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Tabor City tribune. (Tabor City, N.C.) 1946-1991, March 06, 1963, Image 9

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Γ."·\·ϊ K«ra:ins 5:12-21
V,i;riv sin abittli r ι-rar»«
iK nun»' rtb.'iir».1,.
(i'.' li'lüs '.··■').)
\. ι ι.»· *<·;ΐί.·! ;m ii ii i< t
ι i'ft of If i. i · y I II ·
:i luistu;.«' r:n !y in thr \vi«rk
Ii: '·:«·» ■'· i "ii«! it 1 ι.,Μ,,wι ,ι , ,.
: l.tu·:ums t u äi i.V. I i"i i
tV wvrk* ι·*·«» t'· ·> ·' '
ι was ltd u( the wrung slitcheü, |
! -v . - vVc. «_■ ic»t in tue iu»«.*n.
>· I» .. u-· 11 .1 Ill Ci.'li's j
·! . I « :i\ Wo ««.«ill I llld ItUl - j
! t lrtiiii 1« Mowing t*> ■.
I .. y ι » ii · IU' has set fur us j
> \ I..it.I'd III llic III.' ι·! j
■ ι. Ii ι ι.,ινι. us ·..ll· II '
v:i c ii.< - t«» linn oi.ir wroitfi
! <··η ·. ι··ι; «lit-ii'in··. l!:< " η -
1 · :·■. 0 «· ditinuy.c <>l our j
v. i- uj'ilnin:·..
( ii.■ «·! t ■«· punlshmt n'-s >·ί ί
■ · ii" ι . 1 ι· I ii ««.·; ··'· :'· .t ,
ν.'1«: t ·Λ t du afW'Cts ;s
ν · II ; s < »i ;■· Im ;. ΊΊι.ί«· i:.
Cuil'i forüiwr.CÄS. hut l!u ι··
ie . 1.-Α» cuasoquenci's, end, as
jC· γ<ϊ tlüot .vaKi in one υ
ι uv.vc:>, 'CuiU^>|U>.T».0 a.·«
il ujiiit,.' R> ar-c
iiJ wi.h His ho p, \\ fco ο.
■ .. t μ. Ii.. μ :tu.l μ».·,
·'·.· hi ■■'.'· Hint a> S mr Iii
.vr iiü stitchc.i.
ϊ. ι, v·..·, «in ύιΓκϊνϊιΐίί Fa- I
·«... » iii'i' so: ry tor our sin··
!ι· Ijy cur wrongdoing \vt
.a'.i· utwi othois US Wi-Il :>.«■
.1 . iv^s. Help »is t·» m;»k»· νι·
• Uli ion if oossibk· si;ui l. ■;?« ■ \>
• i(ti»· th«· wuv uoiiiUn! oul
h; t" ·· Hit· j*n·' bv the spirit 1
of Thy Son. In His nam? wo
•K. iiiiliil.
far The Uav
TliDU^ii oui' sins pun:.sh lt.-,
• :i n.r iMin li ve nv.ivm
; Γιο η destruction.
J. Bii'iss,
Cli|>.vi lijiit—Tue Upper li .'III'.
WASHUttrrc-« — Two Is- ,
ιι».< siii'in drslini'1 to concent
"ιιΐ.ι,Γι "s n.ost .f t**«· sesion
l'h-jy mi· t'c Russian aisrr.nl
η Cuba und the tux program
iff.t'l t<> Congress.
Last week the· Sc nute Armee"
services Pre;>ai edness SuL
•ommitt <*e opened hearin·!: t.
*>r:n an iii'Jiüt ndent jud«;
:' ι »i the· r'i Ij t« raging ov
f liit· Uli -an :>rsi nal ■ '.;·ιϊι
•('!v pit at on Cuban rirI
h tin. \'i '·> >m, and the Λ!»*t
Mo F "-t. a I trouble spot.«, ur
w τι .· ί in invjo tance In C:ii>·
nd i.s aifeet <n cur w »i I·
•a*U'i <hip. The· continue·'
nenne:· of largo numbers ο
<ussi >n . ι if I Soviet-bloc armed {
roups iii Cuba raises disturb- j
n;> questions lor a uniti I per.- ]
*»I·· who b.iekei! our firm static1 !
I ( ■ 'obr ·. To a paraiaom.t I
legroe our loroign policy rest.- 1
η reaching a reasonable sohl- |
ii'.n t'< this problem. That ι
.vhy tin Senate Subcommi- '
•tie's Hearings are of the tit- ji
nost importance.
Kqually important are tin
tax hearing.··· going on in I he
Mouse Ways anfl Means Com
mittee. Safeguard in?» the do
mestic economy has be< η given
ion Concessional priority. .)o>t
w nilt!i of the t..>: pi·»;ram
h?is hard Administration buck
ng has become a question aft
ii the President dampe:v d the
need for tax reform in an ad
dress to the American Bankers
Association. Congress remain:·
cautious in its approach to re- I
writing tnx laws not bas· ι < η ι
a coordinated reduction to f« d- J
eral spending. No one would ·'
deny that individuals an.l the »
business community need a tax 1
cut. But the truth is that a I
proper framework to grant a |
ax rut hjw »n»t h«-en t Jt
il. Cu in ; ciir. nu- deticils e r
n'y be . c tmlished by em
ail· sir »jt.it »i. t;»e t χ
v-<-n rc:: ·" .·! ; to 8U|)P'J '
lew niul c .Bt I ν |>1-U ;r m un
:ut taxes. In justitic-i·»*.«.·:» I··
■is μ. ν st. iptu ii, v.o ur 1·''
ll.lt l Ct.lit»mil· tiietil'K'S SU'.Jp !
ii iii;IkiIüiicc' I budget tim»u;*,l
ι cm I year I..07, und that niuii ,
κλ Λ will resuit.
This line of leasi niiiR r
iiands tint' of tin· lirst lemj·;
i.ni ivoirutd in the
lames vet sion <»f tin· ι
ν hen Five succii::iln(I < < . >■
lie forbidden Iruit in l.u G u
< ii of X. <11. In I't.-· ii· . K\ >
was told that inueli ;.<·υ·! woul<
Ii sue V, Ulli l>ut ' it ·
..e forbiduui fruit. Oiituie
. il.fi· I tit Sill.«· Kill' < < 11' .I III
iiiiuli nr. >n a must jileasan.
vay. tin t.ix cut. ev«-n i! ι
'iolutes establishi I eeotiomi
irecjd"iit.·*. j
l.xpi - leaciies that η·>
verytliiiiH oi l is «iiitd.iU d. iu
>l;\t hi,· η \V ι b-ttil. Vv'il
ur Imami.;! h. use be >« I u
\.e. iiv Ml« .simple lemei.y «.
tax r~"i.r. win t:„ cotmtrj
• ι have t:» look deeper itiu
■ ist-w ι changt which
tllered mir \v ·ι1«1 «<f 'i r ι it.-,
!s n< t !or· .gn iti 's s? v;y
r in « η uur et* η :«iy h'.; > :·
11· t.tic l >·ιι f< r a ! ot > ■< n·
i « st : . a«-v^vriin. n :! .: i-i
uet·? Ar· : · t ! ■:> »-it . ·, -
i. 1:1 I i'ι ι. : ι.. .1 1
i:l »hin. II ι ( ι ι · ι a -
rjiri. · :.1 in L« -.·<·.n · !>:·'. r
i l».v ;;ι. νiTtkiiH iitui <Ί.< 1-; t <
•ι ι t- ti i.iic Ι.· λ/:· :.:nl .··. Ivi
... .i uy probiciilS In \-l.i' Ii«*
ι . .. I i trIi piiviili' ec »in·
Ί"·λϊj . ι«· no : v"jt!y ·ιΐι
\V·!- I«· lilts·.· *.|UlStl 'IIS, tjilt
.ι ν :n rtl « u .ill i»lin»i.
il im .ι I Ij · wt II Ii \ '· '··!»
r· fully Γι»· atlvir · ρι cn
•Α 'U' !' : IV \ ' "»:'i
(π t·· i'.n -in·.· C..mmiin··.· bv
rn α Η iJuruch, · !\ '· r «·:
ι Ίΐν Pr ι.uls. ν.Ίι ·ι It·
•u< lit· on t Sllijjt · l ·ιι·' il t >
til. fi:i April 1, l!l5K. Mr.
V.iiuch ι»ii«t;ι· t!iis per',ist iit
bsc vation:
"ill Ii κ· τ - t anrilysi ·. wt
ic.> Ii l"st <if '·!ι r-rt r ιιη·1
•irirvm si.iis-j. II vt· we .·(> ett -
< '■ > > u · ! v·: th >\ \t " lake
. ·»! 1 · ! ι / lit'·· ii \V r. it·4 —
:i 1 in Γ ii ·· .· ■ '■· · cii'i' ι ir
;Γ t «ist [ si· it · iv .·!( bt:
.:tt t : l t>■··;.. is
<· ' wo r vt» sufiiei. it ι u
oinic stn-· - - ι,ηΊ c<iir;:yo
- - 1·> l .cc th»· fact.» υί our
tl.U Uun, ttfoiniit t'to iiu.i
i k .. w· law η c an! c> -
ι .11 tl at·, wiihu-.l in—
·. >n it· · ;· r ptiul'.l.s
·'·' ι·' ν y . I «.va.iin.i will
y..ei "
Mrs. M-.ry F. Wells
CUADIiOUUN — Funrral
Mivic.s f· r M'S. Mavv Kiuit
*· ··· Wi lls. tt">, of Clut«?bnum.
iTi' Ιι··Μ Sum1 y .-t Btillari!
M« '"■< r's C!i;i·» I.
Τ · 1ί· v. I'. O. «:m'n. ;·,
.1-1 r III |'»ι· Fv«T ·Γ<·«'!| >1« lll
( Chtnfli, offic*:ito I, :in '
' i ' to!l«»wo?l in IV church
ι y.
Mr·: V,\ lis >'\ d lu«t Wednos
l:iv in ι >r« ».-:|>ιι I in Jacksnn
" Hi·. I i i. S ·< ws«» the wid«i\v '
<.i L. wrinc»· W«-I!s of t'liud- I
;i urn
S«irvi\*ii5 mo ;ι sun. Elwin '
Ά'«·1| «>!' 1 iH'ust«*r. S. C.; fi\t·
ughti s, Mis. Leslie Tuckurl
r f.-' !■·' . H i., .Vrs P.'arl :
I r.v I Is.· k < nvilli·. Mrs. J. !
CI ι s; ·ι« ii «if l.oi« tibur,7. M:s. i
V. Ii !: rn l"«i«i oi l.usnbert« >n I
n l Mi l·* ι line V.'. Huglus I
(>f Charlbtiurn: s ntl several !
•.r η 'cl.i! Ί· n. «
• \1ΖΖΊ — Channel 6 — Wifcafegton. Ν. C.
« !ΐ»;π^τ)Λ* ·
t Ο > Pri««: Is ΤίϊςΚ
;ι:»0 Concor.trat ion
;2:0t» 1st Impression
l ' T> TrutS or Con.
"2:55 N'jwü
1:00 Variety S-cnse
1 ΊΊ \V< •rt·:' Tun:«?
?·(»·. Mrrv Ciriflui
(V ··*»:> Nt-x.«
3 DO T.ortUn Υηιιη:;
Dr. Μ:·'·»η·*
Mi'i r.t :itch Game
4:25 News
iK'rc «f Ν iaht
iit) l)i ···<"· very
. Lt · (·> Bt iivcr
ι ι. ι Ii η McC 'till I
f ! ff V; jit &;jf,rts
r ' "i \V( ι''·· r
7 '!I> Ks.vj Reporter
9 7: ·5 Ilunilvy Brn.kly
7:ß0 My 1 Sons
Ii .it D' ttna Heed
Dr. Kildaru
Ü:;,0 IIa/·.·!
lu:u0 Andy Wil'.inns
M:(iO VVi iilirr
l! if> Ttiuiulit
Price is Rteht
Trnlt» or Con.
> · WS
V:u.'4 ν Show
Wnr'd Ti ms
M. r<. Criffin
Lorettn Yipiin;*
Dr. Mal< uu
Match G.'inic
Kdge «>f Ν
Discovery l J
§ s 1 :>o
1 IK;
? 30
4 ::o
Γ· "μ Owl«· gc Harriett
i' !>'i IVn McDoti.iW
< ! .ι >· it·, r·* Sports
W< iith» r
ν < Γ. . R«.-porter
7:1!» ll'intk-y l.rinkly
Τ in lit. Showtime
!t :»*i Sim· Along
• ι 1* νια·
1 cm '!"· l··. Hour
11· η V.'. Mh'T
11:1". Toni^t't
11:0(1 Furvy
ι! ■?" μ t ;ic Midway
K'MMt H'iojii for Dacidy
12:30 Exploring
:m Mr Wizard
2'00 In 1 ι·» Piratic
2:15 Basketball
2:10 Atlantic C. 11 Β
•tilt'» Κ») tbüM IliliUs
4:;',0 B!«i Picture
.- 00 Al. Ktnr Cl'.lf
5at' in Lifetime
Γ ».0 Country Cousin
i; T! Fports
Π 45 N"\vs
0:55 \V ntbor
7:00 Ti.x IX-bate
7:30 Bern-diet
8:3(1 Vi 'ϊ-itt;
9:00 Μον·ι\
!! :·)0 K< ntur ■ Movie
12:00 Wrvs'Tng
12·<Ό WW of S|>orts
1 :30 Fronti· rs Fa th
2: 0 Ch: M< n','·-· ('·■ if
4'30 New Face
5:00 I egisla'ive Rpt.
5:30 Bullwlnkle
G:00 Meet Th<· Press
Γ, .;0 About Time
7:00 Fn°l-.'n OToole
T:80 pigney
: :i 'C-.r Γ>4
'i Οι Bonan/.n
10:00 Water Problem
11:00 Corneal
11 ·(>( Pri«v i·; TTU'M
11 :'<( ('< n· ' ntrniiMii
I?:(»·) !'»<rrt ssi'<»>
1 ·>·'"> Truth <>r Con.
12 N'l'Wf
I oil Sui>v riisp
I ;:ifi "'<>·Turns
t' i'n v.tv Orif'in
V Mows
:"o r.oi i tt'i γ* ·■ ·>β
I>r. Malono
4-0') Mj.Ich Garne
•ί ·£> Ν* ,e.*s
1"T1 F ! '<■ of Niiiht
Γ>:('0 Dismvorv
5-30 Γ,οιην Λ Cecil
6:00 Β'·η
R:*»« rv Τ,ο"
|·*\ \Vn;iihpr
f:r>o Fvso Reporter
7 ,ς Tli r'i« ν Brinkl}
7 :ϊ0 Combat
f'"V\ Pirii>m:in
n:r,i) Fh'vcnth flr.
!·::Ό Γπ»Ιμ·
ίο-no r. Casov
)o "i(i vio ·ί(»Μ Eve
ι' «κ' Nev
l'-'S Tonight
Η l"l Pi-ln· i« nicht
1' -:»fi C juci r.ti nti ·η
ρ··',0 Ttr:>*H-ssi';n
'?·:<(< Tmih οι tn.
12:R5 Nwm
] ΊΠ S'iovvWiSC
·.>·-·.- Vf'V?
:i-ill Τνιr; tt!» Y'j«· £»
3:30 Dr. Mairne
•4 :·'»«» Miiti'h Came
4:*?5 Kcws
:30 F.-'ac of Night
Γι:(>·ϊ OlMOverv
fi :'ί0 Muri-head
«•»'ft ρ ·» MrDonnld
ti-^O TP,Λ
0 55 Wer. the r
"·')» »\s» Ki-purlcr
7 I", Π·ιη''··ν - Brink
7-30 mit*
r. ::ό Err.pire
Γ..Κ) TP Α
·:ό π< '< Powell
ΙΟ:;») ΤΒΛ
ί 1 -00 WVilfirr, New»
11 :ir,:Tonight
1' :00 Priee is Tliffhl i
Ί·**0 Conorritration
"2-OC >nor« ssion
2*3ii Froth or Con.
.?·Γ>Τ N"W.,
1-00 Varir-tv
J:30 A'World Turns (
2:00 Mcrv Griffin
2:'W> Pre (iamo Show
?:ää News
3:00 Lorotta Young
3-30 !)r. Λ" alone
4:00 Mat eh Game
4-25 N-ws
1:30 F'ige of Night
5*00 Discovery
■j-30 Buckhv Hourrt
0:00 Ben McDonald
(> HO Horror Briar-H
β *»S We .ther
7:00 Esso Ri porter
7-15 Huntly Brir;klej
7:30 Virginian
9:00 Bob Hope
10:00 Great Stars
11 on Weather, News
11:15 Tonight Show
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