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Change In the City Ordinance Also
A'lows Dealers the Privilege of
Selling Gasoline on Sunday.
Act of Congress Requiring Payment
of One Dollar Per Ounce for All"
Bullion Offered to Treasury.
Washington. Coinage of silver dol
lars has been resumed by the mint
after a lapse o fseven yeurs and the
work of replacing the two hundred
and seventy-nine million standard sil
ver dollars taken from the treasury
during the war to sell to Great Britain
has begun,
Since late In March, treasury offi
cials said, approximately twenty mil
lion silver dollars have been coined.
Since May, 1920, the mint has bought
about fifty-five million ounces of Amer
ican silver at $1 an ounce and will
continue to make its purchases at this
price until the treasury's stock is re
Secretary Weeks Urged an Agreement
on Senate Provision for Gradual
Reduction to 150.000 Men.
Edwin Darwin Ball, new assistant!
secretary of agriculture, is a practical
Washington. Conferees on the
' s v.
It is rumored In London that th
Duke of York may marry Lady Mar)
farmer and entomologist He was'armv aimronriatlon bill reached a Irene Curzon, daughter of Earl Cunor
born in Athens, Vermont, in 1870. !lleluii0,k ,he size or next year's '" fir wi,e' who w" Lel
ter of Chicago.
Is Charged That When Men Protested,
They Were Handcuffed Thrown in
to Jails and Mistreated,
Smyrna. American citizens are be
ing impressed Into the Greek army by
Despite the fact that the Plttmun'' K"nt8 of the Mhem government and
act requires the mint to pay $1.00 an l-rt)orB """". i'"'" nsui
ounce for its silver, Mr. llaker de-iSenerul here, has made a vigorous pro
clared, queries are constantly re-'te8t t0 Governor General Steriades
celved demanding why the govern-:HKainst the continuance of the prac-
l - l. j . ... Hee. Fur ninnv nutntlia wist Amerl-
iiieui pays so mucn inure lor us su- - - - : i.p ,a.
ver than the market price. The ans' evpn mer wh" eryeA in ,he
price was fixed bv the act. he stated. nrmr in France, have been taken
to stabilize the nrice of silver when I forcibly from their homes or from ves.
there were indications of its reach-!8P'8 arriving from the United States
ing of unheard of heights during the ana compelled to join tne
War. An n raanlt tho rnvapnmnnt'a ! fTCeS,
action in confining the treasury pur
chases to silver both produced and
army ami ueciueu 10 repuii me um-
agreement to the house and senate,
with request for further Instructions.
Secretary Weeks appeared at the
meeting to urge an agreement on
the senate provision for a gradual re
duction during the next fiscal year to
a minimum army of li0,uu0 enlisted
men, but the house managers refused
to yield from their position in favor
of a quick reduction to that figure, j
The senate conferees were repre
sented as standing for a redaction providence, II. I. Secretary of
from the 220,000 total in service !n stll((, CnHrps R nUKhes told a gath-
July to a minimum or lso.oou wnn n
they said could be accomplished uy
next May. The house conferees, how
ever, were said to tie insisting that
the reduction be carried out by Octo-
Special Powers Must be Conferred on
a President of Mexico Before the
Late Decree Would be Valid.
Secretary of State Hughes Addressee
a Gathering of his Fellow Alumni
of Browns University.
erlng of his follow alumni of Brown
I'nlversity that it was not desirable
that America's helpful influence
should be frittered away "by relating
ourselves unnecessarily to political
questions which involve rivalries of
interest abroad with which we have
no proper concern."
"It is equally true," he continued
"that we cannot escape our relation
to the economic problems of the
"Our men did not go forth to fight
reduced In this country, the Ameri
can silver mining Industry was pro
tected from overwhelming foreign
competition, Mr. Baker said.
Pity This Poor Girl.
Chicago. "Money! How I hate it! Ihv nrntsstprf n is rh.mil tht thov
There's no fun in being rich. All my.have been handcuffed, thrown into
wealth has brought but sorrow and dis
comfort. I'd like to lose every penny
Just dump the whole mess some
The speaker was the richest girl In
the world, Miss Dellora Angell, who
18 worln 4".uuu,ooo. t0 persong natural as American
An accounting just filed In the J (.,tjzens prlor t0 FebrUary, i, 1914.
courts show that $176,000 was spent an(1 thoge wno althugh naturalized
on her In the last two years-$300 a since that time, have served with the
2,300 R. O. T. C. Students.
Camp Henry Knox, Ky. I'pward of
Greek 2.300 It. O. T. C. students from the
1 fourth and fifth army corps areas,
There have been scores of such jcomposing the States of Alabama. Ar
cases in Athens, Smyrna, Patris and ' kansas, Florida, Georgia Louisiana.
Saloniki and only those able to es-1 Mlssislppl, North Carolina, Sputh Car-
cape and get into communication with jolina,
American consular officers have oh-1 West
talned redress. In many instances,1 for a six weeks course of extensive find its surest reward
they have been stripped of their cloth-! training as part of the I'nited States their lives and all the energies of the
ing and their passoprta and other pa-'infantry reserve officers school. country were harnessed In the su
pers have been confiscated. When they ! Ipreme effort, because we loved the
j Institutions of liberty and intended
1 to maintain them, because we hated
for this nation as one of imperialistic
Indiana, Kentucky. Ohio and t'eslgns and cunning purpose or to
Virgina, are assembling here 1 :otect a land where avarice might
They offered
jails and mistreated.
Consul General Horton declares this
action by the Greek authorities Is In
flagrant violation of existing agree
ments between the United States and
Greece, granting military exemption ;
Big Hotel for "Left Behind."
.ar steamship line, are erecting here !TaDnr and the brutality and ruth
a huge steel hotel, which will accom
modate 2,500 persons. Owing tc the 1
new Immigration regulations enfore-,
ed by the I'nited States, many third-.'
; class passengers are left behind here
a', each sailing and the hotel is de
signed to house them.
Canada Wants Bergdoll.
Ottawa. The extradition from
Germany of Grover C. Bergdoll, I'nited
States draft evader, is under consider
ation by the Canadian government,
American army or navy.
United States Must Approve.
Paris. Dr. Gasto da Cunha, presl-
Seay Is Found Guilty.
Florence. Ala The Jury In the case
of W. Whit Seay returned a verdict
of murder in the first degree for the
lessness which found expression in
the worship of force and because we
found our fate linked with that of the
'free peoples, who were struggling for
ithe preservation of the essentials of
freedom. With them we made com
mon cause, 6nd as from one end of
' the country to the other rang appealt
In the name of civilization itself, the
whole nation responded.
Beats the Law.
rierre, S. P. The Dakota State
nillnR t.ta fl..An,...,!,l ,i,la nnH . -L- , ...
dent of the council of the League of!;""', ,. T, 7 . T ,'ague nas oeai me law wmcn pro-
v..i. ho. ,H,ira.i i.tonti,,,! note, ! fix,(l ,lle I"1" at ,lei,,h hanging hibits Sun(iay baseball in that State
tr. tha. nrimo miniuiura f t.n,o , "u - u,,lc l" lrr v " ny allowing me tansio enierme
paras iree anu men cnarging mem
for seats.
Washington. Secretary Huglics
was urged by representatives of Amer
ican oil companies operating in .Mexi
co to take steps to protect those com
panies against taxation regarded by
them as confiscatory.
More than a dozen men, Including 1C.
L. Doheny, president of the .Mexican
Petroleum company; K. K. Kellogg,
general counsel of the association ot
Producers of Petroleum In Mexico,
and Guy Stevens, director of the asso
ciation, placed before the secretary a
memorandum reviewing the history
of Mexico's taxation of oil since Its dis
covery In that country up to the re
cent decree of President ohregoii in
creasing the tax 25 per cent.
The situation was presented to the
State Department a few days after
the promulgation of the decree, but
no action has been tuken by Secretary
Hughes. It was asserted by the oil
operators then that the decree was un
constitutional, since the President of
Mexico under the provisions of the
constitution could issue such a decree
only when special powers had been
conferred upon him.
Milk Output Lower.
Washington. Milk production in
the United States last year amounted
to 89,658,000,000 pounds, a decrease
of approximately 400,000,000 pounds
aa compared with 1919, the depart
ment of agriculture announced. The
number of cows on farms in 1920 was
298,000 less than in 1919. Per capita
consumption declined from 100 gal
tons in 1919 to 98 gallons last year.
Shelby. Tho aldermen of Shelby
nave modified the Sunday blue laws
which forbid the opening of drug
stores on Sunday except for the sale
of medicines under a physician's pre
scription and permitted them to open
on Sunday except from 10 a, m. to 1
p. m. The change in the ordinance
also allows gasoline dealers to sell gas
on Sundays.
The aldermen are considering the
purchase of a fire truck and made a
trip to Hickory, Newton, Llnculnton
and Cherryville to examine the fire
fighting equipments which these
towns own.
Claims amounting to more than $600
have been filed with the county com
missioners by farmers living in Cleve
land, alleging damages done to live
stock within the past few months by
rabid dogs, Under the law the pwner
of a ra l)ld dog is responsible for dam
age done by said dog,
Where the owner is not financially
able to bear the responsibility or it Is
impossible to find the owner of the
dog, the property owner suffering
the damage may file a claim
against the county commissioners In
the county In which" the damage is
done. Three appraisers have been ap
pointed to settle the claims.
Greensboro. In the terra of federal
court Just closed here idge James E.
Boyd, senior Judge for the western dis
trict of North Carolina, made It known
to all who visited his court that be
will have nothing more of wartime
The right of search without a war
rant Is a violation of th e first princi
ples of American rights and liberties
declared the Judge.
Interdenominational Effort la Being
Made by the Churches to Increase
Interest In the Sunday Schools.
Lewis Against Gompers.
Denver, Colo. John L. Lewis, pres
ident of the United Mine Workers of
America, has formally announced that
he was a candidate for the presidency
of the American Federation of Labor,
In opposition to Samuel Gompers.
C. J. Doherty, minister of justice, an-j Great Britain, Italy and Japan with ,mon whM sen,eme 18 P"",
nouncea. Bergaoil is reported to have regard to the urgency of having the
reacnea uermany on a forfL-d Cana
dian passport.
approval of the United States before
decision can be taken on mandates.
Bankruptcy Faces Philippines.
Washington. The Phillippine gov
Formal Prote.t Filed.
Mexico City. Forma! protest
against President Obregon's recent
decree increasing the taxes on ex
port petroleum was filed
,.!, f ,', ;,.' .,,, ! Treasury Department by representa- aeDl 01 tne int
m- ernment Is facing bankruptcy, Major ,. . ' , , , .. ' , int d...- -ik.
of Leonard Wood and former governor I t'v" 0 the Aaaoclated Oil Producers ,of Rotary clubs.
More Railroads Complain
Chicago. Nearly every railroad in
the country affected by the Bix nun
dred million dollar wage award
the United States railroad labor board general Forbes dec lared in a cable
in July, 9120, which had not previous- gram transmitted to coneress by Sec-
jy peuuonea ior wage reductions, will retarv Weeks, who asked immediate! Even Hundred ih Columbia.
appear before the board with requests: action on a bill authorizing the island i Columbia, S. C With the official
for lower pay for all employes. 'government to Increase the limit of announrement of the United States
M'Cullough Heads Rotariana.
Edinburgh, Scotland. Dr. Crawford
C. McCuIlough, of Fort William, On-
with the tarlo, was unanimously elected presi
dent of the International association
of Mexico.
Investigation is Begun.
Washington. Investigation by the
Department of Justice of all major
war-time contracts' with the govern
ment has been begun. Attorney Geu-
indebtedness from $S.ono.ooo to $.10,- Weather Bureau of temperature ofiera paugherty announced.
uou.imiu. iuii aegrees in loiumoia, June 14, a
j new record w as established for this
200,000 Spanish are Idle. (late f(,r 35 years of the existence
Minnows to Fight Malaria. j
Madrid. Minnows imported into;
Spain from Augusta. Ga.. maa eradl-'
cate mosquitoes which carry malaria; Madrid The minister of labor, re- 0' " '"' or the weather bureau.
Jn many districts of Sptln. Expert- plying in the senate to a question of, .
ments have been conducted to accll- Senator Sedo relative to restrictions Appeals for Recognition,
tnatlze the fish, and it is found that placed by the United States and Washington. Dr. Sun Yat Sen,
the work of scientists in this direction Great Britain against the exportation President of the Southern Chinese Re
lias been success. ( nf cotton, said that 2uo.-noo Spanish public, has appealed to President
i workers were unemployed as a result. Harding for recognition of his govern-
Fewer Cattle and Hogs. j jment.
Chicago. The number of cattle for Rotary Vice Presidents. 1 , .
each 100 persons In the United States' Edinburgh. Scotland. Three Amer-
Is today one-third less than In 1900, Jeans were elec ted vice presidents of
Korfanty Signs Agreement.
New York. Korfanty the Polish In-
the sheep supply is reduced nearly the International association of Ro-! sureent leader, has signed agreements
two-thirds, while the number of hogs tary clubs at the concluding session iwlth the Inter-Allied eommlssion at
is tuny 41 per cent less now than of the convention here after a vote
then. ,by ballot.
Safeguarding King George. Low Record for Cotton.
Belfast. Every precaution is being New Organs The price of cotton
taken to fafeguard the persons of dropped to the lowest point recorded
King George and Queen .Mary during in five years on the New Orleans cot
their presence in Belfast for the for-Jon exchange. July contracts sold at
mal opening of the Ulster parlia-! 10.63 cents, a loss of over a cent a
ment. . pound in two days.
Folt Removed From Command.
Washington. Removal of Colonel
Frederick S. Fold from command at
Fort Oglethorpe, Ga., for alleged mis
treatment of a military prisoner has
been ordered by Secretary Weeks.
! Retail Food Prices Lower.
Washington. Retail food prices to
the average family declined 4..8 per
cent In May as compared with April,
while wholesale food prices dropped
6 8-4 per cent in the same period, ac
cording to statistics made public by
the department of labor.
Stock In L. and N. Increased.
New York. Directors of the Louis
ville and Nashville company voted
that the stock of the company be in
creased from seventy-two million dol
lars to oue hundred and twenty-five
million dollars.
Oppeln, under which he will
and demobilize his troops.
"An Oligarchy of Socialism."
St. Louis. Government control
over business aa he said was exempli
fied by the packer control bill now be
fore congress was termed "a govern
ment oligarchy of aoclallsm" by Sen
ator James A. Reed, of Missouri.
' Killings In Ireland Continue.
Dublin. The weekly review of the
aituatlon in Ireland, issued at Dublin
Castle, aaya that durng the- week five
policemen were killed and 34 wounded,
and that two soldiers were killed and
one soldier wounded.
.. Bronze Bust of Harding.
Niles, O. Vice-President Coolldge
nd other prominent persons are here
to participate in the unveiling ot a
bronze bust ot President Warren O.
Harding in the court of honor at the
JlcKinley memorial.
Want Home Rule Act Amended.
London. Strong oleas lor the
amendment of the Irish home rule act
came unexpectedly from the house of
lords, the feature of the debate being
the first speech made by Lord Bux
ton since his return from South Africa.
Death of Judge Blount
Baltimore. Judge William Alexan
der Blount, of Pensacola, Fla., presi
dent of the American Bar association,
died at Johns Hopkins hospital. Judge
Blount was 70 years ot age.
To Readjust Loan Situation.
Washington. Authority to readjaat
the entire foreign loan situation so
Ithat tho nation's outstanding credits
nay be put Into more definite form,
ij to be requested of congress by the
j New Dlaeaae la a Puzzle.. .
' Paris. A mysterious ' disease has
broken ont In the ranks of the French
jarmy. It haa simultaneously affected
,the youngest recruits ia barracks all
0ter the country. The aymptoma are
trery similar to those of influenza. 1
Flood Waters From Cloudburst.
Omaha. Flood waters caused by a
cloudburst were held responsible by
trainmen for the wreck near Whitney,
Neb., of Chicago & Northwestern
train No. 606, which resulted in five
deaths and injuries to about 30 per
; .,.
. Grain Experte Fall Off.
Washington. Exports of" grain and
flour fell off heavily during May as
compared with sanle month last year,
while cotton exports rose sharply, ac
cording to trade figures Issued by the
commerce department.
Sign Networking Agreement
Washington. A new working agree
ment embodylnff a 15 per cent reduc
tion In wages was ratified by the ship
ping board and the marine engineers
and deposited with the secretary of
Japan and U. 8. Negotiating.
Washington. Direct negotiations
have been begun between the United
States and Japan for the settlement
ot the questions pending between
British Give Turks Warning.
Constantinople. The British have
warned the Turkish Nationalists that
any attempt to take Constantinople
will mean war with Great Britain.
The nurnose of sending a British bri
gade from Malta Is to frustate any
such Nationalist attempt.
Steel Plant Cuta Wages.
Pittsburgh, Pa. Independent steel
companies of the Pittsburgh and
Youngstown districts announced a re
duction In wages and salaries of em'
ployea, effective June 16.
Memorial to Lincoln.
London. A memorial1 tablet to
Abraham Lincoln was dedicated in the
little church at Hingham Norfolk
where Lincoln's ancestors worshipped.
Cutts Imperial Potentate.
Dea Moines. Iowa. Ernest A. Cutts,
of Savannah, Ga.. chief rabban of the
Shrlners' organization, was elected
imperial potentate.
Head of Norfolk Southern.
New York. George R. Loyall, form
erlr director of operations of the
Southern railway system was elected
president of the Norfolk Southern
Worklngmen's Carelessness.
Of all the accidents to workmen
which occur In the plants of the Unit
ed States Steel corporation only five
per cent, were due to machinery
causes. The others came under the
head of band labor.
Officers May be Indicted.
Washington. Criminal proceedings
against a number ot former army of
ficers may follow the action of Presl'
dent Harding in cancelling war de
partment contracts with the. United
Saes Harness company.
Ford Evidence Cut Short
Washington. Requests of Henry
Ford's counsel that more evidence he
heard in his contest for the seat of
Senator Newberry, republican, ot
Michigan, were dendled by the Senate
committee conducting the hearings.
500 Machine Guns Seized. :
New York.Custom officials have
seized nearly Ave hundred machine
guns concealed abroad a steamer tied
up in Hoboken, loading for an Irish
Department Takes a Hand.
Washington. The department of
justice ordered Its tgenta In New
York to make an investigation of the
arms seized on the steamer East Side,
at Hoboken, to determine whether
they constituted a shipment for
Waa Hot In Charlotte.
Charlotte, N. C With a maximum
temperature of 99 degrees, Charlotte
experienced Its hottest June 14 since
the weather bureau station was es
tablished here, It was announced by
G. S. Lindgren, meteorologist.
City Without Newspapere.
Portsmouth, N. H. Publishers of
the three newspapers here and rep
resentatives of the striking composi
tors failed to agree on a wage scale
and working hours at conferences and
as a rsult this city was again without
Big Loss In Flames.
Roanoke, Va, The plant of the Har
ris Hardwood company was destroyed
by Are at an early hour, entailing a
loss of $140,000, partially covered by
- Labor Favors Disarmament
Denver, Colo. President Harding
and congress are urged to lead the
way in bringing about world disarma
ment in a resolution presented to the
forty-first annual convention of the
American Federation of Labor. J
Aaka for Co-operation. 1
Washington. In his first formal
statement, Roy A. Haynes, the new
federal prohibition commissioner, ap
pealed to the American public to band
together to uphold the law aa set
forth ia the prohibition amendment
Senate Yields to House.
Washington. Senate conferees on
the army appropriation bill decided to
recommend that the senate yield to
the Insistence of the house that the
army be reduced to one hundred and
fifty thousand enlisted men.
Irish Girls Ambitious.
New York. Several hundred IrlBh
Immigrant girls have arrived on the
Celtic seeking careers as movie ac
tresses, artist models, and stenogra
phers. Few expressed any desire to
enter domestic work.
Insanity la Increasing.
Washington. Insanity Is on the In
crease, due to the world war and its
aftermath, Dr. J. M. Lee, of Rochester,
N. Y., declared before the annual In
stitute of Homeopathy.
Lowest In Several Years.
New Orleans. The lowest quota
tions at the local cotton exchange in
about seven years were recorded
when July futures sank to 995 and
October to 1076.
Hickory. Fishermen In this sec
tion are elated over the news from
Statesville of the conviction ot a fish
dynamiter, who w: sentenced to 30
days on the roads and fined $100. This
Is the first prosecution ot the kind in
this section.
Lexington. At 10 o'clock p. m. the
Jury trying Dr. J. W. Peacock, charged
with the murder of Chief of Police
Taylor at Thomasvllle. brought in a
verdict of not guilty. The Jury accept,
ed the evidence ot alienists that Dr
Peacock was insane at Rie time Tay
lor was killed.
Frederick. Md. (Special) "A. M.
Smith," arrested here Is held at the re
quest of the Greensboro, N. C, auth
orities in connection with the murder
of Policeman McCulston, ot that city,
who was killed May 4.
Wilmington. Patrick Hall Frede
rick, age 32, of this city was literally
blown to pieces at the Atlantic Coast
Line freight sheds near the water
front here when he attempted to trans
fer oxygen gas from Its tank to a
smaller tank used for holding acety
lene gaa.
Winston-Salem. Mrs. Ethel B. Tay
lor, widow of Chlet of Police J. E. Tay
lor, who was shot and killed In Thom
asvllle, April 16. by Dr. J. W. Peacock,
haa instituted suit against the physi
cian in Forsyth superior court for $40,
000 aa damages.
Lenoir. The Avery county delega
tion, who went to Raleigh to appear
before the state highway commission,
have been assured that they will get
the connection road between Llnville
Falls leading through North Cove val
ley to connect with the Marlon road.
Job for Booth.
Washington. Edwin S. Booth, of
Montana, was nominated by President
Harding to be solicitor for the depart
ment of the Interior.
Captain Rice Decorated.
Rome. Pope Benedict has confer
red the decoration of Knighthood of
the Order of St. Gregory the Great on
Captain P. H. Rice, of Augusta, Ga
Four Killed in Smash.
Fremont, Ohio. Four persons were
killed and two injured here when an
east-bound car on . the Lake Shore
electric line struck an automobile.
Special Master for A, B. and A.
Atlanta. Ga. Albert G. Foster, at
torney of Madison, Ga., has been ap
pointed special master In the receiver
ship of the Atlanta, Birmingham A
Atlantic railroad.
Prints on Home Made Paper.
1 Birmingham, Ala. The Birming
ham Age-Herald, will be published on
paper manufactured from Southern
spruce pine, which grows along the
banks of the Warrior river and In the
hilly sections of north Alabama in
great quantities.
Telephones Out of Commission.
Columbus, Ga. A terrific wind
storm struck Columbus and surround
ing territory putting six hundred tele
phones out of commission and serious
ly crippling telegraph service out ot
the city.
Government Loses Much Money.'
Washington. Because of Its failure
to apply as a deduction to Income tax
payments amounts paid in as lnhrrt
tance taxation, the government will
proceed to restore $518,325,000 already
Man Charged With Murder, Dead.
Soperton, Ga.Itoy Durden, aged 48,
a well known fanner, held in tne
Treutlen county jail, on a murder
charge, died here following a major
Four Giant Stills Captured.
Bristol- Va.-Tenn. Capture of four
giant moonshine stills and arrest of
six moonshiners waa reported by
Sheriff John M. Litton of Ablngdom.l
Va., at the conclusion ot one ot thai!
biggest moonshine raids ever staged
In thia section
Durham. Trinity college, following
the commencement address by Sena
tor Hitchock, conferred the degree of
bachelor ot arts on ngnty young men
and women, and the degree of master
of arts upon six others.
Winston-Salem. Judge T. D. Bry
son, of Bryson City, who is presiding
over a special term ot Forsyth super
ior court for the trial of crmlnal cases,
delivered a stirring charge to tha
grand Jury. He pointed out the sac
redness of the law, the duty ot citlzeni
toward Its enforcement and the effect
of lawlessness on a community.
Judge Bryson discussed at length
the prohibition laws, declaring that
his 25 years' experience in the legal
rrofossion led him to believe that 75
per cent of the homicides can be trac
ed to whiskey and that 50 per cent oi
all crime Is attributable to this source
He urged upon the Jurors the vital
necessity of enforcing these laws.
Farmers In the Piedmont section
are busy harvesting the wheat crop
It 1s estimated that the percentage In
Forsyth county will be 75 of an aver
age yield.
An interdenominational effort is tc
be made by the laymen of the various
churches In this city to increase In
terest In the Sunday schools. The big
parade here In which two thousand
participated, was featured with an ad
dress by A. L. Brooks, of Green-short
whose subjoct was "Religion."
Raleigh. Ten-cent street car fares
the highest ever granted in the state,
were authorized for the city of Con
cord by the corporation commission
and In an explanatory addition to the
formal order the commission said II
was ten-cent carfare or no car line.
The Salisbury and. Spencer railway
company, operating in the Cabarrus
city, is beneficiary under the order.
High Point High Point entertain
ed the 16th annual session of the
grand chapter of North Carolina, Or
der of the Eastern Star, which opened
here with an informal reception at
the Elka club. The address ot we!
come waa delleverd by Mayor John W.
Hedrlck, followed by welcoming ad
dresses by representatives of the var
ious organisations of High Point.
Ashevllle. Farewell, to thee, oh
dance hall, thou are not conducive to
the morals of Ashevllle and thou shall
not be tolerated during the next 12
Such, In effect is the edict Issued
by the city commissioners voting un
animously following a public hearing
on the dance hall Issue In the munici
pal courtroom.
Carthage. The Elberta and Georgia
Belle peaches are now coming in the
market and In a few days car lots will
be leaving all stations In the Sand
hills. Since the Mayflower crop ran
out ten days ago shlpmsnts have been
of little consequence, but in a week or
two from 5 to 60 cars of peaches are
expected to leave, this belt dally.
nWinston-Salem. Mrs. Katherlne S.
Reynolds, widow of the late R. J. Rey
nolds, multimillionaire tobacco manu
facturer, and J. Edward Johnston, of
Davidson college, were united In marriage.
New Bern. E. J. McKeel, postmas
ter at Brldgeton, which Is Just across
the river from here, has been arrested
on a charge of being short $700.
B. Y. P. U. Convention.
Charlotte The 12th annual session
of the Baptist Young Peoples union
convention of North Carolina met In
the auditorium of the First Baptist
rhurch of this city with a record
breaking attendance.
All day long and late into the night
Baptist young people bave been pour
ing Into the city. More than 800
namee had been sent in before the
convention. It Is estimated that there
were at least 1,000 present at the
initial meeting.
Statesville. Everett Smith, a local
Jitney driver, was found dead on the
Wllkesboro road about fifteen miles
from Statesville with his Ford car
turned down over him. It is thought
Mr. Smith suffered a stroke ot apo
plexy and was dead when the car
turned over.
Hendersonvllle. Twenty one resi
dences, seven stores, one bank and
several other structures are now be
ing built at Hendersonvllle and the
building activity extends Into the ad
Joining county, where a number of
fine residences are being erected.
Klnston. Allen G. Olllver, State
poultry expert, will be asked to come
here and organize hoys and glrb into
a poultry club under the auspices ot
the Klnston Poultry association.
Stiff Sentence for Kidnappers.
Halifax. Jim Sharpe and Alonzo
Burleson, arrested with Mitchell
Sharpe, charged with attacking two
young women of Roanoke Rapids and
rushed to the state prison for safe
keeping several weeks ago, pleaded
guilty to kidnapping in Halifax coun
ty superior court and were aentenced
to 15 and 10 years respectively in the
state prison. Mitchell Sharpe, who
also, plead guilty to a statutory of
fense, was given a sentence of one
Knitting industry Improving.
Charlotte. Gradual Improvement
la the knitting Industry was reported
and good fall business waa predicted
at the semi-annual conference division
of the National association of Under
wear and Hosiery manufacturers.
Reports at the meeting showed
very small atocks or gooos on hand
in the planta of the Southeast and Job
ber are said to be beginning to in
quire a to future purchasers. The
majority of the mills are running four
days a week, It waa reported, and oth.
era two days.
Municipal Ownership Pointers.
Wllunn A commission com nosed
of Mr. R. H. Jennings, Col. J. S. Salley
and Mr. F. A. Adden, of Orangeburg,
S. C, la in Wilson, where they will re
main for several days Inspecting the
public utilities of the big tobacco town
with the view of profiting by Wtison't
experience in municipal ownership
which has long since passed the ex
perimental stage.
The visitors are being shown every
courtesy and they are being convinc
ed in every department gas, electric
Ilghta, water and sewerage.
Growth of K. of P.
OreenBboro. With every available
seat filled In the Guilford courthouse,
the public meeting of the fiftieth an
nual session of the grand lodge
Knights of Pythias was formerly open
ed and a very interesting program
rendered. C. C. McLean presiding.
Rev. R. Murnhy Williams, pastor
Presbyterian Church of the Covenant
spoke the Invocation and In the ab
sence of Mayor Klser from Greens
boro. O. N. Petree welcomed the risl- '
tors In behalf of the city la a most
appropriate manner. (
Would Raise Street Car Fare,
Raleigh. Attorneys for the city oi
Raleigh and for the Carolina Power
and Light company, operating in Ra
leigh and Durham arguej before the
corporation commission tie petition oi
the company for aa increW in atreel
car fare from seven to elgyt centa.
James H. Pou, for the company, de
clared to the commission that the
company earned lose than one per
cent lathe past 2 month.
for April thia year waa onu -
r.(rn fotfAorfl !. ' - -
cent In, i
for April
4K . J
4 h'-

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