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olume VIH .-Number 2fi V 7
Subscription $2.00 a Year in Advance
Celebrated Violinist at
Junior-Senior High School
Young Isaac E. Green Drowns
In Roanoke
WITH THE CHURCHES entertain in honor of
T '
Mrs. HT. Brock and, son,
lian, of Rocky Mount, spent
veral days here this week with
j Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Hancock,
tent several days in Scotland
V:!! -tBCK una ween wiiero , lllCJf v-
w jtnaea tne iunerai oi wr. nan-
Ick's father.
Mr. and Mrs'. W. , A. Simpson
ent the week-end in Scotland
iMrs.' Virginia E. Wadham, of
" ; '"' jjroton, Conn., spent several
'ays here in the home of her
.; I!, fmghter, Mrs. C. L. Grimmer,
i Mrs. C. S. Stanage has return
s' 4' here to make her home.
MMMrsJ. H. Hines has returned
Titer spending some time in
j::iieaksville.; , '
;'y!y.jMrs. k. Jenkins spent some
l;j!ne in Baltimore this week,
':;pWpr. and Mrs. Job Taylor are
i'L 'pending some tinu in Northern
l$0&Mf Joe Taylor, of Chapel Hill,
4pen the week-end here with
f -"lative-t.;,
i Mrs. E. A. Matthews is visit-
lag relatives in Norfolk.
i- KlMrj,' L W. Decker, of Raleigh,
$ Ipending some time here with
' lur V vuuiium cui xwuio-
I $ $9y in Raleigh on busi
v'.i;''Mr. W. H. Jones spc
spent Thurs-
'y in Suffolk on business.
''"'$vf L. P. Wright spent the week
, -fe-njspd here as the guest of his sis
"t, Miss Lena Wright and Mrs,
;C H, Kennemur.
S Cl Friends of Mr. and Mrs. J. H.
1 ennemur will be interested to
now that their little son, Roy, is
Jnproving after having under
gone an operation and is now
-1 onfined in the local hospital.
'All Saint' Church to be
i X Consecrated February 26
K'ff The-debt on A11 Saint3' Epis"
;-$ppal) Church has been paid in
;: ; ' foil. The Rt. Rev. Jos. Blount
-TjCheshire, D. D. Bishop of the
, rflioceseof North Carolina, has
jppointed Sunday, February 26,
" . ; Quinquagesima as the date for
j 'I the consecration service. Rev..
i jN. Collin Hughes, one; of the
. ' i " headmasters of St. Nicholas'
' . chool, Raleigh, known t'o many
?f our people as he was Arch-
leacon for many years, has been
jppointed by the Bishop to preach
3ie consecration sermon. Arch
deacon Morrison Bethea, of Ral
jiigh, and other clergymen of the
iocese are expected to be pres
ent The service will be held at
!' ieven o'clock. Special music ia
if ing prepared for the event.
1 1 ' 8f ne pu'c is 111081 corial'v in'
m'fii 'ited to the service.
TJoyner Motor Co., to Have
New Quarters
s The contract for the erection
f a new building to be erected
i the corner of Ninth Street and
tloanoke Avenue has been let to
jU Wheeden & Co., by the W. F.
joyner Motor Co., and construc
tion will be started as soon as
'weather conditions permit
j$ The building is to be used as
gasoline and oil filling station
and sreneral automobile renair
q Vork will also be taken care of.
rC Parent Teachers Associati
, to Meet
p $The Parent-Teacher Association
y for the new building will have a
'faeeting at 3:30 on Monday after
lioon in the music room. At this
xime there wjll be a general dis
cussion of problems in which
tvwvuvia HUM lWl Vl bo HI G lli gov
hi All naranna infataefAl oka
asked to be present
We with to thank all of our
neighbors and; friends for the
(kindnesses shown us during the
aickness and death of our daugh
Mr, and Mrs,
rs. J. H. Hines
Skovgaard, the Danish Vio
linist, who will appear in the High
School Auditorium on Saturday
night, February 11th, under the
auspices of the High School,
is an extromely large man,
weighing nearly three hundred
pounds and measuring six feet
and three inches in height.
Physically he is a worthy de
cendent of that powerful race
of Vikings whose commanding
statues caused a feeling of awe
even to the sturdy Romans of
Ceasar's time. Conforming to
the proverbial good nature of
most large people, Skovgaard is
also a most likable man and
makes friends wherever he goes.
But within his powerful frame is
secreted a more potent force than
any which the exercise of muscle
alone could produce. It is the
power to interpret the soul of
music, and from the first stroke
of the bow on the strings of his
matchless Stradivarius violin, all
sense of form and size gradually
give way to a delightful sense of
rhythm, melody, music. Stand
ing on the stage this colossal
Dane is only music. Each move
ment of the body, while he is
playing,, is nothing but music,
and the expression on his face
tells you plainly that he is far a
way from you deep in "the land
of tunes." Skovgaard comes to
you not as a musical novice. His
training under the greatest
masters of Europe stamp him as
'a consummate musician, the
finished, polished, purposeful."
Moreover, Skovgaard i3an artist
whose power has had time to
mature and to gain those finer
qualities of balance and resource
of interpretation vyhich can come
in no other way than by the
steady development of the
musician himself in devotion to
his inborn and chosen art. His
reportoire is practically unlimited
and years of experience on the
concert platform has maae him
an adept In arranging his pro
grams to suit the various re
quirements to be reckoned with
in touring the United States, the
most versatile of all countries.
Skovgaard carries with him an
able pianist and accompanist
and a delightful singer. ..
George E. Wintz producer of
"Going Up", "Betty Be Good",
"Cheer Up Mabel" and other
high class musical comedies will
offer the patrons ufthe Peoples
Theatre on Tuesday, February
14th, his latest and greatest ef
fort "Listen Irene." Thi3 pro
duction is regarded as the leader
of its kind in the class of
stupendous musical shows. The
company numbers 35 players
comprising such principals as
Nyra Brown, John G. Getz,
Helen Janis, Bill Barbee, Betty
Earl, Seymour Sisters, Tom
Moran and the Elks Quartette.
From a fashion viewpoint "Listen
Irene" is declared to be a real
pace maker. In the Fashion
Girl number it is said that the
model will wear $10,000 worth
of gowns. The piece is in 3 acts
and 13 scenes staged in a
gorgeous manner, characteristic
of Geo. E. Wintz offerings in
other seasons. A lively chorus
of Broadway Blondes, Brunettes
and Titian haired beauties in
feminine finery dance and prance
on a gorgeous illuminated, jewel
ed flirtation walk which extends
back 20 rows into the audience
J. B. Gee Addresses' Local
Red Men
At the regular meeting of
Roanoke Tribe No. 39 held last
Friday night, February, 3rd J.
B. Gee, of Henderson, a member
of the Great Council of North
Carolina, made a very interest
ing and enjoyable address to the
local membership. Mr. Olm
stead, of Raleigh, was also
present and made a very interest
ing talk. Mr. Olmstead has been
a Red Man for thirty years. '
After the meeting there was a
smoker given which was greatly
enjoyed by all present
Boat Capsized With Green and Young
Daniel. Death Due to Exposure
On Saturday afternoon the 4th
inst, an accidentoccurred at Wei
dor. that has cast a gloom over
and saddened . the whole com
munity. The two boys, the sons
of men who have been and are
widely known, Isaac E. Green,
the son of that beloved physician,
the late Dr. Isaac E. Green, and
his friend, Walter E. Daniel, Jr.,
the son of Mr. Walter E. Daniel,
were overturned in a canoe in
Roanoke river near the Atlantic
Coast Line Railroad bridge. They
were thrown in the ice cold wa
ters of the river which had be
come greatly swollen by reason
of the melting snows,
. Both clung to the boat for
sometime, and when it was about
fifty yafds from the Northampr
ton side of the river young Dan
iel succeeded in swimming to the
bank. Isaac told Bim to walk on
down the bank that he would
catcliatree. It is supposed that he
was trying to save his canoe.
This was the last time that the
friends spoke to each other. The
one reached the bank by swim
ming from tree to tree, and went
on down the bank expecting his
friend to either join him, or seek
a place of safety in a tree. Isaac
reached a tree, and spoke to two
small boys who were on or near
the bridge, Frank Cole and Ar
thur House, telling them to goto
Weldon and get help arid a boat
Young Daniel then went to a
house of a colored man on the
hill near the river, expecting
Isaac to come at any moment.
It required such a long time to go
to Weldon that it was supposed
that Isaac must have become be
numbed by the cold and slipped
back into the water. When found
by those who came to rescue him
his sweater had become entangled
in a raft and nearly his whole
body w"as submerged. Drs. More-
head and Suiter worked untiring
ly anft heroically in an attempt to
resuscitate him for more than
two hours, but it was of no avail.
It is understood that life was ex
tinct when his body was first
taken from the water. Roanoke
Herbert Odom, drunk and dis
orderly, donated $10.00 and
Joe Thompson, charged with
being drunk on the streets, for
feited a cash bond of $25.00, and
departed for parts unknown.
Jessie Newsom. drunk and dis
orderly, paid a fine of $5.00 and
Doc Moore, drunk, $5.00 fine
and costs.
Ed Rowe, charged with being
drunk and disorderly and cursing
upon the public highway paid a
find of $10.00 and costs. Evi
dence brought out during his
trial resulted in his indictment
on a charge of indecent expo
sure. He was bound over to
Halifax Superior Court on this
charge under $50.00 cash bond.
J. P. Ennis paid a fine of $5.00
and costs for disorderly conduct
Lloyd Jenkins, drunk and dis
orderly, $10.00 fine and costs
An Adamless Eden
(For Eveless Adams And Others)
Cast of One Hundred
School Auditorium
February 24th
You'll Regret it if You Forget .it
The Loren Bates Trio
Lyceum Number
High School Auditorium
Friday Night, Feb, 10th, 8 P. M-
Girl Scout Happenings
The eighth annual convention
of the Nationaj Council of Girl
Scouts met in Savannah, Georgia,
during the last week in January.
Mrs. Warren G. Harding will
serve as Uommander-in-chiet.
The new president elected was
Mrs. Herbert Hoover, who
stands to the whole world as an
ideal American woman, an ideal
representative of America.
The following are a few titles
of the many interesting talks
given: Educationol Value of
Scouting, Carleton B. Gibson,
Supt. of Schools of Chatham
County; Girl Scout Camps, Mrs.
Frederick Edey; 10,000 Captains
for Girl Scouts Needed, Mrs.
Hoover; Report on International
Meeting Held Last October in
England, Mrs. Juliette Law.
Founder of Girl Scouting in
America; Character Building in
Girl Scout Work, Mrs. Arthur O.
Choate, retiring president.
Despite the heavy snow storm
on Sunday, January the 28th, the
Girl Scouts attended services at
the Episcopal church. Scouting
was presented in a new way to
many. Each girl went away
with an individual message,
which she had received from the
appropriate sermon which. Rev.
Taylor gave in his usual simple
direct manner. The talk was
based upon the first Girl Scout
promise-" I will try to do my
duty to God and to my Country."
Mrs. F. M. Brown and the
girls are hard at work learning
how to bandage, give first aid,
and making up beds. We feel
very fortunate in having Mrs.
Brown who had has a great deal
of experience in this line,
gives us so much of her time and
The result of the Contest for
the first month are:
Troop percentage Pine Cone
81.2, Goldenrod-844.5,Red Rose,
Highest Patrol-lst patrol
Pine Cone troop, 1107, 6th patrol
Goldenrod troop, 1154, 1st patrol
Red Rose troop, 538.
Highest Girl Hazel Cobb, Pine
Cone Troop, 162; Kathleen May,
Goldenrod Troop, 233; Elsie Hud
son, Red Rose Troop, 96.
All Sints Church
Rev. Lewis N. Taylor, Rector
Mn. Kathcrint Webster, Piritb Worker
Roanokt Avenue
Next gunday is Septuagesima,
(seventy days before Easter.)
Services: 7.30 A. M. Holy Com
munion. 9:45 Church School, T.
W. Mullen, .Supt. Bible classes
for adults and children. Morn
ing service at 11. Night service
at 7:30. You are most cordially
Rosemary Methodist Church
Rev. E. N. Harrison, Pastor
Sunday Services.
Sunday School at 10 A. .M.
Preaching and Special Music at
11 A. M. aud 7:30 P. M.-E. N.
Roanoke Rapids Quint
Defeats Emporia 35 to 21
On last Monday evening in the
Junior-Senior High School Gym
nasium the basket ball team of
the local high school defeated
the Emporia quint by the score
of 35 to 21.
Emporia tied the score seven
times during the play only to be
repeatedly overcome by the locals.
Runt" Hux starred in the local
defense while Bray attended to
the shooting. R. Barnes was the
visitor's star player.
Due to a misunderstanding be
tween the team and its officers
Manager Bray and Captain Vick
have resigned and Hargrove and
Grey elected to take their places.
The next game will be played on
the local court next Thursday
evening at 8 o'clock against
Roanoke Rapids . Emporia
Vincent rf Barnes, E.
Anderson If . Barnes, R.
Vick c Williams
Hux Ig Throupe
Bray rg King
Substitutions: Bain for Vincent;
Gray for Anderson; Lifsy for
King. Field Goals: Vincent, 2;
Gray, 1; Bain, 3; Anderson, 1;
Bray, 6; Vick, 3; Barnes, E.; 3;
Barnes, R 2; Williams, 3; Lifsey,
1." Foul Goals: Gray, 3; Barnes,
E., 2; Barnes, R, 3.
Parent-Teacher Association
The Parent-Teacher Associa
tion of the Central School held
its regular meeting Monday after,
noon. In the absence of the
president, Mrs. W. L. Long, the
vice president, Mrs. Charlie Emry
presided. The program was in
the" hands of the School Improve
ment Committee. After a short,
interesting program by the child
ren Mrs. Emry led a discussion
on school improvement. She re
ported that sixteen tree3 had
been planted on the school
grounds, and that some window
boards had been placed in the
room to improve the ventilation.
Realizing the need of a play
room on rainy days the committee
proposes to raise funds to put a
concrete floor in the basement.
To raise this money they are
going to begin by having a silver
tea at the heme of Mrs. S. F.
Patterson on March 18th. Any
citizen interested in this project
and wishing to make a contribu
tion toward it may see Mrs.
Charlie Emry, Mrs. S. F. Patter
son or Miss Hearne. We hope
that many will respond to this
need. If sufficient funds can be
obtained they want to extend the
concrete walk around the entire
For the better training and
development of the children the
committee is going to request the
Board of Education to incorporate
in their next building program
plans for a gymnasium and a well
equipped industrial art room for
the Central School.
fieri of Weight and Influence.
Siktchx lirlnRjf pulse," anys a maga
t'ne y.V'T. Especially avolrdupola,
Civ Nu. -.
One of the most delightful
social events of the season was
a reception given at the home
of Mr. pnd Mrs. William Luns
ford Long in honor of Mr. and
Mrs. Wiley J. Long of Garysburg,
N. C. on Tuesday night. Those
receiving were Mr. William L.
Long, Mrs. F. G. Jarman, Mr.
and Mrs. Wiley J. Long, Dr. and
Mrs. DanF. Patchin, Mr. and Mrs
Walter Simpson, Mr. and Mrs.
S. F. Patterson, Mr. and Mrs,
Clarence Wyche, Mrs. Kate
Benedict, and Mrs. Emily L.
.The house was beautifully dec
orated in pink and white. ' De
licious things to eat were served
by little Misses Josephine Gowen,
Jene Hewitt, Margaret Barrow,
Bettie Gray Long and Rosa Heath
Long. Mrs. R. P. Beckwith and
Miss Susan Holladay presided at
the punch bowl. Delightful music
was rendered during the evening
by an orchestra.
Among the out of town guests
were Mrs. Kate Benedict of
Swansea, Mass., MesdamesEmily
Gooch, S. B. Pierce, Orvid Pierce,
T. C. Harrison, of Weldon. N. C.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Daniel, Mr.
and Mrs. Elliot Clark, Mr. and
Mrs. Howard Bounds, and Mr. and
Mrs. Harry Smith, of Weldon, N.
u Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Gary and
Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Travis, of
Halifax, N. C. Mr. T. F. Heath,
Jr., of Petersburg, Va., Mr.
Jack Joyner of Garysburg, N. C.
High School Debating
In a little over a month there
will take place in the high school
one of its big events; namely,
the Triangular Debate. In the
past Roanoke Rapids has won
signal success in these debates.
This year it has as its goal State
Championship. In order to line
up its forces for work towards
this contest a debating club was
formed at the high school on
Feb. 8th, a second purpose in
forming ths club is to develop
further the powers- of public
leadership on the part of the
members chosen for this club.
Membership in the club U an
honor to the individual and to
the grade represented. The
following points are the standard
for selecting members:
Scholarship, Personality, In
itiative, Delivery, Reasoning
power, Willingness to work.
Judged upon the points given
above the pupils selected as
members of the Debating Club
11th grade Josephine Hege,
Peter Norwood, Norfleet Vick,
Cooper Grizzard, Thelma Mills,
Mary Nelly Holt, Nedra Lanford,
Eva Sadler.
10th grade - Louise Jackson,
Maude Jones, Ellen Jones, Hazel
Cobb, Josephine Gowen, Robert
Matthews, Lulalie Kobertson,
Mamie Lewis Matthews.
9th grade - Howard Speight,
Mattie Askew, Mariorie Cannon,
Thelma Barkley, Lawrence Early,
Verona lopping.
8 1 A grade Nellie Morris.
Edward Vincent, Wilbur Ander
ton, Wilbur Davenport, Roy
Thompson, Irma Johnson.
8 B grade - Virginia Early.
' A number of local speakers
were invited to speak to the Club
during the week, and the mem
bers are beginning work
in earnest.
Mr. and Mr. C. A. Wyche
entertained at an informal dance
given on Wednesday evening at
Wychecrofl;, in honor of Mr. and
Mrs. W. J. Long. Delight
ful music was furnished by the
Petersburg orchestra which so
pleased the guests at therecept'on
given on Tuesday evening by Mr.
and Mrs, W. L. Long. Delight
ful refreshments were served.
On Thursday afternoon Mrs. F,
G. Jarman entertained at her
residence on Hamilton Street in
honor of Mrs. W. J. Long. Ten
tables were set for Auction
Bridge and the afternoon
was thoroughly enjoyed by those
present. After Bridge, delicious
refreshments were served.
Mr. W. R. Pope, of Norfolk,
spent Sunday in Rosemary.
Mr. O. L. Barnes, of Suffolk,
was in town for the week-end.
Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Braswell
and children are spending the
week in Scotland Neck.
Mr. J. R. Skyes, of Norfolk,
spent the week-end in Rosemary.
Mr. P. G. Black', of Charlotte,
was a visitor in town Tuesday.
Mrs. G. D. Shell spent several
days in Richmond this week.
Mr. W. N. Kirkland, of Nor
folk, spent several days in town
this week.
Mrs. Frank Muller returned
from a visit with relatives in
Norfolk Monday.
Mr. F. M. Cralle, of Richmond,
was here Tuesday.
The Williams-Clark Furniture
Company have moved their stock
of goods from the store formerly
occupied by the Braswell Com
pany into the Cannon Build
ing, iney are using the entire
building, the lower floor being
used as a furniture show room
and the second floor for their
undertaking business. The ware
house in the rear is also occupied.
Mr. T. Tyree Williams, of At
lanta, Ga., spent Tuesday in
Mr. John L. Patterson, of
Richmond, was in town Tuesday.
Mr. J. D. Blount, cf Rocky
Mount, was here Wednesday.
. Mr. A. C. Gee, of Henderson,
spent several days in Rosernary
this week. , "
Mr. Paul Kee, of Seaboard,
was a visitor in town Friday
Messrs. Joe W. Taylor and
Nat. Hayes, of the University
of North Carolina, Chapel Hill,
spent the week-end in town.
Mr. Fletcher Wall, of Lexing
ton, was the guest of Miss Bettie
Cooper Thursday.
Mr. Francis D. Hays, of Peters
burg, spent Wednesday in town.
Mr. AbnerNash has returned
from Raleigh.
Mr. Geo. L. Hayes spent yes
terday in Raleigh.
Mr. Raymond L. Hardy, of
Richmond, spent Wednesday in
Mr. E. C. Smith, of 'Peters
burg, spent Wednesday in town.
Mrs. Jas. E. Smith has return
ed from her old home in Bruns
wick County, Va.
Mr. Claiborne Smith has ac
cepted a position in Raleigh.
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin H. But
ler and children have returned to
Rosemary after living near Sea
board for a year.
Mr. and Mrs. Finch, former
residents of Rosemary for many
years, arrived from Bailey this
week and will make' their home
Mr. Clark Smith, of Henderson,
spent Wednesday in town
Mr. William Bryant Watters
Mr. William Bryant Watters,
a well and favorably known resi
dent of Rosemary died at his
home on Six Hundred Street
Tuesday morning after an illness
extending over a year. He came i
here from Washington County
about two years ago and has
been connected with the Rose
mary Mfg. Co. A wife and sev
eral children survive him, seven
of whom, made their home with
him, Delia, Alice, Louis, Ran
dolph, Fenner, Gladys and H. M.
Watters. His children who live
out of town were present for the
funeral service, Messrs. A. G.
Watters, of Greenville, W. C.
Watters, of Scotland Neck, S. M.
Watters, of Winterville and Mr.
and Mrs B. F. Strickland, of
Palmyra. He was a member of
the Primitive Baptist ' Church.
Rev. A. G. Carter, conducted the
funeral service, in the home
Wednesday afternoon at 2:30.
Interment was made in Cedar
wood Cemetery.
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