't
get to first.
In the third inning Roanoke
Rapids couldn't score, Rosemary
yetting two over Brown got
hit, Cunningham to first on tield
er's choice, Hayes single and
Stinson's error scoring I hem.
In the fourth inning. Hughes
scored on Brown's error, a stol
en base, a passed ball Stinson's
single. Rosemary not s coring.
Roanoke Rapids put three
more across in the lil'lh, on three
errors and one single. Hughes.
Collins singled to first for Rose
mary but died there. In the
sixth and sev th Rosemary
scored one run ami shut Roan
oke Rapids out.
Three more runs were scored
by Roanoke Rapids m the eighth
and ninth on one single, Hugh
es, and live errors, Rosemary
not scoring.
For further particular:;, refer
ence is made to line-up given be
low. RoanoKK Rafius: Summary
Billiard, 2d
Floyd, c
H. Fitts, cf
Smith, lb
Hughes, p
Edmondson, ss
Stiuson, 3b
H. Cherry, if
Mizelkj, .f
O. Fitts, rf
Totals, 42 10
RosKMAKif: Summary
AB R 11
Brown, rf 1 1 0
Cunningham, lb 4 1 0
Hayes, 31. 4 1 1
Dobbins, cf 4 0 0
Cushing, ss 4 0 0
Johnson, 2b 4 0 1
Sox, If 4 0 0
Welsh, p 3 0 0
Collins, e & cf 4 0 1
Penfield, c 2 0 0
Totals, 34 3 3
Struck out by Hughes,
5, by
Welsh, 6. Put out by
Beard, 1. W. Cherry, 1 assist.
Time 1:45, Umpires Welch
and Manning.
Roanoke Mills vs. Patterson Mills
A remarkably good game from
start to finish, only five errors
being scored against both sides.
Patterson Mills infield did much
W L Pet.
3 3 .5(10
.3 3 .500
....3 3 .500
....3 3 .500
i better and faster work than Roa
! noke Mills, making three double
I plays in the course of the game.
j The first inning was a shut out
; for both sided. Barber Hew out
to ccnterfield, Pace singled but
died atTiecondon the double play
made by Towe, Edwards and Fitts
on W. Crimmer's infield fly. tt:-ei "I "' Ki-uiiticH urmme, jn this aj, jmMirtallt W(.t;i
.In the second inning, Pace imliislrirs, uvrieultiire. rdm-utiim. j
singled and stole second and then " l'1'"''1 "I 'T,,''''"''i;; ! D , , T1 ,
third but died there when Whit- to in, pro,;, attorn. n,t teiir7);"ary . Handsome New Iheatre
more and Burton fanned. The'"' . Opened Last Saturday Night
Patterson Mills scored one run:; In the pursuance of this broad.
Ferrell, on Ferrell's, Taylor's and object, the Board of Trade ot j Last Saturday nigljt witnessed
Edwards' singles and Barber's Roanoke Rapids Township serves, the formal opening of the hand
error. Pace fanned Purcell with aiHi ought to, since "The chara- some new theatre Messrs. J. !'
the bases full. cter of a city is clearly reflacted Robinson & Brother have jus!
The third to seventh innings in the ideals and activities of its completed,
were shut-outs for both teams, commercial organization", as a! The opening attraction wa" a
marked only by two double plays
i hv the Patterson Mills. Snother-
, ,y and Fitts making one
!:.. .iv,u M.wh.r nd Firls
making the other in the eighth.
In the eighth the Patterson
Mills team put two more across,
Edwards and Fitts, on an error
and three singles, Taylor, Fitts
and Merritt.
In the ninth Roanoke Mills
scores for the first time, on Fill's
error, W. Crimmer's and Barr's
singles. Only quick work on the
pari of the Patterson Mills pre-
vented Roanoke Mills from tying
the score in this inning, the side
going out with the bases full.
Roanoke Mills: Summary:
Harrison, cf
Barber, lb
W. Crinuner, 3b
Hair, c
Race, p
W hilmoie, 2b
Burton, ss
Bennett, If
C. Crinuner,
Jackson, rf
Patterson Mills:
1 ti
j Purcell, c 5 0 0 (I
I'l'owe, ss 3 0 0 0
Mosher, 3b 3 0 2 0
'Snntherly, p 4 Old
Ferrell, If 4 11 0
I Taylor, cf 4 0 20
Edwards, 2b 4 1 2 0
Fills, lb 3 112
Merritt, rf 4 0 10
Totals, 3 10 2
Struck out by Pace, 9, Souther
ly, 11. time 1:38. -Umpires,
Welch and Manning.
Batting Averages
List of the the twelve best
batters in Roanoke Valley Lea
gue, up to date, is given below;
E AB H Pet.
1 Hughes, R.R.
9 5
20 8
28 10
20 7
33 8
555 j
1 : W.Crimmer.R.M
-1 Cunningham, R.
Ferrell, P. M.
Snotherly, P.M.
3 'Dobbins, R.
0; Mosher, P.M.
2 Race, R.M.
ljBarr, R.M.
l! Smith, R.R.
JE. Taylor, P.M.
26 9 .34!!
18 6 .333
Edwards, P.M.
The three best batters in each
ot the several teams are as tol
Rosemary: AB H
Cunningham, 28 10
Dobbins, 26 9
dishing, 25 6
Patterson Mills:
Ferrell, 20 7
Snotherly, 23 8
Mosher, 18 6
.333 i
Some of lis Purposes and Activi
ties. For the Betterment of
the Community. Every
Man Should be a
When the Board of Trade of
Roanoke Rapids Township was
urbanized anoui a inonin ago, j ery( y j,,, ,,,, ' a ,,t
its object was set forth in the:w;G Tillotson, Fenner Smith
articles ot the constitution m
the following' language:
Tin' mrHisri of this itr'Jtini zil
lion sluill lie In I'liriinrii'Ju, rn
inole, mill ntlirririse benefit the
inereuiilie, eoni niereinl , litilittl-
foehtrinr. i ml usl rial , vitiation -
""' l"ir"s
hi, ies interests
' 1,'iHiiinLe o'"'.
I'ltllersuii Mill IV -
i o'"sr"""'.''
""' A'"""""' '"''''" 7'""" -
i': '" '"Hrriisr the miriiii-
co-operative vehicle for the pro-
gress of these towns.
It serves no selfish individual
interests, but. rather promotes
the general good of the commun -
ity as a whole.
It provides a forum where all
questions ol public importance ent theatre, one that, will certain
may be presented, debated, and y relleet credit, on the tow n of
wisely concluded. ; Rosemary. It has four boxes, an
It lakes an active interest in 'excellent balcony, comfortable
very question which affects scats and ample sealing capacity,
civic welfare, and on all vital . Rosemary is to be congratulated
question:', it aims to become the on getting this theatre. The
exponent of the best thought of . management has certainh pared
the ( ununily. no pains or expense lo give them
Since these objects set forth are 'a theatre they can he proud of.
some of the ideals and purposes The moving picture shows will
of the Board of Trade and since; also be as good as can be seen in
they affect the individual as well; any city in the south. They are
1 as the general hleot the people on the best cricuit, have one of
1 of these towns, it should be and ! the best and most expensive niov
0 is the duty of the people to co- j jug picture machines procurable
0 operate with it. Every person I and are using a patent screen f,.r
1 can begin to do his part by be-' the pictures that is said to give
II coming a member of this laudable even better result:, than the nur
II organization.
0 R. L Town,
II Sec'y & Treas.
ri'l III - . , r t
i iic niiiuiimi I'laiim i.i"i
I 1. a Ul viAnlnii tr I f s- f I llhlai'unra
To Meet Here
The Warrenton District Con -
ference will hold its next session
July 7-8 ! with the Methodist
Church al Roanoke Rapids. This
district embraces twenty pastoral
charges and one hundred Minis
ters and delegates are expected
to attend. Those who desire to
ed to notify the pastor, Rev. Win.
Towe as early as possible.
Double Surprise Wedding
The wedding at Weldon of
Roanoke Rapids' voumr
couples on last Saturday, was
quite a surprise to many of their
The contracting parties were
Dan Robbins and Miss Gertie
Jackson and Charles Weston and
Miss Pearl Jackson. The young
ladies are sisters, the daughters
of Mr. Noah Jackson, of 257
.jr)() Middle Street, Roanoke Rapids.
Mu.The young couples have the best
s 01 a" u" " 'T,y Int""s -
.... i. i' ..o .e. r . . 1 .
11,cy"'" l"c"
Roanoke Rapids.
u'-Min'nr, ii.ii ii'c
' -
; pi0yd,
- ; Roanoke Mills
W, Crinuner,
I he batting averages by teams
are as follows:
Patterson Mills
Roanoke Milks
Roanoke Rapids
j Goods Roads Mealing in Murium
July Oil. and Kill.
At the request (if I r. Joseph
Hyde Pratt, Chairman of the Ex
ecutive Committee of tin' Nurl h
Carolina Good Roads Association,
the following delegates were ap
pointed by J. T. Chase, Ma or
of the Town of Roanoke Rapid :,
to this meeting ot tin' i d
Roads Association: W . 1). I'il
W. L. Horner, (',. . Crew
W. Mullen, E. W. Lehman, .1. I
Patterson, and .1. T. Stainback.
This is going to be an impor-
tant meeting on certainly the
most important miostion that
j (.nfronts (M. ,,,.,,,,1,, f ,,-t ,
j (liroja to-.lay Cool. Uoai.s
am it is sincerely to be I I
;ti,,., ,., ,a- ,w ,,,,,.,t ,.
j named as possible wi
U) alu,j tms Ir.,t jn,r iim
moving picture series, Fanloinas,
; the Crook Detective, and a lii"li
class vaudeville act by lluneer
ford and Fuller,
; The theatre was well patinni
' ed and deserved it, for it i; a
j handsome, modern and conveni
ror screen.
Automobile Aniilcnt
What turned out to he a
n rl i
slight automobile accident, but
which, under dill'ereiit rireum
! stances, could have been a ver.v
: serious one, occurred on la . I
Tuesday night at the Roanoke
Rapids Bridg
A touring car from South Car
olina stopped a few feet from
the bridge gate right at tin
steepest part of the embankment.
'car, neglecting to set his brakes
before so doing, and w hen the
, engine started it shot the car
right down the embankment into
the paper mill yard.
There was nobody in the carat
the time-a very fortunate thing
! as the car turned completely over
during its descent.
With the help of twelvi
fifteen men, the owner got hi
car back on the road and to th
garage, where after a day's wor
same, the car was put in run-
ing condition again.
V. C. Hege spent. Friday and
Saturday in Raleigh, attending
the district nioetmgol theagonts
j of the Metropolitan Life Insur-
anceCo. He reports a tine tr
and says that statistics show
that the Metropolitan sold more
insurance in North Carolina dur
ing 1913 than any other Coni
nanv. The Metropolitan Life
I Insurance Company pubishos and
! distributes free literature on the
I preventable diseases, Small Pox,
Tuberculosis, Typhoid fever, etc.
! Vf- llU(ro V.oo o full uimi.le id
: I'll. ".J I HI. .
this literature and will furnish
same to anyone on request.
1'iiliii.inlli i- i
In EukI'OuI II
I , h ... the nlilest port 'ivmil Hie neeetisliy ol leinnt; you mil
v;i s usi'il , the l'hno right Unit ho is bred ut you Hud wieila
...ikj j euis ago. to quit."
' nlduus ut li-ust
Hi Re Civcn lo all of llie Oprra
tives of the Plants in
Roanoke Rapids J
All of the operative of the
Roanoke Mill:'., Patterson Mills,
Halifax Paper Corporation ami
the Beaver Company can "et
typhoid antitoxin
nllice of I ir.
to them free at, tin
W. M. Lomr. he.
Monday nigh!, Jum
V:(i to 8:00 p. M.
Everyone who ha; nut vol
received the antitoxin I real meat
for typhoid is urged to do so at
once, not only for his own good
but for the good of others. This
treatment, is simple, painless,
absolutely safe and statistics
prove that, it, is almost a perfect,
preventative of typhoid.
Dr. T. W. M. Long: states that,
last year he administered the
antitoxin t real moid, to 721! people
and not one of the per ons re
reiving the treatment afterward
developed typhoid. Estimating
the population of Roanoke Rap
ids to be 2500 people, t hat would
leave about lSllll people unlront -ed.
Of these people, tvvenlv
t wo contracted t v plmid.
So far this year no cases of
typhoid have developed in t he ,
w hole community. This is won
derful, considering the record
of previous years and it can be
ilue to nothing else but tic im
proved sanitary coinlil ions of I he
low ii and the fact Ilia! so man.v
people have received the ,ml i
loxin treatment.
The antitoxin lasts two years,
so if you received the treatment
last year, you do not need it
now. Typhoid fever is can e.l
by a specific germ. That germ
lives in water, milk ami organic
mailer of all kinds. Il i con
voyed by the ordinary hou.,e or
stable lly also through the u al
er and milk supply. These are
practically the only three ways
by which it can be contracted.
The disease is easily prevented.
It is, one of the few disease-; I h.il
v e call prevent. II can be di.ne
Is, the adoption of sanitary niea
sure.',, cleaning up around v our
premise:',, screening' our hou o ;
ami outhouses, drinking vval.T
thai comes only from deep well :,
look after .your milk supply and
he sure that il is sanitary. A.,
an additional precaution and to
eiitireh- avoid all danger of con
tracting; the disease, lake j he an
titoxin treatment. As , laleil
above tor the majority of the
pi'.. pie in town it co 'ts. not Inn",
and for the rest the treatment is
inexpensive and easily taken.
There were three cases of I v -phoid
in the II. S. Army last
e;ir OUt of HO, 000 110-11. pflll'ti
cally all of whom had received
this treatment. This i ; less than
hull' of l-100th of one percent!
New Business Enterprise
The Roanoke Rapi.
Motor Car
Co., has bought out the Roanoke
Rapids Oarage Co., and have
moved into their new building on
the rear ol J. R. Laird s house,
The business will bo managed
by Mr. Joseph Welsh who has
obtained the services of Mr.
('has.. Odon as an expert, on
Motor Cars.
A complete hue ot supplies
will be carried in slock, prompt
and satisfactory service will be
rendered to all customers.
A fully equiped garage is a
necessity in this town and the
object of this new organization
is to meet in every detail the
needs of motor car owners.
The local agency for I lie
l'.uick Car has been obtained by
this new company.
Fotxa . i , ..... if,
"Tin .iaiion.Ki- si-r;iiii h e: uiiiiiy ru
rlntm tnilts," sunt th., in.m who nii
one, "IicnIiVs his ...inshiiii luilnt of i'iit
rinv tish Inn In. i iii.Tilint'ti'ly po
ll 1 1. . IIS U IlllK I'lH illM.'inrc. I III'VIT
will 'lvo J'"1' lii'liic Unit In- wished to
liiii'e Jon. Insteml his wiirl; will p'ow
Kleiellly noise mill worse till V"ii enn't
"i.'inil It uii.v linijii'i. iiinl " you lire
1 1 1 1 1 1. It's ni'A .'. ix ilone .ui ...s. ly In
Subscription, $1.00 a Year
Items of Loral Interest in and Around Roanoke Rapids,
Rosemary, and Patterson Mills
Mrs. Tracy visited friends
here on Thursday.
Mrs. T. W. M. Long and little
daughter are spending the week
at Virginia Beach.
Mr. T. W. Mullen accompanied
his family to Norfolk on last
Wednesday, where they will sail
for Providence, R. L, to spend
the summer.
Misses Annie and Sallie Med
lin spent Sunday evening and
night in Weldon visiting rela
tives. Mr. and Mrs. K. E. Shore, of
Winston-Salem after visiting at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. E.
Cox a few days, returned home
Mr. J. L. Patterson returned
on Wednesday morning from
Charlotte, where he attended the
hearings on the bituminous coal
freight rates before the Inter
stale Commerce Commission. Mr.
Patterson was asked to testify
before this commission in regard
to the freight rates on steam
coal to his plant.
Clee Vaughan, B. F. Tillery,
Charlie Josey, Miss Josephine
Tillery, and Mrs. Kathleen Kelly
motored here from Scotland Neck
last Tuesday morning. Mr. and
Mrs. W. D. Tillery and Mr. and
Mrs.. W. S. Hancock motored
back with the party in Mr.
Tillery's car, returning Wednes
day afternoon.
The protracted meeting held
at the Rosemary M. E. Church,
for ! he past, ten days, came to
a close Friday night. Rev. Win.
Towe, the pastor, preached
si rung,' and forceful sermons
w Inch resulted in much good to
I he vv hole community.
A class of fourteen children
from the Odd Fellows Orpans
Home located at Goldsboro, will
give a Concert in the new Thea
tre Building at, Rosemary Wed
nesday night. June 17th, com
mencing at S o'clock. The class
conies, here under the auspices
of I he local lodge of Odd Fellows
and il is Imped that many will
turn out and aid this most worthy
cause. j
W. I!. Drewry, Supt. of the;
County Farm near Halifax, was
in town on business a levy hours
.1 E. Spencer returned from
Emporia. Va., Sunday, where he
bad been a few days, on busi
ness. Mr. Hayes, of Palmer Springs,
Va., has accepted a position
with the Patterson Store Co.
Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Mullen
and children after a few days
slay in Petersburg visiting Mr.
Mullen's parents, returned home
NOTICE Dr. E. A. Perry of
Littleton w ill be in Roanoke Rap
ids every Friday for the purpose
of doing Dental work.
Miss Louise Moore returned
Tuesday from a visit to her
Grandfather at Gassburg, N. C.
Mr. Jenkins and family, of
Raleigh, moved here this week
to work in the Patterson Mills.
Mr. Wall, of Danville, Va
has moved here to live.
Rev. Mr. Topping, of Wilson,
held the Tuesday night service
at the Rosemary Methodist
Church. He is here visiting his
parents in Roanoke Rapids. Mr.
Topping is pastor of the Chris
tian church at Wilson.
j The Ladies Aid Society of the
Methodist Church at Roanoke
Rapids will give an ice cream sup
per for the benefit of the church
on the church lawn next Satur
day night. Everybody is invited
to attend.
After reading "The Pink of
Health" l.y Homer Croy, -we are
'convinced that there are lots of
'people who need printing and
I don't know it.
"Gee, hut its hot!" Yes, it
is, hence the necessity of our
Keep Kool Klothes they reduce
the heat. -The R. E. Shell Co.
Miss Margaret Mizelle left Sat
urday for Roxobel where she will
spend some time visiting friends.
Every time we meet a fellow
that we know does not subscribe
for the Herald we can't help try
ing to figure out, w hy he doesn't.
The best thing we can say
aliout. our Keep Kool Klothes is
that, they actually help you to
keep cool. The R. E. Shell Co.
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Lynch and
little son, Graham, spent Sunday
with Mr. Lynch's mother at
Ebony, Va.
You would hardly know you
had 'em on Keep Kool Klothes.
The R. E. Shell Co.
Messrs. Fenner Smith and Hay
wood Cherry and Misses Rosa
Smith and FannieMizelle motored
to Ashhoro Sunday, returning
Tuesday morning. They were
accompanied home by Miss
Mamie Fleshman, who will spend
some time here with Miss Smith.
0. A. Wyche has purchased a
Ford car from the Rosemary
Auto Company.
W. G. Tillotson has purchased
a Buick from the new Roanoke
Rapids Motor car Company.
Mr. Frank Joyner of Weldon
was in town Saturday evening.
The Ladies Aid Society of the
Rosemary Baptist Church will
meet at the home of Mrs. T. M.
Jenkins on Jackson Street on
next Monday evening.
Miss Margie Cannon, little
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. S.
Cannon, entertained a party of
friends on last Monday night,
her eighth birthday.
Mrs. Harvey Keene, and little
daughter of Suffolk, Va., arrived
on Wednesday and will stay here
with Mr. Keene until he has
completed his contracts.
LOST A bar pin. diamond
set, on Roanoke Avenue between
B. Marks' store and Taylor and
Collier's, Reward will be paid
person finding same if returned
to Mrs. Naiinan, care of B.Marks.
Friends of Mrs. R. W. Brown,
who had a severe fainting attack
on last Tuesday while walking to
her home from Mrs. A I brook's,
will be glad to learn that her con
dition is somewhat better.
Mrs. J. Naiman and son and
Miss lu.ra Diamond, of Kinston,
are the guests this week of Mr.
and Mrs. B. Marks.
Misses Alice and Lucy Butts of
Garysburg. came our Saturday
to spend Sunday with Mr. and
Mrs. J. G. Butts.
R. M. James motored to
Jackson on last, Tuesday evening
to visit friends.
Mrs. J. W. Lynch and little
son McElrie are spending the
week in Macon, visiting relatives.
Mr. J. C. Butts, of Garysburg.
spent Sunday in town.
Mr. and Mrs. Young Under
wood, of Burlington, have moved
here to live. They have accepted
positions Vith the Roanoke Mills.
Ollie Goodman, left on Wed
nesday for Raleigh to visit rela
tives. Miss Bertie Melborne, who has
been with Mrs. K. Jenkins the
past season, left Monday for
Biehaven, where she will spend
some time visiting her sister be
fore returning to her home in
J. E. Moore will erect a store
building on corner adjoining his
home in East Rosemary, at an
early date.
Every systematic business
man needs some forms especially
adapted to his business. We
specialize in thi3 kind of printing.
Let us show you some of our

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