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Rosemary Methodist Church
Her. C. M. Lance, Pastor
Preaching at 11 A. M. by Rev.
E. M. Snipes, Presiding Elder;
at 8 P. M. by the pastor.
Sunday school, 10 A. M.
Prayer meeting Wednesday 8
At New Hope at 8:30 Rev. E.
M. Snipes, followed by the Quar
terly Conference. All the offici
al members are urged to be pre
sent and make as full reports
along all lines as possible.
This is our third Quarterly
We wish to extend to our
'riends our sincere appreciation
br their sympathy, kindness and
assistance in our recent bereave
ment, r
Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Akers.
The Roanoke Rapids Power
Company have removed their
office from the second floor of
the First National Bank Building
to the Lynch building on Roa
noke Avenue.
Rev. L B. Jonei, Pastor
Sunday School at 9:45 W. V.
Woodroof, Supt.
Don't forget to attend the Ba
raca class Sunday, R. L. Towe.
At 11 A. M. Children's Day
At 8 P. M. Rev. E. M. Snipes,
P. E., of the Warrenton District
will preach.
Everybody cordially invited to
these services.
L, B. Jones, Pastor.
Presbyterian Church
Rev. Stanley White, Pastor
Miit Muf ant McUri, PmIm'i Aitiittil
Mr. Slut, Orfuiit
Mr. J. H. HirriiM, S. S. Supt.
Sunday School 10:00 A. M.
Morning Service 11:00 A. M.
Christian Endeavor 7:15 P. M.
Junior Christian Endeavor 3:00
P. M.
Evening service 8:00 P. M.
Prayer Meeting on Wednes
day 8:00 P. M.
A cordial invitation is extended
to you to join us in any of the
part of our worship, particularly
if you have no church connec
All Saints Church
Rev. Lewis N.Taylor, Rector
tiuakt Avcau
Mill Mir? Dikt, Ptriik Visiter
That's something-but it's not
being a Christian.
That's being a vacuum.
The Christian DOES something
He is ACTIVE in the service o
Don't be a ZERO when you
might be a PLUS quantity.
All Saints' Church invites you
next Sunday.
Next Sunday is TRINITY
Services: 7:30 Holy Commun
ion, 9:45 Church School, T. W.
Mullen, Supt. Morning service,
11 A. M. Night Service 8 P. M.
The Church with a welcome.
A Card of Thanks
I Scenario Lover 1
Flnt Woman Journalist.
Mrs. Anne Uoyiill, born In Maryli'itd.
In 1760, was not only the first woman
Journalist, but the nrst of her sex to
own and edit a newspaper. She was
tne widow of a Virginia revolutionary
war officer, and appeared in Washing'
ton in 18l!4 for the purpose of trying
to secure w government peusloo. Fall
ing in this, she started a small weekly
sheet which was first called the "Wash
Ington l'aul Try" and later the "Hunt
ress." She hud met personally and
talked with every president from
Washington to Lincoln, and was U
terror of politicians.
Iron Pipe KlakM Good 8prlnkler.
Somebody attached to the Arroyc
tco library and playgrounds In Lot
Angeles had a bright idea. In order
to sprinkle the rose hedges and vinei
In the grounds with little trouble, s
three-fourths lnch pipe was perforated
at intervals and placed on isp of the
feneo. The pipe was then glren watei
connection: and now, when the watet
Is turned on, the en .Ire hede and
bordr of flowers Is sprlnklut. Anothei
length of perforated pipe takes carl
of the library terrace. Popular
Sclen e Monthly
Babies and Children for
If you wish to adopt any of the
following children write R. D.
Jenkins, Supt Public Welfare,
Rosemary, N. C. Baby boy seven
monthsold baby boy four months
old; baby girl eleven months
old; girls five, eight, and ten
years of age, boys four, six, ten
and twelve years of age.
Mr. Leon Jenkins, of Rose
mary, and Miss Lena Baggett,
of Rich Square, were married in
All Saints' Church last Sunday
afternoon at three o'clock, Rev.
Levis N. Taylor, officiating. Mr.
and Mrs. Jenkins are making
their home in Rosemary.
Band Concert Tonight
The Roanoke Rapids Band
will give a concert tonight at
7:30. Our band has improved
very much during the past few
months and an entertaining pro
gram is assured.
Everybody is invited to come
out and hear the concert
Those wishing their Hogs
vacinated against hog cholera to
stop the outbreak of cholera
which has started in this locality
will please see or get in touch
with me.
Dr. W. A. Carter
As Jack crossed the office on hi
wj to his desk, his eyes dwelt ten
derly on Madge's nimble fingers as
ttiey traced what he felt sure was a
note to hliu. Thinking to surprise
her, be drew nearer, and suddenly the
large writing on the sheet seemed to
rise up and assail his eyes. Willi hurt
horror be read:
"Dearest Ted: Of course I love you.
Why doubt me 7 As long as I live, I'm
He waited to read no further, but
fled to the stockroom, where hidden
behind the bale and boxes, he fought
out bis trouble and decided upon a
course of action.
"My little Ma due. whom I trusted
with my whole soul," he groaned. Her
falseness seemed impossible.
Whs this fellow Ted was he did not
know. It was enough that the girl
he loved, and who had proiulseu to
marry him, was writing such a letter
to another man.
At last he clenched his hands, and
setting his teeth, weot into the private
offlce of the manager. Six weeks t,
ba bad been offered a posit. oa cu the
road, one that would pay him a csucb
better salary, and had refuse net
wanting to leave Mig. No fce was
glad to go. and l!rn:e-i:a:ely. too. with
In two hours of his reiving :hr begin
ning of that faref-il cote, tit as oa
the train to take up :i work of oue
of the cotnaerc:: travelers wio had
suddenly been taken i'x't.
Jack did not stop to say good by to
Madge, nor did he wr.: her. f-r he
felt that tbe uM ti better.
'Perhaps If I gt away this hurt
will stop," he toid h'.mi'.f; but al
though be kept busy and In his labors
turned night Into day, sending back
o much business that the firm be
lieved they had secured the model
salesman, be could nut forget Madge
or her thousand and one appealing
ways. It was all the hardt-r because
she kept on writing to him, In the
same clear, flowing band that had
penned the fateful confession of her
love for another, begging him to let
her know the reuou for his continued
Tom, bis chum, wrote htm that
Madge looked 111.
Things lookexl black to him, al
though he had muJe such a success In
a busluess way that the office sent
far him to come home and make a
contract with the firm, and although
be would have rather remained away
forever, Jack obtryed, and once more
found himself In the same city with
Being a salesman now, he managed
to have his Interview with the man
ager without going out among his old
associates, and so avoided Madge al
though a sight of her sunny hulr
through the open doorway turned liliu
sick at heart
Ills business outlook was extremely
bright, much lietter than he had dared
to dream of for years to come, and
yet It was a very heavy heart that he
carried with him into the little motion
picture theater, where he sought a
few moments of relaxation later on lu
the evening.
Wearily he made bit way to the
corner seat In the box where they had
always sat
Listlessly be followed the story of
the film. There was the usual quarrel
between two loves, although he reflect
ed bitterly that neither had his cau.se.
Suddenly he straightened up. The
lover received letter from the girl
with whom he had quarreled, and It
was photographed on the film.
"Dearest Ted : Of course I love you.
Why doubt meT As long as I live,
Tm yours."
As on a former occasion, Jack
stopped to read n further. He recog
nized the clear, flowing hand. It was
Madge's penmanship, that he knew,
bat he also understood that It was
Dover written to a living person. The
thought flamed through him that there
must be some heart-healing explana
tion. Realizing how his cruelty must
bave hurt her, be turned to leave,
when In the seat by his side where
be bad sat so often was Madge.
Instinctively his hand reached for
hers, and in the tender pressure giv
en and returned everything was for
gotten and forgiven.
"I saw you here," she whispered,
"and came here t sit by you."
"Darling! Hew, though, did tbey
get that letter? I saw you write it,"
he confessed, "though not Intentional
ly." "I wrote the scenario of the photo
play," she said with proper pride.
They forgot, the " audience, sitting
there together again In the happiness
of their love, and he bent over and
whispered :
"We'll be married tomorrow so you
can go out on the road with me,"
Madge nodded happily. "Of course,
for as long as I live, Tm yours," she
murmured, and this time the words
carried a joyous message to him.
Seeing Him Home.
I was coming home from a dance,
and I didn't want my escort, whom I
had Just met that evening, to know
where I resided. We were walking
down the street and I saw a pretty
house. I stopped In front of this
house and told my escort that I lived
there and was obliged for hi atten
tion and kindness lu taking me home,
A look of bewilderment broke out on
Ms face as he said, "Holy stuoke. how
do you live there wheu I live therer
oublic sale to the highest bidder for
cash, five shares of the Capital Stock of
Duncan's Inc., standing in the name of
Mrs. N. T. Peele.
This the 19th day of May, 1921.
"i!0-3t apmc A. 1'. Mcl'herson.
Notice of Sale
By virtue of a power conferred upon
the undersigned by a certain note exe
cuted by P. C. Duncan, dated Novem
ber 23, 1920, default having been made
in the payment, of the indebtedness
thereby secured, the undersigned will,
on Wednesday. June Nth, 1921, at 12
o'clock M in front of the First Nati
onal Bank of Koanoke Hapiils, expose
to public sale to the highest bidder for
cash, live shares of the Capital Stock
of Duncan's Inc., standing in the name
of Paul O. Duncan.
This the 19th day of May, 1921,
First National Hank of Koanoke Itapids
f-20-:it apmc
l!y virtue of a certain deed of trust
made by ('. II. Vaughan to me as trus
tee, dated the Kith, day of March 1920
and recorded in the cilice of Register
of Deeds for Halifax County, North
Carolina, on the 20th, day of March
1920, in Book No. 318, at i'atfe No. 6,
default having been made in the pay
ment of the indebtedness thereby se
cured, and at the request of the holder
of the notes evidencing the said indebt
edness, I will, on Monday, June 30th,
1921, at the hour of 12:30 o'clock, P. M.
in front of the Post-ollice door in Roa
noke Rapids, North Carolina, oll'er for
sale at public auction to the highest
bidder for cash the following described
real-property lying and being in the
town of Koanoke Rapids, Halifax
County, Stateof North Carolina, to-wit :
That house and those two lots Nos.
232 and 234 situated on the Fast side
of Jefferson Street, fronting thirty
(30) feet each on "aid Street and run
ning; back the same width between
parallel lines and at right angles to
said street one hundred and forty (140)
feet each to an alley. For a more per
fect description of said lots reference
is hereby expressly made to the Roa
noke Rapids Power Company's map or
plot of the Town of Roanoke Rainds,
duly recorded in Book No. 10S, nt Page
No. 015, in the Register of Deeds
ollice for Halifax County, North Caro
lina. fl-20-It F. T. CI.ARK, Trustee.
Men cf Eprlt j
Tbert- im- men of esprit who are ex
cessively e!i"'H:t! ' some people.
Thev are the talker who have what
may' 1 e call.-! Jerky mln.ls. Their
though: do not run In the natural or
der of tequ . They say bright
thin" on nl pos;ile subjects, but
their zigzags r;ick oU to death. After
l Jolting half hour with one of these
Jerkv companions, tslkln; with a dufl
friend affords relief. It Is like titkii-l
the cat in y 'ir lap after holding a
squlrrrl - O. W. Holme
Social Worm Turns.
Ad Finish paper Inveighs against
hosts and nostesses who look upon
their quests as temporary chattels
creatures to be disposed of at will,
amused, fed. exercised and finally
nenled to lied, entirely without refer
ence to their own desires. Few of
thoee victims have H e co'.iraire of
Lady Georgian (Irey, who on being
told by her host, as he hade her good
night : "We breakfast at titne." re
plied: "Oh, do you? 1 breakfast at
eleven." Boktou Tr:incript.
Whitings Organdie and
Representative Linens
Reduced to 75c Per Box
A Stationery special that is bound to ap
peal to the lady desiring the delicate
tints that are produced by Whiting.
See the Jlssortment Now on Display in
Our Window
Herald Publishing Co.
Stationers Office Outfitters Printers
Roanoke Rapids. N. C.
GF AllsteelV
New Offering
An Allsteel 4 Drawer Letter
File That Sells for
Classified Advt. Column
mary and Roanoke Rapids,
rough $20.00, per thousand. !
VV. T. Parker, Weldon, N. C. 1
2-18-3m ;
proved Farm Land, (jet a
Lnv firon Inon QnH hntfl I'rtlir
lUUg LI lilt IUOII uuii
cotton till the market is better.
For further information ap
ply to Mason lmjr & Mat
thews, Att'ys. Roanoke Rap-;
ids, N. U.
Notice of Sale
.' liy virtue of a power conferred uuon
the undersigned bv a certain note exe
cuted by Mrs. N. T. Peele, dated Jan
uary 30, l'.M, default having been made
in the payment of the indebtedness
thereby secured, the undersigned will,
on Wednesday. June 8th, 1H21, at 12
o'clock M., in front of the First Nation
al Bank of Koanoke Rapids expose to
Girl Wanted
We want an intelligent
girl to set straight type.
Will pay $10 per week
to start - more when
capable of earning.
Herald Publishing Co.
Roanoke Rapids
and the low price does not
mean an interior cabinet, in
facl, before this filing cabinet
was put on the market it was
thoroughly tesled and proved
worthy of its name
"The Dreadnaught"
But SItvM War Handy.
Bandktrdttefii wera unknown befbra
Mr. Zander
Of The
Monumental Tailoring Co.
Will he in Our Store
Saturday, May 21, 1921
With an up-to-date line of summer fabrics for men's suits
Come in and let Mr. Zander take your measure for your summer suit
Prices $25 to $50
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Member of Coburn's Chain of Shoe Stores
It is indeed a rare occasion when
we write an advertisement of
Allslcel Office Furniture that we
do not have to retrain ourselves
from writing about the organiza
tion back of the line rather than
the products themselves. When
you once get out to Youngstown
and mingle with those "Good
Fellows" you realize almost in
stantly why "Allsteel belongs
with success."
Roanoke Rapids and Rosemary
are Allsteel towns - if you don t
believe it read the labels on the
steel Safes Desks and Filing
Cabinets y6u see hereabouts and
while the steel shelving is not
labeled - its Allsteel just the
The Allsleel line is built for the
, small as well as the large busi
ness ' '
Herald Publishing Co.
StationeVs - Office Outfitters - Printers
Roanoke Rapids,
Veterinary Surgeon.
8t Mfi part of.tM Mztaeou co-
v i Hr
Weldon N. C.
X i.

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