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The Herald Publishing C»., Inc.
J. T. Stainback . . Editor
lihiliptiuu $2.00 a Tear in' Advance
Entered ■$ Second Class Matter A p.
8, 1914, at the Post Office at Roanoke
Rapids, North Carolina, nnder Act of
March 8, 1879.
All communications should be
addressed to the Herald Publishing Co.
Persons wishing return ^ mssn, must
all cases enclose stamps.
▲11 cards of thanks, resolutions of re
pect, etc., etc., will be charged for at
the rate of ten cents per line. Cash
must accompany article in all cases ex
cept where customer has regular ac
count No insertions made for less
then 26 cents.
Friday, August 31, 1923
In the last Congress the Re
publicans passed about every bill
for boosting the farmers propos
ed by the farm organizations.
They gave the farmers every
thing they asked for. But the
latter, most ungratefully, have
kicked. Nothing that has been
done for them has done them
any good; and some of their pro
fessional friends are asking for,
more. This shabby conduct is
alone enough to sadden the Re
publican heart: but a worse
shabbiness is suspected or dis
closed. The Republican mana
gers and magnates of Washing
ton have found out that all the
chiefs of the farm organizations
whose headquarters are there
are Democrats, striving to lead
their subjects to vote against
Republican candidates every
where. The black indictment is
given in the Washington corres
pondence of the New Orleans
Times Picayune:
President Silver of the Ameri
can Farm Bureau Federation, A.
C. Atchison, head of the Farm
er’s National Grange, Benjamin
C. Marsh, manager of the Farm
er’s National Council, are all
listed as Democrats, except Mr.
■ Marsh,*who is looked upon as a
radical. He was formerly con
nected with the Democratic Par
ty. Investigation made by the
Republican leaders discloses,
they say, that heads of the var
ious organizations and bureaus,
in the different States, are all
Democrats, as well as those in
charge of the work in counties
and smaller political unite
ingratitude, thou marble heart
ed fiend! Is this the reward of
Republican devotismto the farm
ers? Have the Repuplicans sown
that the Democrats may reap?
And 1924 only a few months
away! Isn’t it enough to make
a sensitive soul forswear politics
when such base betrayal has
been sufferd? Perhaps, however,
the case is not so bad as the tat
tered nerves of the managers
find it For instance, what has
become of the Democratic Party
in Minnesota? Whatever the in
clination of the heads of farmers’
associations, the reduction of the
price of wheat has begotton po
litical confusion in some parts of
the Mid-West and has fallen
hard upon both parties. And see
ing how vain thh Congressional
measures of relief have been, it
Is unlikely that either Republi
cans or Democrats will seriously
think of new nostrums. Every
friend of merit and humanity
must be distressed if, anywhere,
the Democrats are trying to in
volve themselves in the shining
robes of the genuine benefactors
of the farmer. Why doesn’t
everybody know that if it hadn’t
been for Senator Capper not a
speeder of the plow and few of
the automobile would be left in
all the Mid-West. — New York
Dr. Branson’s Argument ,
——i- i
Dr. Branson’s article on Gjer-;
many printed in Sunday's Gaily
News was one of the most inter
esting that he has written,; ,tyut|
We confess that we cannot,,fair
low his argument. He declares
in the1 beginning that there wilt
be no revolution in Germany, be
cause the hom^-owning peasants
took advantage of the fall of the
rrfocTl "■
mark to dear off mortgagesand
acquire ownership bt' phykfrtU
properties. Therqfqfo they tore
richer than everpbefpfp. ip their
lives, and opposed I to. any super
vision of the existing order.
Then he quotes the former chan
cellor. Cunq.. as saying that 99
per cent of the fluid capital of
Germany lias been destroyed,
and adds that destruction of'thte
fluid capital of any/ ’mwftry
means that its physical proper
ties will presently fall into tain
and decay—-citing Petrogradl/as
of the fluid capital Is exactly
an illustration. Rot destruction
of the fluid capital is .exactly
what Russia experienced* Why
should not the same cause pro
duce the same effect in Ger
many ? Most observers agree
that tile Russian peasants are
but imiiffarent liolsh^yists.
Many observers believe that the
peasants are at heart bitterly
opposed to bolshevism. Yet %)
shevism prevails in Russia. Why
should it not equally prevail in.
Germany, w hotber the peasants
like it or not?
If nothing but her peasantry*
stands betweeh Germany 1 iind
bolshevism we cannot share tir.
Branson’S faith lb tier1',safety.
A leaderless mob of. peasants, is
about ns helpless ami hupeless’altf
any elasH of humanity can ever
be. They may be competent to
sustain life,, as .th/e Rhssidns
havesustained it, but they are
incapable of sustaining a dolftj
cal or social order! “A , topic!|
peasantry” maybe “its cotm-i
try’s pride,” but i£ it ever under
takes to be its country's1 ohiy
guide, that country is in|a bad
way. By Dr. Branson's; 1 pWt
testimony, the clhSS th»t: hakurn
ally would furnish leadership'to
Germany is all but wiped i)Ut'.
The salaried, and profesMdbaJj
men, the small tapitalistSp^ind
the aristocrats are demolished *i
There, are Jeftt only the • proti.
tsers, the peasants apd. organi
zed labor, none of whisk.
:is conspicuous for intelligence
as diffet*Oritiafed from rheijemun
ning; and, wo, cannot believe
that a country that has aacHlkV
ed its. intelligence ia safe frdj\^
any form of m il. .<,(!-//'
, To bp: spp.e, German intelli
gence has..been .atl-.a, diBiouftt
ever since 1914. The w^rj'w^
the most 1 'unintelligent , thing
h.i#^,,educated nation,
ever did, , yyiitli possibly one’exu
ception.M The one .possible j1 £xi'
ception Was Germany’s error’ jpj
playing for time after tS|l)8H
tehifi. time "teas iitjehUi'y wobkti
mg against her. The GejrmiaiW
were daeaived! into thiitMj/g
that’the fat of the mark
ih the eM pnafete them to psc.ape
f)ie PWmen'iipf T^krfi'ikiisii 1 In
stead) their cppp^ror, hat i sbiaed;
their..physical .property .ate •
parity fOr his claimsand theTaH
of the'Mirk'haS'jtist, abbot. wtBfib
out the classes on Whom 1 Ger
many should have depended' foy
leadership. ,lri 1‘StJS aHe is Mc»
by We''faff; that1 efte jpiftvf,
to.Piayt,«fjteri I'albuiahfli,W the,
meantime her fluid capital has
been largely destroyed.
Rathenau saw what was com
■ n 177 “TTOT7 r
ijng|.,lnsit, ;whpn he undertook to
Wiwn.hM Rpuptrymen they kill
ed him- Maybe, after all, that
was the most .unintelligent thing
tlwy .ever did—Greensboro Daily'
News-.Hi in /iii .
■til ■iil, mii n- ' 'i
I ...
By Wi O DAVIS County Agent,
- j;i I- W«ldoB, N. C.
: Last fall JfaiiJ. W. 'Of
the Tillery section .plowed under
ten acres of rank; pea vines, apt"
plied twtoi and one half tons
ground limestone pea" acr|e and'
planted1 alfalfa. On. Juno 25th
this safnmbr he cut hfe first cut
fciijtf of- haV. Sitlie then 'ftfc1 tut#
made .three more cuttings and
will stiU gpt another making five
cuttings' In all. At each cutting
'lie'has averaged a ton of ttfiji
per acre. Alfalfa is a great
crop for Halifax County, j^aot,
ftjpjafeh this.year]. j In -.1
' _ i I HI K.
j' Th:e'[Staid' Department , $
Agriculture \vijl, fprtjisjii >|free
wilt; resistant tomato seed to
farmers who are bothered wfth
tomato wilt if the person hiding
wilt will send in a sample-, pi
mA k> hUmnked IrR Ai j.t.. Bend; the
rstalki ls me.,a#d(4>(Will forwhrd
specimen on to Raleigh and, as
JH«t| yfw .ifliS^tiW ,?,e<4
havpnlh been able to grow tpu^
toesiiin lyouc ganden .seud.Jnu
your'ndma and I Will; try to get
yo^i feptjfte Bf these seed to j£$ht j
f tlf *>m‘. 'r,!:’ I'll! J T! I'! V ''il, T -I '1 »'/■> .]
■»! * *H alvei! ybu" jao triced' how j good
corn is where it wa« blahtod'iftfr
[ieij'cripiSpB Now ik'Vhti
time ,'tp plant, .cptn^o cloVet. op,
all your dandy ouexpeef/tp ppt
in cotomnekt yearm if ;jr6ui ex-t
Batt to bDh the same latld haA
^eed;i»/^ middles, i Ill(i §,
»•> ti«>i io ■ .ii'T/; / ,.\t m. 1. j ■jfiob
Mr. Charlie Shaw of Aurtlian'
Sspj^ij'g^’ rifsBdj Wreath1 ip Ji^#
i-hard,. thin., summer that nj^s
wt& thirteen inches in..vi5cuu)n
fhuewe. “We need; more homo
6’rchdddti‘W dfallfak that“ will
uipke.pe^'M: Mr:S|Ml'
orchard- We pftn e*c<3fap,
home orchards if we will .1 give
them tlte'-necessary cafe, y.rigui
.11 full! otaie. .Hi -, i.;i 1 ,r e.mt
r» > i M i> 11 jjiiiii i miii nun i i m j >
■l/ifn LlllJ
]7T)Tn? I o; *-ti\
ren; -convicDcu -*»“**
Halifax SupeHorCcnrtiifwijVlola^fWi
tlw, Hwbibif^n Uj«d W'flj’fPgJjPi
HHbWeal td pr*ttnb »MMi
g'tWfa tbdrdtoB.l* H»» exoellenny.ttw
goM^rof^qrrtS^Tplin^, i,
i«om orli t<» George Ci Qreeautl r
v/ond *itiv9 rhqRlte#-^ofiwKiq m
*■ -1 l,;- ■ n ■ < 1 ""
!'« 101.!«
HALdJviKcotltrry/1 ui)->> •< .<i
I Having .qualified as admiatrator of
North Carolina, this is to notify all per
sons having claims againat the estate
yf the said deceased to exhibit them to
the undersigned at the office of Allen C.
gill 11
Zollicoffer. Rosemary, N. C. or pr be
fore* thil Rah -dayo-fi Ahfeust. \9l4,>n6o#*
this notice will be pleaded in l a$KMl4f ;
their recovery. « • i
•ITHia thePHrtht-dlty''a# Aum* . I1K1,
ih.vi.V • ‘“i-jd _'i j
N'ORfH tAfetlNA, Halifax /aunty
Notic'd!"mi Ml 'Mil J.-jupm V,JT ,i
The segued and J. E. >• orlh
ington, having composed a qu*ty#Mv
nerShipi trading UWlUfi thdJ fifty [*$MV
2 feSSfMW
said J. E.''Worthington’s deat k, jp#^ y
ing oqour^jon^Hgiis^i.^th, 1923, '
all persons having claims, agai iSVKne
said' ;Ne#*thfngton 1 G?Mfei*y
contracted, jppor to, August 121 h 1923,
are notified to exhibit the sah4l** bd** 1
fdre the 'uttd^tt-ngned'mi lit bef ipfethft >
28t^ ,<i«yj Of* Apgwtt 1924, o- this .
notice. \vill be pleaded . jn^ bar < rweir *■
reddVery. 'AH' peVsor.tr indebted! to. »
said firm will please make immediate .
paym.#n^r,,11ii%?the.28tlv-.da^ pf
gust‘*I9&£ >Y ^ J .,,ty |)r
iuV- [1
viving Partner. 8-31 *
'll,'.". 1 /"l-M"!! Jj'J
Sbtfewl Tmrr^tKiiunK morn ,n jmtH
< 1 ine 'untrei^ignaa^inavtmwiDdon^p- -
PtfMeflrfcvMv1* ri**aM*d,i¥ilakh<wtii{H :
'i»mHi dMkm&Mtd$aA «s,h’
i one infcTti tied itmu±ki1b<t rttfAUitotki before
SH*«ior fmf(r«)[f9oto3^hi-jW‘J«f ‘
lpt*j^bhs(’rncWMWi,‘W te will
ipLva*?i •»male*!1 i fartfctaiibtd>npii-tfie»|] i
i(This*,Jh*|t/%|iM»fAttffVJi *.$$3.
ffcaxJIH■ iUo^CKnftto^T J ../!
)8^iiwGtf-jF«pu)) *i*>minu« KirU 9V9UM<I|
Mi Ji.il -..It u, MQj -|fti jal -t-nim
.^.onilnnob linn I as
rUitff ibld'/f)all/rtt»tefnp lo&sli&tj
rtissahitioiio fend rtKfati aha nsii«| ,jjBjJp0
i yflls rfl°©|ilMfey*h$wbusmoss
ifcrPfij "W&jfSi#-.ErcJfjHiWJ™?
isbhs imtebtetl <m> itlfl &fid)$8rt|nership
of Chambliss and William$‘iwil)
•J ,;cjvoJ«.I*> WJBBMaifd’’)
AilL.tfttarkwAiMdipejVb J8«Mj-ltiaffr'
■1.1‘iii >iui) <uJuw lilori nii'i no 1 1
1; *i Jilurl jtitl mO .aaoJiup
[,o j i u ftn’?it9M?h
miifa«4r*wj« jiwtopwi**« ■
_ coStfrfWWi^1 ■
■ ■,'>(!,e^yaiwstwH. i
'_ jHofWsSftrtiH" CWA,J/n
«bll9 WounOM’ii lUi«elUMWt>r VlM
fill uti punlabirifeiiti **rfesitbeigti-a*»»u
nitty ,*»<iJ :'ttnMeiiibbiiblobvt+ii'1«'r‘wt( i
iH<A'l'(l(lll,‘«itaPiiiin Inn: wull.jij ^(,j
~ii11 imi 1 mi) mi .intumnun ...1
nodi nl oi f-.d tijduK bns: n&ri^u
II/. . /*iBiiiiiijTbniTbyhjiyfo■ -iibsic
■M wi (R»p.vfcu!frflQ]MjlMrt
w> WflfrrisiJMIfit»i
u> >1 vu'iJ oiud yiyilw Jnioq lo ,yq<
i vpo.yoail^fe badkaMq|?iifi‘J| ^dT—
l< 4H*dirtPrt^V*m*¥t ?
my? lliw iioTj'ioij^.iii -xnon
!> (Highly *«olflptd0 jcsfataini'fefld i ment*
[liitjlwjw MfWr./K^M.yabJWFfr^. fault.
111 .* ‘ioAT! «yiBy—
■iHUse'iwtUsMi] kkln#yirt>’™iiy. uinv
Wquired a I
dot) rtf i standi nr xuuoBtykaitig while
me to
il| in my
_ need- I
ei albteatwoiJuviovfbeeypaso'i? Kidney
appeared and 1 was like my 6ld self
60c, at all dealers. Foster-Mil
burn Co., Mfrs., Buffalo, N. Y. 5
U*D extreme*. They may str( >ne
time or Introduce bright tone "w
[ cater. .Bwrt.i fB*tteg far odd bit*
raj^foalor-wlojspring models. Sometimes
tWdnM** strips of colored embrold
down the bank and front Some
time*. again, these odd Inserted strips
doth, cryxtnl beads make the otfffW/t
t»^»3otaL*3fr'«y*t)pWutti HiWilftfM
eJI yin Chi« Spor*#X)utfit
j;iX> Itftfa 1 import*.iv^ear is thia^
■^at^«W#‘jtotii4bei«aiWhttleI,hat wltf
•rt®'v.^*te^Wa3*y.;$rinVii -1»hW i
fwlije ii
Sal Epi
ish he hi
»•»—nirhmond Tln>» s Dispatch. _;
Hubby *•!> v.’i ' ' ’ ’ e
tool's Implicit n• ■. •' •'■•■••• 1 i d:e
any notice of her." V. i.-| !;-.ve
to; she's Just given It:"—London Week
ly Telegraph.
w. A. BODitraTOMPAOT 4
■dmnta'N rod w Heatiri^fc PidrtiMflg YSANI3205I
bn*„ bwiJk Roanoke Rapids, N.
> boil ,iM lo eJeaua orlt ■. J.4Jnu!anuJ- -iM,
jwrij v^rfm+nW**"***1* H-lftk vHH
..-i.m -n---- '. ,~r—r~TT"ng~
Prescription' Druggidtsi in;>
n eml bsaW .U ■ ' lutnM YtameauJI
Bii"5<iOp«4i"Every Other Sunday for Drugs Only
. \T From mto 12 A. M.'a**) t«i6!»ft"»l.«sewM
B9l YitemaH .» • 1,,j 7i;livUay'< J'hjl allit/l. smtoriT
•)mo3 brian^M |W0Ps ^rtPWt FPWWftnaariJ
'I i^feading Hade 'for Drinks - >
B O A* R©"
M^ne railway,
'• L,} f|. (|l,! .1IW0J III fc9VlJ
Passenger ^raj^ i*nfip.i;!©a,t|iop not
guflranteSftii'^-jriJ'ir "i .•tiilimi'. nwol n.
«,.,n 10 ,<iiM ,b-»ssi-ii.»|-l3'« m. il.I/ Mlm« w«M
... . ■ ■ . - __ - - - ■ - ■ - »■ ■ ■
- «sMk a:fp:[u'?)
• tm ’:#■% MY>pfa,4i4»«#am
»■•• xjwmfiiTT-aWW^n A.'W ""', u’’,ir‘ ,‘'1 ^
■> Ittv<4»'!«.!fit1!*.‘acini ,;",; '■,"""’l,:;1
1 " i wL'«st&M;»f f/JW |a. M. ro/’/Uiate ""'A i,,,B B“lq
No. «nqifel^ !V.ff*T. !W.,IWl'Avt.<W'<(i!bl;t(lHl ffapHine
ieqn nsjiUfrMiWftjbmM .vibaouT nwoJ ni M . »;V
bn« onuhsT ni brr> A'y>w ; -fu; pr.tl tloll l[“/. aaiM
.nyriv iiRiPAP.y.r. in iiuiiirioq 9nJ
lit yiiitujuT J .11 .v-.: ‘ ' m;.v ' ! I <11 -lol'i nil I In'iiyil'l
; V»Vt/rSVTicket A-ent feri iflFPFitIFatWfll and
iftrilfaah1 hisei vii tiofi: 1<. .ti,<■,?. » .8 .iM
limom \i;bnuH ru* vim- '» vab^juT //nun*j.oH rii aaw
o T.i WESTj l). P. A., i Eu Wd EUBANKS, Ag«nt,
'"V'f ",<n1 ■"'« "RoaWK^UHttWi N. C
|{bIi linavon Jnoqa <■ ivvilnA rn navilsTsi bns
.L_1 -i ■■■'■ ..if -w i nu1
it Iliw uoy 9URHi aifii nl
,.„;i adJ 'io waivai yldaaw
.W biawbH yd naj
bnoqaanoj ynibaal adJ 'lo
inifdJiavba na kb MaiaH
arii oJ noiiibba nl .mu
qu na avail won aw KaiuJ
[o') bna JuO ^nifciJiavba
ia iuo a«u adJ lo't aaiv
m ieqaq amori tuoY
.ooy dnariJ—<ab oJ and
>9laiuqi |Apomiri9ifl)
siiitloH W Ja%8 d.
posits. |
rlt v,(J nonattite^vni afl3
iH ariJ ,JnamJtaqab gni
ini bnuol «aw naJailloH
noted sninaari ariJ Ja bna
ta'iilaH Ja ,naX .H ndolj
*riJ ^d aJuqaib amoa aaw
b ariJ oJ «a aiaanaini Jna
dainaCI .0 .8 .ataviaaat
baJnaaatqat ,noJa!J1
»bIoririaoJa bna HioJibau {
7 .T .J bna ’{alooO biota H
tariJo niaJtaa baJnanatq n
.KtabloridaoJ* bna .an■
iV .H .W baJnioqqa tiaH
I .W .0 bna .nari^ua r to *
ataviapst mb .taJailloll
___^ililLLLLL - 1 j\,iimu-j^vr.m Mill
Luk eJnuoY A buswoH ail/ ,Htim’d .'.lull gmM m
jI^hw sriJ ^nibn^qw mij; t »til>jm:l» ii:n. j.|..i7 ^>y\M. lo sii-J ■
.injiihuO ni awftisbi*! iiJi.. i »il .1 liunuin ,-ievolD riiufl 1
bo.nfitnq ^niqqi/1 .A .11 .v• »Irl ■•lun-< lloi-Mi/l ni omoil
Jaijl oiodir.’l >11 ,/Hollo'/, lo .fl-uiyvI »l .2 .*lM
kfr jfcroiifclfr i)I ■ *n**ii /Jnoqa
nof/ boinnJon floaSot It;'I ti;vl ••. 1J .,,!iu;’1 ••! ;.j.i'> .if/
liiiuH ^. ' »*• hi ->ii! . ■ , n ,i j n n, ii.im n t'vw
i,nB Kimhwi. 1/ prominent men :i >-.i/.
jljjsiv « JpmpwmiiJ tftiri ny-ilil ni . .viu.in xhijikiw sir vtli.ufi
As'/ H ni alinni’ti riJiw n-t;i;;il-iM
•»8fl .bw&udfi -oWhOf- df£’ \TIQM) i. m.,r/. i
m Imy-iMw ) mtr. .msnwlbl in i, nl •;r|i>~m,-|
baniulu I presidential candidates',,,.,
licwte ajtivi}- noomnJlR v.rIi ug| :i 11/ i(> ki^tuy
JJMjliiUH «J Jifciv i PI ,/K;>
.V.-M .^MIxiRlIi' . ‘ ‘, r 1111; r /. • SQy§-, '
lhu; ti,- m ; -Int-inl I. .mj5tb|iii>b..JI ;0
v/ i» muil hi .in /!■! • / .1 xi;I yiimimrrio.*) *• <ij ui
^r^r,r„_10n jh^mmug .1 .g .nv,
Aiihnoqg ui iBbwod JioduH »!/: yum-.,,../ /i-b^uT moq* #/Uo1
•>bnyli4i4 ebiWitf ftthcjc,fU£<^s,, tOjlhcii; close ^'atcjb
of opportunities. Take the,mag. yn“ij-fflRnf)9np .WiMpS1®;!.
i xfri andklsibiv.lie.n tb.hbue whs |i<*m,,rtodap hqi.Ts .ppq,, b|niWfni
HmU‘W1H!iy,!M}JlTMSyiy((nhtW,HlHiX Stale; nW> but tire rrrohl tun.pnKHo
• dencyrias9fl Bi‘"S1,V JB »*>" ! Main yabayuT ml
uZ list awariJlsM .0 .[) .it/. j .-njiihuri:) I., .jl-.uUI ;> >4 r/
liw until amoa bnacp uJ vnbm .yul, ,|.. // nwol «i aaw
»,thl*'teHlt nil1 direct effort ■. pn; Jbi,q| p\gn 1 p*[t,., Ap
|BVSfake,9it?lfftt/ir'Sl M 1 how I*', whtchod tor hit, change..a
*J (J[ ?pof ^ f I j!1 |ie y ^ITiV0 li d h i f to f br.ligiiTg f drift good ahdiiiofjk'
abilities in everything you’tfo.^ And the oppotHmitv to sher1 lies,
•„ M| v, A j
Meow eutj yittmaaoll j ,, '* ’, ‘ j
'^a *lf*fafplihlR/-bt!it ti'ufe Opening a saving* account in
vltHPmkMP % y.W,r,.f,'lr9t ««P toward-a bt^»«ndv
better future.,o H ^tg ! . v.nba .it
bti« noarwlul /lul 8‘jfe i IA . . „
/H.t)MJu 1 M l.{ : O.iSltlul *lllr. .
'i I'Hi (MBlKlorii ’ifMji.MV 8/W‘» V
.'v>i/ n«y*>0 | • , .
1 -• / i I j *» I blit; . »,»ii*vtni >| ii tj if
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