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Cerniglia Stresses Cood Pack, Arrival Quality Of Berries At Growers Meetina
"It is unfortunate »Ha» —»»I ■ ■ ·
cess and the accumulation ol
g innncy is looked μρηη ft* Ml
and the sam^,'* Jo* Cfmiglia,
president qf ^inertcaq fpo<U,
Inc.. told * |fithf|-in« of strHW
berry growers Tqbof- Gi\y
Thursday nifty.'
"Bu| they «fc inseparable in
the ιη<ηφ» qf the people. J_.e\
me say that I have no selfish
motive in pfpinoting the Amer
ican FiHids strawberfy de«) in
I Tabor C|ty this year or in the
•;v iuture. The fullfillmenl ui a
dream is more important tu
im than making money on this
strawberry deal," Cernigli^
told the growers while empha
sizing the extreme importance
of a top quality pack of ber
"My wife and seven children
know that I am dedicated tu
the strawberry business and
there's hardly a day in the
φ \ear that I am not in a straw
berry patch somewhere or an
other. I believe our entire or,i
r.nization is dedicated to the
strawberry business and tha·.
-- ·«» · sm«c wnmfl
unturned until we have done
everything that is possible to
establish the American Food
berry pack from North Caro
lina as the best there i| any
where," h? said.
C<9"^igliq noted thft t^fure
>VC|u f«yr things necessary fur
the hest success in the straw?
berry business. First, quality
Rack; second, distribution;
third, efficient sales, and
fourth, proper handling. He
said that you could be lax on
any one of the last three phas
es and still do a fair job, but
that you could have the last
three advantages and lack a
goo.. h"-c of berries and tail
He noted that he was i" tl*e '
growing of strawberries as v/e.l
as the marketing, and that ho
had seen some of his own ber
ries marketing that he was
ashamed of the pack. He said
that growers selling with A
mcrican Foods this year were a
n.ixed group that had its prob
lems. Some have fine packs.
some mir and aome mighty
poor. Λ few trashy packs in ·
truck load hu.ts the et^ire ber
ry marking possibilities wd
costs everyone money, ft? sqid
(Π grading berries tqf mark
et. Cerniftlia said lh«|i the best
practice was a rule of thumb
phrase. "When in dou^t. throw
it out." He referred to thv lwit
ty. undersized, overripe, or
otherwise inferior berry that
te questiuned as to whether it
ihtiuld be in the bpx of be.ries
or discarded .
He said that if the North
Carolina berry is packed prop
erly. that his scllin; forcc
could mmket it in such « mpr.
ncr that it would be highly
profitable to everyone con
cerned· ßy the wne t«»kw he
indicated that no one coq|«1
market a box of junk and show
f profit for the grower or any
one else.
Cerniglia said that he ha>i
no intentions of criticizing oth
er methods of selling berries μι
this qnd other areas. "We sim
ple say that we have a stream
lined. modern way of handlin".
the berries for growers that ve
think is the best system avail
able anywhere and that we can
Lain," Taylor said.
Scouts Studying Nature In May
TV .. -1J 1
to home—is under close sorut·
iny in May by Cub Scouts ο
φ the Cape Fear Aiea Council
Boy Scouts of America.
By learning about a widr
ν a.-iety of things in natur·.
close at hand the Cub Scout:
—boys eigh through ten yeats
«.Id—are getting ready foi
more informal fun in the sum
"Through this activity," F
Κ Stanley of Wilmington
t lairman of the council's ac
^ tivities committee, says, "om
Cub Scouts will learn the valu;
of protecting birds that ea
! η recti», preserving trees, th·
proper planting of trees anc
ih--ubs to prevent erosion, ant
usin{, precaution to proven
forest and grass fires."
"Under leads to the practice
of important rules of nature,*
he ;,dded.
During May at their weekl\
% Cut' pack meetings the Cut;
Scouts arc introduced to th·:
nature activity. A woodlanr
fiicture is displayed and eac»i
member sees how m^ny diffcr
<··.! specimens of nature he ca:
identify. While answering th·:
roll call Cub Scouts call uul
name of a bird and quicklj
describe it.
At another meetin? the Cu1:
Sc'iut.» and their leaders walk
) lo a park, vacant lot, or zoo
Cub Scouts are encouraged t
« bscrve carefully and ask ques
tions. They collect specimen;
ior their den museum.
Each Cub Scout is aided !.
learning to know a few casilj
identified birds, trees, insecU
v'Mter animals, and sma!
(-.round animals. He often I:
<:ided by his parents in ex·
nior.ng, diagraming, and re
me secrets of his own
personal "claim." 3 small area
of ;i pond, meadow or wood lot
near his home.
3> taking part in this activ
ity the Cub Scout earns credit
i.i his achivcmcnts and elec
In constructing temporary
homes for small animals the
Cub Scouts will lesm to con
sider the natural environment·
al needs for each type of life.
In these nature activities Cub
Scouts test their skill in mak
ing things to carry out the>c
projects. They will use, for ex
ample, broom handles and
roup strainers or soine cheesc
| cloth made into dip scoops for
witcr life specimens. They
may make aquariums for fish,
tadpoles, and snails or terrar
lums tor lizards, snakes, frogs,
and turtles.
Cub Scouts arc taught how
t·· make a specimen box from
a pointed cigar box by placing
two layers of corrugated card
: bi ard on the bottom of the;
' box. An ant colony is made of
ι a clear glass jar containing a
s'nall stone and sand. It i..
coveted by a piece of cheese
cloth held in place by a ruh
et band. Glass-sided boxes
serve as snake cages with
fcreens on top to contain .1
Fiu'kc or two, while the semi
aquarium holds turtles and
bincc Cub Scouts arc very
frequently owners and riders
! oi oikes, some attention is b··
liig given in May to promo'e
t .- a!e cycling. Repair shops and
bike retail stores arc helping
the Cub Scouts by setting up
bike inspections and furnish
ing them helpful information
<»n proper bike care.
Ready For fires?
Spring Clean-Up is aimed
to get rid of all possible iii"v
hazards around your homo and
larm. But it's good sense to bp
prepared if fire should strike,
says County Agricultural Ag
ent, Charles D. Hapcr.
"Knowing what to do until
help conies can save lives and
property," he points out. "And
the 'knowing' should extend to
every member of the family.
Discuss your fire emergency
plans with the family and re
mind them of the rules at reg
ular intervals."
The first rule is to get every
one out of the house the inst
ant you discover or suspccl a
^ue. Then report the fire—fast
—tp your fire department serv
ing your area, or to a neighbor
vvho can summon help. Know
exactly how to reach the fire
department by phone.
Next stop is to go into action
with your "firsj aid" fire fight
ing equipment—if you can do
so without taking any unneces
sary risks.
One important tool is the
fire extinguisher. Be sure it is
οι adequate size and proper
type for the kind of fire ex
petted. Don't get stuck with
one of the substandard extin
guishers—typified by the aer
osol "beer-can" kind — which
contain usually less than a pint
of liquid or from 12 to 16
ounces of dry chemical. They
just aren't adequate and reli
able in an emergency, when
you need them most. Approved
extinguishers — ones you can
rely on—are marked with a
"UL" or an "FM", which means
they have been thoroughly
tested and passed by recogniz
ed laboratories.
Extinguishers should be spt>! -
led in fire danger areas like
home kitchens, barns, machine
sheds and storage tanks of gas
oline and kerosene. Be sute
they are checked and re-charg
ed regularly.
Another good fire fighting
too is a garden hose. Even fill
ed water buckets <4re useful.
Particularly for home safety,
ladders to reach the highest
roof tops and windows should
be quickly available at all
show the grower a greater pro -
I fit than any other mcatu of
marketing." he said.
He indicated tint there v»*»s
plenty of room fur expanded
$ trawbeiry acreage if the
growers will concentrate on
quality. But, he said, there w<ij
nut even room for the prison»
acreage to be grown profitably
If they were going to be
Lrought to market packe··
Stanley Taylor, vice-presi
dent of American Foods, noted
that from December until Aug
ust. he, as head of sales foi
American foods and the rest
of the sales force, were con
stantly on the telephone ti!k
insj to chain stures and whole
sale buyers of berries about the
merchandise they have ioi
sale. "And then just as we
wind op the last of the boriy
deal in August, Joe puts me or»
j a plane and I go talk with
I these berry buyers personell·.
in every major Eastern city
1 until December when the Floi -
ida crop starts coming in a
Ccrniglia noted that Taylor. <
konard Sansone, manager of '
(lie Tabor City operation, and
himself had been in the pro
duce business since they were
abupt 19 years old, begiipiing
with tomatoes, tie said that
they had done every kind oi
work associated with product
from the bottom to the top and
knew the business from the
•ground up.
At one time the Ccrni^lia
organization had more than
3000 acres of tomatoes of their
''«•η and were the biggest
brokers in that business. Some
five years ago, Cernigliu soict
out his profitable tomato ent
erprises iiiid entered the berry
business and expressed deter
mination to reach the t<»p in
the berry marketing and Rrou·
ing as he did in the tomato
Prior to Thursday night :·
meeting, Cernigliu said that
he was so devoted to the straw
berry that his wife said whin
he died she would not put any
j fiowers on his grave—just a
good box of strawberries.
Lee V. Connor
County School
Farmer — Accountant
9 Years As District School
•Our Youth Arc· The Citizens
Of Tomorrow And I Will
Work For Their Benefit"
I Subject To May 26
Democratic Primary
I Candidate for County
|Commissioner from Die
Strict one.
s County Government
; should be basqd on in
ij tegrity and good faith
with ail the people con
If this statement meeta
with your approval, I will
appreciate your vote and
support in the May 26
Democratic primary.
βmit Jar th§ tovghest jobs
\THI NEW 24*
Buk to outlast, outperform any
24" mower in its field. Before you
buy see the Roof Ranger with
Streee-Guard Construction.
no oimcr mown offers
• NmM, Wt MP EifiM
• Eiclnin VarMMt Pitt» —
Mister PAttl-icular says .. .
You'll find the Ford experts working in
our shop. Our mechanics know Ford·
better than anyone—it's their business,
1 full time/ They've got factory-approved
Special tools and equipment to get your
work done right the first time—on
time. And they use Oenuine Ford Parts
to keep your Ford ail Ford. Come in
and see u$ for the kind of service that
keeps a Ford young!
Tabor City, N. C...
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