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Trustee's S&le Of Land.
power conferred on the undersigned in
a certain Deed of Trust from L. D.
Jenkins to T. W. M. Long, Trustee,
recorded in Book 280 page 628 Register's
Office for Halifax County, the under
signed Trustee, Bt the request of the
holder of the indebtedness therein se
cured, payment having been defaulted, I stake in the original lineon Hedgerow
will on the- 28th dny of February, 11)22 thence with Hedgerow S. 4.10 W about
ai me rost-urrice uoor in tne Town
of Thelma, North Carolina, sell for
cash, to the highest bidder that certain
tract of land situate in Roanoke
Rapids Township, Halifax County,
North Carolina, containing FIFTY
acres, being a part of the Wash Pear
son tract, described as follows:
Beginning at a stake in a branch ; thence
a chopped line N 78 1-4 E 1775 loet to a
Heating & Plumbing
Bluefield, W. Va. Roanoke Rapids, N. C.
For Local Estimates Call C. M. Pitt, Phone No. 12
Day PboM 640
Hearse Service Anywehre
Flowers on Short Notice
Night Phone S89-J -
Nice Store Building on Roanoke Avenue
in Rosemary.
Apply to
Store For Rent
Rear of Virginia - Carolina Furniture
Company Fronting on Second Street
Roanoke Rapids.
Immediate Possession
Apply to
Rosemary, N. C.
I j ' Wkk Statin aidDm
THE Ford car is so simple in
construction, so dependable in its
action, Bo easy to operate and handle
that almost anybody and everybody
can safely drive it.
The Ford Coupe, permanently enclosed
with sliding glass windows, is cozy,
and roomy modest and refined - a car
that you, your wife or daughter will be
proud to own and drive.
' i
Arad of course it has all the Ford econ
omies of operation and maintenance.
Call and look over the Iford Coupe.
Reasonably prompt delivery can be
made If yqu order af'
Authorized Dealer
806 feet to corner of the hfty acre
tract previously cut from said tract;
thence with said 6(1 acre N 7K-lli W Wil
feet to a stake; thence S 0-15 W 25:1(1
feettoastake on made corner of 50
acre tract; theneo along road N 78
15 W about 73! feet to a stake; thence
N. 50 W 1449 feet to a stake on branch;
thence runninir about with branch W
32 1-4 12 3(10 feet N. 15-25 E 2ti8 feet
N IS 1-2 W 210 feet N 6:1 W M5 feet
N 52 3-4 W 204 N 25 E U7 feet to be
ginning. This tho 2 -1th day of January 1922.
T. W. M. Long, Trustee.
Geo. C. Green,
Drs. West & Crank
Roanoke Rapids, N. C
2nd Floor Drug Store Building
Dr. W. A. Carter
Whf n Your Farm Slock Is Sick, Look
For RaU.
Disease among farm
animals don't just happen. Rats
are carriers of dangerous plagues
hog cholera, foot and mouth
disease and that terrible of all
scourges - Bubonic plague. Fa-r
rners should throw around
prernisei RAT-SNAP. It's sure
and safe. Three sizes, Kc, G5c
$1.25. Sold and guaranteed by
Roanoke Pharmacy, Roanoke
Rapids, N. C, Patterson Store
Co., Rot-emary, N. C.
Rosemary, N. C.
Phone 50J
"I Lost My Best Customers Thru Rats",
Writes J. Adams.
"Used to have the busiest
Restaurant in town until news
spread that the kitchen was in
fested with rats; lost a lot of my
best customers until I tried Rat
SNAP, Haven't a pest in the
place now. Restaurants should
useMT-SNAP." Three sizes,
35c, G5c, $1.25. Sold and guaran
teed by Roanoke Pharmacy, Roa
noke Rapids, N. C, Patterson
Store Co., Rosemary N. C.
CHicesi First National Baok BuiMing
Roanoke Rapids, N. C
Under the authority of a deed of
trust dated March 2nd, 11118, executed
by Altimo Lee, Jr., and wife, to J. M.
I'icot, Trustee, to secure the navmeiit
of a note therein described: default
having been made in the payment of
said note, and at thes request of the
holder, the undersigned trustee will
sell the hereinafter described land at
public auction, for cash, to the highest
Didder, at the Court House Door in the
t wn of Halifax, at one o clock, I',
M.. on the 20th day of March. 11122. to
satisfy said debt. The land is de
scribed as follows: Situated in North
Carolina, Halifax County, llrinkleyville
lownsnip, bounded on tne Worth by the
lands of Lizzie Lee, on the South by
the lands of Nelson Williams, on the
Last by Little Fishing Creek and on
the West by Hill Cyrus, containing fifty
acres more or less, it being the idenli
cal,tract of land conveyed Altimo Lee,
Jr., by Nelson Williams and Handy
Johnston, said deed being recorded in
hook 200, at page 15, of the Public
Registry of Halifax County, N. C.
This the 9th day of February, 1H22.
Mr. J. A. White Says "If You Have
An Automobile, Keep Rat-Snap.
"If I knew about RAT-SNAP
last winter, would Iwe saved
$120. My car was in the garage
for a few weeks during bad
weather; when I went to take it
out, found that rats had eaten
gieat holes in two new tires.
Got them later with RAT-SNAP."
Three sizes 35c, (5c, $1.25 Sold
and guarantc- d by Roanoke
Pharmacy, Roanoke Rapids, N.
C Patterson Store Co., Rose
mary N. C.
How Vera Aided
IU rtJV.'IiV ,r.' . .. , ,-... - .
topyrmut, 1-J22, Womani Now,,,.,,-, ni
Two persons In Full-view were writ
ing letters at the same, lmur-
ful, lovely young woman of twenty
five, Marclu Weslhrook; n gruvo-faced
handsome man of thirty, Itolfe Dur
wurd. Neither knew of the employ
ent of the other, jet each was writ
ing of the other.
Thus ended nm wtler of Durward
to his close friend In n distant city:
"As to your quoallon of getting mar
rled and .settled down, that Is far dis
tant. I do not think I nm generally a
favorite with the fair sex. There Is a
young lady here. Miss Westbrook. I
luivo not had her out of my mind
since I (list saw her, but she is rich,
I nm poor, and I nm as a glow-worm
coveting (lie slur."
Tim I. .... . ,, ... ..
.. Mir in jui.'-a wcstnrooK was
coinchleiitall.v, til;;,, t0 a close friend
and it ended: "Ho, dear, do not think
I have taken leave of my senses, mt
tell nm j-it what yon think of n face
that presents to me a nobleness and
attraction 1 cannot resist. ni8 name
Is Holfe imnvnrd. He has a respect
hie position, and, like invself, I think
lie has met ,vlth those buffets of fate
that make the heart mature and likely
to respond only to the real merits of
The grave strain In the missive hud
a basis. March. Weslhrook had lost
father and mother in a single year
She l-ad been left In char-e of three
.voiif; children, her sisters. She had
giv-il her life., to then, and had seen
little of social phnre.
Roanoke Chapter No. 1190.E.S
meeta the 12nd and 4th Mondays of each
month at 7:30. Visitors cordially invited.
Louise Vadord Pearle K. Pitt
W. M. Sec'y
Under the authority and power of a
deed of trust of January IHIi, lilpj,
executed by N. A. Martin and Kninia
Martin, his wife, to J. M. I'icot, TrusUo,
to secure the payment of seven notes
therein described, default having been
made in the payment of said notes,
and at the request of the holder there
of, the undersigned trustee will, on
Tuesday, the 2;sth day of February,
112, .in Littleton. N. C, in front of
llw, Hunk ,f T.itHi.tnn lit Y) o'clock M
sell to the highest bidder, for cash, that ! j-itioi
2-17-4-t j m p
J. M. Picot, Trustee.
Administrator's Notice
Having qualified as admin;strator of
the estate of Kmanujl Williams, de
ceased, late of the County of Halifax,
North Carolina, this is to notify all
persons having claims against the es
tate of the deceased to exhibit them to
the undersigned on or before the 20th
day of January, 19123, or this notice will
be pleaded in bar of their recovery. All
persons indebted to said estate will
plense make immediate payment.
This the 12th day of January, 1922.
S. M. Thompson
Administrator of Emanuol Williams.
Under and by virtue of the power
contained in a certain deed of trust
executed to the undersigned Trustee
by S. M. Paige, on the 21th dav of
December, l!)19, and at the request of
the holders of the note thereby secured,
I will on Thursday, March lt'ith, 1922,
at one o'clock, P. M., in front of the
Lank of Littleton, Halifax Counlv,
North Carolina, olfer tit public safe,
for cash, the following described piece
or parcel of land, lying and being in
the Slate and County above written.
and in the town of Halifax, and being
as ioiiows: lieirin at tieo.
tmct . nf hind Ivino- in Halifax t'ountv.
adjoining the lands of Jesse Klan-dmry,
Mrs. Ozclla Lector and Mrs. Anna
Clark, and others beginning at. a Black
.lack wit.i Pine pointers on N. side of!
the road and runs N. r9 1-2 li. 19 p.ti 1.
to a stake on S. side of road, thence
along the road N. 71 1-2 L 79 p. 12 1
to a hickory in Slunshuiy's line,
then N. 5. E. 21 ). 7. 1. along Stans
bury's line to a stak; thence S. .r9 E.
29 p. 7. 1. to a Post Oak on N. side of
the road, then N. 2 1-2 W. 72 p. to a rock,
lilack Cum pointers, then S. f.l 1-2 W.
102 p. 171. to a pine and Dog wood j
then N. ; 1-4 W. Il l p. SI. to a Ked
Oak, then N. 2'1 1-1 W. 39 p. 1. L. to a
corner at junction of ditches, then a
long said ditch S. 17 W. 2(i p. 121.. S
H V. 6 p., S. 2ii W. -11 n. in L. .o
Hear Swamp, then S. E. 10 p. 1
L. up swamp Hu n S. K W. 10 p. HI 1.
to and along a ditch, then S. 4:1 W.
(Ip. to a corner stake, then S. !S 1-4 E.,
I ll p. to the beginning, containing 100
acres, more or less. Reference is here
by had from deed to R. A. Carter and
wife, and D. 3. Moss to J. E. Pepper,
of record in Deed Hook lii'i, p. 111.,
public registry of Halifax County
This the 2Sth day of January, 1922.
J. M. Picot, Trustee.
Hucks southeastern corner inthellali
fax Hotel Tract line, and; run along
KHid Huck's line a westerly direction lnti
feat to Dobb Street; then along Dobb
Street a southerly direction 82 feet to
Owens Estate line; then along Owens
Estate line 100 feet to stake in said
Hotel Tract; thence along said Hotel
Tract a northerly direction 82 teet to
the beginning, 'it being the identical
tract of land described in said deed of
trust, which said deed of trust is
recorded in the ollice of the Register
of Deeds for Hali ax County, North
Caraiina. in book :17. at page lo.s, to
which reference is hereby made for
more minute description.
This 14th day of February, 1:i22.
Jos. P. Pippen, Trustee
There's a Ray
of Hope In
It pays - promptly and in full
- for property destroyed by
the wild caprice of windstorm,
cyclone or tornado.
Insure and be Sure
This agency as a representative,
of the Hartford rire Insurance
Company issues policies that
are sound guarantees a gains!
loss by windstorm. Get yours
here. '
jr Roanoke Rapids, North Carf lina
The Highway Conimis.;ion of
Halifax County
will odcr for sale at Public
Audion one lot of
Stable Manure
at ils Camp in South Rose
mary on February 28.
at I I o'clock
Terms: Cash
Buyer to remove in fifteen clays
from dale of sale.
"I nm going" downtown, children,
find will 'he gone about an hour," said
Sliu-eifi, forgetting the letter to her
girl friend which she hnd slipped Into
the pocket of her dress she hnd Just
Little Vera clapped her hands In
rare nought as her sister left the
"Now, then, we've got a whole hour
to play 'company!'" she announced to
her companion. "Come upstairs and
well dress up like real full-grown la
Inside of five minutes a queer pro
cession came through the front door
and crossed the garden. Vera led
them past I ho garden, across a Inne,
and crept under the bars of a fence
guarding n grazing field.
"Now, this Is a fusli-n'ble summer
resort, on'orstnnT suld Vera. "I'll
he a princess, sitting under that tree
Meantime llolfe Durward, with a
half-day vacation before him, pocket
ed his letter and proceeded to take a
stroll. Of course the Westhrook home
wns n tiingnet, the way his thoughts
A whimsical smile crossed his face
as he passed by tho field and caught
siKht of the mimic court scene In
progress beyond the rail feuce.
AiTayofi in a red plush cape and
seated in great grandeur under the
tree, Vera was receiving her company
ui true dignified style.
Ma? had found the letter in Mar-
cla's dross pocket.
"This Is an Invite from my friend
the queen," she was saying, nnd end
ed the pretentious declaration In a
scream of mortal terror.
U'l-a sprung to her feet. She
grabbed her little companions, one
with each hand.
Oh, hurry ! hurry !" she cried. "It'B
the mad cow loose !"
in a Hash Itolfe Durward took in
the scene, turned suddenly from trnv-
est.v to tragedy.
There was no question of the peril
of the children: he saw thnf at
glance. He reached their side aud
tore the red cape from the shoulders
of tin- terrorized Vera.
"I!nn-fiilck ! Fast!" he ordered
"get past the fence."
Then he turned, waving the rJ
token of defiance to the advancing ani
mal. As ho had hoped and expected,
It diverted its course nnd cnine lung
Inj; towards him.
Just leaping the fence, Itolfe was
i'.rimil by the bulky head of the iu-furlati-d
animal. One shnrp horn tore
a ridge clear up one forearm nnd he
landed with a wrench on the ground
beyond the fence.
Kolfe saw some neighbors take the
children home and two men capture
the tuml miinial.
The signet ring hnd slipped from
Vera's finger and he secured this. An
open letter and a photograph lay
where she bad ubaudoned It.
With a start of Incredulity Itolfe
recognized the portrait as Ids own. It
must have been secured from the vil
lage photographer. And then his
glance fell upon the open letter to
view his own nuine, a few words only
with It, but enough to Instantly fill
bis soul with the most extravagant joy.
He was overwhelmed with expres
sions of gratitude as lie reached the
house where Marcla was coddling the
frl's'btened little ones.
"I also found these," he said, hand
ing Marcla the signet ring nnd the
letter, as he had discovered It, open.
"You you read," fluttered Marcla.
"I could not help but see my name
and n few words with It, and I am
She flushed crimson. He thrilled.
"Il.v a strange coincidence," he said,
his voice trembling, I also wrote a let
ter today, still ummillod. It Is only
fair that you should see It."
Her hands shook as she glanced
over It. Her eyes met his. They
drooped, rut glowed.
"Do not send It !" she whispered,
and ran Into the home in happy contusion.
Roanoke Hotel
and Cafe
Rjanoke Junction, N. C.
Good Rooms and Service
OPEN 5s30 A. M. to. 12,00 P M.
An Old Friend's
topjTitlii. Ui:, Western Nawtpuper Unlun.
"Going, Arnold?" questioned Hul '
Daniels, as he stood In the suburban
real estate ollice of Young & Co., ad
dressing the manager of that branch
of a big city business.
"I'll tell you In a minute," replied
Arnold White "four, six, eight, nine,"
mid he flipped over the bnnk bills in
his hand nnd then said definitely and
withal quite disconsolately "no."
"Why not?"
i "Can't nfford it."
j "Nonsense! See here, I believe you
I are showing the white feather. And
Miss Leila Morton Is well worth the
attentions of any young man I"
"No doubt of that," half sighed Ar
nold. "In fact, that's the trouble."
There was an interruption. A cus
tomer came driving up in an automo
bile, wishing to look nt some houses
listed for sale by the office and Arnold
had to hurry away at once.
"Have you half an hour to spare,
Hal?" he inquired of hltf friend.
"Sure double that time, If I can bt
"Just keep the office open until I
return, will you?" '
Til do that, responded Hal.
Hal had not fully dropped Into th
luxurtousness of repose when there
was a visitor. He wo a bronied
faced, big-framed man with all the
marks of an outdoorjlf.e upon him.
"211. rwrid Whiter'" he spoke In
"No, sir only his friend."
"Ah, then I will wait," said tho
stranger, seating himself. "Friend of
Mr. White, ore you? How is he get
ting along?"
"He la the best fellow In the world,"
declared Hal with unction, "and an
up-to-date salesman. When be come
here he made a two years' salary con
tract for a ridiculous sum. That ex
pires soon. He'll get rich on bla oo
missions, If they give him half
cTiance.'r "
"That's promising," commented tho
visitor. "Contented, happy, I sup
pose?" "Well, he's In love I" laughed Hal.
"Tell me about that," rather eager
ly urged the stranger.
"No, I'm talking too much, I guett"
dissented Hal, suddenly realizing that x
he was discussing hla absent friend
too freely with a stranger.
For nearly five minutes the stranger
poured a strange tale Into the eara of -his
amazed auditor. Hal looked star
tled, then delighted.
"Capital! famous I Arnold deserves
It all I" he cried loyally. "Yes, you
need to know all. Too see, my slater"
And this time Hal Daniels found a
listener to what his sister, the fast
friend of Leila Morton, knew of her
preferences as to her many beaux,
Arnold White especially considered.
"This gentleman wishes to look over
your property," advised Hal, as Arnold
"Ah, yes," bowed Arnold. "Ons
word, Hal," he added, stepping to the
side of his friend and speaking con
fidentially: "I wish you would get
word to Miss Morton through your
sister that I cannot attend the theater
party to the city tomorrow evening."
"Nonsense I" began Hal stormlly.
"No, It Isn't I haven't asked Miss
"No, but I'll bet she expects It."
"I can't afford It just now, Hal," as
serted Arnold seriously, and added
briskly to his visitor! "Now then, '
sir, what can I show your
"I want you to pick me out the
neatest, most convenient bouse you
have on your list," was the reply.
The customer Insisted on Arnold
expressing his preference and Judg
ment. Finally the stranger said :
"I'll take that house It's a little
"What name In the deed, please T
Inquired Arnold, taking np a pen.
"Arnold White."
"What?" exclaimed Arnold. "Why,
that's my name!"
"I know It Is," bowed the stranger
coolly. "I am following out my In
structions Impllclty." ,
"But I don't understand"
"You soon will. I am an attorney
from Montana, representing Ernest
"What 1 my old friend whom I have
not heard from for two years?"
"The same, and the man you loaned
$2(10 to. Well, we went West and got
In Jail. Stayed there for two years,
stubbornly fighting for a valuable
hind entry he had made. There was a
technicality and he stood by his guns.
I helped him. We beat the land
shnrks and he Is rich today. There Is
the money you loaned htm with In
terest." Arnold was stupefied. Then his
first thought was of Leila.
"By the way, Mr. White," said tbs
stranger "about this young lady Mr.
Daniels told me about? '
"Ernest Drake would think of your
happiness ahead of anything else," he
said. "As his representative, I give
you this news, reliably acquired:
Miss Morton Is only waiting for you
to ask her company to that theater
party. You will ask her and she wilt
go. At the theater party pop the ques
tion and she will accept you."
And Leila did.
Something Else.
"Here's a man who found
pearls In an oyster stew."
"Oh, fairly startling! I thought you
were gig to try to lead me to be
lieve he found nine oysters." Louis
ville Courier Journal. .
Fabric li Extensively Uitd for Formal
Gowns Majority of Dresses
on Straight Lines. , .
Except in dance frocks for young '
nnd slight figures, the majority of the
season's evening frocks are developed
on straight lines, with novel and In
teresting color and fabric combina
tions. Metal cloth Is extensively used. One
particularly fetching evening gown re
cently seen was made of chiffon In a
rich violet shade, with no trimming
whatever except a wide girdle of sli
ver cloth caught at one side with a
huge rosette of the same.
A gown that combined chiffon and
silver cloth featured the former In a
dull blue. The silver cloth was used
to band the chiffon slds panels of the
frock, over which were draped extra
panels of chiffon long enough to form
side trains. Woven silver braid formed
the girdle. A black velvet evening
gown was made over a sliver cloth
slip, a wide silver braid la woven de
sign serving as shoulder straps.
Velvet Hats.
Blue velvet heels on silver bro
cade slippers are charming, as well aa
new. Whatever the word of fashion,
sponsoring the wearing of black satin
slipper '0'lth evening frocks this win
ter, there are runny delightful slippers
,( brocade and satin In colors.
No. 174
Iilado in Fliro Grades
.... ,,.' .iUA-u. C---

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