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WHITE AWARD MATTER NOT piim iriATinN ne pirrcw-r VsJYH C? TJ ..,... " I -"t 1 dosen't expect to participate In the
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Not Known How United States Made
Known Its Opposition to Possible
Hostilities In Central America.
Washington. War between Pana'
ma and Costa Rica, growing out ot
the present boundary dispute will not
be tolerated by the United States, It
was learned here authoritatively,
Both governments are understood
to have been informed that the obdu
racy of Panama over me acceptance
of the White award insisted upon by
the American government, must not
be made the basis for the renewal of
It was not revealed In what man
ner the United States had made
known that it would regard hostili
ties with keen displeasure, but it was
assumed that representation had been
sent to both Panama City and San
Official reports received here have
Indicated that peace on the isthmus
was again about to be : disturbed.
"Made in the Carollnas."
Charlotte, N. C For the purpose
of showing to the world what classes
of manufacturing enterprises are car
ried on in the two Carolinas, a two
weeks' exposition will be held here in
September. Manufacturers from all
parts of the Carolinas are expected to
participate. It will be called the
"Made in the Carolinas Exposition"
and more than 2,000 manufacturers of
the two states are expected to be rep
Washington. Japan's chagrin at
the apparent desertion by France of
the Japanese cause in the controversy
over the Island of Yap was evidenced
by Japanese diplomats here when it
was made plain at the Japanese em
bassy that Huron Shldehara has urg
ed the publication of the Yap cor
respondence on the ground that Japan
has not had a proper public hearing.
The action of France in promising
to urge a solution satisfactory to the
American government when the ques
tion of Yop conies up before the Al
lieu supreme Council is believed to
have been influenced by intimations
Official photograph cf Mrs. A.
Washington. The United States is
slowly winning its way in negotia
tions with foreign governments.
France has acceded to the American
viewpoint on the status of the island
of Yap and there are indications thai
Japan, Great Britain and the other
allies will fall Into line and agree to
the interior.
Fall, wife of the new secretary of dispose of the controversy by interna
tionalizing the island
I The significance of what is happen
ing, however, does not lie merely In
Samuel D. Nicholson, new republi
can senator from Colorado. Ho llvei
at Leadville.
..ic luy iiucBiiuu iiHun. Kiomeininir nmiirnriii tfiimi minr
broader Is Involved. It is the express-! P WhKh H H h 1 HiUt
be Costing the Railroads Around
$300,000,000 Annually.
ed willingness of France to be the
cloi-e friend of America in shaping a
new foreign policy.
Mr. Hughes appears to be well satis
fied with the progress made Ih the
negotiations thus far with foreign
The note from France is the first
from this government that partlclpa- nM ,, t. . ,
(., K A..l., In . .1 n,. w-.. .
of the supreme council might he de-'
pendent upon the acceptance or re-1
jectlon by the allies of the fundamen-i
tal principles laid down by Secretary Washington.-Hoth railroad exreu
Hughes in recent note. !tjVPH ,in,i i,.).,. .iI.i.,r.,i tim
Great Britain, it was pointed out, 1 decision of the United States Railroad , triumph. France admits that the hand
holds the key to the situation. If the Labor Board abrogating the national Ing out of mandates in the nast was
British reply to Secretary Hughes' agreements would materially advance rather haphazardly done. The French
note is as sympathetic as
r ranee, japan can nanny noiu out satisfactory to all parties. The board i oral expressions than in their note,
against a re-opening of the whole directed individual roads and their They have said frankly that they did
question of mandates. : employes to confer and agree uwn not think it was becoming of the great
With the Hughes doctrine of man- new working rules by July 1. powers to take advantage of Ameri-
dates unequivocally accepted, it is be-' 1-abor representatives said many of ca s absence from the conference by
Ileved that one of the greatest ob- the 16 basic principles laid down in giving away territory without the ex
stacles to American participation in the board's decision to govern the con-' press consent of the United States.
the forthcoming council of ambassa- ference on new working agreements,
dors would have been removed. .espcially the eight-hour day and the
Should Electricians Join Strike the
Street Car and Public Light Com-
panics Would be Paralyzed.
More Trouble for Panama.
Washington. Guatemala Honduras
and Salvador members of the new
Central American union, are pledged
to declare war simultaneously with
Costa Rica against Panama if Costs
Rica deems such action necessary in
view of the present boundary dispute
with Panama, according to official ad
vices received here.
Some Executive Appointments.
Washington. Peter Augustus Day,
of Rhode Island, now minister to Sal
vador, was nominated by President:
Harding to be Minister to Rumania. '
Frank White, of Valley City, N. D.,j
was nominated to be treasurer of the!
United States.
Gary Favors Publicity.
New York. Elbert H. Gary, chair
man of the United States Steel corpo
ration, told the stockholders at their
annual meeting he was in favor of
"publicity, regulation and reasonable
control" of business through govern
ment agencies, as a possible "solution
or antidote to the labor union prob
World's Debt to the U. S.
Washington. The world's debt
right of the employes to organize and
! select their own representatives. In
clude principles they have been fight
ing for. Railway executives said that
the decision recognized thi'lr coninn
; tlon that many of the rules should
not have national application.
The decision affects members of IS
unions Including all those aftiliatcd
with the railway department of the
American Federation of Labor.
hen the abrogation of the na-
Renew Attack on Treaty.
Washington. Republican senators
of the progresiive group, led by Sena
tor Johnson, of California, renewed
the attack on the pending Colomlan
treaty, but administration leaders
sent word to President Harding that
It was assured of ratification,
London. Great Britain's "triple at
liance" of labor will can its members
from their posts, It was announced
here. This decision follows the In-
that of the effort to arrive at an agreement have gone further in their Informal ability of the National Miners Federa
tion to reach an agreement with the
mine owners and the government for
the settlement ot the miners' strike,
fhich began April 1.
The "triple alliance"is made up of
the National Miners' Federation, hav
ing a membership of 800,000 the Na
tional Union of Rallwaymen, with
300,000 members, and the National
Federation of Transport Workers,
which numbers as its members a large
number of unions which have a mom
berahlp of close to 300,000. It has
been estimated that if the "alliance"
should call a strike, there would he
nearly 4,000,000 persons Idle in Eng
land as a result.
Other labor organizations may he-
come Involved In the controversy be
tween the government and the "triple
(alliance." The Pally Mall declared
i that the executive committee of the
1 Electrical Trades Union resolved to
; support the "triple alliance." An eleo
I triclans' strike would paralyze street
car traffic and public light companies
Charlotte. Sheriff W. O. Cochran
dosen't expect to participate in the
plan to enforce the "blue laws" In
Mecklenburg county. He made It
known that his office would act only
when warrants are drawn und pluced
in his hands.
The state law now works toward
the prevention of work on the Sab
bath, with the selling of gasoline as
oming under the provision. City au
thorities are now enforcing the anti-
gasoline law, and for the last two Sun
days outolsts have been going outside
the city limits to make their pur
Plans for the enforcement of the
law have the backing of a fine of $1
for each offense involving persons of
more than fourteen years of age.
The provisions of the act have been
called to the attention of the board of
county commissioners and the sheriff.
To patrol the county outside the city
limits to observe and insure againnt
infraction of tho statute would require
the time of more men than the
sheriff's office has at its disposal it
Is declared. When tho sheriff saw the,
situation, he --.id his attorney to in
terpret the act and his duties In the
premises. When a warrant Is handed
the sheriff or his deputies, citing some
one as having violated the provisions
of the net. the papers will be served
it whs said. Deputies, however, will
not be detailed to patrol the rural
pcrts of the county or areas near the
city to see that the act Is not violated.
Salisbury. The city aldermen have
called a special election for June 7 at
which time bonds for schools will be
submitted to the voters. The sum of
$500,000 is to be authorized if bonds
earn' tho election but the understand
ing Is that all this sum will not be ex
pended at ono time. To take care or
the bond luetie If it carries a tax rate
of not more than 50 cents on the $100
Dlreotor General Rountres- Very Busy
Arranging Details Annual Meeting
Good Roads Association.
Greensboro. J. B. Wilson, traveling
salesman, claiming Pennsylvania aa
his home and also company headquar
ters, was found guilty of having co
caine in his possession for the pur
pose of sale and sentenced to five
months on the county roads In muni
cipal court. The defendant, through,
his attorney, gave notice of appeal.
Wilson was arrested in a local hotel.
Adjoining bis room waB a small
closet, in which officers said they
found approximately $1,000 worth of
the stuff. The closet was locked at
time of search and Wilson, when tried
disclaimed any knowledge whatever
of the stuff.
Mr. J. A. Rountree, director general
of the United States Good Roads As
sociation, who is here arranging the
details of the annual meeting which)
convenes here April IS to 23, has just
been notified of his election as a mem
ber of the Press Congress of the
World. This body will meet In Hono-
lula October 4 to 26.
Durham. Trinity college won Its.
debate .here with Emory university
completing its debating season with
out defeat. The debate was the fourth
this year, James A. Drumbrowsky,
Sampler Kelly and Granger Hansell,
represented the Georgia institution.
and a poll tax not to exceed $1.50 Is and John R. Small, Jr., Hugh T. Lefler
and Henry S. Sprinkle comprised the
Trinity team.
Vatican Denies Report
Rome. A formal denial was issued
by the Vatican of the reports that it
would act as an intermediary be
tween Germany and the United States
for presentation of German proposi
tions with regard to reparations.
Georgia's Biggest Crop.
Macon. Ga. Railroad traffic offi
cials, returning from a conference of
t0 tlonal cereements was nronosed sev- transportation officials In Atlanta.
me Liiueu mates now approacnes eral months ago by W. W. Attcrburv.
the grand total of $20,000,000,000, a vt(,e president of the Pennsylvania
sum sufficient to pay all the running RaIlroa(i it WBS declared that the na-
expenses of the government for five onal agreements were costing the
yearB- railroads $300,000,000 a vp.-ir. heransp 'since 1912,
roreisu governments now owe mis Cprtnn economics in shon conditions
government nearly $13.000,000.000. ' collld not he DUt into ffe,.t und.,r
The interest on the world's debt at 5(the old rules.
per cent per year amounts to nearly
$1,000,000,000. This Is the amount
which the government now is paying
out each year in
stated that first shipments of Georgia
peacuo3 will begin the first week In
May. Railroads are preparing to
move 8.000 cars, the biggest crop
Klnston. Whatever Joseph Kllpat-
ricK, one ot tne nve ueniucnus wm
have been seeking the mayoralty hero,
thought of his chances until the first
primary, he now knows there will be
no second primary for him. Kllpat
rick campaigned diligently for weeks.
His platform was elaborate. But not
one out of 1.575 voters saw fit to put
iu a ballot for him. He didn't even
vote for himself. His sole cause for
satisfaction is that he fuught a clean
Hickory. Belief .that the Watauga
Yadkin River railroad, which has
been constructed between North
Wilkesboro and Darby, a distance or
27 miles, will be operated this season
was strengthened by reports that ef
forts to obtain co-operation of the in
directly Interested will be made in the
next few weeks.
of liberty bonds and victory notes.
May be Women K. P's.
Greenville. S. Cf A resolution to
interest to holders; permit women to become members of
the Knights of Pythias fraternal or
ganization will be introduced before
Ask Rate Reduction. 'ho Bupreme lodge meeting at San
Washington. Appeals for reduction Francisco this year by Rev. Louis J.
In freight rates on Georgia water-! Bristow, supreme representative from
melons, peaches and other fruits Hnil j this state.
I Use Debt to Sell Cotton.
' Washington. A plan to take ad
vantage of the allied debt to the Unit
ed States In providing means to dis
pose of the Southern cotton crop was
suggested to President Harding by
Governor-elect Hardwick, of Georgia.
He proposed that the United States
iask the allied governments to under
write German bonds which would be
accepted in payment ot cotton exports
Only One Resigned.
Budapest. Gustave Gratz, minister
of foreign affairs, is the only membei
of the Hungarian cabinet to resign
as a result of the visit of former Em
peror Charles to Hungary.
Probe Bergdoll Escape.
Washington. The resolution auth-
vegetables were presented to Chair-1
man Clark of the Interstate Commerce
Commission, and Southern Railway of-
Tax Idlers to Pay Vets.
Budapest. Austrlans who did not
see service in the war are to be com
pelled to pay a special tax, the pro
ceeds of which is to be devoted tc
from this country and would be held . the care of disabled Hungarian sol-
Greensboro. Governor Cameron
Morrison, speaking here at the annual
banquet of the Greensboro Merchants'
association, asserting that North Car
olina must progress, outlined the way
It can do so, and asked his hearers to
co-operate in the spirit or concora
and refuse to be torn Into dissension
by the "gnats, the mosquitoes, the
snakes, the kissers and the players of
tomtit politics."
High Point. Re-electing Mrs. W. C.
Hammer, of Asheboro, president for
another year, listening to reports
from committees and a sermon by
Rev. J. D. Williams, of Liberty, dele
gates closed the second busy day ot
the annual conference of the North
Carolina Women's Horn and Foreign
Missionary societies, In session In the
First Methodist Protestant church
Husband Out of Luck.
Grand Island, Neb. The wife
.here as securities
against the war
orizlng an investigation of the escape ficials by Senator Harris and Georgia !Ry tates, an overseas soldier, who
of Grover Cleveland IJergdoll, Phila
delphia draft evader, who is now in
Germany, was adopted by the house
without opposition after brief debate.
Decline in Foreign Trade.
Washington. American foreign
trade last month was nearly three
quarters of a billion dollars less than
in the same month last year, figures
made public by the Department of
Commerce show.
Gompers Enjoying Honeymoon.
New York. Samuel Gompers, 71,
veteran founder and head of the
Ahierlcan Federation of I.ahor, was on
his way to Toronto with his bride,
formerly Mrs. Gertrude Nauschler, 3S,
of Zanesviile. Ohio, following their
marriage hire
married again when she was notified I Couples Forced to Marry.
that her first husband had been 1-illud : Chicago. Declaring that she had
solved a dilemma when hpr soldier .been forced with 24 other couples to
dlers or the dependents of those who
were killed in the war.
.husband returned unexpectedly by
eloping with a third man.
Vlvianl is Optimistic.
Washington. Rene Viviani leaves
America this week to report to France
and Europe, generally, that the pros
pects of American co-operation in
Europe are not as dim as the outside
world has been led to believe.
Dog Buried With Man.
Orlando, Fla. The body of George
H. Bryant. 60 years ofd. of this city,
was found In an unmarked grave here.
pet dog which had belonged to Mr.
Bryant was found buried with
body of its master.
Improvements at Camp Glenn.
Raleigh, N. C Major Gordan Smith
assistant Adjutant General, left for
Moorehead City, where he will make
an inspection of improvements under
way at Camp Glenn In preparation
for the annual encampment of the na
tional guard in July.
take part la wholesale marriage cere
mony while an inmate of the "House
of David." a religious cult at Benton
Harbor. Mich., Mrs. Hilda L. Hansel
told her story to Judge Jesse Baldwin
in circuit court tn an effort to have
the marriage annulled.
Promotion List Is Approved.
Washington. President Harding
has approved the list of twelve new
major generals and 26 new brigadiers
as prepared by Secretary Weeks.
Volunteers for Inoculation.
Chicago. Two men and one woman
have volunteered to be Inoculated
with scarlet fever germs in an expert-
Iment to isolate the germ being con-
Raise Crude Oil Price.
Pittsburgh, Pa. An increase in the
price of crude oil was announced here
by the principal purchasing agencies.
Price Reduced on Sheet Iron.
New York. Price reductions' for
sheet iron were announced hy the
American Sheet and Tin Plate com
pany, a subsidiary of the United
Urging Judge McDowell.
i.yncnourg, va.-r nenus oi r e.ierai , d..(.tpd v D, Ludwllr Hektoen and
the Judge Henry C. McDowell of Lynch- n. rnr.. v n,k . thft MrrormU.k
burg, will ask President Harding to . InstItute of infectious Diseases.
appoint mm to succeed tne late
Judge Jeter C. Prltchard of Ashevllle.
Four Collision Victims.
Covington, Ky.-Four persons were
killed, four seriously Injured and two
others badly hurt in a collision of an
automobile and a Chesapeake St Ohio
railroad engine at a grade crossing.
Klnston. Immediate endorsement
by Potentate W. R. Smith, of Sudan
Temple, followed the announcement
Belmont. Slttlne In his office at of the launching or a campaigu u
Belmont Abbev coNeee. the wireless cure the 1922 spring ceremonial of the-
operator of the college listened to the Mystic Shrine, at the first annual ban-
strains of a musical number, "Way quet of the Klnston annne ciuo uem
rwtn-n in nM Virginia " niuvifi nn it rofpntiv in commemoration OI IDO
phonograph in Avalon, on St Catalina founding of the club one year ago,
Island, off the co;rst of California.
rh.rinttn The following schedule
Wilson. Fire burned to the ground n. ,rtUfti Tttiue of the exhibits In
the five story building used by the ,ha nomoblle show was prepared
Wilson Tobacco company and owned h . t.. polger. of the C. C. Cod-
oy me niniierei: iiros. oi jjunvme, is, jington company, to.inmcaie me
Ttie building was a rrame structure, B. 0f the 1921 exhibits:
containing a large quantity of tobacco
and the loss is estimated to be mora
than $100,000.
Army Officer Killed.
Columbus, Ga. MaJ. Paul Fv John
son, 34. a student at the field officers'
! class, United States infantry school,
Camp Penning, was killed when an au
tomobile he was driving plunged over
an embankment.
Greensboro. Burlington, High
Point or Greensboro will be selected
Passenger cars on exhibition, $252,-
280.88; commercial cars ana iruc.
$34,375; accessories, $12,370. Grand
total, $299,025.88.
The increase ranged from
cents a barrel.
10 to 25 States Steel Corporatior. The reduc- to withdraw its armed forces in this
Want Troops to Remain.
Manauga, Nicaragua. A resolution
urging the United States government ; justed and generally Increased by an
Increase In Freight Rates.
Washington. Freight rates on high
er classes of merchandise throughout
the Southeast were completely re-ad-
tions vary from $7
various products.
to $14 a ton on
Shells 15,000,000 Years Old.
Marlton, N. J. Shells declared to
be 15,000,000 years old have been dis
covered in the marl pits of this town
by Prof. John H. Ruckman, federal
geologist and engineer.
Russian Gold Being Cached.
London. Russian gold amounting
to millions is being cached in the
city was rejected by the NIcaraguan
4,000 Houses Burned.
Hakodate. Japan. Fire
order isued by the
merce Commission. -
Interstate Corn-
American Flag Disregarded.
Constantinople. Skirmishing is go
ing on between the Turks and Greeks
Children to Meet Mrs. Harding.
Columbus, Ohio, Mrs. Harding will
receive delegates to the annual child
welfare conference of the National
Parent-Teacher associations, to he
held in Washington April 25, accord
ing to an announcement from Mrs. W.
H.. Sawyer.
The Senate to Tackle Tariff.
Washington. Once more the sen
ate prepares to wrestle with the
"emergency" tariff bill, sometimes
called the "peanut" or "farmers
tariff bill.
- Chile's First Dreadnaught.
Valparaiso Arrival here of Chile's
first dreadnaught, the 28,000 ton La
Torre, formerly the Canada of the
British navy, and three destroyers
has revived comparisons In the press
of the relative sea power of Argen
tina, Brazil and Chile.
broke out here destroyed some 40,000 ', th nurd! melon of Asia Minor.
United States for the use of Russion houses before it was brought under whr it i ronnrteit neither l m.
control. Rnpctinir the Ameri run flu hoisted
over the Near East relief stations.
leaders if they are driven from the
country by a counter revolution.
Would Repeal Volstead Act
Washington. Repeal of the Vol
stead prohibition enforcement act is
Commander Foots Assigned.
Washington. Commander P. W,
Foote, for several years personal na- proposed tn a bill Introduced by Rep
val aide to former Secretary Daniels, resentative Hill. Maryland. The ev-
and at present acting in a similar ca-1 feet of repeal, Mr. Hill said in a state-
pacity for Secretary Denby, has been men t, would be to leave the enforce-
assigned to command the scout cruis
er Salem, of the Pacific fleet.
House Passes Emergency Tariff.
Washington. Republican leaders,
supported by all except eight demo-
crate, pushed the Young emergency
tariff and anti-dumping bill through
the house. The majority for the meas
ure was tremendous.
1,000 Irish Emmlgrants Coming.
Dublin. Nearly 1,000 Ir!-h emml
grants embarked at Queenstown for
the United States. -
Several attacks on the constabulary
were reported.
' Ireland's Frist Woman Murder.
. Dublin. The first execution of 8
tromao in the strife between the dis
cordant factions in Ireland is an
nounced. She was taken from her
home la the Scotstown district oi
Monaghan and shot and killed on thi
dank of the rlvtr.
Wants No Law Taxing Sales.
Washington Voicing his opposition
to a sales tax, Representative Mon
dell, of Wyoming, the republican lead
er, predicted that no law taxing sales
would be enacted at this session of
ment of the 18th amendment to the
concurrent power of the states.
Harding May Review Fleet
Washington. Secretary Denby will
Invite President Harding to review
the Atlantic fleet at sea off the Vir
ginia Capes when the fleet comes
north about May 1.
Appeal for Christiana.
Rome. Cardinal Gasparrl, papal
secretary ot state has made an appeal
to 'Mustapha Kemal Pasha, head of
the Turkish nationalist government
at Angora, in behalf ot Christians in
countries under Turkish rule.
Worst Blizzard of the Year.
Chicago. Snow storms and gales in
many places reported to be the worst
in the history of local weather bu
reaus, swept from tjae Rocky Moun
tains to the Atlantic states, causing
damage and discomfort.
Freezing Weather In Arkansas.
Little Rock, Ark, Freezing weath
er followed in the wake of the blls
zard and tornado which swept many
persons to death and left debris in
Its wide path east of tat Rocky
Warehouse Is Burned.
Valdosta, Ga. Fire, believed to
have been started by sparks from
burning sawdust, destroyed the ware
house ot the Empire Oil company,
here, together with about 25,000 bush
els of peanuts and cottonseed, cotton
seed hulls and other stock.
To Prohibit Shipment ef Arms.
Washington. Blanket prohibition
against the shipment of arms and
munitions to any country where they
might be used for revolutionary pur
poses has been asked of congress by
the State Department.
Lowest Price In 7 Years.
Minneapolis, Minn. For the first
time in almost seven years flour sold
under $8 a barrel at the mills here.
Not since July, 1914, local millers said
has flour been quoted under $8 a barrel.
Case of Kllpatrlck.
Washington. President Harding
promised a delegation from Alabama
to personally take up with Secretary
Hughes the case of Captain Emmett
Kllpatrlck, of TJnlontown, Ala., who Is
held prisoner by the Russian bolshevik.
Murder or Suicide.
Baltimore. Henry E. Wack, head
of the brokerage firm of Henry E.
Wack A Co. of Baltimore, was found
dead with his throat cut In his room
at the Hotel Sevllla, Habana, Cuba,
Landls Warns Ball Players.
Chicago. Federal Judge K. M. Lan
dls, baseball commissioner, warned
major league baseball players that
they were facing a hard proposition
tn regaining the confidence of the pub
lic this season, and advised them to
play their best.
Pnrkv Mount Memorial trees to
for the site of the location of the RoctT Mount and Nash county service
Methodist Protestant colege, the an- wno ave u,eir lives in the world
nounceraent of the selection to be war have Deen planted around the
made on May 20, according to me n.tAeruta monument at me en-
committee in charge of the campaign trance to Riverside Park and will b
to raise funds for tne estaDiisnmeni dedcated with appropriate exertinc
of the institution. nn Memorial Day, May 10.
Wadesboro. C. D. Thomas of Mor- rwha. After the most prosper-
ven shot a big eagle that measured 6 ' ,MM. in its history, the winter
feet from tip to tip. Tne eagle ras V8t0ra to the Moore county
shot at a fish pond owned by Mr. are returning North by tne nunureu..
Thomas. Eagles are rearoly ever Been gnd Dy May 1, Plnehurst ana aouui
in this country and the big bird ex- ern Pmeg expect to be almost desert-
cited quite a good deal of Interest. edby tourists.
Vniinn i Hnni. I . BmmAv la Ooerate.
. .-.... nam. --
.... i. Li it v i . K ent njuii".v..
naieigo. -voionei jhiiic-b n. iuus,i niuaui. " . . . over 8-
trobablr the foremost negro citizen plants aeveiopme - .
of thS state, died here following a co ?Xkorr have been put into
I nine - ' . i- i. aim
long illness. oration or will be runnm .u
In late rears. Colonel Young waa .:. .nrnn to A. I Berry, presi-
beet known as a counclllator among 't . ... Berry-Fortune construc-
the radical element in bis own race, ,m.ny whose concern is nnisn-
Obregon Authority Established.
Mexico City. Authority of Presi
dent Obregon has been firmly estab
lished in all parts of the republic and
there are no threatening Influences at
work, declared E. Plutarco . Calles,
Secretary ot the Interior.
Count lethlen Named. . .
Paris' Count Stefan Bethlen, who
has acted as adviser to Archduke Jo
seph, of Hungary, has been appointed
Hungarian premier to replace Paul
Teleky, who baa resigned, says a Bud-
apat dispatch. i
German Obligation' Fixed.
Paris. Germany's obligation to the
allies wll be fixed at between 130,000,-
000,000 and 150,000,000,000 gold marks
by the allied reparation commission,
says The Echo de Paris.
8lr Vlekara Assassinated.
Dublin, Sir Arthur Edward Vlck
are, former Ulster klng-of-arms, was
shot dead at Llstowel and his resi
dence was burned.
A tag was attacked to 'the body,
reading "Traitors Beware, We never
forget I. R. A."
.IClCheto T atrekxrpSaeo ,nB
More Arrests Made.
Jonesboro, Ark. Eight arrests were
msde In connection with alleged night
riding and arson In the vicinity ot Bay
. k
Lumber Case Postponed.
Washington. Reargument of the
American Hardwood Lumber case was
postponed by the supreme court until
October 10. The lumber men are ap
pealing from decisions ot the lower
courts enjoining them from continu
ing certain co-cperatlve selling practices.
Cut Wages of Worker.
New York. The salaried force of
the American Smelting ft Refining Co.
will receive a 20 per cent cut In pay,
and wagea of laboring classes between
30 and 40 per cent
I. W. W. Convicts Surrender.
Chicago. A majority of the Indus
trial Workers of the World who were
affected by United States supreme
court ruling refusing a review ot their
convictions In 1(18 surendered ant'
will be returned to the penitentiary a
Leavenworth, Kansas.
He held all the high offices In the col
ored lodges and at the time of bis
death was grand master of the Odd
Fellows. He gained his colonelcy at
the outbreak of the Spanish-American
war when be organised a regiment
der county now. u vv
, ,,. trails manufacturing com.
pany of Granite Tall. 1. having built
one of the largest ot the several
plants. ' ,
Carosnters Reduce Own Wages.
fharlotte. Voluntary reduction i
wages for carpenters from 75 to e5 ,
Community Una for Hickory.
Hickory. Plans for a band concert
and community sing on the occasion
. , . . I . ..nlAlnl ttlllM.
oi me opening oi ui" uuii.iioi - - ,..,.j v .v. in.
Ing and the iuditorlum next fall at- cents an hour was accepted by U.e lo
ready are under way, although the carpenters' union meeting in the.
handsome structure, being erecteq dj carpenters na.i on uu. . cu
h- . i. . mmnnced. The same work day will continue in
The desire for a large place where torct, it was decided, the scale being;
more than 1.000 persons can assemoie eight ana a nan nours a uay.
has been keen here for many years m view of the reduction In material
since the burning of the "opera house" COsta and the decline in other build
nearly 20 years ago and the audito- fnR items, the carpenters officially
i. ..n..i.,t tn fee filled on the decided to accept a reduction in
first night
BM.irf.ni of Wsman'a Club. I Chamber of Commerce to Meat
rnarinttn Mra. amea Eugene Rell- Marion. J. Q. Gllkey, president of
ley, president of the Charlotte .Wo- the western North Carolina chamber
man's club during the past year, was 0I comerce, has called a meeting or
reflected president for the ensuing tn, boanj of directors to meet at the-
year at the annual election of officers. Langren hotel In Ashevllle, Friday,
Vra Balnh Van Undlngham was Anrll 15.
elected first vlca president and Mrs. Mr. Gllkey nrges upon all the diree
J.Renwick Wilkea was elected second tors to be present at the meetln to-.
vice president and Mrs. C. N. Peeler participate In the business that wilf
was re-elected recording secretary come np before it for disposition. He
and Mrs. J. H. McEwen will be the itates that he has received muck en
neW corresponding secretary. Mrs. couragement from all sides. Man la
Edwin Clark, Jr was , elected trees- qniries harve already come to hW tor
rer, . , Information. . . . . - ;

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