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1 »ϊ!Ε«υτ selfishness
The Goal of The Tribune
Now end Forever
Tie 7
Every Week to The Tribune
P«M At Tabor City, W. C. WEDNESDAY. MARCH 28. 1962
"Tabor . City — The Toum With Λ City Future"
Pub. Evefy Wednesdiy By The Atlantic Pub. Co.. Greea See Rd., Tabor City. N. C. lbc PER COPY—S3.M AND $4.
00 A YE\R
rireway Armed Robbers
Still Eluding Law Officers
Three men with accent:
(orciiJti t<i this area robbe«
.1 \V- «Ike· Long's self-servic«
fuieery and service station a
V I'm i· w ay Thursday iiiKht at gui
point and fled with $107 takei
I Miii Long's pocket. Long hue
just closed for the night ant
• luptied his cash register wher
ι hi- armed robbers appeared.
The three white men were
believed tu be in their 20«
and left in the diretion ol
Brunswick county. They wer«,
«till at large WeJnesday a!·
A though law enforcement «if
'firers of Columbus. Brunswick
and I lor y counties were work
ing on th(> case and a general
alert was sounded tlirouxhoul
ι he Carolinas.
The robbery occurred about
9:15 P.M., when the three men
entered the store, put a gun
to Long's back and asked him
for his money. One of the
^ thugs then hit Long on the
In a«l with a black jack and
•'«■■Handed that he lie on the
flour. When Long's wife ap
peared, they t«»Id her to lie
on the flour also if she didn't
want to get hurt.
Long said the men were be
ll« veil to be driving a 1952 or
15153 Ford, light blue with the
front grill out. He said-two of
£ the men had guns and the
other a blackjack.
After the robbery. Long was
carried to the Columbus Coun
t\ Hospital and treated for the
blow on the head ami shock
and released the same aight.
One of the three rc mPM
ente cd th(. store e#liSf in
«•veiling ml bought λ pack ft
cigarettes, ftie mia -mm 4·
& peared just prior to the rob
bery and asked for another
pack of cigarettcs. When he
got the cigarettes, he walked
to the cash register and his
two cohorts walked in with
«uns demanding the money and
that the Longs lie on the floor.
After hitting Long on the
head and demanding that he
lie on the floor until they made
ilicir getaway, one of the rob
v hers said, 'now y«»u lie there,
\|r. Long, unless you want
your wife hurt."
All thp men were unmasked
and the Longs are said to be
able to identify them if they
are apprehended.
Another store operator in the
same area. Paul C. Gore, Is
said to believe the trio stopped
at his place of business a short
time before the robbery oc
c urred.
, Loose Leaf
S. C. Weed Sales
Seen This Year
If looks as though South
Carolina tobacco farmers will
Ik able to s«-ll a portion of
their weed untied on South
Carolina markets this year.
Senator Olin D. Johnston
said Monday he expected the
Department of Agriculture to
issue a notice of rule change
^ Tuesday making possible loose
leaf sales of flue cured tobac
fy co this season.
U Such sales, he said, would be
restricted to the first five days
Congressman Alton Len
non informed the Tabor City
Tribune yesterday that he
had been assured by the V. S.
Dept. of Agriculture that any
plan approved for selling
loose leaf type thliVn to
% baero in South · Carolina
would also apply to the
North Carolina Border Belt
r>t the season and will probably
amount to an average of about
30o pounds per acre.
This plan, he said, will allow
th0 price support and sale of
lugs and primings only during
φ the first five days of tfie sell
ing season, after which the
price support will be available
'•n all tobacro, including lugs
nnd primings. If it Is in tied
Merchant Meeting
iSet For Next Week
ι Final plans will bo complet
ed April 4, for this year's bis
I town wide Easter promotion
when all members of the Tabor
City Merchants Association will
I attend a dinner at the Cherry
Gi«ve Community building h\
biiectors have ».utlined the
pit grain similar to last year's
"Golden Easier" Egg hun'
when ping pong balls wer'.·
dropped from an airplane, each
containing a valuable prize.
This year's promoUn will again
sec ping pong balls dropped
irom the low flying plane witn
each ball worth a merchandise
piize to the one who retrieves
In addition to the prizes on
lhe ping pong balls, small strips
of cardboard will *»lso be drop
ped from the pline this year
and these will bear a number
ι that will entitle the person wh<
I {,tts it to one chance at a grand
' prize. This grand prize will b.>
a refrigerator, television or
I other similar electrical appli
i ance.
The dropping of the golden
Easter eggs will take place ai
4:00 in the afternoon on Friday,
April 20. Local stores will re
main open that day until 8:00
P. M.
The grand prize drawing
will be held on Saturday alter··
noon, April 21.
In order to acquaint all the
h eal merchants participating i:i
thi big promotion with the de
tails of the event, a dinne··
meeting has been scheduled for 1
next Wednesday night, April j
4, at Cherry Grove. AI White- ;
head, Executive secretary of
the association, will discuss the
promotion at that time.
Grainger Motor Company
Still In Business Here
While Progressive City Mut
en Sales, Inc., has purchaser1 ι
ι!·«, new car (ranchise and sum·»
ol the other properties of Gra
inger &lot»r Company, the Ford
m Tubor City, Graingc
lPraH in business here, it was
uinouficed last week. The an
i.ouimK'ment of tin: trän· kr ion
IBM week indicated thai D-vI
(Short) Grainger was no longer
in business.
(Grainger maintained the us
ed cars that he had in stock,
the accounts receivable, note.),
mortgages, etc. that -he held.
"We will continue the Grainger
Motor Company corporation for
some time to come and will
collect these accounts in the
same building just as we did
before," the company spokes
man said this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Grainger, pres
ident and secretary - treasurer
respectively of the company,
released the following state
mint in order to clear up any
misconceptions arising from
i last week's published report of
I the transaction:
"To our friends end custom
ers: We debated over the idea
of giving up the new car
iianchise for about 3 years, but
wc did not want to take anoth
er business out of Tabor City.
I "We did not own the fran
chise, as it is owned by Ford
Motor Company. We on differ
ent occasions offered to release
it to Mr. Willard Small if his
corporation would build their
own plaMr Of business and let
us keep our same location so as
to serve our customers better
and more efficiently. But as
they would not agree for us to
compete against them acting as
an independent automobile
dealer in Tabor City, we only
released the franchise, sold the
parts, equipment, new cars in
stock and on order.
"In regards to our customer«,
all notes and accounts receiv
able remain the some, and will
be collected in the same build
ing as before.
"We also wish to express our
rincere appreciation for all past
business relations with our
customers and to thank them
foi being so good to us. Any
business is dependent upon its
customers. L. S. Grainger, pres
ident; Mabel J. Grainger. Sec.·
Parents of children who
will enter the Taker City
School next fall itf request
ed to bring them to Uie
Ρ re-School Clinic at the
andltorlnm next Wadacaday
morning, April 4. The Hlnie
will to heM from «.is la
the morning. Principal Ran
dall Barieaoa haa arg·« oaoh
parent of a pri-iekMl child
to make anra to attend Um
The Civilan Club's annual
"Miss Tabor City" Beauty
pageant will be held al the
school auditorium April 12,
and the club is now seeking
contestants for the coveted !
Any young ladies interest
ed in entering the contest are
urged to contact Mrs. Billy
Page. Tabor City, as soon as
Hearing Thursday
Landowners of the Simp
son Creek watershed are be
ing urged to attend a hearing
Thursday night at 7:30 p. m.
at Daisy School on the pro
I posed creation of the Simp
son Creek Watershed Conser
vation District.
The hearing has been call
ed by the Supervisors of the
Horry Soil Conservation Dis
tiict after a meeting at which
ι it was requested by a number ;
of landowners.
Such a district, if created,
would maintain drainage
work already done by the U.
I S. Army Engineers and would
pave the way for more of
such work In the area, possi
bly including Back Creek
and the Waccamaw River
Local Girl Gets
Chapter Degree
Recently, Martha Wright, a
sophomore at Tabor City High
School was given her junior
and chapter degrees in Home
Economics at the ».nnual Mo
ther-Daughter Banquet. This
marks the lirst ame any girl'
in the history of '.he s.-hool ha«
been awarded the chapter de
The chapter dejjree signifies
that Martha has rendered ser
vice to her community and
home in numerous ways. Such
tilings as church activities, par- i
ticipation in worthwhile school
programs, carrying out several
home improvement projects,
and leadership in Future Home
makers of America were some
ot the items that Miss Wright
vas judged on.
Martha is the daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Otti* Wrifi*t>>i
ncutc l, i uuor Luy. She w *
number and vie·.· presfckmbffeKj
th» Future Hoinemake^s "of
America (T.ioor City chapter).
Slit, attends the St. Paur T«th
odist Church where she singe
in the choir. Martha is pres
ently serving as Historian of
the Methodist Youth Fellow
ship in her local church. She is
r.!so a member of the TCHS
Mrs. Ora Avant, FHA advis- |
oi. states that, "Martha is on·* ι
ot the most capable and ener- I
getie young girls that we have '
had in the local chapter for'
some time. I'm not saying that
wt don't have other smart
gills—it's that Martha is just
so outstanding! She never fails
to carry out her job and is
willing to "go "the second mile.'
She has done so much worth
while work for her home,
school, and community. If
anyone deserves the honor,
Martha does."
When Martha was asked her
views on the chapter degree,
her personal goals, home eco
nomics, and thoughts in genei
al, she stated, "I was so happy
to have been awarded my chap- i
ter degree. I wanted to cry and
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TO SING NEXT SUNDAY — The Campbell College choir will give
a concert of sacred music during the Sunday evening service. Apri 1, at
the Tabor City Baptist Church.
Baptist1 Church
Mon. And Tues.
Harvey Woodruff of Charlotte
College will conduct a Choral
Workshop next Monday and
Tuesday at the Tabor City Bap·
tist Church. There will be a
nominal charge of SI.00 per
person per night. Sponsored bv
the Music Department of the
Columbus Baptist Association,
the workshop is open to all
those interested in church mu
sic from Baptist churches in
the area and other denomina
tions. Mr. Woodruff is well
known, having served in sever
al different positions in thU
state. He was minister of music
at Myres Park Baptist Church
for five years, then at Wingate
College for two years, and one
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Chorus Production To Open
Thursday; Two Night Stand
The curtain rises Thursday at
8:30 P. M. on the Tabor City
Chorus' production of Rodger*
and Hart's A Connecticut
Yankee. The sale of tickets for
both Thursday r.nd Friday
nights is moving briskly and
indications point to full houses
for both nights. Tickets for re
served seats may be purchased
from Mrs. W. W. Woody at the
school or from Mrs. Eugen·.·
Grainger at the Tabor Hard
ware and Furniture Company.
"We hope that everyone will
take advantage of seeing and
hearing the outstanding lalents
displayed by members of the
Chorus," said Mrs. Woody.
Roger Elliott and Sheryl Suo
Cox. tenderly singing the ballad
M> Heart Stood Still, gave this
»how its major love in teres .
And with their clever and de
lightful interpretation of Thou
Swell, Til·« Witty. Thou Sweet, I
TfcM Grand, they show that
being In love has its fun side.
Carol Rogers comically re
counts her matrimonial past
with lurid tales of killing off
husband in T· Keep My Love
Alive. She then proves her
i versatility as · singer and an
actress with the li»ve song Can't I
You Do Λ Krirnd A Favor? 1
Norris Gore and James Prince
provide the comic relief of the
show with their engaging rend
itions of Desert Isle and 1 Feel
At Home With You. Richard
Wright, a mainstay of the men's
section of the Chorus, effec
tively portrays the Mark Twain
vtrsion of the inept King Ar
thur, and feelingly sings with
Roger Elliott the haunting
Same Girl. Completing the star
roster arc C. B. Sellers, Carroll
Fonvielle, David Coleman. Sue
Kelly, Margie Grainger, and
Judy Harrelson. The knights
and ladies of King Arthur's j
court are portaysd by Ronnie j
Jones, Sammy Williams. Jerry |
Soles, Billy King, Bobby Soles. I
Richard Hardee, Mackie Sarvis.
Frankie Stanley, Larry Fowler, |
Thelbert Todd, Ricky Harrel
son. Ronald Ray. Frank Jerni
»an. Pam Spivey, Delores Lee.
Ann Ward, Vivian Grainger.'
Melody Roberts, Peggy Taylor,
Mcrtha Wright, Mary Angela
Clemmons, Jodanni Herlocker.
Alice Wynn Kelly, Jackie Say
rt, Judy Coleman, Jo Ann
Wright. Linda Watt», Unda D.
Li£.rreii. and Linda L. Garrell.
Indispensable to the produc
tion are the members of tno
stage crew. Linda Carter and
Margaret Ann Soles are tho
best of student directors. Larry
Wright, as stage manager,
solves problems and execute.«
changes with speed and skill.
Margie Suggs, the assistant ac
companist, displays her consid
erable talent with her playing
of the Overture -'.nd the Entro
act Other mcmbevs assisting
nri Darens Prince, Bonnie Fave 1
Grainger, Peggy Spivey, Bren
rlo Gore, Nancy Bnrker, Mer- 1
line Fowler. Kitty Jo Manning. |
The ushers are Bunnie Gore. |
Wanda Fowler. IJnda B. Fowl
er, Agnes Johnson, Brendi
Gore. Μ on teen Lewis, Carolyn
Eddings, Paula Wiight, Peggy
Spivey, and Christine Canady.
"The members of the Chorus
ν f.nt to thank the many people
ι >ho have helped to bring this
re-creation of King Arthur'«
court to Tabor City. They hope
lhat spectator enjoyment of the
show will be commensurate
with the interest ind enthusia
sm they have had In its pro
duction," Mrs. Woody said.
Campbell College
Choir Here Sunday
As its Sunday evening serv
ice April 1. the Tabor City
Baptist Church will have a I
concert of sacred music by the
louring choir of Campbell Col
lege at 8:00. The public is in
vited to attend.
1 The program is centered on
selection« fro πα the Felix Mend
eliiuhn oratorio "The Hymn of
Praise." It begins with musical
settings of selected Psalms by
composers ranging in time
trorn Hans Hassler of the late
16th century to Katherine Dav
it of the present day. It ends
with choral arrangements of
great American spirituals and
F. Melius Christiansen's uni
versally loved crusader's hymn
"Beautiful Saviour."
Soloists are Patsy Yates,
Durham; Helen Coggin. Walt
eiboro, S. C.; Louise Wilson.
Wilmington, and Donnie Har
rington, Greensboro. Aecom··
pianists are Jacqueline Knowl
es. Charleston, S. C.; Sandra
Kidd. Jacksonville, Fla.; and ;
ι Geraldine Matthews of the
music fatuity.
Conducting will be Dr. Paul i
Yoder, professor of musical (
education at the college, who
. will be making his first tour |
with the Campbell singers. Dr.
Ycder came to the North Car
olina Baptist School last fall
after completing his Ph. D. de
tree at the University of Flor
ica. At the university he had
been instructor in music and
F.fFistant director of the Uni
versity singers. Earlier, he
had taught lor five years at
Keston College and had direct
ed the Heston choir.
This year's group is Camp
bell's first senior-college choir.
Tht school enrolled its first
class of juniors in September,
and many of the singers are in
their third season with the
choral group. The choir is mak
ing its diamond-jubilee tour
this spring, since the college,
founded in 1887, is in its sev
enty-fifth year.
Carolina Power and Light
Company will discontinue
electricity into Tabor City
Sunday morning from 1:30
until 7:30. The interruption
is necessitated by work being
don the lines near South
Whitevllle and the safety of
the workmen requires the
power cutoff.
David Ward Is Winner
I Of Jaycee Speaking Contest
i David Ward, of William;
Township High School, wa.;
narnvd winner *>f the Junior
Chamber of Commerce speak
ing contest on "My True Se
curity" last Friday. The finaU
I in this two-school event, that
pitted Williams and Tabor City
High School against each other,
was held at WTAB with three
judges making the decision.
There were seven entries from
eech school in th„· contest.
Judges for the contest wer-; j
H. B. Todd. Rev P. H. Lay- j
field, and Mrs. A. D. Currie.
Gene West, local Jaycee. was j
chairman of the event.
Tabor City .<ch».ol winner.
was Jerry Jenrctte and in the
finals Jenrette and Ward wen
vying for the right to compete
in the State contest in April.
Ward will represent the local
Junior Chamber of Commerce
in the State meeting.
Ward's winning talk fol
ic· ws·
Physical security is a free-1
dom from want or fear. When
f.ne feels such «ccurity, he i<
happy and content with what
ever comes along in normal sit
uations of his life. This secur
ity is commonplace In America,
today. People do not seem to
realize, however, that the mat
erial pleasures of this country
Lnd of the world are all man
mode and can pass away in an
instant. We must seek to find J
for ourselves a true and deep- j
ly-root«d security.
We have all, throughout our
lives, known severt.1 .sources <>ί
security. As infants, we were
completely satislicd to look up
ir.to the loving irees of our
parents—that w.is all the se
ci'rity we needed. After grow
ing up a little, wo began to
learn that our homes offered a
rifuee from ou'sidc danger·-.
During our pre-teen years, we
found a certain amount of ad
ditional security >n our friend
ships. All of these are good and
necessary to a wcll-rounde I
personality, but we as teenag
er* are beginning to search
foi something in which we can
be eternally secure. I am con
vinced that this security is bas
ed upon one's self-reliance and
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Directs Campbell Singers.
Labor Survey
Now Underway
In Tabor City
The Tabor City Merchants
Association has launched a lab
or survey for this area, Al
Whitehead, executive- secret ·
ary. has announced.
"A prominent industry has
expressed some interest in lo
cating in Tabor City and before
wc can present what we really
have to offer new industry, wa
must be able to show them in
no uncertain terms what our
labor situation is." he said.
All persons, male and fe
male. living within driving
distance of Tabor City are ask
ed to drop by the merchants
association office on Railroad
Street* and complete an appli
cation blank that is now avail
! ble. These will also be left at
various businesses in town ai.d
an announcement of theii loca
t;ons made later.
"We want to emphasize tha*,
this industrial prospect has by
no means contracted to locate
here but there is some interest
being shown in this area ami
we must have complete tacts to
present to the potential manu·
lacturer," Whitehead said.
"We hope in the near future
to have printed a number of
! nchures that will put down
ir, black and whit» and with
pictures what -idvantages w*?
have for incoming industry.
The results of this survey wilt
then be included in that bro
chure in addition to their pie
sentation to the prospect that
wt now have." he said.
Nakina Honor
Roll Announced
Μ. M. Jones, principiil ol
Nakina High School, has an
nounced the following honoi
roll for the fourth grading
Brenda Osborne. Betty Ree
ves, Doris Jewell Turner. Bar
bara Hardwick. Betty William*.
Debra Register. Ralph Sugg«,
Helen Min son, and Jackie Faye
Giving does not lmproveris!i
us in the service 01 our Maker,
neither does withholding en
rich us.
— Merjr Baker Eddy

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