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Jordan Man Likes Columbus'
Residents; "Very Nice People"
A native of Amman. Jordan
was a guest in Columbus Co
unty for four days recently.
Talal Salem Nabulsi spent the
, time studying community de
velopiaent activities and youth
Nabulsi said that he had
gained much helpful informa
tion and had seen many ex
amples of good home living
here which would prove valu
able to his people when iw
returns to Jordan in about
three months.
Speaking almost perfect
English, Nabu!si said he was
particularly interested in 4-H
work and community programs
with the idea of adopting auch
programs for his native peo
Following his Friday de
parture he will spend two
weeks in Raleigh at the N. C.
State College Extension Serv
ice. He then plans to visit j
Washington state. Colorado,
and California, three Western
states which resemble geogra
phically his country of Jordan.
Prior to coming to North
Carolina, he studied at Geor
getown University in Wash
iugto, D. C. under the auspi?cs
of the U. S. Department of
Agriculture. Before coming to >
America, he attended schools |
in Jerusalem and the Univers- :
ary of Cario. Egypt.
Nabulsi stated that m->st
Jordanians return to their na- '
tive land atter attending var
ious universities. One of his
brothers is a practicing physi
cian and his youngest sister is
a teacher .
Besides his native Arabic.
"Toni" (as he was nicknam
ed ) speaks English and French.
He is interested in German
and plans to visit Germany on
his return trip home. Though
he is interested in languages.
Nabulsi confessed that he was
not as proficient as he wishes
he might be.
Asked what his favorite for
i eign tongue is. he declared
"French. It is such a beautiful
He pointed out that in Jord
an it is compulsory to take six
ι years «»I English. Although
French is not required, many
students follow this language
for six years. "My government
encourages government offici
als to spend at least one month
every year in a country other
than Jordan. This. I believe,
is good because we can con
tinue our studies in language,
politics, and have a vacation,
When asked of his country's
progress agriculturally. he
said that the biggest problem
was water. "I learned here in
Columbus County that art -s
ian wells may b«· the answer.
We have such little ram.'..11
and by drilling deep wells we
may be able to double or trip
le our agriculture output."
"Quite naturally my people
. arv not as modern as the Mo-,
pit? in this wonderful* countfcy'
I>f yours. But our people wish
to learn and are trying very
How does he like the Amer
ican people? "1 am treated
veiy nice here in your count
ry. No one treats me as if I
were a foreigner. And your
people are eager to learn a
bout my people. Very nice."
Former Tabor
Woman Cited
For Story
A former Tabor City woin
>tn won second place among
state newspaper writers at the
annual Spring Institute of the
North Carolina Press associa
Hill last week end.
Mrs. Clara Cartrette, Wom
an's Editor of The News Re
porter. received the runner
up spot for a feature story on
how a Whiteville woman start
ed a thriving business on 18
Mrs. Dew it t Bright's sand
wich business has grown from
25 customers daily in 1945 to
the present 900 — sandwich
sale each day. The energetic
Mrs. Bright started her busi
ness with chicken salad sand
wiches. compliments of her 18
feathereu friends.
Mrs. Cartrette was present
to accept her award Saturday
from Walter Spearman, pro
fessor of the University of
North Carolina, school of jour
A check for S10 accompani
ed the citation which read r.s
follows: "This is my ideal fea
ture story in which the open
ing paragraph piques the cur
osity that makes you want to
read «·η. The subject of the
article is excellent and its de
velopment is through. The art
icle has an inspirational tone
that is what makes it attrac
tive and gives and incentitivc
to work."
Mis. Cartrette, who has
been employed by the White
ville newspaper for the pist
17 months, is the daughter <>l
Mr and Mrs. Dewey Jernigan
of Tabor City. She was secre
tary of Tabor City School tut
several years before starting
her newspaper work.
She is mairted to another
Tabor Citian. Jerry CartrcKc
who is a member of the White
ville school faculty. They luve
two children. Rusty. 6 and
1 Marty. .Y '
At th{ Saturday irfeetmj#
Mrs. Cartrette was elected
I chairman of the membership
committee of the five districts
of the North Carolina Press
Union Meeting
For Buck Creek
March 29th, 30th
The Buck Creek Union will
meet Friday and Saturday at
Bethany and Cherry Hill aBp
tist churches respectively.
The program:
Bethany Baptist Church
10 Devotion. Bro. Mack
Fowler: Sermon, the Rev. Eu
gene Evans; Union called to
order by Moderator. Roll of
Churches called. Query No. 1.
What is the Mission of the
Holy Spirit? John 14:26. Rev.
R. B. Carter.
12 Lunch Hour
1:15 Re-assemble. Query No.
2. Explain St. Mark 4:2. the
Rev. Ν. E. Tyler: Query No. 3.
What are we to fast from.
Matthew 17:21, Rev. Ben
Doyle Adjourn.
Cherry Hill Baptist Church
10 Devotion, the Rev. Gar
land I on«; Sermon, the Rev. j
Thomas Hughes; Query No. 4. j
Explain Hebrews 11:7, By!
faith Noah. beina warned ot j
God of things not seen as yet, J
moved with fear, prepared an !
ark to the saving of his house: j
hv the which he condemned j
the world, and became heir of !
the righteousness which is by !
faith. Rev. Ε. Λ. Edge.
12 Lunch Hour
ί 1:15 Re-assemble. Query Ni> .
i 5, Explain Matthew 24:20, But |
I pray ye that your t light bi
I not in the winter, neither «:η ,
1 the sabbath day. the Re". J
; Dayton Fowler; Query No. β.
! Explain First Timothy 5:2t. j
j Some men's sins are open be
) forehand, κοίηκ before tl·.«
j judgment; and some men they j
i iollow after. Rev. Donnie j
j Stevens.
Chidbourn Clubs
Seeking Civic Aid
CHADBOURN — Υ ο u η κ ,
people here have no construc- ι
1 live recreational facilities out
, side of school." said Dr. F. Μ ,
Carroll recently.
Dr. Carroll is the chairman '
Chctti Couple Feted Saturday
Mr. »net Mrs. Irvin Strick
land entertained at a dinner
party un Saturday evening
honoring Mr. und Mrs. Knd
Mr. Chetti is manager of the
New Lingerie Company here.
The Chettis come here from
L'utskill. New Yolk.
Mrs. Chetti was presented a
gift by the hostess upon ar
Other guests were Dr. ami
Mrs. A. C. Terr once and Mr.
uiri Mrs. Hank DeGeraünu» <.f
Whiteviüe; Mr. and Mr?.
>f a e. .nnittee organize«I by
he Ci itr.ns an.i Retarians
which jvtks to stimulate int
rest ir "»her eivie groups »n
the projected youth recreation
Letters have been sent to
•iul:s asking them to acknow
ledge need of a recreation
>ivgr»iin .ir.ii to appoint a re
present itive to meet jointly
with etiler representatives.
At the meeting, each rtpre
entative will be given a
hanr·.· to explain his organir.
ition's views on the program
•ontent and facilities, Carroll
Charles Curbt'll anil Dr. Wil
ii-ini A. Stout of Tabor City.
The riming table was ivvtr.
od with a hand made Madarh *
cloth and centered with a
beautiful arrangement of pint, φ
and white gladiolas flanked by
silver lighted tapers.
Guests wer·· sealed at card
tables with similar decor as
the dining table.
Mr. und Mrs. Leonard Gore
of Route 3. Tnb»>r City an
nounce the March 21 birt · · ■ !
a son, Kelvin Leonard. Mis. ~J
Gore is the former Jcwi II
llardee of Route 1. Tabor City.
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Ray*
of Route 3. Tabor City ;·: -
nulliic«' the hirth of a daught
er. Kimberly Kay, on March
19. Mrs. R ly is the furinor
Faye Todd of Loris. S C.
Ρ Ii !iN/ rJ £ \s ' CHE V V'S fhe BUv '
You'll not get fooled at PRINCE MOTOR CO.
. . . nothing but true values in the deals offered
by PRINCE MOTOR CO. . . . stop in soon.
(jood Condition.
1958 CHEVROLET $695.00
V-8 Straight Drive, 4 Door. K&H
iobor City Ν C.
Phcnt·: JJ4i
/ / -ν - -·' - -
You're tiie Loser!
When ο privote power company takes away
the best areas served by a locally-owned rural
electric cooperative, the remaining members lose
... so does the general public ... so do the
members who are denied the right to continue
serving themselves.
Here's whv:
Because of the smoll income per mile of line,
for many years the cooperatives operated in the
red. In recent years, as more people moved onto
their lines, the cooperatives began showing a mar
gin up ond obove operating expenses. As this hap
pened—ond continues to happen—the coopera
tives reduced their rates.
If the margins are reduced by taking away
the good oreas os soon as they become thickly
settled, the cooperative's ability to repay debt and
lower rates is reduced. The lost members who lived
on the lines in the lean years will not be there to
en^oy the good yeors of low-cost electricity. And
there may not be many good years, because the
scattered remoininq members will have to shore
the high fixed cost of investment. Instead of a
trend toward lower cost power, the trend will be
And the pow^r ccmponies will no lonoer face
the influence of a good, LOCALLY OWNED
exomple to curb their rotes — which will make
YOU a loser, too.
For more focts on the electric industry, wrttvt
Box 1699, Roleigh, N. C.
"Owned By Those It Serves"
Ο. /U-13
Plu* III intf
'·'· Ott τ Our
✓ υ.ιυ·υ >
Four Rugged Plies of Nylon
for Maximum Strength —Safety.
Diene Rubber for Extra Long
Mileage Over Any Road.
Nation-Wide Road Hazard
Select from two groups sale priced at

1 and
Just say
Charge It"
take months
to pay
*·»β»τοΝβ Tines have
Ο ·#·«)
»»NTHfT.c «υββΕ* pom
e*TRA lono MiLCAoe
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60,000 locations in all 50 States and Canada
You know what you're getting when you buy f?rf*fon*
Every new Fircttonc tire it
1. Ac.«in»t defect* in workrTwn
ship »ml materials for the lifo
of Iht· original (rend.
1. Against normal mad hazards
t except rfpiiimble jmncturMi
(ncounlerwl in everyday pa»
Mi«rr rar use· for the number
of months -iwilwd
Replacements prorated on trend
wear «nil based c»n list priren
curient .it time of adjustment
—L I
Τ* roten*
We'll (tive vom »
Lprntrou· allowance
for vour old Hattery
No Cost
or Obligation
Yours jor
the Ashing
With Hook Assortments
Ο **g 24"*24" .ίι·
with 24 Γ "
Limit 2 AAllilonal 9U
ποοκ i*ac« π·· σοζαπ· στ υ··· ... nunarad· οι arrangement· I I
• Wwlihfp ·
Cfltog« <
Trod· With Jimmy And Save The Difference"
Dicus - Firestone"
Fifth St. — Tabor City
I - -

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