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Annual Convention of North Carolina,
Merchants' Association to Convene.
In Greensboro June 21-23..
'If German Police In Hands of Poles
Are Shot, Germany Will Retaliate
by Shooting Polish Prisoners,
Kreuzburg, Upper Silesia. German
Telchswehr officers have assumed con
trol of the Kreuzburg district; 2,000
army rifles have been issued and
guards thrown about th; town to de
lend it against a threatened attack
by Poles who are camped In front of
Rosenberg. The Polish army Is es
timated at 5,000 with several score of
machine gunv.
The inter-allied officials are help
lesB, the French troops having been
withdrawn two days ago for service
At Rybnik. The entente's representa
tives are seven French civilians, a
Uritish major and an Italian civilian.
Their position Is not a pleasant one;
the townspeople are highly excited
and are angry with the French for
having withdrawn their troops at
critical time.
The Polish attitude Incensed the
German leaders, who notified the
Interallied commission that the
Germans would hold no conversations
with the rebels and would not agree
to an exchange of prisoners, but If
the Polos carried their threats to
Bhoot German police the Germans
would be forced to resprisals against
Polish prisoners.
would Amend tmergency ar.n. je(.tC(, fln nvitHlion t0 join jQ coal.
Washington Further consideration ltl(m mnlsltry
of the emergency tariff bill by the Pre9,jenl Ebert h neId conferen
enate was marked by the introduc-!ces wth Rok.nst!lg leaders belonging
uon 01 two auumonui uroeumueui. , t0 ,he pr(9ent ,.oaiit()n an,i the ma
Senator Ashurst. democrat. Arizona, j j()rjty partv tiut hait nnt BUC.
roposed that the duty of seven cents t.e((l(1 n untanKlln(! tne t.allint,t
pound on long staple cotton be in- criai8 perclpitated bv the sudden res
eased to 20 cents, while Senators ,,,. ... ,f, vt.hrnwh ministry
nes, democrat, ,ew Mexico, muicu
r a tariff of 15 per cent ad valorem
a all imported hides.
Short Thousand Officers,
Washington. Due to legislation by : trlct, United States court, declared in
congress, the navy, by December 31, 1 the trial of a prohibition case, that he
will be short more than a thousand i would he compelled to order a ver
officers, said Secretary Denby, who diet of not guilty in the case of a
mad) this statement In connection ; man brought before him for killing
,ih n nnnnimr ement. that he had
rescinded his order graduating the
.1922 class at the Naval Academy
' Wasn't Draft Dodger.
i Washington. Announcement was
made by the war department that the
name of Stanley Harrison rrencn, 01
Brooklyn, had been removed from thei
draft dodder dist just issued for that
district. French reached the rank of
lieutenant commander in tne U. a. ing It evacuated under more favor
navy.. able conditions would be slim.
Hioh Cost of Transportation.
n'nhini,inn Thp h L'h cost or
transportation constitutes "the most
Dressing question in the United
states nt this moment and the great-
est obstacle in the way of a return
to normal conditions and the restora
tion of business," Senator Capper, re
plican, Kansas, declared.
While the Cat's Away.
New York. There was a police pa
rade in New York. As the blue coats
inarched sturdily along, oniy a oiock
away thieves took a $7,000 auto truck:
containing J33,oou worm or wooiens
from the front of 404 Fourth avenue.
Baptized at Age of 101 Years.
London Mrs. Ann Slssons, 101, of
Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, has just
teen baptized and confirmed by the
Bishop of Sheffield
Last summer
he made three airplane flights.
German Cabinet Has Resigned.
London. A telephone message re
ceived from Paris gives a Berlin dis
patch saying that In view of the sit
uation that arose in consequence of
the reply of Secretary of State Hughes
to Germany's counter-proposals on
reparations, the German government
unanimously decided to resign.
Dr. Simon Baruch III.
New York. Dr. Simon Baruch, 82,
father of Bernard M. Baruch, former
bead of the War Industries board, was
critically ill at his home here.. He
was stricken a week ago with se
vere heart attack.
Railroads Are Making Upgrade.
' Washington. The railroads are
lowly making! the upgrade.
Reports, which wHl be filed with the
Interstate Commerce commission next
week, will show an Improvement in
the condition of the railroads.
' Mayer May Form Cabinet.
Berlin. President Ebert, the Vas
Iscbe Zeitung says, has asked Dr.
Wllhelm Mayer. German ambassador
to France, to form a new cabinet. Dr.
Mayer asked that he be given time
to copsider the offer.
Use Movies Instead of Books.
New York. Substitution of motion
pictures for books In the nation's el
mantiirr schools would In twenty
years Uing about an advancement of
(ten centuries in civilization, iuuuh.
jA. Edison said. . 1
Highwayt Are Consolidated.
Topeka, Kan.-FormaI consolidation
of the National Midland Trail and the
Roosovelt National Highway to be
known ae the Rooeeyelt-MIdland Trail
men announced here by Dr. R M. Saw
Jilll, of Glasgow, Kan.
Mrs. Harding la President
.Washington.-Mra. Warren O. Hard
ing, wife of the President, has accept
ed the honorary presidency ot the
Girt Scouts at rally of, the aoonU In
t?ie haif We ot the Daughters ot the
-JiMl' !l"V:I'ttlca. "V -
Mrs. Albert EJnstein, wife of
famous scientist.
Believed That Social Democratic Partv
. ........ -J
Has Rejected an Invitation to
Join In a Coalition Ministry.
Berlin. Prospective candidates for
a : the new cabinet and the political par-
tifls jir reserving rierlslnn i-nni-ern-
, ..v.
I lit? I'll I 1 1(1114 I'll 1 till 11 UUf W 11 11 1 C" I ' " i'( '
gard to the Allied ultimatum on tinan- bar gold or bulliou. which many be-; nges was filed in the District cf Co
cial lnd"mnlties has been clarified, - i liove to be of Hussion origin, lly way lumblu Supreme Court against Sena
Leaders of the majority socialist ' "f the Pacific ha? come occasional j tor Swnnson of Virginia by Jack A.
party are stubbornly opposed to par-' shipments of gold from Siberia where j Cavaleri, a waiter, who alleged ho
tlctpatijbg In the formation of a cabi- they formed part of General Kul- j was struck a year ago by an auto
net containing representatives of the chak's war chest. j mobile driven by Senator Swiinson.
German people's party and It is be -
,,. , .. . .. , , .i..,r.,.,, n.ir.
t headed bv Philip Scheidemann,
former chancellor, have definitely re-
Judge Rules Him Innocent.
.Montgomery, Ala. Judge Henry D
j Clayton, of the middle Alabama dis-
an "nicer oi me law wuu nau eiiitjieu
his office without a search
in'o search for liquor.
Don't Think Terms Fair.
Berlin. Only a few of the Berlin
'newspapers comment on the entente
ultimatum -which the nationalist
nre3g characterizes as unacceptable.
The majority socialist Vorwuerts
expresses belief that, once the Ruhr
area ls 0CCUpedi the prospect of hav-
Atlanta Ban readjusts nates.
' Paris The guns of the Hotel des
IbvhHiIm thundered a salute to , Na-
P,,lpon nonaparte exactly to the min-
l.tn h i 4,...t)l .x M at 1 CJ
lite mat nis deatn occurred at ht.
Helana one hundred years ago. This
was the closing feature of two days
of ceremonies In honor of the "Uttle
8.000,000 Cases of Typus.
New York. More than 8,000.000
cases oi lypnus nave neen reponeu
in Soviet Russia with a mortality as
nign as au per cent in some commu-
Initios, said a report by Dr. Harry
riou or mis city, neaa oi a jewisn
medical unit.
$5,000 Worth of Liquor Stolen.
Louisville, Ky. One hundred ;ases
jof whiskey, valued at $5,000. were ;
stolen from the Dowllng distillery atof that body as well ns those of the
Tyrone, Anderson county, 'accordintr conference of ambassadors and the
to reports received here.
Submarine Chasers Made Ready.
Baltimore. Three submarine chns-
, ers attached to the Naval Academy
at Annapolis are in readiness to sail
for Baltimore to meet any eventuality
that might arise from the mine work
ers' strike at this port.
U. S. Cannot Stand Aside. j Mine Workers Wages Stand.
Paris. Belief that the United Indianapolis, Ind. Wages of organ
States could not stand aside "from ' ized mine workers will not be reduced,
the work of world regeneratlon".if the John L. Lewis, president of the Unit-
league of nations covenant was
drastically amended was expressed !
by Rene Vivlani.
Funeral Base Abandoned.
Cherbourg. France. As a result of
orders received from American mill-
tary authorities at Antwerp, the Amer-1
lean funeral base here has been aban-
doned. The personnel has been or-
dered to Belgium.
Sweeping Wage Reductions.
Roanoke, Va. Sweeping reductions
in wages for more than 25,000 Nor
folk & Western employes, Including
members of all railway organizations,
both skilled and unskilled labor, were
brought to light here.
Alcohol Seized.
Salem, Mass-Four barrels of pure
alcohol were found hidden In a carload
of potatoes from. Canada and consign
ed to the "Quebec Products Company
of Salem," which was seized by. United
States custom Inspectors,
Candidates for Ku Klux Clan.
Atlanta. Initiation of more than
1,000 candidates Into the Knights of
the Ku Klux Klan was carried out
with all the mystic ceremonials of the
order at a meeting at Lakewood park
In this city.
World's Chamber of Commerce.
Paris. Arrangements for the Lon
don congress Of the International
chamber of commerce to begin oMn
day, June 27, hare Jusi; been made by
the board of directors at a meeting
here. .. .. ,
Fully One-Third of the Bullion Now
In This Country Was Garnered In
All Quarters of the Globe.
New York. A vertiablo flood of
New York. A veritable flood cf
gold Is sweeping upon the shores
of the United States. Already the
precious metal in this country has. at
tained the unprecedented amount of
$;i,001,4S7,915, and yet the tide is ris -
Financiers attribute this to the fact
that the United States is the world's
one "creditor nation" and for the
equuiiy important reason
that the
other nations of the world find it well-1
jnlgh impossible to transact business
with this country, by reason of their
own depreciated currency.
The precious metal Is coming from
all quarters of the globe,
i Sweden is sending gold received
f,, r;.,,n fnr war .......lie., also!
! The local assay office, a new siruc-
j tare, whose modern equipment in
1 dudes huge vaults five floors below
the street -.level, now holds upward
of 11,000.000,000, fully one-third of
which has tome from foreign coun
To Publish Slacker List.
Wasl.ington.-The war department South Carolina Tonnes8ee and Ken
slacker list, as issued from time to (yy
lime, win ne pumisneu in ine ton-1
gressionul Record
Request for such
publication was made In the house
by Representative Johnson, republi
can, South Dakota, a former service
Unemployment Conditions.
Raleigh, N. C "The unemployment
condition in the state is far from
satisfactory," declared Commissioner
of abor Bn' 1'rinting M. L. Shlpman
i in a report he made to tlie national ;
convention of labor officials which is ;
meeting In New Orleans.
forever America." The permanent
Rediscount Rates Relaxed. j fields of honor will be Romagne, Bel
Waslilngton. - Action of the New 1 "' Flandera' Field near Bony, and
York Federal Reserve Bunk in reduc
, '
inR 1,8 rell8l0unt rate from 7 10 8 1"2
Per ct'nt relle(ts a t? towards
j relaxation in rediscount rates in other
districts, Secretary Mellon
Aiiania, n. nenuuiu. K"
prnor of the Atlanta Federal Reserve
Rank, announced a readjustment of ;
rediscount rates, putting all paper I
. .... .... ...
h.imlleil hv that Institution on
a flat
baSjs of 6 per cent,
j .
To Quash Indictments.
Grand Rapids. Mich -Judge Gar-
jence . sessions, wno presiueu iu
! r eaerai court nere in tne Aewoerry
; trial, upon learning of the Supreme
coun s uecision, announced inai nu
would at once issue an order dismiss-,
. ing me seconu inuicinieui hiium
1 Senator Newberry and his associates.
Harding Accepts Invitation.
Washington. President Harding j
has accepted the invitation of the al
lied supreme council that the United
States be represented at the meeting
reparations commission.
Tranquil Mexican Holiday.
Mexico City. Observance of Mexl-
(os national holiday passed on tran-
qullly, according to reports received ,
,ty the war office, and fears aroused
by rumors of revolutionary outbreaks
proved to be without foundation.
ed Mine Workers of America, declared
in a statement refuting reports of such
Break In White River Levee.
Little Rock, Ark. Measures were
being taken to afford relief to rest-
dents of the Bayou creek region,
northwest of Helena, where a break
in the White River levee resulted In
the flooding of more than 100,000 acres-
Case Ordered Reopened.
Washington. The Interstate Com
merce Commission ordered that the
Texas state rate case must be re
opened for the purpose of consid
ering the propriety of the rates on
cotton linters in that state.
Baerlln Defeats Cutting.
London. E. T. Baerlln, the British
court tennis champion, successfully de
fended his title aganst C. S. Cutting,
the American challenger, at the
Queens Club here, defeating Cutting
in three straight sets.
Fine Endowment Fund.
Charlottesville, Va. South Caro
lina's contribution of $3,000 helped to
swell the University of Virginia en
dowment'fund total of $771,643 made
public by Executive Director Arm!
stead M. Doble.
Due to High Cost of Living.
Chicago. In an exciting electing
the people ot Hoopestown have re
elected John A. Heaton mayor, con
tinuing his salary at 50 cents a year.
The opposition had no chance tor It
demanded a salary ot $10 a year.
Capt. David Potter, new paymaster
' general of the navy.
Southern Department Is Composed of
Virginia, North and So. Carolina,
Tennessee and Kentucky.
Washlngton.-Sult for $10,000 dam
j cavaleri claims he sustained perma
nent Injuries.
The resignation of S. R. Rrame, su
pervising federal prohibition agent of
the southern department, with head
Quarters at Richmond, Va was an
nounced by ;.ctlng Internal Revenue
Commissioner West.
The southern department includes
! the states of Virginia, North and
Printers' Wages Reduced.
Chicago. A wage reduction of $4.35
a week for each of the four major
printing crafts of Chicago was an
nounced by an arbitration board.
Many Bodies to be Undisturbed.
Paris. More than thirty thousand
bodies of American soldiers will He
forever In French soil. Four bits of
French Mil have been chosen as the
final resting places for the bodies-
; four bits of France that "will remain
ou,CTm"" "u ",c "ulB"LD rl,"B
Advice of Hughes to Germany.
Washington. In urging Germany tc
make at once "directly to the Allied
governments" adequate proposals on
reparations, the American government
was believed by the allied diplomats
here to have definitely closed the rep-
arations Incident so far as the United
States was concerned,
To Investigate Freight Rates.
Savannah, Ga. The Southern Traf-
' flc League, in session here, adopted
'a rppnrt authorlzlng a petition to the
InterHtHte Commerce Commission for
an invPstlf,atlon of frel(,ht ratea
the southeast.
Reports Without Foundation,
London. A German official' dis
patt.n (rom jierlin savs there Is nc
foun(jation for the re'p()rt tllat Ge
many made a new reparations offer
tQ ,he A1e(,
Armenian Food Supplies.
Constantinople. Food supplies for
the PeoP'e of Armenia left here on
tne steamer Georgia for Hatum, with
a cargo of 1,300 tons of food furnish
ed by the Near East Relief.
Mere Man Barred Out
New Orleans. Only women art
eligible to attend the annual conven-
;tion here of the Association of Wo
men In Industry.
All the speakers
are women
Desire Participation of U. S.
London. The Allied Supreme
Council decided to invite the United
States to send a representative ii a
member of the supreme council and
a'o to be repre;u'.;i on the repara
ons commission.
Talbot Takes Oath of Office.
Dublin. Lord Edmund Bernard
Talbot, who Is now Viscount Fitxalan,
was sworn in as Lord Lieutenant and
Governor General of Ireland. The
ceremony, which took place In Dub
lin Castle, followed prscedent.
Body of Drowned Woman Found.
New York. The body of Mra
Annette K. Rankine, wealthy widow,
who disappeared here on April 1, wa
found floating In New York harbor,
near the South Brooklyn shore a few
days ago.
To Check Hun Foreign Trade.
Washington. Immediate congres
sional action to check the inroads of
German foreign trade In the United
States was urged by Secretary Hoover
before the house ways and means
General Harris Assumes Blame.
Washington. Major General Peter
C. Harris, adjutant general ot the
army, told a house investigating com
mittee that be alone was responsible
for the release under guard ot Grover
Cleveland Bergdoll.
German Government Protests.
Geneva. The German government
has protested through the Secretariat
of the League of Nations against the
presence ot French troops in the
Sarre region and the exercise there of
French military Jurisdiction
American Ambassador's Appearance
at the Foreign Office Was Cause
' of Warm Appreciation.
Paris, American representation
nt Allied conference was resumed
when Hugh C. Wallace, the American
ambassador took his scat lit a ses
sion of the council of ambassadors
Mr. Wallace received his Instruc
tions from Secretary of State Hughes
to represent the United Suites gov
ernment at the ambassadorial confer
ences. The American ambassador's appear
ance at the foreign office, where the
council happened to be meeting, was
the occasion of warm expressions of
appreciation on the part of Jules
Cambon, of France, president of the
council, and other members.
Ambassador Wallace was given a
seat at M. ('million's right.
The problem of t'pper Silesia was
the subject of the deliberations.
Roland W. Royden. who formerly
sat with the Allied Reparations Com
mission at Its sessions, has received
his Instructions from the state
pnrtment to resume his seat.
Collector Robbed of $20,000.
Detroit. Twelve men, armed with
sawed-off shotguns, held up n Detroit
United railway conductor and es
caped with $20,(i00 In cash.
Musicians In Session.
St. Paul, Minn. More than 400 del
egates are here for the annual con
vention of the American Federation
of Musicians.
Mexican Fatally Injured. ,
Naco, Ariz. Pedro Uiysa, a Mexi
can Immigration officer, was probably
fatally Injured In a clash between
Mexican and United States Immigra
tion service line riders.
Forest Fire Still Rages.
Ocala, Fla. Fire still was raging In
the Ocala National Forest Reserve.
eaBt of the Ocklawna river. The fire
has been burning a week. Much game
has been destroyed.
Senator Newberry Resumes Seat.
Washington. Senator Newberry re
turned to his seat In the senate fol
lowing annulment by the Supreme
Court of his conviction in. Michigan
of violation of the Federal corrupt
practices act.
Much Suffering In Siberia.
Tokio. Conditions in the interior
of Siberia are pitiable, with nearlv HI
the people there In need of cloth
ing, food and medicine, according to
E. O. Lively, formerly of the American
Red Cross.
To Hold Army Contingents.
Paris. The army contingents of
1919, called to the colors In connection
with the preparation for ffie possible
occupation of the Ruhr valley, will in
no case be sent home before July.
Bad Report on Winter Wheat.
Washington. A winter wheat crop
of 629,287,00 bushels was forecast by
the Department of Agriculture, bas
in gits estimate on the condition of
the crop May 1, which averaged 88.8
per cent of a normal and the revised
area to be harvested which Is about
38.721,000 acres.
May Abandon Obsolete Forts.'
Washington. More than sixty ob
solete forts and military posts of no
further military value, have been rec
ommended to congress by Secretary
Weeks for abandonment.
South Carolina: Fort Fremont, Fort
Winya and Castle Plnckney.
North Carolina: Beacon Island and
Fort Macon.
Jail Guard Beaten to Death.
Jeffersonvllle, Ind. John H. Grimm,
50 years old, guard at the Indiana
tate reformatory here, was beaten to
death and two convicts were shot in
a mutiny. '
Haitians Charge Atrocities.
Washington. Charging a long se
ries of atrocities by American me
rinos and the native gendarmerie In
Haiti and demanding the withdrawal
of the United SUtes military forces
from that republic, three Haitian del
egates are In Washington.
"Mountain Bad Man" Lynched.
Knoxvllle. Berry Bollng. aged SO,
white, alleged "mountain bad man,
was lynched at Huntsville. Tenn.,
when 50 armed men forced their way
into the Scott county jail, selied Bol
lng and hanged him to a tree a quar
ter of a mile away.
Plan to 8ettle Insurrection.
Warsaw. In the face of Increasing
clashes between insurgents and Ger
mans, the Polish government has de
cided upon a vigorous plan in an at
tempt to settle the insurrection.
The President Praises Elka.
Washington. The principles of pa
triotism Inspiring the ritual of the
Elks were lauded by President Hard
ing tn an address at the Washington
)odg of the order.
Dr. Mayer Declines to Serve.
Berlin. Dr. Wilhelm Mayer, Ger
man ambassador here from Paris on
a summons from President Ebert, who
desired the ambassador to -attempt
the formation of a new cabinet, baa
Informed the president ho could not
comply with the request 1 .
All Other Building Crafts In -Ashe
ville Have Made a Horizontal Cut
of One Dollar Per Pay.
Contract for construction of a new
four-story college building at St. Gen
evieve's college was awarded the Gal
lavin Building company, of Greenville,
S. C, at approximately $110,000, The
building is to be ready for occupancy
next September.
A crisis in the strike of 4G union
plumbers, which has been under way
here is expected through terms of an
utimatum served upon the . Journey
men by master plumbers, who gave
the union members notice that unless
they accept the preferred scale. of $3
per day, the employers will take steps
for Importing nonunion workers to
take care of construction which has
beon held up since the walkout. The
old scale which wus for P per day
expired, and the unions refused to ac
cept a $1 cut, holding out for $8.50.
All others of the building crafts have
made a horizontal decrease of f 1 per
j day.
Greensboro. Policeman W. T. Mo
Culston was killed here when he
boarded an automobile suspected of
liquor running, and later officers
' searching for his assailants killed
j Tom Robertson and captured Lewis
Kdwards. Kdclie Paxton, charged
with being the third man In the car
from which McCulston was shof, has
not been apprehended.
Forty-eight gallons of whiskey were
found In the car when It was over
taken. Ashevllle. "Dixie highway bonds
carried almost unanimous" Is the tel
egram received at the board of trade
office from F. H. Taylor, president of
the Kiwanis club of Newport, Tenn.
Also T. H. Campbell wired as follows:
"County court voted $300,000 for Dixie
highway to state line, $110,000 for
other roads, and $50,000 for rural
school buildings."
Salisbury. President J. L, Morgan,
; of the United Lutheran Synod of
j North Caorllnn, announced officially
j that the adjourned merger meeting
; of the North Carolina synod and the
: Tennessee synod would be held In
! Burlington Tuesday, June 7, and Im
mediately following the first meeting
of the United Lutheran Synod of
North Carolina would be held.
Raleigh. Governor Morrison grant
ed a pardon to Sanders Lindsay, An
son man, serving a three-year sen
tence for manslaughter, and paroled
W. A. Murphy, white, Granville coun
ty trusty, to go homo and attend his
wife's funeral, upon the recommenda
tion of the solicitor tind of Judge W.
P. Stacy, who tried the case,
Goldsboro. Victorious veterans, he
roes of Flanders field on wMch Prus
sian pride was broken, could not have
received a more wholesome welcome
than was accorded the 300 delegates
of North Carolina Red Men who gath
ered in Goldsboro for their annual
meeting. The city is arayed In gala
attire for the occasion
Chimney Rock. Work on an elec
tric light plant at Chimney Rock Is
now under way by J. M. Flack, to de
velop 110 horsepower for use In light
ing the Mountain View inn, Chimney
Rock, and the road up to It, and other
hotels and dwelling in that vicinity.
Charlotte. Liquor making at the
city Incinerator, beyond Pinewood
cemetery, waa broken up when three
negroes were arrested.
A seven-gallon still which has
been operated over the incinerator
fires waa confiscated by the police.
Triangular Contest a Draw.
Chapel Hilll The triangular debat
ing contest between the University of
North Carolina, Johns Hopkins univer
sity and Washington and Lee, result
ed in an even break all round. '
Carolina debaters won over Johns
Honklns but lost to Washington and
Lee. Hopkins won over Washington J
and Lee and lost to Carolina. Wasn
Ington and Lee won over Carolina,
loat to Hopkins. The debates were all
held on neutral termory and were
most Interesting and Instructing to
the several audiences.
Burlington Wants National Park.
Burlington. In order to perpetuate
In the memory of Americana the Im
portance of the Battle of Alamance to
the cause of American fredom, an or
ganization is to be perfected by the
chamber of commerce of Burlington
to make the historic battlefield a na
tional park, It is announced. The di
rect aim will be the construction,
through federal aid. of a hard-surfaced
highway leading from Burlington' to
the battleground, some eight miles
In distance.
Railroad Retains Park Site.
Bmlthfleld. Lncknow square, which
the women of Dunn wanted to beauti
fy and make a beauty spot for the
town, will continue to be encumbered
with ugly-looking bales of cotton and
an antiquated platform, which ' the
Atlantic Coast Line built years ago.
When the town- commissioners de
creed that the woman's club should
have It, the railroad demurred and
got out a restraining order. Judge
Lyon ot the superior , court here made
the restraining order permanent and
Ot railroad will continue to is it
Statesvllle. An Invitation to Vic--or
Murdock of the Federal Trade
commission to addresa the convention
of the North Carolina Merchants asso
ciation in Greensboro" June-21-23 waa
dispatched by Secretary Paul Leonard,
of Statesvllle. The Invitation will b
backed by Senators Simmons and
Overman. Mr. Murdock was to hav
addressed the merchants at their con
vention two years ago, but was unabla
to attend nt that time. It Is hoped
that he will accept the present lnvltu
tion. R. U, Clnrk, former editor of The
Landtnurk and now Statesvllle post'
master, has accepted an Invitation to
address the merchants' convention
on the newspaper and its relation to
the merchant and business man
George W. Coggin of the state depart
ment of public Instruction, who la
supervisor of trade and Industrial ed
ucation, will be on the convention:
program to advise the merchants aa
to the opportunities afforded for
schools in retail salesmanship. Agri
cultural development and Its relation
to the business ot the towns and cit
ies will be discussed by Clement S.
Uckor, of Baltimore, .. ,
Winston-Salem. This city has clos
ed a contract with the Southern Pub
lic Utilities company to Install and
operate a modern type of lights 'or
streets ns follows: 850 lights of .jO
candle power at $22.50 each per an
num; 220 lights of 250 candle pou-i
at $37.59 each, and 250 lights oi 4o
candle power at $50 each per annum.
The contract also calls for a modern
white way In the business section of
the city. ,, .. . vfl
Charlotte. Former President
Woodrow Wilson, who was the guest
of honor at the 1916 Twentieth of May
celebration here and attracted th
biggest crowd of people that ever
came to the Queen City for any event,
will be Invited here again this sum
mer as the special guest of the city
and of the Wildcats Veterans Associ
ation at Its second annual reunion.
President Warren G. Harding also,
will be Invited.
Greensboro. Parker R. Anders rBv
former editor o,' the Greensboro Rec
ord and of the Wilmington Dispatch,
has entered suit In Guilford superior
court against Lieut. Gov. W. B. Coop
er, of Wilmington, in which he Is de
manding Judgment for $4,700 with in
terest. alleging misrepresentation on
the part of Mr. Cooper In the sale to
Mr. Anderson of the controlling Inter
est In the Wilmington Dispatch.
Fayettevllle. Lieutenant Joseph E.
Virgin and Lieutenant Hardson J.
HartmBn, of the eighth aero squadron.
United States army, were Instantly
killed at Pope field, Camp Bragg, near
here, when the engine of their plane
Is thought t have died on a sharp
turn, and the machine crashed Into a
pine tree.
Raleigh. Nine federal prohibition,
officers under the direction ot H. O.
Gull, who killed three unidentified ne
groes and wounded six others in a.
fight at a whiskey distillery in Meck
lenburg county, Virginia, 600 yards
from the North Carolina line, were ab
solved from blame by a coroner's Jury
summoned by C. B. Hendricks, of
Mecklenburg counly.
Hickory. Hickory's library has
ceased to hang fire and the Carnegie
foundation has promised to donute an
additional $3,000 as soon as tbo
pledges for a like amount by Hickory
citizens are redeemed. This will give
about $20,000 to put In the bulldinp.
New Bern. The county will rebuild
the county farm buildings destroyed
last week by a disastrous fire, it Is
understood here. In the near future.
The big Selden truck, 'costing $4.30o
and only used a few weeks, was th
greatest single Item lost, the total
damage coming to a total of $8,000.
Davidson. Frederick Moore, noted!
traveler and war correspondent, lec
tured here before the International
Relations club and the general public,
assembled In Shearer hall.
Druggists' and Pharmacists Unite.
Raleigh. Charlotte was assured or
another big convention when the
finance committee, of the North Caro
lina Pharmaceutical association com
pleted plans for the bl-state meeting;
to be held In the Queen City June
The South Carolina druggists will
meet with the Tar Heel pill rollera In
joint sessions, It was announced after
the committee meeting here. Dr.
Charles H. La Wall, dean ot the Phila
delphia college ot pharmacy, will de
liver the principal address. .
Liquor Raid In Charlotte.
Salisbury. Col. T.. H. Vanderford'
and F. C. Talbert Investigated a viola
tion of prohibition laws. They went
to Charlotte upon learning that Chief
of Police Orr and plain clothes men
had raided the cellar of 41 South Col
lege street, finding 85 gallons or
whiskey, 16 cases of new, empty bot
tles, coloring matter and other things
that would Indicate whiskey sales.
The Charlotte officers had arrested A.
D. Vanderhurg and placed him under
$1,000 bond for a hearing before the
Convict Held In Baltimore.
Klnston. William Harrington, alias
Hardson, an escaped white convict,
Ii being held by the Baltimore police
for North Carolina authorities, the po
lice here announced. Harrington es
caped from the Lenoir county roads
early In the year after serving all but
a few weeks of a aentence for viola
tion ot the prohibition laws. The local
authorities said they will relinquish
their claim to Harrington la favor ot
Pitt county officials, who are under
stood to seek htm cm larceny tnl -
ana chartei. '
. j- ... ..r-
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