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Blindness May
Result From
Watching Eclipse
An eclipse of the sun will |
be visible here July 20, 1963.
Dr. Hills Sheriff. Director of |
the Maternal and Child Health
Division. S. C. State Board of
Health warned that permanent
eye damage can result for
those unsuspecting persons who
stare at the darkened sun even
through sun glasses or smoked
glasses or an exposed photo
The National Society for the j
Pi event ion of Blindness has |
stated there is no safe method
of looking directly at the
eclipse without risking incur
able burns of the retina from
infra-red rays of the sun.
There have been widespread
reports of damaged vision
among small children after α
partial eclipse.
Vision damage from the sun j
is caused when the eye focuses
the infra-red rays of the sun
on the retina, very similar to
the way a magnifying glass can
be used to burn a hole in a
piece of paper with the sun's
rays. If the burn is serious
enough- a scar wlil result on
the retina where the rays were
According to Dr. Sheriff, the j
best way to observe the eclipse
is over television, whenever I
possible. The eclipse of the sun j
can be projected through
telescope or binoculars onto
white screen, but Dr. Sheriff ]
warns never to attempt to view J
the eclipse directly through
binoculars or telescope, be
cause this will greatly increase
the risk of retina burns.
A more simple eclipse view- J
er can be created from a piece
of cardboard. Punch a round
hole in the sheeet of cardboard
so the sun's rays are focused
through the tiny hole onto an
other cardboard or similar
white surface.
Dr. Sheriff warns that there
is no safe way to look directly
at the eclipse.
New Standards
List 16 Grades
Of Slick Tobacco
By L. C. Hamilton. Clemoon
Extension Information
I can't detect slick tobacco
in a cigarette. But buyers and
farmers can spot the stuff from
ten paces — when it's under
the auction shed.
J. M. Lewis and 1 were
talking about the new tobacco
grid*« In Florence this week.
1 couldn't escape the realities
of Blick tobacco despite my
Ignorance of its appearance and
The new grade standards
list 16 new grades for slick
tobacco. These grades weren't
in the manual last year. That
they're included now is the
biggest story about the new
"The Department of Agri
culture is attempting to identi·
fy some of the undesirable to
bacco ts which got on the mar
ket last year." Lewis said.
"It's pretty important if
we're going to hold our share
of the domestic and foreign
tobacco markets."
If you think tobacco grades
were designed to point e«it
good points of a product only.
>ou'd better think again. These
16 new grades for slick tobacco
attempt to point up the bad.
Support prices this year will
rewarJ growers of high quality
tobacco relatively more than
producers of inferior quality.
If there's any doubt about it,
look at this: immature, tight,
and slick grades will be sup
ported at 12 to 14 cents a pounJ
below corresponding grades im
mature tobacco.
The average price support,
incidentally, will be S6.6 cents
a pound. This is an increase of
1 percent over last year.
Lewis says farmers are ask
ing a lot of questions about
quality maintenance. His an
swers are a plea for restraint:
-'Don't use too much fer
tilizer and chemicals, don't do
too much irrigating, and avoid
premature harvesting."
Pee Dee Farm Man
On Business Tour
A Carolina Agribusiness
Caravan left Charlotte Sunday
for a 10-thousand mile tour of
Europe which will last 2 weeks.
Among the group were J. W.
F. Holliday and W. F. Davis, of ·
Pf* IW rnrms at ßeUvnnt^ '
Ferry, South Carolina. '
The group consists of North
and South Carolina farmers <
and bankers wno are going |
abroad to see first hand the
nucleus of the foreign market, ι
uwninw 10 oe vmiM in·
lüde England. Denmark, Ger
nany, Netherlands, Belgium
nd France.
the news is in the fabrics
Wool- and- Camel's
Ilair ill camel, red,
black! Wool- with
nylon Herringbone
in gray, brown, blue!
All wool tweed in
gray, green, cran
berry! All are moth
profed for the life
of the garment.
Closed'· vent back,
dollar of imported
suede finished cot
ton. Sizes 5 to 15!
on magnificent Lustrosa
Slock and elegant with mink up to
your ears in rich, luxurious all
wool Lust rosa. Bamboo, taupe,
black- blue in sizes 8 to 20. Now is
a wonderful time to select your
winter coat · during this advance
sale at pre-scason priccs. They will
soil ituiQh higher in the fitfl. A
small deposit holds your choice till
You get · whole lot more than that '59
Chevrolet (great as it was!) could offer.
Some big improvements, some small, some
for savings, some for performance, some for
comfort. A few of them: EASY CARE—Air
washed rocker panels help flght rust, while a
longer lasting exhaust system, self-adjusting
brakes and battery-saving new Delcotron
Top: 1959 Impala Sport Coup«, Mow: 1999 Impala Sport Coupt.
generator cut costs, too. PERFORMANCE—
a wider choice of horsepower from the eco
nomical 140-hp Turbo-Thrift β up to a 425-hp
V8\ SAVINGS—from Chevrolet's tradition
ally higher resale value and the special deals
your Chevrolet dealer is making during Trade
'N' Travel Time. See him now for a Jet
smooth '63 Chevrolet. Optional at extra e<mt.
Manufacturer's Lie«»· No. 110
WECT — Channel 6—Wilmington, H. C.
1:00 Price Is Right
:r.3Q Concentration
2:00 1st Impression
<2:30 Truth or Con.
>2:55 New»
1:00 Showcase
1:30 World Turns
2:00 Ben Jerrod
2:25 News
2:30 The Doctors
3:00 Queens for day
"5:30 tfou Don't Say
t:00 Match Game
4:25 Ν ο ws
4:30 Edge of Night
5:00 Discovery
5:30 Leave to IJeaver
6:00 Ben McDonald
6:30 Look at Sports
6:55 Weather
7:00 Esoo Reporter
7:J5 Huntley Brinkly
7:30 My 3 Sons
1:00 D'-nna Reed
8:30 Dr. Kildaie
9:30 Hazel
0:00 Andy William*
»1:00 Weather
11:20 The Searchers
I! 0Π Price is Right
11:30 Concentration
12:00 Impression
12:30 Truth or Con.
12:55 News
1:00 Variety Show
1:30 World Turns
2:00 Ben Jerrod
2:25 News
2:30 The Doctors
3:00 Queen for Day
3:30 You Don't Say
4:00 Match Game
4:25 Newn
1:30 Edge of Night
8:00 Discovery 14
5:30 Onle 9t Harriett
6:00 Ben McDonald
6:30 Look at Sport·
6:55 Weather
7:00 Esso Reporter
7:15 Huntley Brinkly
7:30 Int. Showtime
8 30 Sing Along
9:30 Price is Right
10:00 Tele. Hour
1j:00 Weather
11:20 Crooked Web
11:00 Furr>
11:30 Make Room
12:00 Teen Canteen
1:15 Dodg. vs Cards.
4:00 WW or 3ports
5:30 Presby. Synod
6:00 Country Cousin
6:30 Sports
6:45 News
6:55 Weather
7:00 Muyfair Day
7:30 Benedict
8:30 McHale
9:00 Movies
11:00 Feature Movie
12:00 Wrestling
12:00 Big Picture
1:00 Ind. On Parade
1:15 Baseball
4:00 Hootenanny
4:30 Oral Roberts
5:00 Days Ahead
5:30 Bullwlnkle
6:00 Meet The Pres*
6:30 McKeever & C.
7:00 Ensign OToole
7:30 Disney
8:30Car 54
9:00 Hrnanza
10:00 Emmy Awards
11:30 Feature Movie
11:00 Price is Right
11:30 Concentration
12:00 Impression
12:30 Truth or Con.
12:55 News
1:00 Showcase
1:30 WorM Turns
2:00 Ben Jerrod
2:25 News
2:30 The Doctors
3:00 Queen For Day
3:30 You don't Say
4:00 Match Game
4:25 News
4:30 Edge of Night
5:00 Discovery
5:30 Beanv & Cecil
6:00 Ben McDwM
6:30 Military Log
1:55 Weather
T:00 Esso Reporter
7:15 Huntley Brinkl)
7:30 Mon. Movies
9:30 Rifleman
10:00 Ben Casey
11:00 News
11:15 Tonight
11:00 Price is Right
11:30 Concentration
12:00 Impression
12:30 Truth or Con.
12:55 News
1:30 Showcase
2:00Ben Jerrod
2:25 News
2:30 The Doctors
3:00 Queen For Day
3:30 You Don't Say
4:00 Match Game
4:25 News
:30 Edge of Night
5:00 Discovery
5:30 Yogi Bear
6:00 Ben McDonald
6:30 Azalea Festival
6:55 Weather
7:00 Esso Reporter
7:15 Huntley - Brink
7:30 Laramie
8:30 Empire
b:30 Dick Powell
10:30 Probe
11.00 Weather, News
11:00 Price is Right
11:30 Concentration
!2:0Q Impression
2:30 Troth or Con.
1.2.55 News
1:00 Varietv
1:30 As World Turns
2:00 Ben Jferrod
2:25 News
2:30 The Doctors
3:00 Queen For Day
3:30 You Don't Say
4:00 Match Game
4:25 News
4:30 Edge of Night
5:00 Discovery
5:30 Buckbv Hound
6:00 Ben McDonald
6:30 Homer Briar-H.
6:55 Weather
7:00 Esso Reporter
7:15 Huntly Rrinkley
7:30 Virginian
9:00 Perry Como
10:00 Eleventh Hour
11:00 Weather, News
11:15 Tonight Show
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