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. r
' sense methods in regard to our
svstom of taxation is also badly
. 1 needed by the people of the
published EVERY Friday BY state. It is this amendment
Herald Publishing Company, Inc. j which the "interests" are fHiht-
: ing to such an extent. This
1 nmfmlmfnt. 1)11 V lirOVldt'S tlU'
Ltl'l I vu , .
! machinery for an honest
1 T Q'PAiwiJi'k-
u. i. tiw..-... .v - I . . . i. .. .... i:
Sub.iPlion Price One Dollar . Year, of property for taxation and .1
carried into effect will probably
Telephone 570 result in a lowering of the tax
! rate with larger returns than at
Entered as Second Class Matter April present. Under the present, sys-
8, 1914, at the Pose Office at Roanoke , t t t ft premlum iS put
Rapids. Nnrtt' Carolina, under Act 0f , ul uAa" v .
March 3, 1H7!. : upon dishonesty. No property is
; listed at actual value and the
! nearer a tax payer comes to
stating the truth, the more un-
Banuim Baiiey Bryan show-1 just is the proportion of taxes he
ed in North Carolina last week, has to pay.
Friday, July 10. 1914.;
1 la
A Statewide Primary Law
Why not call
Mining Company,
It is interesting to note in con
The Navy now finds thedrought nection with the agitation of the
extended over the ocean. Statewide Frimary question, the
stand taken by Hon. Zelmlon
Ambassador Williams should Weaver, senator from Buncombe
have watchfully waited. county. Mr. Weaver states that
I in the event of his re-election.
Latest news from Mexico City I which is practically certain, he
indicates that Huerta is tottering wji introduce, when the next
along nicely. legislature convenes, a State
wide Primary bill of the thor
What we want to know is, af- 0ugh-going kind, one which
ter due in . istigation did that wju m&r quite a departure from
Senate Committee take any the imitation measure contem
stock in Walter George's mine? plated by the recent state con
vention. Poor Old Walter George! No- in a statement made to the
body will believe his Gold Hill Greensboro Daily News, Mr.
Mine is worth $60,000,000.00! If Weuver says: "If elected as
there is anything in advertising senator from Buncombe county
.though, the stock should go at the general election to be held
right along up. jn November, it is my purpose
to offer in the General Asseirj-
Umpiring in the Roanoke tijy a bill providing for State
Valley league ought to qualify a wj(je Primaries to be held by all
man to be Provisional President parties for the puriwse of .select
of Mexico. We don't hesitate in jng nominees for congressional,
coining right along out and nom- sta(ej judicial, legislative and
inating Mr. Welch. county officers, or to advocate
any adequate bill offered by any
Our friends in the Fourth are 0tner member of th General As
probably '"watchfully waiting" sembly for that purpose.
Good News
i If advertising were not a part of the news,
no paper would carry it, no subscriber would
read it.
41 As a matter of fact, newspaper advertising
is as much a part of the legitimate news of
the week, as is the front page matter. The
difference is that the adveitisements are paid
for and the other news is noL Advertise
ments are giving news along economic and ,
household lines news of goods, of reduced
prices, of better service, of up-to-date busi
ness methods.
C. It pays to read advertisements. No mer
chant invests real money in newspaper space
in order to tell a fairy story. He does so,
because he has faith in the proposition he is
stating he believes if your attention is called
to the particular matter he has in mind both
you and he will be benefitted thereby.
H For business is lasting and satisfactory
only when the advantages of its transactions
are mutual to both parties.
il The HERALD accepts no advertisements
except those that it knows are true.
C Watch the HERALD for bargains. Read
its advertisements to find out which merchants
are paying most attention to the service fea
tures of their business. Shun the Shop that
does not Advertise.
to see whether Fd. W. Pou gets
that judgeship or not. If he
does get it, we prophesy that
the fall crop of candidates for
congress will lie urn
in that section.
brand ot prngressiwiiens.
The Fight Over Reform
With the inteiv.-ts and
'It is well recognized that this
is a goverment in which its offi
cers are selected through parties
and the officers of the govern
ment, especially its legislative
officers, can only hope to accom
plish and carry out what the
"Roosevelt cheris-hes the hope pe0pe desire when such officers
of breaking up the .'solid South' nave behind them party sup
through the progressive party"- p,,rt. At present, of course, all
Associated Press. We are sorry, ,,f our officers are elected at gen
Colonel, but it can't be did. Pro-1 erai elections, in which the re
gressive policies supported by Spe).t.jve parties have selected
contributions fr.in the llarves- their nominees and offered such
ter Trust have a plumy sound to nominees to be voted for by par
us, and the 'solid South' is very ty adherents. If a Democrat,
well pleased with the Wilson Republican. Progressive or So
cialist desires to affiliate with his
party in the general elections he
necessarily has to vote for the
nominees so offered to him and
the placed upon the party ticket. It
State machine lined up against therefore becomes to my mind
the constitutional amendments, 'as important to the people and to
their fate grows daily more un-' the members of any party that
certain. The only certain thing ; they have as much right under
is that unless the people are in-1 legalized primary elections to vote
formed as to what the proposed for and participate in the selec
constitutional amendments are : tion of the party nominees to be
and the necessity for their pas- voted for at a general election
sage, they are lost. as to participate in such general
Already it is being quite freely election itself,
predicted by eminent democrats Mr. Weaver goes on to explain
that the chances for the passage in detail the need of such a law
of these amendments are exeed- and the benefits to be derived
ingly slight. W. i hammer from its working. To any one $250.1X1 for each appearance in
stated in open meeting at the familiar with the present hap- North Carolina and spilt the gate
Press Association in Wrightsville hazard and in many cases no- receipts fifty fifty. He must have
the other day, that the interests toriously unfair methods used gathered in much kale,
were lined up against these' under the present primary plan, It would be interesting, if
amendments and tiiat he person-! the benefits to be derived from possible, to estimate how much
ally did not believe that they j the new primary law do not have he has lost in t he estimation of
would be passed. I to be pointed out. Mr. Weaver's j t he jieople by his neglect of
Two of the promised constitu- bill contemplates the preventing governmental duties to go
tional amendments are especial- i of fraud and illegal methods in chautauquaing around. Probab
ly needed. One of them is an1 primary elections to the same ly an accurate estimate along this
amendment designed to stop so extent as elections now held for line would make the profits seems
much purely local legislation by the final naming of all officers. , small indeed,
the State legislature. At near- It requires all primaries by all It is now conceded by his
ly every session the time and at- parties to be held on the same friends as well as enemies that
tention of the legislation is oc-! day, under the supervision of a the Secretary is no longer a
cupied to a large extent with board of primary elections in presidential possibility. In fact,
matters of purely local moment j each county and in the state j Mr. Bryan himself has realized
and of about the importance of : and provides that "this board this fact and has stated that
the proverbial hill of beans. j shall be selected in some manner ! after 1916 he will retire from
Not only is the time of the that will be fair to all parties politics and devote himself to the
legislature wasted, with the at-1 and that will insure a just and cultivation of his broad acres in
fair election, count ana return ot , t loruta, lexas, Nebraska and
the votes of each candidate of elsewhere,
any party. i Ilia official record as Secretary
Another good point in Mr. J of State has been of a negative
Weaver's proposed bill is the ' kind, entirely free from the out
clause providing that any person j bursts of positive genius so free
desiring to become a candidate j ly predicted for him by his
for the nomination of any office j friends. It must be stated, that
upon the ticket of any party, Mr. Dryan has made a much bet
may file a written statement! ter Secretary of State than proph
with the board of primary elec-jesied by his enemies. His re
tions and the tickets for each 1 cord is graced by a praiseworthy
county offices.
It provides registration of all
persons desiring to participate
in the primary elections of any
party and as far as we can judge
almost absolutely assures a fair
and impartial primary election in
all parties all over the entire
Such a bill, if passed, will
mark a long step towards good
government in this state. It is
needed and it is wanted by the
great majority of good citizens
over the entire state. It does
not seem posible to us that any
man could oppose a bill that is
designed only to secure fair and
impartial treatment of all candi
dates and all votes in the pri
mary elections.
To secure the passage of a
Statewide Primary law along
the lines of Mr. Weaver's pro
posed bill, the citizens of North
Carolina should see to it that no
candidates fur the legislature
who oppose this Statewide Pri
mary law for all offices and all
parties are nominated. Expres
sions of opinion along this line
should be secured from every
candidate for the legislature. It
is your business, Mr. Voter to
do this. Will you do it, or are
you satisfied with the present
arrangement whereby you are
relieved of all trouble and re
sponsibility in the selection of
your public servants?
Secretary Bryan
, Our Secretary of State secured
tendant financial loss to the
state, but the habit of requiring
legislative passage of bills hav
ing to do with unimportant local
questions has bred the perni
cious system of "legislative court
esy," with swapping of votes
and intrigues of all kinds.
The amendment will not be a
bar to important local legislation,
it will rather be an advantage in
that the legislature will have
more time to consider important
local legislation and legislation
affecting the entire State.
The amendment providing for
reform and a return to common-
party shall be printed and issued
under the direct supervision of
the board of primary elections,
by the state board for state offi
ces and by the county board for
loyalty to the plans and policies
of his chief, even at times when
those policies must have clashed
with Mr. Bryan's individual ideas
Mr. Bryan's appointment has
Try It
A -"Time flies."
B-"I can't. They're too quick
for me." Christian Register.
very evidently been productive I
of disillusionment along two dif- i g
. . .... ! nai
lerent lines, lie is Deeoming i n?)
ciiiiviiiucu LiidL iiu la iiijl uy na
ture and disposition peculiarly
qualified for leadership in the
administrative branches of
government. And the people,
or better say, Mr. Bryan's fol
lowers among the democratic
party, having expected much, i kjfiJOgJi,
are disappointed at the showing
he has made.
Never was more strikingly il
lustrated the difference between
the theoretical and the practical
than in Mr. .Bryan's ideas before
becoming identified with the ex
ecutive branch of the govern
ment and his official acts and
jtolicies after his appointment.
We imagine Mr. Bryan's disillu
sionment is even greater than
the disappointment .of some of
his ardent admirers.
More than any other one fac
tor that has caused his loss of
popularity, has been his practice
of eking out his meagre salary
of twelve thousand per with the
gate receipts from his chautau
qua appearances. During last
summer, especially, it was quite
generally and freely charged that
his work as Secretary of State
suffered materially on account of
his long absences from his post.
In fact, if our memory serves us
right, a bill making his dereliction
in this regard a subject of con
gressional inquiry was introduced
in the House but voted down.
Twelve thousand dollars a year
is a great deal of money to most
people-a sufficient salary to justi
fy Mr. Bryan's giving to his im
portant post all of his energy
and attention. As Mr. Bryan
has explained, it takes money to
live in Washington, but twelve
thousand dollars is money and
besides Mr. Bryan is not a poor
man: in fact, judged by any
standard other than that of the
plutocrat he-is very well fixed in
worldly possessions, his private
income Demg Deiween twenty .... , ,
thnnasnd dollars " X0" nven . 1m nT
destroys a man's courage and weakens his
natural inclination to look you in the eyes
and tell the truth.
Nine times out of ten the man with the sav
ings habit is on the square.
Save Now
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of it regularly at least ten per cent.
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In the Heart ol Roanoke Rapids
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! Did You Ever Ride an
and thirty
Under these circumstances,
the feeling is quite general that
Mr. Bryan should hold more
sacred the dignity of his great
office and devote all of his time Ree j
ana attention to its requirements.
the beat wheel service
The ARDMORE will jive you satirfac
tioa every day in the year. Atk the
mi who iwm one.
: Repairing
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elderly woman, as recorded
in the London Tit-Bits, to a lab
orer who surrendered his seat in
a crowded car. 'Thank you very
"That's orl right, mum," was
the rejoinder.
As the woman sat down the
chivalrous laborer added:
"Wot I sea is, a man never ort
to let women stand. Some men
never gets up unless she's young
and pretty; but, you see, mum,
it don't make no difference to
me." .
InnlI E. Sh.lt C. ROSEMARY, N. C.
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At I
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