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The Herald Publishing Co., Inc.
J. T. Stainback . . Editor
Subscription $2.00 a Year in Advance
Entered as Second Cine Matter Apr
3, MpH, at the Post Office at Roanoke
Rapids, North Carolina, under Act of
March 3, 1879.
All- communications should be
addressed to the Herald Publishing Co.
Persons wishing return of mss, must in
all cases enclose stamps.
All cards of thanks, resolutions of re
spects etc., etc., will be charged fo
the rate of ten cents per line, casa
must accompany article in all cases ex
cept where customer has a regular ac
uount No insertions made for lesh
than 25 centa.
Friday, February 17, 1922
The Climate has evidently
gone South for the winter.
Its a fine time of the year to go
slow on that "Sunny South"
The Irish Free State evidently
thinks itself free to raise all the
disturbance it pleases.
Cheer up its only a few weeks
before the first installment of
your incorne tax will be due.
The ground hog turns out to be
an excellent weather prophet as
well as an animal of extremely
good judgment.
American Dollar Now Worth
600,000 Rubles-headline. In
other words $1.66 makes a man
a Russian millionaire.
If the bonus bill passes the
soldier vote possibly will have
been bought; the rest of the
country certainly sold.
The country will now see if the
Senate that could not be ordered
can be cajoled into the exercise
of a little human intelligence.
Congress may find bonus
bought votes less permanent
' than the indignation of the out
raged taxpayers who must foot
the bill.
You car. admire their nerve,
however little you may think of
their judgment, when the
Friends of the Russian Soviets
set out to tackle Herbert Hoover.
"No. 11 Hits Man Two Miles
from Town" -headline in th? Lit
tleton News Reporter. Might
have been worse. Could conceiv
ably have hit him even farther.
There will be little reason for
unemployment in Mr. Gore's
maintenance force after the
' weather moderates enough to
give them a chance at the roads.
The best Valentine of all bv
Is one that says "enclose find
Subscribers please note.
The Fertilizer Association has
marshalled an imposing array of
facts to prove that Henry cannot
make fertilizer at Muscle Shoals,
that if he could it wouldn'cbeof
any account, , that the ma fac
ture would be prohibitivelvexpen
sive; but if these things be true,
why is $e Fertilizer Association
having one duck fit after another
over the Ford proposal?
To Cotton Farmers
We are printing elsewhere in
this issue a leaflet embodying
some vital statistics compiled by
the Cotton Acreage Committee, to
which -we invite the attention of
every merchant and cotton plant
er In this section. All of the
essential facts of the situation
are brought out in this -leaflet
and the subject is very conserva
tively treated. '
The cottdrt plantera are at the
parting of the ways. One road
full Acreage Pleads to positive
and hopeless disaster; the other
road small acreage-leads ,to
quick recovery and financial sol
vency. The future' is in the
ing of the "planters themselves.
Under present corjditions of sup-
ply and consumption, the carry
over on August 1st next may be
five million bales, and cannot be
less than three million bales. No
authority estimates the consump
tion of American cotton at more
than twelve million bales maxi
mum for the next crop year, and
the only safe course to pursue is
to reduce acreage to the possi
bility of only eight million bales
for the current year. Last year's
acreage turns out to hve been
around thirty million acres, and
except for the weevil devastation
and adverse weather conditions,
a crop of twelve million bales
would have been possible, in
which event cotton would have
sold for 10c a lb. and the South
would have been inevitably bank
rupt. The time has come to turn a
deaf ear to sentimentalists. The
South does not raise cotton for
humanitarian purposes, not with
the object of clothing Chinese.
Japanese, or what-not, but pri
marily for the purpose of mak
ing a living; and there is no more
reason why the South should
produce a surplus of cotton than
that a cotton mill should produce
a surplus of goods or a bank of
issue keep out a redundant cur
rency, in tne case oi tne cotton
mill or the bank, these can cur
tail at will, but in the case of the
cotton planter, he has only one
time within the year at which to
curtail, which is the planting
A man has no more right to
commit economic than physical
suicide. The cotton planters
know that a small crop has a
greater monetary value than a
large crop, and with this fact
established and recognized, fail
ure to reduce acreage to the
point of the world's need for cot
ton would be nothing short of
economic suicide.
Our slogan should be eight
million bales of cotton for the
next crop. With such a crop the
world will have a sufficenry of
cotton, and this is the extent of
the planters' obligation to hum
anitarian consideration. The
South is on trial, its intelligence
is being weighed in the balance.
Morning Star.
North Carolina
Blessed Agriculturally
Raleigh, N. C. -North Caro
lina was particularly blessed in
an agricultural way duting the
year 1921, in comparison with
others. The rank of fourth in
value of all farm crops exclusive
of fruits and truck is quite com
mendable as is that of fifth place
in all crops. Those outranking
this state had considerably larg
er total cultivated areas, but the
per acre value of such crops was
higher than any other important
state, reports the Cooperative
Crop Reporting Service of the
State and Federal Departments
of Agriculture.
Our corn, potatoes, hay, tobac
co, cotton and fruit brought
good prices or any way, better
than most states. In comparison
with others, it is found that the
value of the North Carolina
crops is almost two thirds of the
value of the Texas crops, and she
ha3 but one-fourth the improved
farm area. Illinois had but 11
per cent more in value of crops,
and yet had over three times the
farm area. We had more than
the value of Iowa's crops
only 29 per cent of her
acreage. Our state had
three pec cent less of total
values on one-third less produc
ing area than New York. Even
a comparison with California
shows us with 75 per cent of her
crop value from a farmed area
less than two-thirds as much,
while the '22 official crop basis
gives us a larger total value.
North Carolina is thus shown
up in her true light, for in no
other way is the comparison
equitable: Still another interest
ing comparison is by individual
crops. Texas, Illinois, Iowa,
Kansas and most other middle
western states are more of the
one crop type than is this state.
Last year, corn occupied one
third of our cultivated area, and
cotton only one-fifth, while small
grains, hays, seed legumes, and
improved pastures each had
about ten per cent. The muchly
discussed tobacco crop occupies
only six per cent of the cultivated
In total corn value, Iowa and
Illinois lead with North Carolina
ranking lucky thirteen. ' Perhaps
that is why the Tar Heel state
came through the last crop year
with first rank in the value of
sweet patatoes, peanuts, soy
beans, and tobacco. Our nearest
competitors are Alabama in po
tatoes; Virginia in peanuts and
soy beans; with Kentucky sec
ond in tobacco. In Hay value,
New York and Wisconsin lead
with 23 others being ahead of us.
We hold fourth rank in sor
ghum cane and fifth in state cot
ton values.
The national average of De
cember pricej paid to farmers
was: corn 42.3 cents, wheat
cents, irish potatoes $1.11, and
swejt potatoes 88 cents. Loose
hay averaged $12.13 per ton, cot
ton 16.2 cents, peanuts 4 ct;nts
per pound and sorghum syrup 63
cents per gallon for all states.
The North Carolina prices were
corn 78 cents, wheat $1.44, irish
potatoes 51.43, sweets 95 cents,
hay $19.80, peanuts 5.6 cents and
sorghum syrup 78 cents per gal
lon. With this showing and know
ing full well that the average
North Carolina farmer is not
nearly as efficient as he should
be, just imagine what this state
could do with a fully developed
system of crop production and
Rosemary, N. C
Allen C. Zollicoffer
Attorney a Law
Rosemar) , N. C.
Office Over Old Pottoflic Building
Thos. W. Wafford
High Grade Repairing Our
Specialty. Terms Cash
Phone 83 Roanoke Rapids, N.
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tnken a couple of boxes of Doan's
Kidney Pills I felt like a different per'
son and I haven't been bothered since
UOc, at all dealers. Foster-Milburn
Co., Mfrs., Buffalo, N. Y.
When Your Farm Stock Is Sick, Look
For Rats.
Disease among farm
animals don't just happen. Rats
are carriers of dangerous plagues
hog cholera, foot and mouth
disease and that terrible of all
scourges -Bubonic plague. Fa-r
mers should throw around
premises RAT-SNAP. It's sure
and safe. Three sizes, 35c, 65c
$1.25. Sold and guaranteed by
Roanoke Pharmacy, Roanoke
Rapids, N. , Patterson
Co., Rosemary, N. C.
Under the authority of a deed of
trust dated March 2nd, 11)18, executed
by Altimo Leo, Jr., and wife, to J. M.
i icot, Trustee, to secure the payment
or a note inerein described; delimit
having been made in the payment of
said note, and at the request of the
holder, the undersigned trustee will
sell the hereinafter described land at
public auction, for cash, to the highest
Didder, at the t.ourt House Door in the
t'wn of Halifax, at one o'clock, P.
M , on the 20th day of March. 1022, to
satisfy said debt. The land is de
scribed as follows: Situated in North
Carolina, Halifax County, Krinkleyville
Township, bounded on the North by the
lands of Lizzie Lee, on the south by
the lands of Nelson Williams, on the
East by Little Fishing Creek and on
the West by Bill Cyrus, containing fifty
acres more or less, h ueinir ine luenii-
cal tract of land conveyed Altimo Lee,
Jr., by Nelson Williams and Sandy
Johnston, said deed uoing recorded in
book 2(H), at page 15, of the Public
Reeistrv of Halifax County, N. C.
This the flth dav of February, 1922,
J. M. Picot, Trustee.
2-17-4-t j m p
Trustee's Sale Of Land.
power conferred on the undersigned in
a certain Deed of Trust from L. D.
Jenkins to T. W. M. Long, Trustee,
recorded in Book page 528 Register's
Uince tor uaiilax County, the under
signed Trustee, at the request, of the
holder of the indebtedness therein se
cured, payment having been defaulted
will on the 2Mh day of February, 1U22
at the Post-Office Door in the Town
ofThelma, North Carolina, sell for
cash, to the highest bidder that certain
tract of land situate in . Roanoke
Rapids Township, Halifax County.
North Carolina, containing FIFTY
acres, being a part of the Wash Pear
son tract, described as follows:
Beginning at a stake in a branch ; thence
a chopped line N "H 1-4 E 1775 feet to a
stake in the original lineon Hedgerow
thence with Hedgerow S. 4.10 W about
S05 feet to corner of the fifty acre
tract previously cut from said tract;
thence with said 50 acre N 78-15 W Xtil
feet to a stake; thence S 6-15 W 2530
feettoastake on made cornerof 60
acre tract; thence along road N 78
15 W abr ut 7;i'.i feet to a stake; thence
N. 50 W 14 M feet to a stake on branch;
thence running about with branch W
32 1-4 E 300 feet N. 15-25 E 268 feet
N 18 1-2 W 211) feet N 63 VV 145 feet
N 52 3-4 W 264 N 25 E 67 feet to be
ginning. This th 2Sth day of Januarv 1922.
T. W. M. Lone. Trustee.
Store !9?,, ?reen'
2-3-4 t
Taste is a matter of
tobacco quality
We itate h as odr honeit
belief that the tobaccos used
in Chesterfield are of finer
quality (and hence of better
taste) than in any other
cigarette at the price.
LiggtU & Njtri Ttbacct C:
of Turkish and Domestic tobaccosblended
7T- , MJ
Roanoke Chapter No. 1190.E.S
meets the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each
month at 7:30, Visitors cordially invited,
Louise Wafford
. W. M.
Pearle K. Pitt
Sale of Land by Trustee
By virtue of a deed ot trust executed
on the 21st day of June 1919, by S. L.
Stokes and others to S. G. Danie.
trustee, to secure a debt due to S. Dl
Hamlet and transferred by him to Mamie
A. Hamlet Administratrix, and default,
having been made in the payment of
the same, I will on the sixth day of
March 1922. at Essex in Halifax County
N. C. at twelve o'clock M. sell to the
highest bidder for cash the following
described real estate :-
Lots Numbers 2 & 7 in the division of
the II. W. Stokes land in the aforesaid
state and county, which said lots were
alotted to S. L. Stokes in said division
and bounded on the North by lands of
Dudley Lynch: and on the East by lands
of Mamie Hamlet: on the South by
lands of W. L. Shcarin, on the West
by J. L. Alston, and containing twenty
one acres by surrey of A. F. Brame.
For more accurate description refer
ence is heremade to Book 307 at page
37 in the office of the registei of deeds
for Halifax County.
This the 23rd day of January 1922.
1-27-U S. G. Daniel. Trustee.
power of sale contained in a certain
deed of trust from W. F. Horner to
Beo. C. Green, Trustee, dated the 1st
day of January, 1918, and recorded in
Gook 284, pjge 68, Register's Office
for Halifax County, default having been
made in the payment of the indebted
ness therein secured, at the request of
the holder of said indebtedness, the un
dersigned will, on the 27th day of Feb.
1922, at the Post Office Door in Thelma
N. C sell for cash, to the highest bid
der, the following described tract or
parcel of land:
That certain tract or parcel of land
situate in Littleton Township, Halifax
County, and State of North Carolina,
described as follows, to-wit:
BEGINNING at a point where the
Thelma to Brinkeyville road crosses
Great Creek: thence with said road
north 3deg. 30 min. east 399 feet;thence
north 11 deg. eat 1000 feet; thence
north 7 deg. 30 min. east till feet, thence
north 7 deg. east 836 feet; thence north
5 degrees 30 min. east 52 feet; thence
north 43 deg. 30 min. t ast 762 feet,
thence north 33 deg. east 385 feet,
thence north 22 deg, 30 min. east 750
feet; thence north 29 deg. 30 min. east
682 feet; thncc north 3 deg. east 373
feet to the Eaton's Ferry Road; thence
with the Eaton's Ferry Road
north 50 deg. west 639 feet; thence
north 45 deg. west 239 feet to a gum;
thence south 54 deg. west 3693 feet
to Punkum Branch; thence with Punk-
tim Brnnrh tn whm it .ntya i,.tr, nnt
... . - . - - . V- .11,11. ii, t VJ VI I I, L
Creek; thence with Great Creek to the
roaa. poini oi Beginning, containing
206:6 acres.
There is exempted from the forego
ing description the following two tracts
of land:
BEGINNING at a stake on Eaton's
Ferry Road, runs N. 60 W. 637 feet to
a stake; thence N 46-00 w in leet to a
stake ; thence 64 deg. 00 W 2560 feet to a
stake; thence N 40 W 776 teet to a
stake: N. 64 E. 2650 feet to be,
containintr 50 acres, more or less.
BEGINNING at a stake on the west
side of the Brinkleyville Road 8088
feet from Great Creek, runs N 43 deg.
30 min. E. 726 feet to a stake; thence
N 83 E 383 feet to a itake; thence
N 22-80 E 706 feet to a stake; thence
N 29-80 E 682 feet to a stake; thence
NS0 E 873 feet to Eaton's Ferry Road
thence N 64 W 2660 feet to a stake;
hence N 4-W 1200 feet to beginni.ig,
containing 6 acres.
This 27th day of January ltrcz.
Geo. C. Green. Trustee
Nice Store B jilding on Roanoke Avenue
in Rosemary.
Apply to
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conveniences and comforts to the Home that
everyone should inspect our varied offerings.
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ber and when properly cared for will last al
most indefinitely.
Hot Water Bottles Fountain Syringes
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Roanoke Pharmacy Co.
The Original Prescription Druggists
Roanoke Rapids, N. C.
The Best Book
of All
A book that every man should possess
first and keep before all others is a bank
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ble books for your own. We help you to
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4 On Savings
The First National Bank
of Roanoke Rapids
Member of the Federal Reserve System
W.T. COUNCILL, Pred. & F. PATTERSON, V-Prest. T. W. M. LONG. V-Prei Cashier
R. L COOPER, Ant, Cahier ' ; ! . "l
:r ;' . . (
i 1 J
res of ISO.

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