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The Herald Publishing Co., Inc.
J. T. Stainback . . Editor
Subscription $2.00 a Year in Advance
Entered as Second Class Matter Apr
3, 1914, at the Post Office at. Roanoke
Rapids, North Carolina, under Act of
March 3, 1879.
All communications should be
addressed to the Herald Publishing Co.
Persons wishing return of mss, must in
all rases enclose stamps.
All cards of thanks, resolutions of re
acts etc., etc., will be charged fo
he rate of ten cents per line, casa
must accompany article in all cases ex
cept where customer has a regular ac
uount No insertion made for lesh
than 25 cents.
Friday. March 31, 1922
Quit flirting with the fire department-clean
up and be safe.
ated, millions of able-bodied men
were killed. Cut down national
budgets by reducing armies and
Daring Government payrolls, yet
in every country of Europe there
will be enormous bills for pen
sions to the disabled and to the
families of the dead, a3 well as
for interest on Government
bonds. What was paid for muni
tions that were shot away will
be a total loss. Some of it came
out of the savings of the future.
The standard of living, for
most people, is reduced till the
war is paid for.
Almost all Danish labor is locked
out because it will not take a cut
in wages; the leading industries
of Czechoslovakia are having
strikes for the same reason. La
bor, naturally, objects to a reduc
ed standard of living. The rich,
the honest rich, have been de
flated: as for the poor old middle
class, it was deflated some years
ago and has been flat ever since.
Labor, too, must come to it; all
the economists in the world can't
save our old standard of living
when the wealth is no longer
here.-Greensboro Daily News
How about the formation of an
Ultimate Consumer's liloc before
all the Congressmen get classified?
His name is Vest but he does
not seem to suit a whole lot of
patrons of the Rosemary post-office.
ever out of the said John L. Vest.
That he claimed that he only
took orders for stockings and
hose and later delivered. That I
have just recently found out be
yond a doubt that on several oc
casions he has made sales and
delivered at the same.time That
he only made tuture deliveries
when his customer was not in
position to take the goods and
pay Lr them at the time of sale,
or when some special grade of
hose was desired that he did not
have with him at the time.
(Signed) "H. E. Dobbins, chief
of police, Rosemary, N. C."
News and Observer.
Polish diet votes Hoover a citizen-news
item. Fitting recipro
city, just think what he did for
the Polish diet!
If Halifax county isn't the
State Highway Commission's
redheaded stepchild, they've cer
tainly treated her like one.
Now that the Allies have decid
ed to let the Turks remain in
Europe we presume the "Sick
Man of the East,' is again convalescent.
Contend That He Has Not Paid Poll,
Personal or License Tax and is Not
a Citizen v f Rosemary.
The Senate has ratified the
four power pact in the face of the
opposition of Messrs. Reed, Borah
and Johnson and the shade of
The coal miners are to quit us
cold to-morrow, but if old Sol
keeps up his gait, the average
householder will face the pro
spect philosophically.
Now that the Russian Red
army has reached two million
men, we suppose the supply of
American food for starving Rus
sians will have to be materially
Even though Vice President
Coolidge has expressed his satis
faction with the first year of the
Harding administration, public
opinion on this point cannot yet
be considered unanimous.
"Sign of an Increase in De
mand for Money but Supply is
Ample"-headline. Major pre
mise correct -verified from per.
sonal experience and observation.
As to the final statement-where
do they get that stuff?
When we read in the papers
that the Mississippi is expected
to pass the 43 foot stage at Mem
phis and that a whole lot more of
real wet water is on its way
down the Ohio river, we are con
tented to let the Roanoke trickle
on, a mere crick in comparison.
Unless reparations are lighten
ed, said an eminent authority at
the dinner of the Economic Club
in this city the other night, and
we "rebuild that complex econo
mic machine destroyed by the
war and the treaty," various ills
will come upon us. This is doubt
less true; but one of those ills,
according to the speaker, is that
"the standard of living in most
part3 of the world would have to
be radically reduced."
la there any way to prevent
that? Cancel debts, reduce re
parations, make an international
loan, rebuild the complex econo
mic machine. do what you
please, but the fact will remain
that much of the world's wealth
was destroyed by the war. It
wa8 not transferred from one
class or one nation to another,
but was destroyed. Cities were
burned, farm lands were devast-
Washington, March 2S.
Another postoffice appointment
wrangle in North Carolina reach
ed the affidavit stage to day when
the senate postoffice committee
received affidavits concerning
the eligibility of J. L. Vest to be
postmaster at Rosemary. These
affidavits cover the residence
qualifications of Vest, his alleged
failure to pay a board bill, and
his failure to pay a peddler's
Opponents of Mr. Vest in Rose
mary and Washington charge
that he is not really a resident of
Rosemary, but is an itinerant
peddler of socks and other
articles. One point in the fight
waged by Senator Simmons
against the confirmation of Mr.
Vest is the claim he was selected
by the Republican organization
for partisan political purposes
and in preference to D. P. Wike.
an ex-service man vho is favored
by most of the patrons of the
Affidavits forwarded to Wash
ington for consideration of thp
senate committee include:
Affidavits of R. L. Dickens,
register of deeds for Halifax
county, that Vest did not list any
property in Halifax or any poll
in the year 1920, and that he has.
therefore, not been a citizen of
Rosemary for two year3 as re
quired by law to make him eli
gible for postmaster.
J. R. Beard, tax collector for
the township in which Rosemary
is located, makes affidavit that
Vest paid no tax in Halifax
county for the years 1917 and
J. L. Cobb, S. E. Medlin , Y.
C. Williams, J. P. Ashworth, B.
P. Cooper and C. A. Boyd, each
and all long-time residents of
Rosemary, make affidavits sepe
rately that John L. Vest has not
resided continuously in Rosemary
for the past two year3 as required
by law to make him eligible for
Other affidavits are from Mrs.
J. A. Philly and Mrs. D. D. Mc
Intyre, boarding house proprie
tors, of Henderson, N. C. Mrs.
Philly says that in July, 1921,
Vest secured board for himself
and two other men at her house,
and that Mr. Vest was slow in
paying the bill. Mr3. Mclntyre
claims that Mr. Vest still owes her
$10 for the board of two men
whom he brought to her house
to obtain lodging.
The Dobbins affidavit continues
"That I am deputy sheriff for
Halifax county and, as such
officer, I have the authority to
collect county license and privi
lege taxes; that the said John L.
Vest peddled socks on the streets
of the said village of Rosemary,
said county and state; that I have
made repeated demands upon
the said John L. Vest for the
payment of license tax for carry
ing on the said business, and
that the said John L Vest has
never paid any taxes for said
license, and that I have been un
able to collect any taxes what-
Sentiment and
the Law 1
Copyright, l'J2i, Western Newspaper Union.
"Hut law mid sentiment uro the
mine thins," said Itogcrs the old
iMii)i'iiil(Ui lawyer. Somebody had
hwii Wim'iitluK tho uwrutn! Juryman's
liability to bring In a verdict upon
tliu evlili'iioe nl'ine. "Sentiment Is
law," Itcicers repeated. "It Is law
In Its embryonic slate, unerystalllzed,
but often better law , tliuu written
"Do any of you remember the Bright
murder trial of the lute seventies?"
he continued, looking round nt us.
"No? Well, there have been uiuuy
murder since then, and doubtless It
wus not of epoch-making Importance.
Yet I wus led to undertake the defense
of Howard Iirlght through sentiment.
"It was pretty Lorna Bright, the
cousin of the young man, and secretly
engaged to him, who persuaded me,
by her protestutlims of Howard's In
nocence, to undertake so desperate a
case. Old Charles Urlght had driven
tils son from his home, because he
preferred the life of a musician.
"Charles Drlght was one of those
cantankerous old men who are cordial
ly hated by their neighbors. He had
a big estate ut Lanark, Md., to which
he retired after having disposed of
the business which he hoped Howard
would Inherit, at a price of two or
three hundred thousands. Among
those who hated hlni most strongly
was I'ete Jones, n small fanner whose
hinds he had taken when a mortgage
fell due.
".Now we come to the murder. On
Thanksgiving eve, 1S7. the servants
of tlie old man were aroused by a cry
and the sound of a shot. They ran
out of the house and saw their mas
ter lying dead with n bullet wound
through his head. Some fifty yards
away stood Howard, a rlile In his
hands. He made no resistance and
w as arrested and duly committed for
"As 1 said, gentlemen, It wnsLornn
firlght who Insisted that I undertake
her cousin's defense. She had been
In the bouse at the time of the mur
der and hail known no more tliun the
servants; yet she was confldeut that
her cousin was guiltless.
"Howard's story was that he had
come home on Thauksglving eve, to
siik a reconciliation ; that he had
brought an old rille he had taken
away, with a view of Joining his father
duck shooting on the 1'otomac, a sport
to which the old man was very partial,
and In which he always used a rifle.
When he was within fifty yards of the
house, however, he heard a rllle dis
charged In the distance and saw his
father, who had been standing near
the d'Xr, fall forwurd dead.
"I was convinced of the young
man's Innocence by my first lntervluw
with him. I assumed that Jones was
the guilty num. Jones was nt this
time living In a cabin about fifteen
hundred yards from the site of old
Ilright's house. There seemed no way
In which Jones could be trapped.
"All at once I had nn Idea. The
body had not yet been buried, though
the impiest was over. It occurred to
me that a bullet fired at such a short
rnnge would have hud velocity enough
to have drilled a clean instead of a
Jagged hole In the head. I examined
the wound and found, not only that
the wound was hopelessly torn, so far
as measuring Its size went, but that,
Instead of being parallel with the
earth, or horizontal, It had a down
ward angle of some 85 degrees.
"That discovery sent me wild with
eagerness. It was easy to deduce
from this that the bullet had been
fired from a considerable distance. As
you doubtless know, gentlemen, at all
but point blank ranges the sight on
the rllle Is elevated, so that the ball,
In Its trajectory, takes first an upward
and then a dowuwnrd course. In
other words, I had here a triangle, one
angle of which measured 35 degrees,
and the base line, as I surmised, about
1,500 yards thnt Is to say, the dis
tance between the murdered man and
Jones' cabin. The two other sides, of
course, represented the ascending and
the descending lines of the bullet's
"The rifle, I deduced from this,
must have been sighted to 1,130 yards.
"The district attorney consented to
tuke a walk of Inspection with me. I
explained to him (hat I Wanted to look
over the ground ; on the way 1 told
him of my theory. lie ridiculed the
Idea, but together we made our way
Into the swampy bottom of the drled
up rivulet. Suddenly we came upon
foot tracks converging toward a single
spot from either bank. I stooped and
scraped up a few hnndfuls of earth.
After a moment I came upon the
rifle barrel.
"When we had disinterred It we
found that It was sighted to 1,150
"That Is all, gentlemen. Jones, sur
prised, made i complete and dramatic
confession, and afterward paid the
penalty of his crime. But, as I was
saying, sentiment has Its proper place
In law, and if sentiment hadn't led me
to undertake young Bright'! de
fense he Would have died a shameful
death and Lorna Bright would not
have been a happy wife for nearly
forty years." , -
Londoner Gives Interesting Descrip
tion of Manner In Which He Made
j Important Find.
A simple carbon rod has been dis
covered by A. E. Haines, a leading &al
vanometrlst of Loudon, which If held
In the hands five minutes will recharge
the human system with nerve energy
ttyit lasts 12 hours. He suys It Is
nothing new, but, on the contrary, wus
known to the ancient Egyptians. He
said the secret of It was lost many
centuries ago. Mr. Bullies saW that
years ago while he was standing in the
British museum before a painted lime
stone sculpture of Kharfra, an Egyp
tian king of the fourth dynasty, who
built tho second of tho great pyramids
of Glzeh, he noticed the figure wag
holding two small rods shaped some
thing like the grip on a bicycle. There
after he began a series of long ex
periments to discover the substance
which the king held, but he fulled In
his search until one day when he was
trying to improve the microphone, for
which he prepared several carbon peu
oils which had been hardened by a
special process of his own. He said
that quite accidentally he touched one
of these enrbou pencils und was sur
prised to find that bis galvunlc deflec
tion swung from positive to uegutlve.
This led to further experiments, and
he finally found that the ordinary nrc
oarbon, when hardened by his process,
gave out u force which could not be
distinguished from none force. The
bars ure about six Inches long und nre
capiKMl ut the ends wltfi celluloid. Mr.
Bullies asserted the carbon rods have
been of givat aid In treating cuses of
nervous breakdown, deiifness, anemia
uiul many other complaints, He de
clared he did not know what the new
force wus.
Her Testimony Showed That the Dog
Had Deliberately Disregarded
Orders She Gave Him.
Judge Oscar Hallam, In his address
before the Mouth Dakota Bar associa
tion, told this good one:
"I recall u case of ossault and bat
tery, against the Koltskl family, and
In the course of the examination It
developed that the Koltskl family dog
had taken an active part. Mrs. Kolt
skl, when on the stand, was asked If
she didn't instigate the activities of
the dog. She Insisted that she did not.
The attorney said: 'Didn't you say,
"Sic 'era, Caesar?" for that was the
dog's name. She said, 'No, I did not.'
"The attorney salfl, 'You said some
thing to the dog?'
"She replied : 'Well, what If I did?'
"He insisted: 'Tell us what you sld
to the dog.'
"She unswered: 'Why, I said,
"Don't sic 'em, Caesar."'"
Unsuspected Knowledge.
The Woman has a young college
graduate friend who Is Just entering
the business Held. Louise hns poise
and educational background, which
she disguises beautifully by means of
a pair of big blue eyes, homemade
pink cheeks and a mop of bobbed
brown curls.
She does not know whether to call
her'latest experience a compliment or
the reverse.
Yesterduy Miss Isabel, the chiefs
stenographer, dashed into Louise's of
fice, notebook In hand, and made for
the big dictionary, gasping In her
flight: "What on earth does m-o-d-u-s
o-p-e-r-a-n-d-l mean?"
"Method of procedure," said Louise
neatly from her desk.
Miss Isabel sniffed faintly and dived
Into Webster. In a moment she wus
out again and looking dazed.
"It does mean method of procedure!"
aid she. "How, on earth did you know
that?" Chicago Journal.
Improvement of the Mind.
"You used to think the study of the
classics was unnecessary."
"I am beginning to change my
mind," replied the solicitous parent.
"I belle re I'd rather have my son
keeping 'nls attention on the classics
than reading some of the Jokes In the
College papers,"
Perm's spells quality.
, Because Penn'a is packed air
tight in the patented new
container the quality is
Bealed in.
SoPann'aii always fresh. Have jon
vtr really chewed frh tobacco?
Buy Penn'e the nwt time. Try it No
tice theflne condition-fresh-Penn'a,
The fllk That Soothe.
"There's pi'ecious few sorrows at 21
that a pair of silk stockings cannot
heal." From "The Quest of Michael
Harland," by Nora Kent.
'The Rati Around My Place Were
Wise," Says John Tuthill
"Tried everything to kill them.
Mixed poison with meal, meat,
cheese, etc. Wouldn't touch if
Tried RAT-SNAP, inside of ten
days got rid of all rats." You
dont have to mix RATSNAP
with food. Saves fussing, bother.
Break a cake of RATSNAP, lay
it where rats scamper You will
see no more. Three sizes, 35c,
65c, $1.25. Sold and guaranteed
by Roanoke Pharmacy, Roanoke
Rapids, N. C, Patterson Store
Co., Rosemary, N. C.
Housework Is a Burden
Woman's lot is a weary one at best.
But with backache and other distress
ing kidney ills life indeed becomes a
burden. Doan's Kidney Pills have
made life. brighter for many Roanoke
Rapids women. Ask your neighbor.
Mrs. F. M. Coburn, Hamilton St.,
Roanoke Rapids, Bays: "My kidneys
weren't acting just right and I knew
they needed attention before the trouble
had gone too far. At times their
action was infrequent and then again
too free. This was very distressing
and I didn't feel like myself at all. I
had a dull heavy feeling and didn't have
the proper ambition to do my house
work. I used Doan's Kidney Pills
which I bought at the Taylor & Mathews
urug More and they relieved me ot all
this weakness. Doan's soon had me
feeling like myself again."
Price 60c. at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy -get
n" u .,).,.. d:ii. u. . .
wuau d muncjr t iiib me pnuic uiai
Mrs. Coburn had. Foster-Milburn Co.,
Mfgs., Buffalo. N. Y.
We often wonder whether the mer
maids of marriageable age ever got 1
ring out of the bell buoys.
Under and by virtue of a power of
sale conferred upon the undersigned by
a certain deed of trust executed by S.
S. Norman to W. L. Long, trustee,
which is recorded in Book 320 at page
56, office of the Register of Deeds for
Halifax County, North Carolina, de
fault having been made in the payment
of the indebtedness therein set out and
thereby secured, and having been duly
requested by the legal holder thereof,
1 will, on the 19th day of April, 1922,
(Wednesday) at 12 o'clock, M, in front
of the Post Office in the village of
Rosemary, Halifax County, North
Carolina, expose to public sale to the
highest bidder for cash, the following
real property, to wit:
That certain parcel or tract of land
lying, situate and being in Halifax
County, North Carolina, adjoining the
lands of S. C. Flood, Mason Longetal,
and more particularly described as
follows: , .
Beginning at Fred Jone s comer on
n.,l, rwnl and rnnninir thence N.
64 3-4 E 100 feet; thence N.64 8-4 E
2'6 feet to a pine Slump; f.ience n.oi
v fioi-r,w.f n a ninA trpA. S. C Flood a
l'j ffttxlcc. W . p , .
corner in Fred Jones' Line: thence with
Flood's line 213 feet to Mason Long's
corner in Flood's line- thence with
Mason Long's line lUbi leec to a pine
tree; thence 208 feet to Mason Long a
corner in the County Farm line; thence
with said County Farm line to Quanky
Creek; thence up said creek to the be
ginning containing Eighteen and One.
Half 1 18 1-2 acres, more or less, and
being a part of the Wiley Jones tract
of land, and also being the identical
tract conveyed to the said S. S. Nor
man by the First National Bank, Roa
noke Rapids, N. C. by deed duly ro.
corded in the office of the Register of
Deeds for Halifax County, said State;
reference to which is here made for
greater certainty of description.
This the 20th day of March, 1922.
W. L. Long, trustee.
By Allen C. Zollicoffer, Atty.
Place of Sale: Rosemary, N. C.
Date of Sale: April 19, 1922
Terms of Sale; CASH.
3-24-4t acz
Ask Your Soldier Boy How "Cooties"
Got Such a Hold.
He'll tell you that the battle
fronts of Europe were swarming
with rats, which carried the
dangerous vermin and caused our
men misery. Don't let rats bring
disease into your home. hen
you see the first one get RA T-
SNAP. That will finish them
quick. Three sizes, 35c, 65c, $1.25
Sold and guaranteed by Roanoke
Pharmacy, Roanoke Rapids,
N. C. Patterson Store Co.,
Rosemary, N. C.
Clean Up and Paint Up
With the advent of spring you should
clean up your premises and prepare your
house for a new coat of paint. We handle
Dandy Mixed Paint
For General Household Use
A Flat Paint for Interior Walls
The Perfed Floor Varnish and Finish
Let Us Tell You How to Use the Proper Disinfect
ants in Your Spring Cleaning
Roanoke Pharmacy Co.
The Original Prescription Druggists
Roanoke Rapids, N. C.
Part of our service to you as a depositor in this
bank is consultation on your different business
It is a real pleasure to have you come to us.
We may not always be able to assist - but be
your problem large or small - it will always have
the same careful consideration.
Our interests are mutual, and our policy is to be
of practical help to our depositors.
We Pay
4 On Savings
The First National Bank
of Roanoke Rapids
Member of the Federal Reserve System
W.T. COUNCILL, Pied. S. F. PATTERSON, V-Pret. T. W. M. LONG, V-Piei & Cashi
R. L COOPER, Asst. Cashier
V ., V " i

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