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VOL. I NO. 7
SYLVA, N. C, JANUARY 10, 1913
f! If,!
Hayesville, Clay Co., N. C.
Ta The Jackson County Journal:
i you Will allow me a little Space News and Observer.
in your paper wm write a tew Capt. T. W. Davis drank what he
lines, as I used to be a Jackson ihought.was water Sunday K
county girl. .... cigar, blew the smoke, and the idni
j take the Journal and enjoy Uon of his breath told him tfae Irst"
reading the letters irom all over he he knew -of - his mistake ie had
county a m ;st as much as I enjoy swallowed gasoline
a letter uoni Home. The first thing Captain Davis is rmt ,
I(laWhenIt the Journal is to sick the 0 thfl v
l00k for tue in ters If I find a let- eroge. But he has suffered soml"
tt,rfro;nodvell or Norton. I en- what. He was full of cold and
HZTtl mre "lasted nor smeUed one of
Wlll-Wiuc iu tile Vilest of HnnfH, TW.i,: .
i . .iiixkxiig UiclL
FOR bill:
It is reported, with some founda-
'"uc jH'uiUB
PhristLiias is all over ana everv-: ,i . . , ,
. . , , , 7" yva.LCA ass nad water onlv,
m wet oa mceiy out here. We h e swallowed the c n
had a lute Onnsunas tree at a tents Sunday afternoon and striS
liei.K,0! S :Wme, ior the ittle folks, the match for his dgar, he wat
lfie uu Luy) normie(i tQ fiee fl b, z
f ,ii ui.isis Piimlv nrrmd. c n.. - ,W,1U1C mm.
What is the highest ' rrmnnto
Colorarin? r " . - is reported, witn some founda-
mao? Plkes "n ineteen 1 tion, that Dillsboro is to have a new
; " "UL U1 twenty wiir answer Iurmture factory in the near future,
incorrectly. The twentieth may ! The buildings are to be erected
know that the two higher moun the ground where the livery
tains in the State are Moual Passive "fablea?d 0ther buildin were
and Mourt fik V -u Mase burned last spring. Messe is. J. J.
Sit ? ' bthin LeandT-M. Mason are reported as be
ounty, m the Leadville district, ing the managers of .he new enter
The altitude of each of these moun Prise and k is known that lumber
tains, according to the United is beiRg hauled and other prepera-
States Geological Survey is 14 409 tion ae being made for building up
fpo. n, , J -A'JU on this site. . .
teet above sea level. The height, of tw.: .
Pikes Peak is 14,108 feet. More- other enterpri.es of ii J chLl'
UVC1. mere are intv or sivtv can not hp rr
News Observer.
Jan. 7. In the caucus of Demor
cratic members of the House tonigh,
the principal matter-will be the se
lection of the democratic candidate
for Speaker. This nominse will be
the Speaker, and the representatives
whose names will be presented to
the Caucus are George VI. Connor,
of Wilson; E. M. Xoonce of Onslow'
and J. Frank Ray of FranlcHn'
And the man who gets the major
ity of votes tonight will take charge
ofthe Hrase. It is now uo to the
winners to piok the winner, if they
nave not already doi
linli toiks when Santa Claus came had nut thrf fin. t i '
ten uenmd tne tree that was so age worse tiian the - overcoming
laded witu nice tnmgs lor them His face was not blistered nor fs
they dt screamed out lor joy. So there any . anger of blood poisoning
we had a jolly time with them, and Last night c in DP
meol iolKs enjoyed it as much as somowhat improved at his home on
the .ids 1 have one little girl, 4 South Dawson street. He still feels
years old, audi she asks me almost the effects of a mistake which took
every uy to write old Santa Claus a most unusual turn
a letter to come uack again."
Wisning the Journal and its read- H8 TO STAVE OFF A GilQii J03.
ers a happy new year,
ViLLiE Shearer. Lon& about this timo year lotso
fellers taka noshun in their heads
that theyl either get a job or change
their occupashun. A great mauv
rules have been Jaid down an lotso
informashun given on how to get a
I aint ever hear! aavbodv '
Have With Tj.
- - wiio w iin.c ciiaracLer i rp,
there ; are fifty or sixty other can not be mide a howling sue? h lne caadi:i'lte who is p:-33iit:aii
peaks in Colorado approximate! v in tiiis co-y as we have the hard ' and 'taking hands withSsna-
- ..ouoo mcmeis, so far as
of ail Khius, candy, oranges and Thp tiaII r,f r - T ' 1- riulauu Pximateiy as " VC llcive lu
ihe children were all miflM f n, UV',-U1C 1UUJ , to" VVCA . .uuw xeet. me lowest LiiC wdieipower.
int umartn were ail made and the suffocation ibllowind dr.v boint in Colors ..w 1 The rannrt nf tw
" U1C nil tw paleness of death, but he
point in Colorado has the-Wmi-i The report of this enterprise has','
average altitude, estimated bv th Decoine currant m business circles
known are here set forth.
In the Seaate branch they are
Reading Clerk, R. M. Phillips, of
Cullovh , N. C, January 7; 1913.
-Hie tuiiuwhte XMorm'al and In-
i ifi;) nut
Gusiriai ciiooi bean ti.e bprhrn 1 ,7 T - dliyuL
liuaer most lavorable condi P m' geln one' , mJurea an accident on t ie South
s. lLeie was an increase on -lm nt tdl hW t0 do 80 myself. "erj several days ago at Waynes
auy ol aLom Ru ,L ' First place, the feller wantn to Vllle is still at the Mission hospital
term 11 P getn a good job ouhl ! ' T' Prichard who has been
total ior the vear win nhoi.u, 6 1 Uilc neb UL an i0&i. i " iiits lllc puuem scatea yester-
reach Lou.
tain, riKes Feak is . probably the
best known peak in the"; United
States. There wan at one time a
WTt-V r- ...
ZhT'T : Jan-7-The.new winter booklet
mil, ana it now has a suhstantini nf th xT
raiiway station at -the terniiniif iiina .cc..v, : !
the highest ra lwavimo mu L-.j . i , nucprei)&
AmPri;fl t, ""lluiu 18 a nasome publication of
bv nm Cfled i b4 attractively illustrated
wauii roaa and
trail which connect the summit
Colorado Springs.
Geological Survey at 6,800 feet " here and lt is generally believed ! KeadiQ- Cler
Although not the hMpt mn,i. ! that is true. ureensooro. it nas been under-
r, i A oquires ic-noir.
w t j nmm r r r "e d aaiaa..?st night
iuui yyoiiL
Ishevilie 'Citfzsii Jan- s
Walter Messer, who was seriously
injured m an accident ont ie South
the hrs cuy ol about
over mat oi the fail term. Th
ro a ly There are mighty few loafers that I da tbathe is recovering rapidly.
'lfieie js not a tinpr hnHtr f f ueeliaDle Pces. Everybody j Aiie wounas oorne by Mr. Messer at
dents anywhere AiJt o i V. nates a quitter- ! tne time that tlle train Passed over
young mux and women oi chr becondly' tel1 your prospective ! n3S body vvill keep him in the hos
ier ana purpose with hJh s employer that yucn do any tiling-! Pltal for sometime but there is a
anAAe u aims dont care what -an that vonll be ood chance for his recovery, aennr.
Zt JdY - upla week,dingtohis physician's statement
her midst ,,,,! nf C T lne Dss Knows that the man who
a ISt t ,1 theprospecfts for can do "anything" can do nothing
very well; hes lookin for somebody
with at least a smattrin of experi
ence whocn pitch right in with his
coat off an his sleeves rolled up.
JNext place; hang out lots at the'
Lieutenant-Governor VV. C. Newland
received a telegram from Mr. Saui
res sayiag hs was not a candidate.
Principal Cierk R. Otis Self of
Webster, and VV". H. Baine of New
bern. Engrossing Clerk W. . Ho6ksE
with photographs of scenes, hotels Har, 5 fctS i f
r umuuuo uuuuguuui, juisa., oi , iviontgomery.
the section. The reading matter is Sergeant at-Arms W. G. Hall of
comprehensive and the whole is ayettville; Nicholas Deboy, of Ral
considered by those who have seen iln Durham; W
it to be the most attractive booklet
viii vYcsLtru liortn uarolma vylcvci. r ------
The decorations oa the front cover - ll tlle House the candidates
page of the booklet are very artistic
understood to be;
and attractive. In th hoVrnnA i"--1' , of
"""bui-a ; lYiUlUil LU11.
is a mountain scene with a motor- Reading Clerk W. W. Wilson of
ing scene in the foreground. This I Raleigh.
is surrounded by six panels showing ! Engrossing Clerk M. D. Kinsland
trout fishing, canoeing, golfing, ten- j 1 11 Howe11. of-
ins, iiorse oacK riding and water
falls. A cluster of delicious look
ing western North Carolina apples
vu;UaL tuc ujp. 1113 wnoie 18
For Rheumatism & Gout.
Attorney andj Counsellor at Law,
last night.
Office : Harris Building,
J0BN ff. PfiREIS
syiva, N;c
pool rooms. Come to think about
it, how many substantial, respect
able, successful men have you ever
heard of bein in a pool room, let
alone goin there to hire somebody?
Again; be 4 one of the boys" by
joinin a Booze Club. There aint a
successful firm in the country thatl
employ a feller who carries booze
on his breath. Their aint many
thatl takem with cigarette stains on
their fingers. The fine-lookin,
manly fellers whocn swear by
More than $16,000,000 added to
the banking capital of the South
ern States by 303 new institutions
j formed during 1912 according to
figures complied by the Southern
The distribution of new Banks
and capital by states was: -
Serjeant-at-Arms D T t
of Scotland Neck; J. H. Moring of
Mornsviile. '
There may be others, possibly
there are, oat this is the list as it
executed in colors and this coloring ifl ar6, Df tnis is the iist as it
is in the natural shade. TliTS Tonightwill
North Carolina
South Carolina
" i uuuiu van
note aint in danger very much either j Tennessee
Attorney at Law,
Ofllce In Court House
Duster, n.c.
atid wCi,torJ6th Judicial Dis-
fordiAlie"X Leat the firm of Craw
Corbey r Hr edtherwood, Brysou,Oity
wN N. C .
oi getn a gooa job hooked toem.
Another useful innoculashun
against fJnnd inhsis thnt hronio in
flickshlin nf minHin nthpr frvVca
business. People who do much
of that pretty soon dont have any
of their own to mind. By "Rizo in
JlKALlGrl liMEb.
Sylva people who, have stomach
and bowel trouble should guard a-
gainst appendicitis by taking simple
buckthorn bark, glycerine, etc., as
compounded in Adler-i-ka, the Ger
man remedy which became famous
by curing appendictis. A SINGLE
DOSE relieves sour stomach, gas on
the stomach and constipation IN
STANTLY because this simple mixs
ture antisepticizes the digestive or
gansjand draws off the impuritire-
Sylva Pharmacy.
21 $468,200
46. $2,503,00
54 $2,640,000
14 $500,000
16 $850,000
8 $193,650
25 $965,260
44' $1,114,000
46 $3440,000
27 $3,245,000
Governor George W. Dougherty
appointed Editor John N. Heiskell
of the Arkansas Gazette of this city
United States to succeed the late
Jeff Davis.
The appointment is for the short
term ending March 4.
T.. M. Mason and family of Dills
boro are here. Cherokee Scout.
Dr. C. Z. Candler, of Dillsboro,
accompanied by his family arrivpH
arrived Friday to make Murphy
is in the natural shade. The back
cover is like the frontispeice used
on the summer booklet, showing a
majestic mountain range in the j
back ground and two horseback rid
ers gathering rhododen in the fore
ground. On the first pages of the booklet
appear scenes from all over the
section with accompanying reading
matter telling of the beauty of the
whole. This is followed bv golfing
scenes on the links of the Ashevilie
Country pi ub and a full description
links here and at other points in
western North Carolina. This ar
ticle on golf occupies a prominent
position and considerable space in
the booklet. ' "
The various cities and towns of
the section are then considered sep-
erateiy, Asheyiile being given first
place. The leading hotels here
and in other towns are shown in the
pictures under the proper headings.
The general view of the hotel is
given on one page, while on the od-
puaitc pdge appear three photog
raphs of the interior, the lobby din
hing room and a bed room.
In the back of the booklet there
is a list of all the hotels and hoard
ing houses of the section, the accom
modation for guests and prices
charged. One imporant detail
which has been added to this for
the winter booklet is the kind of
heat which each place uses. The
section is not advertised, however
hi ci ci y as a winter resort but as an
ail-year-round resort.
there is; also some space given
their future home and will occunv 10 a Consideration of the onnnr.
the residence opposite Mayor De- J10111.68 fered to permanent set-
weese Cherokee Scout in lmes of horticulture and
weese. neroKee ocout - agriculture Km r. .
bring results.
For the Inauguration.
Preperations in Raleigh go on a
pace tor the inauguration of Hon
Locke Craig as governor on Wednes
day January 15. The Senate and
House will uadjubtiy after conven
ing name committee to look after
this. The Raleigh cam nktees are
busily at work preparing lor the in
auguration and will meet at 5
o'clock this afternoon in the office:
of the mayor. A big crowd is ex-
inauguration, and
Lieutenant-Governor E. L. Daught
ndge says that he looks for the
greatest crowd of the past twenty
five years. Special railroad rates
have been arranpH finr all ,
o u t iiu may
come, and the military rate is one
cent a mile. Inauguration day will
be a big one in Raleigh.
wMater'Hon- Gea W- Connor, of
Wilson, was unanimously chosen
speaker of the house, E. M. Koonce
withdrawing and J. Frank Ray of
of Macon moving that the election
of Mr. Connor be made unanimous.
1. 1. Cobb of Lenoir was selected
as principal clerk of the house and
Alfred McLean, of Harnett was
chosed as reading clerk, he receiv
X es in ftecus, to 35 for
. Vx r 60301 VVa;J. H. War
ing of Wake, was elected sergeant-at-arms,
and E. J. Jenkins was chos
en as his assistant. M. D. Kinsland
of Haywood was re-elected as en
grossing crerk. .
Senator Pharr, of Mecklenburg
was chosen president pro tern of
the senate and W. A. Hooks was
made engrossing clerk, and W. &
riall, Cumberland was
feat- that body, wklT
I : r y usen as nis as
sistant; R. M. Phillips, of the Greens
boro. News was elected reading
clerk of th e Senate and R. O. Self of
w n.UXA4J llnfOa

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