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VIIL-Number 5
Mr , W. Martin, of Salisbury,
wu in town Saturday.
Prof. S. A. Williams, of the
UMversity of N. C, waa here
Friday and Saturday.
. ' Mr. T. W. Mullen spent the
week-end with his relatives in
Hiss Grace Rogers, of Mem
phis.1 Tens., spent Sunday in
Mr. J. R. Sykes. of Norfolk
was here Monday.
Mrs. J. E Hewitt is attending
the annual meeting of the Wo
man's Auxiliary of the Episco
pal Church in St Pauls Church,
Winston Salem.
)&t. W. D. Hunter, of Golds.
boro, spent Monday in town.
Mr. Robert; W. Davis, of
Southport, spent Monday and
Tuesday with his daughter, Miss
ElUabeth Davis.
ttr.W.& Adams, of Charlotte,
Ifttt Thursday in town.
Mr. R. S. Wooten, of Salisbury,
wtf in Rosemary Wednesday.
Rev. and Mrs. A. G.Carter,
Rev. and Mrs. C M. Lance and
Mrs. T. M. Jenkins attended the
funeral of Mr. A. D. Poe in Wei-
don Wednesday afternoon.
Mr. J. B. Johnson, of Raleigh,
was in town Wednesday.
..tftvLlfred-Martin has return
ed frpm a brief visit to his home
ia Gordonsvilte, Va.
V Mr. G. E. McDonougb, of Ral
eigh, was here Tuesday.
v MjpW. F. Horner, of Hender-
son, .was io. town this week.
' Mr. P. G. Black, of Charlotte,
Was here Tuesday.
. Messrs. E. J. Newton and J.
Wi Kimbrough, of Raleigh, were
visitors in town Tuesday.
The members of the Vestry of
All Saints' Church will meet at
the residence of Mr. E. W. Leh
man tonight at eight o'clock.
All " members are asked to be
present and on time.
Mr. and Mrs. Fenner Smith,
of Biltmore are visiting relatives
here this week.
Miss Dolly Grizzard left to
day to spend the week-end with
friends in Boykins, Va. .
Grammar Grades Defeat
; . Emporia
Wednesday afternoon on the
local grounds the Grammar
Grades and Emporia played their
second game. Both teams played
hard from start to finish. There
wu a lot of enthusiasm displayed
by the Grammar Grade students
and the town people who witness
ed the game.
Clyde Hargrove, pitcher play
er, played hard but walked only
three men. Briggs, the pitcher
for Emporia' played bard but
walked lots of men. Good playing
was done by Willie Vaughan,
inert stop, rue Btar player was
Bruce Mason who played in the
left field. The final score was
thirteen to nine in favor of the
Grammar Grades.
k The first game was played at
Emporia. The tie will be played
on tiie Rosemary grounds at a
later date.
The line up for Roanoke Rap
ids. Pitcher, Clyde Hargrove;
Catcher, Willie Glover; First
base, Billie Brown; Second base,
Willie Mincher; Third base,
Edward Vincent; Short stop,
Willie Vaughan; Right field,
Sam Jones; Left field, Bruce
Mason; Center field, Roy Med
Un. ' .
Mrs. Thomas Lee
Mrs. Thomas Lee, of Patter
ontown, died in the Roanoke
Rapids Hospital Sunday after
noon after a brief illness. - Her
husband and two children sur
vive her. The funeral was held
in the Episcopal Church Tuesday
morning at 10 o'clock and inter
ment was made in Warrenton
Ce&ietcry. - . , ,'.
Commencement will take
place as follows: Sunday night
May 8th, commencement sermon
by Rev. Baily, of Raleigh, Mon
day nighi, May 9th, a play.
Tuesday tiight, class exercise.
Friday night April 22, Karl
Jansen presents "Davy Crockett'
in School Auditorium.
Mr. sterling Butts, alter a
lingering illness, passed away
at his home April 19th, at four
A. M. He is survived by a de
voted family of wife and daugh
ter, Rachel Butts, and one son,
Lewis Butte. They have the
sympathy of the entire commun
ity. The remains were laid to
rest at Tabor, April 20th, Rev,
Wright conducting the service.
Mr. "Reg" Cook, of Hender
son, was a guest of Mr. D.
Cook Sunday.
Miss Sallie Liles who has been
undergoing treatment in Rich
mond is at borne with her parents
her eye is in a very critical con
dition we are sorry to note.
Mrs. Chas. Kelly recently visit
ed Richmond in the interest o:
ner neaitn. sue was accompan
ed by Miss Annie Cook.
Mr. J. M. Harris and daugh
ter, Elizabeth, recently visited an
oculist in Raleigh in the interest
of his daughter's eyes. The con
dition of her eyes is not as ser
ious as he at first thought.
In the spring a committeeman's
fancy lightly turns to thoughts
of a New School Building, Hugh
What did you say? Oh, nothing
Sick him, Tige!!! -
Sterling B. Butt
Mr. Sterling B. Butt, a wel!
known farmer of the county,
died at his home near Aurelian
Springs Tuesday after a long ill
ness. His devoted wife and two
children survive him. He was a
member of the Methodist Church
and the Junior Order U. A. M.
Funeral services were held by
his pastor, Rev. Mr. Wright, at
Tabor Church. Wednesday after
noon. Rev. Francis Joyner and
Rev. Lewis N. Taylor assisted in
the services. A large number of
Junior Order members attended
and the funeral service of the
order was rendered.
Victory Medals For Soldiers.
A large number of our boys
who went over seas during the
war have never gotten the vie
tory medals they are entitled to,
believing the cause for this is
that they did not have the nec-
cessary blanks to apply for the
same I have secured a supply of
said blanks and will be glad to
assist those entitled to victory
medals in securing them with
out any compensation. Call at
Post Office, Roanoke Rapids, Geo.
N. Taylor.
New York Glee Club Tonight
The New York Glee Club which
is the last number of the lyceum
Ml ...
cuursewiu appear uus evening
at 8:15. Reports from various
points in the-south where this
Glee Club has appeared indicate
that we may expect one of the
very best entertainments of the
year. In order to encourage a
full attendance the price of ad
mission has been reduced to 60
cents for adults and 25 cents for
children. Season tickets will be
good for this performance.
Mr. Edward Lee Baird and
Mrs. Elizabeth Brame were mar
ried in All Saints (Episcopal)
Church Sunday afternoon at 3
o'clock. Rev. Lewis N. Taylor
officiating. A large number of
friends and relatives were in at
tendance. .
Mr. and Mrs. Baird left imme
diately after the service for a
trip north.
The Past.
I have Mid that 1 deemed it a great
thing for a nation, in all periods of its
fortune!, to be able to look hack to
a race of founders and a principle of
Institution In which It might seem to
see the realized Idea of true heroism.
That felicity, that pride, that help
la ours. Our past, both Its great eras,
ahould announce, ahould compel, should
spontaneously evolve as from a germ
S wise moral and glorious future.
Henry Chorley.
Frugality has ever bean esteemed
a virtue as well among pagans as
Christians; there have been even he
roes who practiced It. However, we
moat acknowledge that It Is too mod-
an a virtue, or, If you will, too ob-
acurea one to be essential to her
oism; few heroes have been able to
attain to such a height Frugality
agrees much better with politics;
seems to be the base, the support, and,
la a word, the Inseparable comoanlon
of S lost administration. Oliver Gold-
Warts Are Contagious.
Warts are contagious, as Is proved
by experiments on their own lingers
Bade by Drs. Udo J. Wile and Lyle
B. Klngery of the University of Mich'
Igan Medical school. These physician
seem to have proved that warti
are caused by some port of a vim? that
pastes easily through a filter and
threforetbrough tha sound humu
How the Mint Buys Gold.
The mint buys gold in any form,
whether coined or not, when presented
In sums to the value of $50 or more.
The face value of coins is not constd
erod, only their weight and purity. An
equivalent amount of lawful money is
given In exchange. Theoretically, tha
gold Is coined and handed back to
(be owner without charge. In practice,
as a matter of convenience and to
save time, the mint simply buys the
gold and pays Its full coinage value
that Is what It will be when coined.
tame Sickness.
tavastianUon of the South XI-
disease known aa lamilekte, of
sickness, suggests thnt It Is due
ts $ special plant poison that Is gen-
and abnormal conditions hi
or other plsnts ttint are nor
atafly tamlsss. Its development seems
ts ke associated with anturaal weather
and soli sxpoitenoes of which sum
mar drought Is Important Tiiroagn
ssMh oandltlons, wilting would favor
9m temadon of the poison, and thU
tha common Dellef that tha
lta from eatlnc wtttstf
When Heney Bsc Will Sting.
Dark colon seem to be more offens-
rrc to bees than light and the person
ad In dark garments ahould show
mors emntton when handling these use
Smt tnseeta. OOsmdve odors ars also
sfcfeotloBahU to them, and tha pemaa
recently Mtnratng from working In tna
stabi or whose perspiration has a ffi
ttnet edor should show some dlscra-
tha beahlT Clinton vUle Qaxetta.
Musical Instruments of Insects.
Buzzing or humming la mainly due
to rapid vibrations of the wings, which
often strike, the air more than a hun
dred times In a second, but there Is
sometimes a special quivering instru
ment near the base of the wings.
Chirping or trilling is due to some sort
of "strldulatlng" organ, one hard part
being scraped against another, as the
bow on the fiddle It may be leg
against wing.
Tax of Idleness.
It would be thought a bard govern
ment that should tax Its people ono
tenth part of their time, to be em
ployed In Its service. But Idlenes
taxes many of us much more, If w
reckon all tint ts spent In ansolnti
sloth, or In doing nothing; with that
which Is spent In Idle employments oi
amusements that amount to nothing
Sloth. Ilka rust consumes faster thai
labor wears; while the used key It
always bright as Poor Richard says.-
On the aeaths and moors where I
Save so long enjoyed the wonders of
nature, I have never been, I can hon
estly say, alone; because when oo man
was with ma I had companions in
every bee and flowei and pebble; and
never idle, because 1 could not pan a
swamp, or a tuft of heather, without
finding in it a tale of which I could
but decipher here and there a line or
two, and yet found them more Inter
esting than all the books, save one.
which were ever written on earth.-
KIngsIey. .
West Point Instruction.
The course of Instruction at West
Point Is largely mathematical and pro
fessional. The principal subjects
taught are mathematics, English,
French, drawing, drill regulations of
all arms of the service, natural and
experimental philosophy,, chemistry,
ttemlcal physics, mineralogy, geology,
electricity, history, International, con
stitutional and military law, Spanish,
civil and military engineering, art and
dene of war snd ordnance and gun.
ery. ,
Modernised Grammar.
The teacher of a New Ham-iMiIra
school wss one daV examlnlnc . few
f her select pupils In grammar.
"Stand np, Johnnie, and make me a
sentence containing the word sel-
ora," she said, pointing to a small
boy. Johnnie paused as If In thought
ttlen with a flush of triumph on his
face, replied: "Last week father had
Ave bjbiee, but yesterday he seldom P
All Saints Church
Rev. Lewis N. Taylor, Rector
Rwook Arenoe
Mii Mary Duke, Pariib Visitor
Next Sunday is the Fourth
Sunday after Easter.
Services: 7:30 A. M. Holy
9:45 Church School, T. W. Mul-
len, Supt.
Morning service at 11.
Night service at 7:45.
The Vestry will meet at the
residence of Mr. Lehman tonight.
All Saints Church extends a
most cordial welcome to you.
Rev. L. B. Jones, Pastor
Sunday School at 9:45 W. V,
Woodroof, Supt.
Preaching by the pastor at
A. M. and 7:30 P. M.
All are cordially invited
these services.
Mr. Luther M. Roberts
On Tuesday, March 15th, Mr.
Luther M. Roberts died at his
home, 106 East Lee St., Greens
boro, N. C, after two weeks ill
ness of heart trouble. Funera!
services were held at the Hones
Funeral Home the following day
and interment was made in
Greensboro Cemetery. He was
born in Huntington, W. Va., and
was 41 years of age.
He was married to Miss Lula
Moody, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Joe Moody, of Roanoke Rapids,
N. C, Feb. 26th, 1918. Mr.
Roberts is survived by his wife
and aged father, Mr. F. N. Rob
erts, of Hamlin, W. Va., four
brothers and two sisters, Dr. R,
E. Vickers, H. S. Roberts and
Mrs. B. B. Bush, all of Hunting
ton, W. Va., W. L. Roberts, of
Logan, W. Va., C. K. Roberts, of
Carrington, Ky. and Mrs. E. W.
Holly, of Hamilton, W. Va.
All Saints' Church Elects
Delegates to Annual
The following gentlemen have
been elected to represent All
Saints'. Church at the annual Con
vention of the Episcopal Church
of this Diocese which meets in
St. Phillip's Church, Durham.
May tenth, eleventh and
twelfth. Delegates: Messrs. J.
A. Moore, W. F. Joyner, B. B.
Cullom, H. W. Atkinson, Alter
nates: Messrs. T. W. Mullen,
Wilie J. Long, Jas. H. Lyerly.
Crawford A. Lyerly. .
Carolina Lodge No. 2251. O. O
'. at its regular meeting Monday
night, April 18, 1921, in W.
O. W. Hall, Rosemary, N. C.
After regular routine business
the degree captain drilled the de
gree team for three quarters of
an hour and is in fine shape for
the initiatory degree next Mon
day night, April 25th. Carolina
lodge is having some very inter
esting meetings, their attendance
is improving every meeting and
a large attendance is expected on
April 25th to see the degree
work which begins promptly at
;ju o'ciock f . M. Every mem
ber of the degree team is urged
to assemble at 8 o'clock P. M.
for the drill before the initia
tion. Visitors are always wel
come at the meetings of this
lodge. Come on visitors and
make Carolina Lodge No. 225 I.
0. 0. F. your home for a couple
of hours every Monday night as
long as you are in this commun
Baptist Baraccas Meet
Members of the Baraca Class
of the Roanoke Rapids Baptist
Church will meet in their class
room tonight to discuss plans
ooking to the betterment of the
class. All members are urged to
be present and take part in the
discussions. ; .
HaU That Afford Protection.
The natives of the Philippines and
South Sea islands wear large sun hati
as a protection from the beat Palm
leaves of various kinds furnish th
material generally used, but the shapes
differ. Some are woven flat and soms
with a peak. The commonest form In
the Philippines is made of palm leaves
covered with cane, a cane bandeau giv
ing an air space above the bead. The
ornamentation of these bats Is very
simple; no colors are used with the ex
ception of brown, which Is occasionally
Introduced In the use of hemp. Asia
Shallow waters show a very clear
bottom and but little Intensity of light
Is needed In order to display the peb
bles and clear sand. That must be a
"purest ray serene" a pencil of
strongest light which discloses the
black, rich, wreck-strewn depths. For
the clearness of depth Is very different
from the clearness oi shallowness, The
former Is a positive quality. The latter
Is negative. Charles Warre6 Stod
dard. Iron Pipe rfMkcs Good Sprinkler.
Somebody uttiiched to the Arroyo
feco library and plajgrounds In Loi
Angeles hud a bright Idea. In order
to sprinkle the roso hedges and vines
in the grounds with little trouble, a
three-fourths-Incl) pipe was perforated
at Intervals and placed on Up of the
fence. The pipe was then given water
connection; and now, when the watei
Is turned on, the en .Ire hedg-e and
bordar of flowers Is sprinkled. Anothei
length of perforated pipe takes cars
of the library terrace. Popular
Science Monrmv
Men of Eiprlt
There are men of esprit who are ex
cessively exhausting to some people.
They are the tnlkers who have what
may be called Jerky minds. Their
thoughts do not run In the natural or
der of sequence. They say bright
things on nil possible subjects, but
their zigzags rack you to death. After
a Jolting half hour with one of these
Jerky companions, tnlUlng with n dull
friend affords relief. It Is like taking
the cat In your lap after holding a
squirrel. O. W. llolmes.
No Shoes for Traveling.
A few of my friends and I went to
a station nearby to camp and pick
blueberries. Ort the first day, while
traveling through some swamp land
our feet became wet That night I
built a Are and placed my shoes and
socks on a log near the Ore, Intending
to watch them until they dried. I fell
asleep and my footwear burned. The
next day I went home on the train
barefooted, to the amusement of all
the passengers. Chicago Tribune.
Stelng Him Home.
I was coming home from a dance.
and I didn't want my escort, whom I
had Just met thnt evening, to know
where I resided. We were walking
down the street and I saw a pretty
house. I stopped In front of this
bouse and told my escort that I lived
there and was obliged for his atten
tion and kindness in taking me home;
A look of bewilderment broke out on
his face as he said, "Holy smoke, how
do you live there when I live there?"
8ocial Worm Turns.
An English paper inveighs against
hosts and hostesses who look upon
their guests as temporary chattels-
creatures to be disposed of at will,
amused, fed, exercised and finally
herded to bed, entirely without refer
ence to their own desires. Few or
those victims have the courage of
Lady Oeorslaa Orey, who on being
told by her host, as he bade her good
night: "We breakfast at nine," re
plied: "Oh, do you? I breakfast a
eleven." Boston Transcript
Lignite In Syria.
Coal, In the ordinary sense of the
word, dues not exist In Syria, hut
there are Hs of lignite containing
traces of vi.lile organisms. The
principal beds are In the Mettu; that
of Cornuell, which has been worked;
and la the district of Jor.zlne, those
of Nlhit nml llnltour to the east of
Bldon. This is very extensive hut
shallow and close to the surface. At
Jezzlne aniher, yellow and black, Is
abundiint. Christian Science Monitor.
Last of the Free Eats.
My neighbor sent In some pudding
for our dinner. Neither of us fancied
it so of course it remained for the
garbage can. Just as I was emptying
It Into tho garbage can she came upon
the scene probably to ask how we
Jked It as It was a new dish. Ton
can Imagine my embarrassment and I
might say that was the end of hand
outs from her. Chicago Tribune.
"Do animals think?" asks a scien
tist. Weil, n dog turns around three
or four times before lying down to
go to sleep, while a man, without giv
ing the matter any thought, lies down,
goes to sleep and then turns over sev
eral times, wnklng himself each time.
Louisville Courier-Journal.
Chinese Engineers Skillful.
Chinese locomotive engineers have
the gentlest sense of touch with the
airbrake of any in the world. A break
In two Is almost unheard of, and there
Is very little damage to cars In shunt
ing on Chinese railways.
Must Work Together. .
Human beings were made to suc
ceed and to be happy when they work
together on the "each for all and all
for each" basis. Pnt them together any
other way and they won't get on at
The Halifax Resolution
On Tuesday, April 12th, was
Halifax Resolution Day. The
News and Observer in speaking
of this memorial day, says:
"Yesterday's holiday was in
celebration of the Halifax Reso
lution. On April 12th, the Pro
vincial Congress of North Caro
lina, in session at Halifax,
adopted a resolution empowering
the delegates from North
Carolina in the Continental Con
gress to confer with the
delegates of the other colonies in
"declaring independency." Not
quite three months later in Phil
adelphia the national declaration
of independence was signed.
The Halifax resolution breath
ed the same rugged spirit of in
dependence and determination to
be free from oppression that ani
mated the longer declaration. It
showed that in those days as now
North Carolina was at the fore
front in liberal thought.
Not enough people are famil
iar with North Carolina history.
Observance of April 12 as a State
holiday should have the result of
causing North Carolinians to re
fresh their memories as touching
the history of the early days of
our Great State. "Roanoke
The following score was made
by members of Weldon-Roanoke
Rapids Gun Club, on Saturday,
April, 16, 1921.
Dr. S. B. Pierce, 25
VV. M. Perkins, 25
W. B. Lawson, 25
H. C. House, 25
A. C. House, 25
J. A. House, Jr. 25
George Simmons 25
Dr. Jarman, 25
Mr. Glasgow, 25
C. W. Gregory, 25
R. S. Travis, 25
G. S. May, 25
L. D. Hayman, 25
Free Ice for Sick Who
Are Unable to Buy.
Mr. S. M. Thompson, president
of the Roanoke Ice and Fuel Co.
has announced that his company
will give ice to sick people this
To get free ice it will be nec
essary to have a note from a
physician or a charitable organi
zation stating that you need ice
and are unable to buy.
Corrected Honor Roll
The names of the following
children were omitted from the
Honor Roll of the Central School
last week.
5B Grade Jim Batton.
5A Grade Katherine Jackson,
Agatha Moore.
Mack, the seven year old son of
Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Clark, of
Rosemary, died Wednesday af
ternoon after a brief illness.
Funeral services will be held
this afternoon.
Many tell lies In order to deceive ns,
and many because they themselves art
deceived. Some seek to win our favoi
by false accusations and Invent
wrongs In order that they may appeal
angry at our having suffered them. Ons
man lies out of spite that ha may set
trusting friends at variance; soma be
cause they are suspicious and wish to
see sport and watch from a safe dis
tance those whom they have set by
the ears. Lucius Annaeus .Seneca,
Growth of Cremation Idea.
Available statistics compiled less
than a decade ago show that in the
United States the total number of cre
mations had risen to over 60,000 dis
tributed among 88 crematories. The
growth of cremation has been very
rapid on (he Pacific roast In 191S
a contract was let by the government
for the erection of a crematory In tha
Canal tone.
Baseball's Beginning. . I"
Abner Doublcday of Cooperetown,
N. T., in 1830, was the first to pre
pare a diagram of the baseball dia
mond. The Knickerbocker club, found
ed in New York city In 1845. ts said
to have been the first baseball or
ganization. j
$2.00 a Year in Advanc
Miss Bessie B. Huff, of Clarks
ville, Va., spent Saturday here
with Miss Alice Clark.
Messrs. S. J. Bounds and J. H.
Harrison spent Monday in En
field. Mr. L. W. Clements spent this
week in Richmond.
Mr. J. R. Manning spent
week-end in Richmond.
Mrs. J. A. Ward and son
visiting in the home of Mr.
Mrs. F. M. Shute.
Mrs. V. C. Matthews
daughter, Dorthea, left Wednes
day for Clayton and Lillington to
visit relatives.
Mr. V. C. Matthews spent sev
eral days in Raleigh this jveek.
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Tillottson
are spending gome time here.
Mr. P. C. Duncan spent Sun
day in town with his family.
Mrs. J. T. Craddock. of Chris-
tianburg, Va., is visiting her
daughter Mrs. D. L. Traynham.
Miss Inez Wooten, of Clayton,
spent the week-end here with
her sister, Miss Lois Wooten.
Mr. W. W.Kidd and family, of
Warrenton, spent the week-end
here with relatives.
Miss Winnie Leatherwood, of
Williamston, spent the wee k-end
here with her sister, Miss Ethel
Mr. L. L. Braswell and family
spent Sunday in Scotland Neck.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Taylor and
children spent Sunday in Scot
land Neck.
Misses Myrtle Smith. Sula and
Birdie Williams and Messrs. Ba
sil Glover and G. L. Garner spent
Sunday in Wake Forest with
Miss Cora Delamar spent the
week-end in Raleigh.
Mr. F. M. Coburn spent a few
days in Richmond this week.
Rev. L. B. Jones and Mr. K.
C. Towe left this week for Louis-
ville, Ky. to spend a few days on
Mrs. R. M. Hudson and child
ren, of Henderson, are visiting
Mrs. R. S. Savage.
Misses Elizabeth and Josey
Camp, of Garysburg, spent Sat
urday in town shopping.
Miss Mertie Faison has resign
ed her position with the Roanoke
Ice and Fuel Company.
Mr. W. E. Bryant, of Rich
Square, spent Tuesday in town
on business.
Mrs. W. S. Hancock and sons,
Allen and Murphy Jackson spent
a few days in Scotland Neck
this week visiting relatives.
Messrs. S. J. Bounds and E.
A. Telliga spent a few days in
Newbern this week.
Cemetery Association Meets
The members of the Cedar
wood Cemetery Association met
in the Mayor's Office Friday
night at eight o'clock. Mrs.
Fred Peck offered her resigna
tion aa Chairman of the Associa
tion on account of her removal
to Greensboro next week. It was
accepted with regret and a ris
ing vote of appreciation of her
services was given. Mr. Wm.
Manning was elected as Chair
man. A committee was appoint
ed to draw up a concrete state
ment of the plans of the Associ
ation in their work, the same to
be mimeographed and placed in
the hands of the people of the
Community. Reports - were
heard from committees, which
showed progress and the im
provement of conditions ' in re
gard to the cemetery seems an
assured fact
Food and Apron Sale
The ladies of the Presbyterian
Woman's Auxiliary will have a
sale of aprons and food on Sat
urday, April 30th in the lobby of
the Peoples Theatre. Come buy
something for your Sunday din-
ner and a supply of aprona for
the summer.

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