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The Herald Publishing Co., Inc.
J. T. Stainback . . Editor
F. M. Shute . . Manager
Subscription $2.00 Year in Advance
Entered as Second Class Matter April
3, 1914, at the Post Office at Roanoke
Rapids, North Carolina, under Act of
March S, 1879.
All communications should be
addressed to the Herald Publishing Co.
Persons wishing return of mss, must in
all cases enclose stamps.
All cards of thanks, resolutions of re'
dpuct etc., etc., will be charged for at
the rate of ten cents per line, cash
must accompany article in all cases ex
cept where customer has a regular ac
count No insertions made for less
than 25 cents.
Friday, May 6, 1921
President and Senate
the Senate must be consulted
"as to the terms of the treaty be
' 'fore it has been made. " Plain
ly, the Lords Paramount of the
Senate are banded together to
make good Mr. Penrose's boast
that Mr. Lodge's committee
"will blaze the way in foreign
The Knox resolution, denatur
ed at the President's behest,
does little more than declare that
we have stopped fighting. In
the debate some of the Demo
cratic Senators took, it much too
seriously, although the Germans
will b? likely to construe it as an
encouragement to them to resist
the reparation demands. Of
much higher interest is the strug
gle for mastery proclaimed in
Mr. Lodge's challenge to the Ex
ecutive. ---New York Times-
Senator Lodge says the Senate
will soon consider a separate
peace with Germany. Not so,
says President Harding. Either
the President or the Senator is
going to back down.
"If we choose to make peace
"with Germany by a treaty,
"which will probably follow this
"resolution," said Senator Lodge
in his speech on the Knox reso
lution, "surely we are not be
traying" the Powers associated
wih us in the war. There fol
lowed much discourse about the
practical impossibility of saving
anything of the Versailles Treaty
after dissecting out the Covenant
of the League of Nations. Very
little of the Treaty would remain,
said the Senator. For that rea
son we must make our terms
with Germany by a separate
treaty of peace, "which will
"probably follow thisresolution."
"It would be idle to declare for
"separate treaties of peace with
"the Central Powers on the as
sumption that these alone
"would be aedquate," said Pres
ident Harding in his address to
Congress on April 12; "because,"
he continued, "the situation is so
"involved that our peace engage
"ments cannot ignore the Old
"World relationship and the set
"tlement3 already effected, nor
"is it desirable to do so in pre
serving our own rights and con
"tracting our future relationships."
There is a further irreconcil
able conflict between the Execu
tive and the Chairman of the
Foreign Relations Committee.
Mr. Lodge for the hundredth time
declares the League of Nations
dead and buried, but he now
commits the Treaty to the cold
tomb. It can't be saved ; nothing
worth having would remain after
the Covenant was cut loose from
it therefore a separate peace
treaty "will probably follow
Listen again to the voice of the
President: "The wiser course
"would seem to be the accept
ance of the confirmation of our
"rights and interests as already
"provided and to engage under
"the existing Treaty, assuming,
"of course, that this can be sat
isfactorily accomplished by such
"explicit reservations and modi
"fications as will secure our ab
"solute freedom from inadvisable
"commitments and safeguard all
"our essential interests."
Here is a head-on collision be
tween the President and the Re
publican leader in the Senate. In
addressing Congress President
Harding warned the bumptious
Senators to cease meddling. Re
ferring to the failure of Mr. Wil
son to love the Senators as he
ought to have done, he said that
"we would so to the other ex-
"treme, equally objectionable, if
"Congress or the Senate should
"assume the function of the Ex
"ecutive." Mr. Lodge is assuming the
function of the Executive. It is
he who announces the policy of
making a separate peace with
Germany, overriding the policy
declared by the President. It is
he who says we can have noth
ing more to do with the Versalles
Treaty, although the President
has declared that we should en
gagelmder" it ! Furthermore,
he' refers to some musty preced
ents to reinforce his hint, or com
mand, to the White House that
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cuted by Mrs. N. T. Peele dated Jan
uary 30. 1920, default having been made
in the payment of the indebtedness
thereby secured, the undersigned will,
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o'clock M., in front of the First Nat
ional Bank of Roanoke Rapids expose
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This the 28th day of April, 1921.
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Notice of Sale
Under and by virtue of the authority
conferred upon the undersigned in a
certain Chattel Mortgage executed by
A. R. Sandlin and Molhe Sandlin, his
wife, dated the 15th day of February.
1921, and duly recorded in the office of
the Register of Deeds for Halifax
County in Chattel book 323 at page 387,
given to secure the said undersigned as
endorser on a certain note therein re
cited, default having been made in the
payment of the said note at its matur
ity, the undersigned will on Saturday,
the 21st day of May, 1921, at 12 o'clock,
M., in front of the Post Office,' in the
village of Rosemary, Halifax County,
North Carolina, offer for sale at public
auction to the highest bidder for Cash
the following personal property, to-wit:
All household and kitchen furniture
of every kind and description belonging
to the said A. R. Sandlin and Mollie
Time of Sale: 12 o'clock M.
Place of Sale: In front of the
Office in the village of Rosemary.
Date of Sale: May zi, 1921.
W. E. Lewter,
4-29-3t icz Mortgagee
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C. A WYCHE, Prest. S. F. PATTERSON, V-Prest. T. W. M. LONG. V-Prest.
J. T. STAINBACK, Cashier

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