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Roanoke Rapids ? Herald
Volume I. Number 20.
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The Trey 0' Hearts
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August 1914.
Herald Publishing Company,
Roanoke Rapid, N. C.
Dear Sirs:
Enter my subscription to the Herald (or one year,
commencing with the next issue.
Enclosed find $ 1 .00 to cover.
Charge subscription to my account and I will pay same
on or before Sept. I Oth. (Check plan you prefer.)
Yours truly,
$50,000,000 A DAY
Dr. Jordan' Estimate of the Cost
of a General European War
(From The New York Sun.)
The menace of a great Euro
pean war lends particular interest
to what Dr. David Starr Jordan,
America's distinguished peace
advocate, said in his recent book,
"War and Waste."
"What shall we say of the
Great War of Europe ever
threatening, ever impending,
and which never comes? We
shall say that it will never come.
Humanly speaking, it is impossi
ble. "Not in the physical sense, of
course, tor witn weak, reckless
and godless men nothing evil is
impossible. It may be, of
course, tnat some nau-crazea
archduke or some harassed minis
ter of state shall half knowing
give the signal for Europe's
conflagration. In fact, the
agreed signal has been given
more than once within the last
few months. The tinder is well
dried and laid in such a way as
to make the worst of this catas
trophe. "Behind the sturdy forms of the
Bulgarian farmers lurks
the sinister figure of Russian in
trigue. Russia and Austria,
careless of their neighbors, care
less of obligation, find in this
their opportunity. And the na
tions of Europe in their degrees
are bound to one or the other of
these malcontents. Neither
Russia nor Austria can be trusted
to keep the peace even in her
own interest, for both, through
debt abroad and discontent at
home, are in a condition of per
petual crisis."
The armed forces of Europe
in the event of a general war
are thus tabulated by Prof. Char
les Riche, of the University of
Austria, v- 2,600,000
pigland 1,500,000
rtmee 3.400.000
IjWany . 3,600,000
.ftaly 2,800,000
Iimania 300,000
Russia. ' 7,000,000
If these Nations supposed to
be diplomatically concerned in
the question of whether the ob
scure Albanian port of Durazzo
should fall to Servia or to Aus
tria, neither of the two having
the slightest claim to it-should
rush into the fight, the expense
would run at $50,000,000 a day, a
sum to be greatly increased with
the sure rise of prices.
The table of Richet (here
translated from francs to dol
lars) deservs most careful at
tention: 1. Feed of men $12,000,000
2. Feed of horses 1,000,000
3. Pay (European
rates 4,250,000
4. Pay of workmen in
arsenals and ports
(100 a day) 1,000,000
6. Transportation (six
ty miles, ten days) 2,100,000
Munitions Infan
try ten cartridges
a day
Artillery, ten shots
a day
Marines, two shots
10. Equipment
11. Ambulances, 500.-
000 wounded or ill
$1 a day
Reduction of
Help to the poor (20
cents a day to one
in ten)
. Destruction
towns, etc.
Total per day $49,950,900
"To all this," says Doctor
Jordan, "we may add the hor
rors of the air, the cost of aero
planes and of burning cities
which this monstrous abomina
tion of murder may render inhu
manly possible. The Nation
which uses instruments like
these against a sister Nation can
boast no advance over the red
Indian and his scalping knife.",
Roanoke Mills vs Franklin Va.
The Roanoke Mills Base Ball
Team played Franklin, Va., two
hotly contested games of base
ball on the League Grounds here
this week. The first game was
played Monday evening and was
called in the seventh inning on
account of rain. The second
game was played on the League
Grounds Tuesday morning, both
games, although fiercely contest
ed, being taken by the visitors.
The score in both games was
identical, 4 to 0. The Roanoke
Mills team played in hard luck,
Franklin's runs being due to
errors made by Roanoke Mills
players at critical moments.
Barrett Smith
Mr. Charles Barrett and Miss
Annie Smith, both well known
young people in this community
were married in Raleigh on last
Sunday afternoon at (our o'clock.
Mr. and Mrs. Barrett will make
their home in Roanoke Rapids.
The Official Returns of the Halifax County
TOWNSHIP' S c c j 2 J UJ
1 a ? s, i 3 a j J I r? s s i a s i j ts 13
g o J a j a ; fi i o u . a j ui a , e i 3 x F 1 g 4
i ! ! i i
BRINK LEY VILLE 204 205, 128 83 201 118 84 112 90 119 83 201 192 201 200 199 200 195 196 196 196
BUTTERWOOD 77 19 61 79 53' 12 84 26 70 22 73 85 33 44 47; 46 91 23 23 24 23
CONOCANARY 58! 56. 42; 16 57 37 jil 35 23 37 20 57 58: 58 58; 58; 58 58 58 58 58
ENFIELD 274 206! 201 146 283 166 138 96 211 164 140 300 289 294 297! 296i 303 300 252 299 300
FAUCETTS 122! 116! HO 18 128! 68 63 82 47 92 31 131 111 114 126 115 124 126 121 122 123
HALIFAX 106 102j 101 15 109i 95 14 103 6 102 7 108 106 1091 109 108 104 109 109 1091 109
KEHUKEE 114 60 100; 84 1161. 70f 51 75; 50 59 66 123 106 116. 119; 109 118 116! 117! 107 115
LITTLETON 215 190! 197 36 200i 178 35 154! 61 167 46 213 194 197 197; 196 208 195; 193 194 194
PALMYRA 42! 39 27 13! 42 40j 2 39 3 41 1 42 42 42 42; 42! 42 42 42 42 42
ROSENEATH 94 79 63 29! 94, 77! lb 79 17 77 13 94 94 94 94 94 94 931 93 93 93
ROANOKE RAPIDS 264! 200 286 99 298 267 33 252 46 198 95 291; 285 2921 29H 288 289 290 292 291 291
SCOTLAND NECK 283; 233 251 87 292 245 46 252; 41 235! 62j 296! 289 2921 293j 294 295' 292 290 292 290
WELDON 3131 315 325 11 329 J04 22 .317! 10 gill 15329j 328 3291 329! 325 328 326 528 329 328
21 661840! 1892 716!2202,1677 61016221 6751624 59822702127 2182 2200 218022542165 21142114 2061
Many Plans for Betterment of Com
munity Discussed Reports of
Committees Annual Election
of Officers-W. F. Horner
Elected President
The Board of Trade of Roa
noke Rapids Township held its
regular monthly meeting in the
Mayor's Office of the town of
Roanoke Rapids on last Monday
night, Angust 10.
A large crowd of members at
tended and the meeting was a
very enthusiastic and helpful
one. Many! plans towards the
improvement of conditions in the
community were taken up and
discussed. Reports of various
committees were heard and dis
cussions entered into thereon.
A resolution of thanks to M.
McRae Faison, Manager of the
Clean Up Day Campaign was
unanimously passed, after Mr,
Faison had made his report of
the success he had met with in
the work. Mr. Faison stated
that he had not been able to
have the entire town cleaned up
as well as he had wished, but
that he had been successful in
getting the larger portion of the
town cleaned up and had met
with a fair degree of co-operation.
The question of holding a
meeting of the Board of Trade
in Rosemary for the convenience
of the Rosemary members of the
organization was taken up and
it was decided to hold the next
monthly meeting in Rosemary
and a Committee on Arrange
ments for this meeting was ap
pointed. The question of inducing the
Atlantic Coast Line to come in
was taken up and reports of the
status of that question were ren
dered. A permanent committee
to handle this question was ap
pointed. Ihe question oi permanent
quarters for the Board of Trade
was taken up and discussed at
length, a Committee on Quarters
being appointed to go into the
matter ot leasing a portion of
the second floor of the new Hor-!
ner building next to the new j
First National Bank Building and !
report on same. I
Umcers tor the ensuing year ;
were then elected as tollows: I
President, William F. Horner.
Vice President, J. B. Boyd, Sec
retary and Treasurer, M. McRae
Faison, Directors, J. W. House,
T. W. Mullen, J. T. Chase. Dr.
T. W. M. Long and Job Taylor.
The Board of Trade of Roa
noke Rapids Township want it
particularly understood that
every white citizen of the com
munity is not only eligible for
membership in this organization
but is needed and" urgently re
quested to join. Fees are merely
nominal, heing $1.00 for mem
bership fee with a monthly pay
ment of 25c dues.
Join the Board of Trade and
help boost the community in
which you live.
Taylor Marriner
Mr. P. T. Taylor and Miss
Isoland Marriner were married
or last Saturday afternoon at two
o'clock at the home of the bride's
brother, Mr. A. L. Marriner, of
this city. The young couple left
immediately after the ceremony
for a trip to Norfolk and other
places. On their return they
will make their home in Roanoke
Complete Returns of Primary Elec
tions Held in Halifax County on
Thursday, August 6, show
Largest Primary Vote Poll
ed in Many Years
The primary elections held in
Halifax County on last Thurs
day, August 6, have polled the
largest primary vote polled in
this county for many years. The
vote in every precinct is heavy
when compared with former pri
mary votes. Roanoke Rapids
Township vote, while light in
comparison with the number of
qualified voters in the township,
was heavy in comparison with
former primary votes, 300 votes
being polled.
On this page is shown the
itemized vote of the precincts
for the different candidates. W.
L. Long, for the Legislature,
polled more votes in the county
than did any other candidate
who had any opposition.
The principal result shown by
the primaries is that the people
of the county are evidently well
satisfied with the present man
agement of political matters.
They also seem to be well satis
fied with the services being ren
dered by the present county of
ficers, Messrs. Gary, Bowers and
Norman being renominated for
office by large majorities,
In Series
of Three
here This
Visitors take Two
Suffolk's fast, semi-profession
al ball team played a series of
three games here this week, the
visitors taking the first and third
games. The first game, played
on Kosemary grounds, on last
Monday afternoon, had to be
played again as it was broken up
by rain before the fifth inning.
This game was played over on
the league grounds on Tuesday
afternoon, resulting in a victory
for the Suffolk team by a score
of 2 to 0.
The second game played Wed
nesday morning was a complete
Waterloo ; for the visitors, the
home team defeating them by
the score of 7 to 1, batting
Brown, the twirler for the visi
tors, all over the lot.
The third game went to the
visitors by the score of 6 to 2,
the visitors batting Welsh,
pitcher for the home team heavi
ly in the first two and a half inn
ings. Snotherly and Purcell
were put in to relieve Welsh and
Davis about the middle of the
third inning and the Suffolk
crowd did not score again. The
features of this game were
Churn's home run for the visi
tors in the third inning and the
fielding of Mosher for the home
Mildred and Edward Banks
have returned home after a
three weeks' visit to their grand
father, J. R. Daughtie in Kel
ford.U. C.
Primary Election Held
Items of Local Interest in and
Around Roanoke Rapids,Rosemary,
and Patterson Mills
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Barden
have returned home after a three
weeks' visit to friends near Lew
iston.. Robert and Charles Banks are
spending this week in Kelford,
visiting their grandfather, J. R.
Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Thompson,
of Rosemary.tleft Saturday for
a two weeks's visit to friends
and relatives in Lewiston and
Virgie and Lucy Simmons are
spending this week out of town.
Ionie Honeycutt is spending
the week with her father in
M. McRae Faison and L. G.
Shell spent a couple of days in
Richmond this week.
T. M. Jenkins spent several
days in Richmond this week.
Miss Pearl Knight, of Enfield,
is spending a few days here visit
ing her aunt, Mrs. J. R. Brown.
J. R. Brown is visiting his
brother in Enfield this week.
A nice horse and buggy for
. Apply to A. L. Clark.
Miss Lila Hancock, of Scotland
Neck, is visiting Mr. and Mrs. W.
S. Hancock.
Miss Farmer, of Rocky Mount
and Miss Hale, of Halifax, 'are
here this week the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. T. M. Jenkins.
Mrs. W. C. Williams has been
spend'ng some time in Rocky
Mount on account of the critical
illness of her sister's husband.
Messrs. J. W. House and W.
S. Hancock spent several days in
Richmond this week.
Mrs. Harvey Keene has
turned home after
to her father, Mr.
of Fayetteville.
a short visit
J. E. Wicker,
Mr. Johnnie House, of Rich
mond, is visiting his aunt, Mrs.
W. P. Vaughan.
Dr. Harley B. Foster i9 now
permanently located in Roanoke
Rapids for the practice of Dent
istry in all its branches, He is
equipped with a new, modern
and up-to-date Dental office out
fit; and is prepared to perform
any operation pertaining to the
teeth, mouth or jaws.
To The Voters of Halifax County
I am defeated but I had rather
be defeated advocating a cause
which I think is just than to
win in a cause which I know to
be wrong.
I want to thank every man in
the county individually who sup
ported me and my many friends
so loyally, and to those who vot
ed against me I feel like saying:
"Father forgive them for they
know not what they do."
Permit me to say that the
fight against bossism in this
county, and pooling of interests
by office holders to fight down
competition and stifle the wishes
of the people, hasjust begun.
There are no sore spots left
on me as a result of the recent
primary and from now on you
may rely on me to give the best
efforts of which I am capable to
the overthrow of Boss rule in
this grand old county of Halifax,
so that the people may yet rule
and not a few office holders.
With best wishes, I am
W. H. White.
August 6, 1914
Interest Tightens as End of League Draws Near Pennant
seems almost in the Grasp of the Roanoke Mills Team
Patterson Mills Defeated by Roanoke Mills Last
Saturday in Close Game by Score 3 to 2
Rosemary Defeats Roanoke Rapids in
See Saw Affair 7 to 6
How They Play Tomorrow
Patterson Mills vs Rosemary (first Game)
Roanoke Mills: vs Roanoke Rapids
Rosemary vs Roanoke Rapids
A regular see-saw from first
to last four runs earned and
thirteen made and that tells
the story. The Roanoke Rapids
teams made ten errors against
Rosemary's two, but evened
things up by getting eight hits
against Rosemary's five.
It was Bland's first appear
ance on the League Grounds and
although it is hardly fair to
judge him by one game, his
work Saturday did not show up
well at all, Hughes outpitching
him alround in the opinion of the
majority of the fans. The Roa
noke Rapids team, with the ex
ception of Floyd, who is credited
with five strikeouts, doing more
damage to Bland than to any
other pitcher in the League.
The features of the game were
the heavy batting of Kelly, Hil
liard, Hughes and Mizelle and
Davis' home run. The Haneock-
nouse company nad onerd a
prize of a tailor made suit of
clothes to the first player bat
ting a fair ball over the fence
and when Davis came to bat in
the eighth he cinched the suit
and the winning run for his
team at the same time,
Further information may be
obtained by reference to line-up
given below:
Rosemary: AB R H E
Cunningham, lb 4 2 10
Kelly, 2b 5 12 0
Hayes, If 4 0 10
Bland, p 4 10 0
Welsh, 3b 4 0 0 2
Davis, c 4 2 10
Gilliland, rf 4 10 0
Dobbins, cf 3 0 0 0
Johnson, cf 10 0 0
Gushing, ss 4 0 0 0
Totals, 37 7 5 2
Roanoke Rapids AB R II E
Hilliard, 2b 5 2 2 0
Floyd, c 5 0 0 2
Smith, lb 2 113
Hughes, p 4 12 0
White, rf 4 0 1.1
Mizelle, ss 4 2 2 1
W. Cherry, cf 2 0 0 2
H. Cherry, If 3 0 0 0
H. Fitts, 3b 3 0 0 0
O. Fitts, 3b 10 0 1
Totals, 33 6 8 10
Earned Runs, Rosemary: 2,
Roanoke Rapids, 2. Three Base
Hits: Hilliard. Two Base Hits:
Mizelle, Hayes, Kelly, Cunning
ham. Home Runs: Davis.
First on Balls, Off Hughes, 1
Bland, 0. Left on Bases, Rose
mary, 4, Roanoke Rapids, 5.
Struck out bv Hughes, 4, Bland,
14, Double Plays :J Roanoke
Rapids, 1, Mizelle, H. Fitts.
Time: 1:35. Umpires: Welsh
and Daniel.
War Scare Stops Life Insurance
Thirty days ago any citizen
of Europe in good health could
get all the life insnrance he
wanted. To-day none of the
European Companies are writing
Life Insurance. This is on ac
count of the unexpected declara
tion of war by Germany about
ten days ago. If the United
States should be brought into
this trouble, no doubt
the Insurance Com
panies ot this country would
also discontinue writing insur
ance, and it would certainly be a
wise precaution for any man
who can get insurance to take
out a policy now. We represent
some cf the best Companies in
the United States and we would
be glad to talk the matter oyer
with you. Advt
W L Pet.
.9 5 .643
-7 8 .467
7 8 .467
.6 8 .428
Patterson Mills vs Roanoke Mills
A warm, hotly contested game,
a fight in practically every frame:
in fact, this game is the second
regular league game reaching
extra innings.
The winning run was made by
the Roanoke Mills team in the
last half of the tenth and the
pennant for the season of 1914
practically cinched at the same
time. Even in the doubtful
event of one of the next highest
teams winning every game
straight, Roanoke Mills only has
to win one game out of the four
she has to play to tie that team
and two games out of the four
to beat it. Of course, some
thing entirely unforeseen may
turn up and render the impro
bable a fact, but its a mighty
long shot.
For six innings it was a score
less game Pace holding the
Patterson Mills down without a
hit and Snotherly only allowing
three scattered hits. In the
seventh frame Roanoke Mills
scored one run C. Grimmer's.
Barr lead off with a single.
C. Grimmer struck one gently
towards third and Teague shot
the sphere to Edwards, ending
Barr's career right there. Pace,'
next at bat, singled and Grimm
er advanced to third. Teague's
error scored him.
In the eighth Roanoke Mills
made another score R. Barn
es' on Barnes' three base hit
and Edward's error.
In the ninth the Patterson
Mills tied the score, sending two
runs across the plate in quick
succession. Teague up, with
two men already down, knocked
a three bagger and scored on
Snotherly's single right behind .
him. Snotherly took third on
Edwards' error and stole home
on the throw to second to catch
The winning run, in the last
half of the tenth, was made by
R. Barnes. Barnes singled and
Hales scored him on a three base
hit. The game was called with
out finishing Roanoke Mills half
of the tenth.
For more detailed information,
reference may be had to line-up
given below:
Patterson Mills: AB R H E
Ferrell, If 4 0 0 0
Mosher, cf 4 0 0 0
Teague, 3b 4 111
Snotherly, p 4 111
Towe, ss .4 0 0 1
Purcell, c 4 0 10
Edwards, 2b 4 0 0 4
Fitts, lb 3 0 0 0
McAlister, rf 4 0 0 0
Totals, 35 2 3 7
Roanoke Mills: AB R H E
R. Barnes, lb 5 2 3 0
Hales, 3b . 3 0 2 3
Barber, 2b 4 0 0 1
Johnson, ss 4 0 0 0
W. Grimmer, cf 4 0 0 0
Barr, c 4 0 10
C. Grimmer, If 4 110
Pace, p 4 0 10
Carter, rf 3 0 0 0
Jackson, rf 10 0 0
Totals, 36 3 8 4
Earned runs: Patterson Mills 1,
Roanoke Mills 1. Three base
hits: Barnes, Hales and Teague.
First on balls: Off Snotherly 2,
Pace, 0. Left on bases: Patter
son Mills 4. Roanoke Mills 8.
Two base hits: Purcell. Struck
out by Pace 6, Snotherly 4.
Double plays: Patterson Mills 1
Snotherly .Teague and Fitts.
Time: 1:40. Umpires, Welch
and Daniel.
4 4
4 1 1
'w.- 1 '

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