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Volume lc-Number 18.
Subscription, $1.00 a Year
Aiiom r.ih and GthManaeer
Last Saturday. Gaines Change Standing of Teams Consid- Buji,y Mayn(f ,Vepara. Commercia, Fiipansion 0f this Com- Freedom . For E"' rColtonJ ,and
tions for Festivity-Urges to
operation of Citizens
kKr.Rnnnke MilU Defeats Koanoke Kapids in
CI w -
Close Game 4 to 3 and Goes to Head of List Pat
terson Mills 5, Rosemary 2 End of League in
Sight and Its Got to Be Ball Playing
from Now on
RoanAe Mills... .
Roanoke Rapids .
W L Pet.
.7 5 .583
.7 6 .538
.6 7 .460
.5 7 .417
How They Play Tomorrow
Roanoke Rapids vs Patterson Mills (first Game).
Rosemary vs Roanoke Mills v -'
munity Continues. Thirteen New
Store Buildings on Roanoke Ave.
Building and being Built. First
National Bank Building Nears
Completion and work on Brick
Store Building and Hotel at Rose
mary being rushed forward.
Franklin Mills who Escaped from
the State Farm Last Saturday
Morning Doesn't Last Long.
Only One Day of Liberty.
Items of Local Interest in and Around Roanoke Rapids,
Rosemary, and Patterson Mills
! Next Wednesday and Thurs
day, Augurt 5th and fith, are
likely to see scenes of vigorous
' and determined activity. Clean
Up Days are coining and Mana
ger Faison announces that he
will soon have all preparations
made to handle the town's side
ottlieworK. ;tj(ma Bank Building am
Wagons ana carts are ai e wing i building between
The era of building activity
ushered in with the beginning of
the work on the new First Na-
Earl Cotton, who began a thir
ty year sentence in the state Pri-
ABATING 1 son on April 13, 1909, for second
degree murder in the case of the
killing on November 14,1908, in
the red light district of Raleigh,
of Dr. E. W. Smith, a traveling
J. H. Davenport who has been
in Richmond for a few days, re
turned Monday.
j Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Lee are
WELDON 0l,t of town this week visiting
Roanoke Rapids vs Roanoke Mills
Rosemary vs Patterson Mill
A hard fought, exciting game
of baseball through to the ninth
frame. Very little hitting was
the order of the day, three hits
being gotten by each side. Both
Scott and Hughes pitched a re
markably good game. The
three hits gotten off Scott were
bunched and occured in the third
frame after he had fanned two
men. During me nine innings
Scott fanned sixteen men.
Hughes pitching was excellent.
While he fanned only three men,
he held the hits down to one
clean single and two scratch hits.
Roanoke Mills played a much
better game in the field than did
Roanoke Rapids, making only
two errors against six on the
part of Roanoke Rapids.
In the first frame Roanoke
Rapids went down in one, two,
three order. Roanoke Mills
landed two runs-Johnson's and
Scott's. Hales and Barnes flew
out to short and center. Johnson
got one through Smith at first
and made it safe. Scott took
first on Hilliard's costly fumble at
second and Johnson pranced a-
long to third, and scored on
another error of Billiards. Bar
ber singled and Scott scored.
The side went down when Barr
flew out to Hilliard at second.
The second frame was nothing,
nothing. In the third Roanoke
Rapids put three men across.
H. Cherry and Mizelle fanned.
Hilliard singled, took second on
passed ball. Floyd landed on
the horeehide for two bases and
Hilliard scored. Smith at bat
laid the pellet away for a single
and Flryd scored, Smith taking
second on the ome, .third
on a passed ball ana home on
Barr'serror. Johnson gathered in
Hughes fly at short and the side
was down.
Scott allowed no more hits during
the rest of the frames and the
Ranida were unable to score
again. In the fourth inning Roa
noke Mills scored two more runs,
; Scott's and Barber's, on Scotts's
single, two passed balls, and W.
Cherry's and Edmondson's
errors. The Rapids tightened
up after that and Roanoke Mills
did not score again.
For more detailed information,
reference may be had to line up
given below:
Roanoke ftapids:
. . . I, . i
chartered, begged and uonoweu. , R Jenkin3 and the pre3ent First
If the individual citizen will o;Nationai uank, shows no signs
his or her part they may rest as- of al)ating
. '.. , . . . sured that the Clean up iw , Ag tne work on the First Na
Unquestionably a bad day for Campaigners will do theirs. I . , 0ank Buil(lin an(, tho !ul.
Rosemary fans:Rosemary playing , Roanoke Rapids has splendid ; ,. . to th? w D Tilm. lniikl.
puuici uau umn u.n, id... ima cianee3 0t becoming one oi uk nearg compefon, groun
-..v. --"6"- oest looKing owns in i' e ounc. , bej) brokpn for a th.e
urounus Deiore. i Her natura advantages are an . i,;,j. ,,,, i.;iiii..
TJie features of the game were ; tnat could be asked. Cleanliness, ,.oroflfofi ,1Yt t(1 the v,,t
Snotherly s pitching and the bat-; an(i order win do the rest. National Bank Building. This
ting of the Patterson Mills ag- Citizens are asked to clean up-bui,di js being em.tod bv
gregation who pounded Welsh their premises and pile all rub- .. . u0,.nPl. vVvcho and
unmercifully all through the
frames but did the greatest dam- j
age in the seventh. Three hits
were gotten off Snotherly to nine
off Welsh in seven innings and j
one off Gilliland in one inning. '
The Rosemary team started off j
in good form, shutting the Pat
terson Mills crowd out for the ; to place it abreast of other pro
first three innings and getting a 1 gregsive towns in the State of1
couple of runs in the second on the same size and that is paved
Gilliland's two base hit and three sidewalks. Every foot of the
errors (Snotherly, Edwards and sidewalks in the business section
Teague. ) With the beginning of 0f the town ought to be paved
the fourth inning the Patterson ! and the sidewalks, say, on Rea
Mids started to pounding the pill, noke Avenue to the corporate
getting two hits in the fourth, ; jmjt3 0f the town, Hamilton
two in the fifth and four in the gtreet from First to Fourth
seventh. At the beginning of (GradedSchool, ) Jackson St. from
the eighth inning Gilliland re-1 second to Third and First, Be
lieved Welsh in the pitcher's box cond, anj Third, Streets from
and held the Y atterson Mills Hamilton to Jackson. , The cost
team down to one hit 0f nuttimr in these
Gilliland's work was good all i would not he prohibitive by any
during the game and the Rose-; means and we believe the Town
mary infield was decidedly weak- Commissioners could put the
ened Saturday by his change of tm'n(f through with-very little
position (to rightheld.) trouble.
Teague and Edwards did good
work in the Patterson Mills in
field and young Fitts work at
first improves with every game.
He has the makings of a good
ball player. Kelly and Hayes
did good work for Rosemary.
For futher information the
ililliard, 2b
f'loyd, c
Smith, lb ,
Hughes, p -Edmondson,
ss '
0. Fitts, rf
H. Fitts, rf
W. Cherry, cf
H. Cherry, If
Mizelle, 3b,
Roanoke Mills: "
Hales,' 3b
Barnes, R lb
Johnson, ss
Scott, p
Barber, 2b
Barr, c
W. Grimmer, cf
C. Grimmer, If
bish, etc., in the alleys back of : T and-will be followed in the
their respective residences. : near future( we understand with
Carts will haul it all away; alleys! the erection of at east three and
will be cleaned up and the entire !possijly four new store buildings
town will be cleaner, healthier between lne First National Bank
and happier. anti Mr3 j;, Jenkins. This prop-
After the town is cleaned "P. ' erty wiH soon consist of one
there is one thing more needed mntinliniJi( ii,ie of stores. .
In Rosemary the work on the
three store, two story, brick
store building, on Roanoke Ave
nue, opposite the Rosemary
Theatre is being pushed rapidly
Long before buildin'V opera
tions now under way are com
pleted other buildings will be
started. The addition to the
present graded school building
in Roanoke Rapids and the new
graded school , building to be
erected in Rosemary will be
We hereby recommend this
matter to the attention of the
Board of Trade as one of the
worst needed improvements that:
could be made in the town. To
put in the few sidewalks suggest
ed would not require the passage i
sidewalks ,f,4 00i;mothia fall
3UW Leu owiin.uiiK.
A non-resident in Roanoke
Rapids is contemplating the
erection of ten residences for
rent and it is very probable that
this winter will see work on
these buildings started.
Work on Mr. W. L. Long's
new residence on Hamilton Ave
nue is well under way and this
handsome residence will be com
pleted early in the fall.
Thp end of the building boom
of sidewalk bonds. Hall ol the nn.,.ur., ;n si ,,.), am there
line-up is given in detail below: , cost could be raised' by direct as-; t no Hiac.;ening of the
sessment of the property improv- ,..um,i fol. st01.0 room. Part of
new store building next to
the bank has already been leased
Town Commissioners and paid , . th.,r. .. ,i,)ziw, ,,f m,i,.-a-
0 back out of the regular tax funds ti0ns for the other two stores.
0 of the town. Of course, the tax
0 rate would have to be raised REVIVAL SERVICES
0 slightly todo this, but the immense
0 advantages to be derived from Rosemary Very Successful
the paved sidewalks and the en- Sixty-Nine Converts so far
0 hanced value of the property , Wall Close Sunday
abutting on the sidewalks would
5 certainly amply justify the in-
Hon. W. T. Clements, of En
field, N. C, spent a few hours
here Saturday.
Nash Cox spent Sunday in
Richmond returning Monday,
Messrs. Moore and King, of
man of Richmond, and Franklin Gasburg, Va., were here for a
Mills, the Jackson Training few hours Tuesday, looking af
school youth who was oil July 14jter tne erecting of their new
sentenced to two years in the I building in Rosemary.
State Prison on the charge of, , ,,,,,
t. i ,,i n T. 0. Vaughan, of Weldon,
robbery on a grand scale in Ra-1 . . , e
leigh.made their escapes from 'aa ,n to"n busine9S a fevv
the State Prison farm in Halifax hours Saturday
county early Saturday morning R. L. Wood, of Weldon, came
by cutting with a pair of plyers ' over Monday evening and spent
their way through the wire stock-1 a few hours with friends,
adeof 'the hospital where they Rev Mr Millard, of Littleton,
were confined on the sick list. conducted services Sunday morn
After their escape they came ing at 11 o'clock in the opera
to Weldon, where they were cap- nouse at Rosemary. He preach
tured and returned to the State ej an abie and excellent sermon
farm at Tillery. ; which was thoroughly enjoyed by
Cotton was hrst taken batur
day night by John Rhem and
Mi.rlt Pnliftovnnn Hncrhp T?hpni
b n Z 3Z " . " Mr. and Mrs. P
Knew iOlUill anu mei linn un liic ,
Mill. Mn .. .hon lett Wednesday for Randleman,
Cotton was taken but was later f C- f MisitwatTth
captured and both men are now her uncle Mr" W-T' Matthew3'
back in camp. James McGee a former
Cotton is a man of about 1 dent of Rosemary, now of
twenty nine years of age. He is Rj?er spent Saturday and
six feet and half an inch in day here visiting friends.
Mills who at one time traveled
under an alias of John Hender-
is a fifteen vear old bov:
Both of the men had discarded Mrs. G. B. Crews gave a de
their convict garbs and looked lightf ul porch party on last Wed
just like many other men of or- nesday evening to a large party
dinary appearance when they oi menus ai ner resiuence in
reached Weldon. John Rhem, Rosemary.
who is a son oT Capt Rhem, Mrs. S. Spivey, who has been again next week
superintendent oi the State farm, visiting her father, Mr. G. A,
deserves much credit for the re- Savage, and Mrs. J. L. Daugh
trev, returned to her
all present.
Mary, the little daughter of
V. Matthews,
Johu Drew, formerly of Pat
terson Mills village, leaves on Fri
day for Raleigh where he will ac
company the First Company of
the Coast Artillery to Fort Cas
well for the summer 'encamp
! C. A. Banks, of Norfolk, Va.,
was in town a few days this
i week on business.
Mrs. Styres and little son, who
have been visiting Mrs. F. C.
Hege, left on Thursday for their
home in Winston-Salem, N. C.
Mrs. C. E. Stainback and little
son, of Henderson, N. C, who
have been spending some time
in Ocean View, Va., stopped
over for a few days this week
with Mr. Mrs. J. T. Stainback on
their way home.
Mrs. W. S. Hancock and little
son, returned on last Tuesday
from Scotland Neck.
Mr. Allen Chauncey, of Wash
ington, N. C, is spending a few
days here this week as the guest
of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Jackson.
Miss N. W. Pearson, Supt. of
the Roanoke Rapids Hospital
returned Tuesday from Ocean
View, where she has been visit
ing for several weeks.
MissCoffield left Wednesday
for Raleigh, Miss Coffield came
to Roanoke Rapids several weeks
ago to relieve Miss Pearson at
the hospital.
Mrs. C. A. Wyche gave an
automobile party in honor of her
house guests on last Thursday
afternoon. The party motorea'"
upto Mr. W. F Horner's farm
where fishing was ihe principal
amusement. Supper was served
at seven, after which the party
returned to Wychecroft.
turn of Cotton to the State farm.
McDonald, ssand rf 4
ouiiinmiy. sessment ot tne property improv- (U,mm for st0re room.
it ti p.i uni the ha ance cou d be bor- ...
. , , me
rowed on bonds issued by tie
Cunningham, lb
Hayes, If
Gilliland, rf, ss, p
Kelly, 2b
Dobbins, cf
Cushing, 3b
Collins, c
Welsh, p and ss
But for his recognition of Cotton Petersburg on Wednesday
perhaps the men would hm rj, L, Dickens returned Mon
made good their escape. -Roa- Sundayi wjth hjs
noke News. parents inEnfield.
j D. A. Stainback, of Weldon,
was nere un uubiness last Wed-
I hereby announce myself as nesday.
candidate for Good Road Com-
mission at the coming election. . Mrs Qarence W .erne, o C ha -Hohiectto
the Democratic Pri- lotte, is visiting Mrs. E. ll A 1-
mary to be held Aug. tith 1914.
7-21-ot J. L. Patterson.
For Clerk of the Court
kins, in Rosemary. She will be
entertained from ten to twelve
on Friday morning by Mrs. Ad-kins.
The Rosemary Opera House
which has been closed for the
last few weeks will be opened
Moving pic
tures will be given every night
and vaudeville in connection with
home in j the pictures whenever possible.
Two very highly recommended
vaudeville acts will be shown in
connection with the pictures on
next Monday, Tuesday and Wed
nesday nights.
L. C. Daughuey zz r?"!gned
his position with W. E. Le vter
and will accept a position w'th
the Rosemary Grocery Co.
Mrs. J. B. O'Bryant, who haJ
been visiting Mrs. M. M. Faison,
returned to her home in Randle
man, N. C, on Thursday.
I hereby announce that I shall JACKSON WANTS TO FOLLOW
be a candidate for the office of ROANOKE RAPIDS LEAD
Clerk of the Superior Court of. ,.--
Halifax County, subject to the'u i t rhase . President of ihe Board
of Trade of Roanoke Rapids and Dr.
Patterson Mills:
Ferrell, If
Mosher, cf
Teague, 3 b
Snotherly, p
Towe, ss
Edwards, 2b
Purcell, c
Fitts, lb
McAllister, rf
30 2 3
The revival being conducted
each niirht at Rosi niary school-
decision ot the Democratic pri
mary to be held the (ith day of
August next. If nominated and
elected, I promise to perform the1
as I have
10 4
Struck out by Welsh, 3, Snoth
erly, 4. First on Balls: Off
Snotherly, 1, Welsh, 1. Left on
bases: Rosemary 2, Patterson
Mills, 3. Two base hits: Gilli-
30 3 3 C
land and Purcell. Double nlavs:
Ferrell and Edwards. .Time: 1 7-17-3t
2:05. Umpire: Welch.
crease in the tax rate and we h(mse has ,,roven a eat success duties of the office to the best of
feel sure the property owners in- thus far, there have been sixty- ny ability, and with courtesy
volved would be more than will- nine additions. The meeting is aml fairnessto an wn0 have deal
ing to defray their halt ot the ue.ng , uu, , , , 7t' ; ' imrs with the office,
tian College, of Wilson, N. C. tried to do in the past.
Mr. Vause left Saturday morn
ing. The meeting will close on
Sunday night. Baptism will be
, Sunday afternoon about a mile
I from Rosemarv toward Weldon.
I hereby announce myself a ; The Lord's Sunner will be observ-
candidate for the House of Re- ed on Sunday night so that the primary.
presentatives from the county of , new converts may p u uw. i nu
Halifax, subject to the action of n
the Democratic Primaries to be : gomX,tjmes eaed Disciples.
! held on the tith day of August, j They expect to have monthly
The support of the Democracy t preaching during the coining
:0f Halifax county will be greatly ' year. They have no other or-
gani.auou in hum cimiuy. mcj
Ixt's hear from the Board of
0 Trade.
0 For Legislature
T. W. M. Long, Health Officer, ad
dress Mass Meeting in Jackson Wed
nesday Night and Preached Progress
and Health
On the invitation of the Board i
of Town Commissioners of Jack-
I fully realize ,,my obligations son, Mr. j. i. uiase ami i-r. i.
to the people of my county for W. M.Long addressed a mass
their support in the past, and meetingr of the citizens of Jack
will fully appreciate whatever son.on last Wednesday night.
o.wt w irivAn me in the c.omintr This mass meeting was for the
.-iu.i v ... f,. - a
appreciated by me.
W. L. Long.
31 4 3
Struck out by Scott, 16, Hugh
es, 3. First on balls: Off Scott,
1, Hughes, 0. Left on bases:
Roanoke Rapids, L .Roanoke
Mills, 3. Two base hits, Floyd.
Time: 1 :46V . Umpire: Welch.
are planning to erect a ten thous
and dollar brick building in the
town of Rosemary, Miss Lena
Jones has been playing the or
iran which has made the meeting
. l.A I t ". . 1 . A 1 ' I,...
Messrs. Emanuel U. and M. i To the voters oi iiauiax a uecioeu ucccs.
i , ,1 . . it i i I OlllltV Ulillll, Minima, Bt'I Minna imvt mni
L Wallerstein, two Richmond ; liv nnno,.nee mvself acan-'nreached. The meeting has not
youths passed through Roanoke i ji(ate for re-election to the office i been sensational. Among theser
Rapids last Saturday on foot. ! 0f Register of Deeds, subject to ! mons preached were the folk w-.
Thpu walked the entire distance the Democratic Primary, tobe ing: "What must 1 do to be sav
Sterling M. Gary
Halifax N.C. July 13th, 1914.
For Sheriff
To the Voters of Halifax Coun-
For Register of Deeds
To the Voters of
purpose of stirring up civic pride
in Jackson and the organization
of a Board of Trade. Mr. Chase
made a splendid talk, detailing
the efforts that had been made
in Roanoke Rapids towards com
munity progress, the organiza
tion of the Board of Trade here,
etc., etc. He preached co-opera-
I hereby announce myself a tion and said without the co-op-candidate
for re-election to the eration of the majority of the
office if the sheriff, subject to citizens of a town, very little
the action of Democratic Pri- could be done.
mary, to be held on Thursday, D. Ixmgjs speech was on the
the (ith of August. 1914, and if subject of sanitation and health:
elected. I pledge to the people of a subject with which he was per-
the Cnnntv the same diligence fectly tamiliar. He
self, Roanoke Rapids is held over
there as a model town. Some of .
the influential citizens over there
have been here and have seen
and admired the spirit of civic
pride and progress evident every
where In town. .
The Board of Commissioners of
Jackson, expressed themselves
as delighted with the addresses
of Dr. Long and Mr. Chase and
said they felt sure that much
good had been done.
Jackson, as stated by Mr.
Chase, has physical advantages
superior to Roanoke Rapids. It
is delightfully situated in the
midst of an eight mile circle of
fertile farming lands, has an im
mense back country to draw
from and only needs progressive-
ness and the hearty co-operation
of its citizens to come rapidly to
the front.
from Richmond, spending Satur- held on August, (ith. 1914, and ed . 1 he Lord s hupntT . and promptness which
a xv ml- Hntnl .it elected 1 pledge to tne people oa nusi i , wny a wb-
u"' of the County the same prompt- turn' . 'The nan wwe sno u u - people of the in Roanoke Rapids and made ur-
ness anu courtesy extenuea to wear . lemi-uiuun . .,.. ?- - ' ma Mnt nnwmt,HAM tn bis hear-
county ior me supun guni mc ....v -
I have ( the wonderful success which has
tri..d tn o-ive them in the past, attended the work ot sanitation
Dr. H. B. Foster, Dentist, Will
Make His Home In Roanoke
mid rvmrtesv pxt.ended to wear". 'Temptation .
ir. t m 1 1 1 ll : nn nifrhf thil n fit 1 11 tV irnu hp hi
Misses uwise iraynnam ana one anu an. , .... i 'V''"1 "r " .r ' : V V . . 1 s" u ....utut. lth nffi.
Viririnia EDnes house iruests of Thanking the people ot tne ; m tne new ope a nouse ami a m tne pasi anu assume u.cm :,"W"T T " j
V irginia tppes, nouse guesis ui fJuJ Tt ;an ,a filial A pninvpi the ser- ... i ...:n ;t nar Inp thn tnwn of .Tacksort and
IJUUHIV 1U1 ulcuasiouuuItKITtu ycvo uhvm. " IflHT. I w I V LU IIICIIW t wii- "
me, lam, ; vices, A Sunday School will be . . f ' stand behind him after his elec-
organizea. miners ana aeacons , .
Mrs. C. A. Wyche, at "Wyche
croft," were charmingly enter
tained in Rosemary on Wednes
day by Miss Beckwith.
J. Hunter Norman
i will he chosen. Your co-opera-
j tion is desired. -Reported. 7-31-lt
J. A. House.
By the citizens of Jackson it-
Dr. and Mrs. H. B. Foster,
of Liberty, N. C, arrived here
yesterday. Dr. Foster is a den
tist and is opening up an office
over the new Horner building,
next to the present location of
the Firsty National Bank. The
community is to be congratulated
on securing Dr. Foster's resi
dence here. A dentist has long
been needed here and we be
lieve Dr. Foster's coming
will prove as advantageous to
him as to the community.
' 3 i
) S

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