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rUMO nirt
Columbia, S. C., Jan. 16.-(Spe-.
n Announcement is made here
hot Sir Horace Plunkett of Ireland, Pietro Fiseolett, of New London!
imminently known of Irish agricul- Conn, was shot by Lee Owenby last
ture reform, has accepted an invi- riday Morning at the home of his zens of Western North Carolina 'the end of the present legitimate of the brides brother. Joseph Latin-
rlolivpr an address at the father VP A HwonKir j. j . - ' nfnxn : k: o t
tatlOIl w ' " . :i. vnuuuj, -uc ul"Ca , uiea yeSteraaV mornint nlviit owgc w ai uiuu as a icauu ui 1113
Thos. A; Edison is indeed a wiz-
Miss Amy Lonn and Mr. Boer
ard Tn an intprvipw with thft Nfw ! Mallnnoa Krt nf fk; :
" .T'USl,IOr..tfte P:1St Xrk r?P: se ?f. the . Denver marriedin ,,3 at .
j, Cm 0 uuu ui ure leading citi- in ews, ml liaison said ne Deiieves
vfth National Corn Exposition south of Murphy: inVwir nrtr 0- newest invention, a.talking motion
Lhich opens here the 27th of this -Mr. Owenby and family : moved ! streetiltmnr. foli ! ? re mcne calIed
1 , c- urQnp will ?npak nn ho iaol. fn n u - v?"f, a otiunc pnone, wmcn provea succession in
month. Sir Horace will speak on here last fall from Graham county of apoplexy. HisMeath was quite a demonstration a few days ago.
National Farmers .Union Day, which and bough A. G. Deweese's farm. sudden and came as a shock to thp 'The News interview follows: The
has been set tor murbuay 01 uie 1 ne Italian had met Mr. Owenby's members of his farnily and his host inventor explains wny he thinks!
the first weeK, January , ov. iuc oaugnter several years ago and fell ! of friends in this cifv Hp had not ; i,iC&lcut ?UUYV luUt way
fr National -Farmers' hrv Wp with w w v, L i-, naa noStothe cheaper form of amusement,
w"mucu leeimg Dadly and on; which, he declared, will give almost
the evening before his death, he was as much as the other for one-twen-unusually
cheerf u and appeared to tietn 01 the price. There will be
be eniovind thP hpst f hn, j no more barnstormers, e ther, be-
Mr Adams was a man of most
pieasing and; (agreeable
nroiiram 101 iuuuoi ihhuvio 1U Me wim ner, dui mere
Union Day is otiug miaugcu uy some paternal objection.
officials oi the National and State Thursday night last, the Italian,
farmers, union organizations. who was. of nice appearance and
Sir horace is now in tnis country, has some means, put up at tlie Ho-
having recenuy cumc w ici Rcgai auu ioiq parties tnat ne
lieianu. he had previously spent was going out to Owenby's. One
niany years in America ana is as report says that Fiscoletti stated
familiarly known here as the most that he was either going to get the
prominent Americans. The invita- girl or killher, but we won't vouch
P!l.l A. .. .1 .
uoli to speak at tne ruui Aiiuuai ior tms report, but it is certain
Corn Exposition was extended to that Ownby had phoned here to
L I iL' I ...... .
him soon alter nis arrival m una omcers to arrest tne Italian and
country by lvir. Clarence Poe, editor not let him come out to his place
, 1 . ... 1 hm mPT fit KPI- tm ao 1 1 1 i
01 me rwBw"v , ine omcers, nowever, iiau no
leigh, N. u grounds on which to make the ar-
riobabiy no one wus cvci uuuc r , t,
11 ' t r. rest, hut the v warned the Italian
more ior tne uu 1 uim . " " . - :
conaitions in Ireland tnan nas oir not 10 go, as uieie wuuiu pruuauiy
Horace Luizon riunhett. ne was DetrouDle.
born in lbo4, the tnnd son ol baron - So hiring a team, Friday morning
l,unsaiiy. tNi he went out to Mr. Owenby's and
at Laion . . Hriver to the house to sav
aged in cattle raiicmug m -rvmciiua -. -.-
meuced work along tne lme 01 pro- ter over, Ine driver came back and
motmg agricultural co-operation m i0d the Italian not to go up there
Irelanu. m ic4 ne lounQea tne as tne men nad guns and did not
Irish Agricultural Organization So- f . c . . , -
ciety. tie lias held many public - "T -r
omcesoi lebponsiuility in conriec- do not know; but it is stated that
tion with this work, lie was vice- the Italian, with both hands raised
piebiaent 01 me uepai iinent ol ag- above his head, started to the house,
ricultuie and technical instruction stJ,t.fJ thAt hfl n,pan1- nn harm anfi
uduoc mj uiic wm uc wiuiug iu pay
tor second d iss acting when the
manners frirpmnst cra nrp nppfnrmind fnr
and was greatly admired by those i "taiKies" nd can be seen and heard
who knew
Sunday, January 5th. The newlv:;
married couple returned t& Lhdmel
the same day and for a tim: fcrpd:; -their
wedding a secret but t&EisewsE? .
finely leaked out and Ben Eas bceo -busy
passing out cigars fee: severe!. -days.
Both bride and groom are est1- -mable
young people well and favocr -
able known in and about T.vmar?
The Localizer joins theit rcair5f
friends in wishing them a loDandH .
. prosperous journey downthestr?
for lrtiana, between ibbb and lUOB,
ana coiiiunssioner ol the congested
districts board in lau. In IbU4
he published " lreiciiiu in the New
mi iMlH
Artie Smith was born June 13
1862. Died January IV, Ibib 60
years 7 months and 4 days.
bhe was maiiitu to A. b. fcmitn
May 1, lbbb. 'lhey lived together
14 years b months and 13 days. To
this union was bom 4 children, of
which 3 are living and one dead.
She had been a consistent mem
ber oi the k. L. church lor about
lb years, having pioiessed her iaith
in Unist and joined the church
when she was z years old.
him. He? belonged to for-a dime. "Is the machine p?i pros
tne lamous Adams family of Massa. IecteQr MlS0,n waf. asd: jnoh- of time with life's blessing? freelv?
chuseus, on the father's side, num. ?Ug 18 ?erCt,-n kP . ?dxson lbui . showered uoon them but never l
. .... . , i ; uum , it works. It will b3 put in operation &uowerea upon tnem, dul never a& .
beriU2 ainond his kmomon . r , ..i . . .
w - mawxxavh me m urooiuyn insiue oi tnirty aays.
presidents, John and John Quincy j 'Wnat does youi new invention
Adams. On his mother's side he dor" "It delivers at the exact m-
was a descendant of Governor Brad- stant 01 occurrence on the film any
ford of Massachusettswhb was the soUU(i me f 1 themoment sucn
first chief executive that state Un hv the actors is recordeu ai
delivered in time wiui me acuou;
the creaking ox agate, a wniatie,
tne noise oi nooi-oetits, even tne
elicit ol cocKing a revolver, comes
sorrow to mar the serenity of theicr-
connubial bliss.
Lyman (Wash.) Localizer.
F. E. Alley
C, C. Buchanan
only wanted to talk the matter over.
When opposite ths barn, it is stated
that Mr, Owenby, who had a pistol
in his hand, fired at the Italian and
missed him, but his son, Lee, who
had a Winchester, then fired, the
ball going through the left lung and
lodging under the skin in his back.
The wounded man was carried in
the house, and SherifTHill notified.
Dr. C. Z. Candler was called to at
tend the wounded man. Sheriff
Hill placed the men under arrest.
Saturday morning Mr. Owenby
and his son were beiore Justice of
the Peace D. W. Deweese to see
whether or not bail would be allow
ed. In reply to a question asked by
Justice Deweese,-Dr. Candler stated
that, while the wound was a serious
one, it was not necessarily fatal. It
was then that Justice Deweese con
sented to continue the hearing until
and who held the office for thirty
one years. T j; -
The deceased was born April v 19
1848, at Cambridge, -Mass., and was -
in the sixty-fifth year of his life. In
early life, he engaged successfully
n merchantile pursuits both in this
country and in Europe. Later,- he
moved to this section of North Car
olina, organizing the Carolina Clay
company in 888 This was the
first kaolin mine . ever worked in
North Carolina. -From these de
velopments in Jackson county
sprung the famous Harris Clay
company and other enterprises of a
similar nature. At the time of his
death, he was the principal owner
of the large nickel mine located at
Webster, in Jackson county, where
there is now being operated a large
reduction plant.
For seven years, Mr. Adams was
a resident of Waynesville, moving
to Biltmore from that place about
four years ago. He is survived by
a wife and four children: Mrs. Anna
Adams Hunt and Miss Lillian
Adams of this city, J. W. and B. M
Adams of New York city. Citizen
apparently iroin tne scene ana in
- s
unison wiui tne motion. now isi
Columbia, S. C, Jan. 9 (Sps
jiectea wnereoy tne rjcpesiuari-
it doneV' " ine pnonograph, wnicn
School for prize winners, tabe con
is Dlacedbehinu tne acene, is wired ! ducted during the first week of the
to the pictuie macnnie, wnicn may , , ,T . . n .
be a nuntned yams away. AUe Fifth National Corn Exposition here, . :
speed oi tne tailing parts act as a
brake on tne mm, co uiat neitiier
can get anead oi me otner. mere
special records wnicn i an as long
as the him lasts. Otner recoiOd
can oe made to come into pla je
successfully and uie penormance
will be coeducational. Iii aQiitioTtv
to the 800 or90i prize winning com
club boys from all parts of the
South, some half a hundred prize-:
winning tomato club girls . from.'
may "dc cainea out anuaii a wnoie ! nearly a dozen Southern States will
piay. Wnoie operas win ue renaer- i . : , . u . feature,
ed and tne niuis can even oe color- mso taKe part in tms uni(lue reature:
ed by hand n tne uispiy oi coior is 1 of the Exposition. The National..
needed. Small towns wnose yearly Com Exposition opens on January
taxes wouiu uui vj i uuw? pci-
The boys who attend this sdkK. I
will be housed in a special building: x
at tne xxpusitiun giuunu. m
4w rkt-fi Virwri Vtaan mnla Crr t-- -
laugcilicuio uavc utun mau. iui iiit; z.-
every fifty persons in tne United j entertainment oi uic gins m , &u:ul
States has any ngnt to spena tne 0f the best homes in Columbia, and-
nripp asked ior a tneaier acKet.
formances ol tne Metropolitan upe
ra company, can see anu near uie
greacest stars in tne world ior iu
cents and will pay because oi tne
volume of business. We want de
mocracy in our amusements, It is
safe tn sav tnat omy one out or
Webster. N. C.
While Mr. Alley has . moved to
Waynesville, he will continue to
take active part in the practice of
law at Webster.
Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
We were glad to meet Mr.- W. B.
Troy, Field Agent, Department of
Farm Improvement Work of the
Southern Railway Company, wLh
head quarters at Asheville N. C. who
was in our City Monday and Tues
day meeting the citizens and shak-
January 20th, and stated that Mr. ! ing hands with the farmers.
Ownenby and his son could each It is rather refreshing to know
give bond in the sum of $1,000 un- something of this work of the South-
til that i "e, pending the Italian' . ems as it .bristles all over with busi-
condition, who is a naturalized, ness germs, Mr. Troy is the Field
American. Dr. Candler informs us ' Agent for Western North Carolina
that Fiscoletti's chances to. get well and is desirous 'of meeting the far-
are good, unless complications mers in this section. The Southern
should set up. Sheriff Hill deposit-; with its ramification of lines to all
ed $500 in, the bank belonging to ! points of the compass, with its
the Italian. Mr. Owenby- had no ; Live Stock, Dairy, Good Roads and
trouble in making bond for himself this Department of Farmers Im-
'How long did it take to wor oat
the plan for tauung moving pic
tures?" was asked. "Thirty-seven,"
replied Mr. Edison, slowly- is an
of that time sinceI maue a motion
picture show inside a box y r
ping the succession of drawings
rapidly and attaching a reeom t0
plans are being perfected for social ..
features. The girls will spend prac
tically the entire day at the Expo
sition grounds, hearing lectnres in -s.
common with the boys, and attend-
ing special courses of instruction cov-
ering domeitic science and arts
Office : Harris Building,
and son. Scout.
Hendersonville, January 17.Mr. iis with Qm tQ the farmers Inj
provement worK, is in a position
through these avenues to secure in
formation of New Methods in form
ing evolution and this information
two other tubes." "And Was that ! canning, cooking, leroires on nora f -
successlur?" "Not the kind oi sue- j culture, growing cf vegetables, poul -
cess I wanted. What I want must,
affect the whole people. Actors will
have to leave the ligitimate stage
tovork for the movies in order to
get any monoy. This is all the
better for them. They can live in
one place all the year round and
barnstorming will cease automati
cally when no one wants to pay
several times the amount of the
movies' show for some inferior
production of a stale play." 44 Will
there be a great fortune in it?"
"Money?" asked Edison. - "Why,
all the money I make on an inven
tion goes into furthering my ex-
penments. i no not see& money
-fr roicmd fmn kinnrPfl suhiPfTS.v.
Special attention will be given tc? v
tViA Fvnnsitifin PYhihits. Mr. .L K:
Hodby, of Auburn, Alabama, is su:
perintendent of this school for prize -winners.
IliaUll OLtltC 111 O-UU 11 Y V pi 1V
winning tomato club girls to this -
T- !i! O T 1 T'U
rjXposillon ocnuui. me lumaiuuuu
work is conducted by the Far
mers' Cooperative Demonstrarioix.
Work of the Fedeiai department oi
agriculture, in cooperation with the
State agricultural Institutions. 1hc:
Besides, there will be any number j special agents in charge of the work
of others begin along the line, and ' for the several States are: Virginia.
Miss Ella Agnew, Burkeville; Soutf-
aonN a. vmms
Attorney at Law,
1 have lound that an inventor is
good, which is satisfactory sc i long ' Carollna- Miss Edl.thf- famtt-
ni orloc A pQr' rmrr-hQpr nf the , x" as tne great masses are Denenttea. xvu iim.mio.i,,., x. u-.
Uiaries a. anson, purcnaber or . other words lt 1S a business propQ . Qften courtg do nQt u hoM me , Powdl jackSOn; Georgia, Miss Mary
Hendersonville Traction company s . gition tQ the fa ,
line, upon which battery cars werej. We commend the ef
Oftlc !n Court Houm,
formerly operated, writes from New
York, where he is spending a while
in the interest of his new develop
ment, that he will have in operation
two electric cars here by March
first, and that it is only a question
of a short time until the trolly line
now .under consideration will be
operated between here and Ashe
ville. -Citizen. ,
forts of Mr. Troy and hope all our
farmers will meet him, as he will
be with us again on Saturday the
The older residents of this County
will remember Mr. Troy, as he in
capacity of superintendent had
charge of the convicts who built
I the: railroad through this section. 1
but somehow, I get the credit, what-1 Cresswell, Athens; Alabama, Mrs.
ever that is .good for," he added ; Bertie x . Robinson, Auburn; Florid
with a laugh. Will it not behardi,,. r, t i u
on actors?" was suggested. "On the ! Miss Anes Ella Hams' Talahassee:
contrary," replid Edison, earnestly, i Tennesee, Miss Virginia P. Moore.
they are going to be benefitted. Nashville; North Carolina, Miss Jane
They will be able to lead a normal j & McKinnon. Raleigh: Louisiana.
nome me. i can see notnmg m ; Migs Eiizabeth B. Kelly, Baton
urc ruture uut uig siuuius ceutrar-i
ized, perhaps in New York, employ
ing all the actors all the year rouud
and at a better figure than, they
now get
Rouge. In Arkansas, Texas and.
Oklahoma, the girls' Vork is handled-
I m . . 1 . 1 . . "9
IUjr uiv; auuiviiuw uucu5& ui vi rv-
boys' corn club; ----- ' j
I - . .

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