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VOL. I NO. 7
SYLVA, N. C, APRIL. 25, 1913
With Bond Dealers.
Work of Surveying 7-Wai befiegun
The Sylva Township Road rw ;
issioners have sola 00 wonh StiSte f5fSrMe5
oi bylva lowimbip Koaa bonds, the bonds, and wiU likely closed deal
nioney to be useu in buiiaing good at once-
roaas in Sylva township. Mr, John Moody was in town yes
'A he commissioners nave made a RoprP ?? 8Skecl for? CCW of our
deal oy wnicn they can get aim use snZ
tin money woi a, n , actually county comrnilsione 10 allow their
nttaeu lor me iuau construction, township to take advantage of th's
Limeer o. t. Uiiman, irom IfZ t0 bl?ld good roads in their
tht honh Lamina s.fi. i . - wwnship under the orovisinna nf
XVUCaUS Uf- ThlC I,,,,, "TV," 1 vri
panmenc has been here this week I 8L
Wiokii.p nvf-r ill, r, , f u: . , ai mc provisions
,.0w. xuaus llolll yiva mis act snail apply in all thpir
tn Till low . ifnrno or, ff.. , KF 3 111 dli "ldr
, vuuVnJlw auu ironi Addie to rT1 ailu Cliect 10 any township in
Dillsboro, and will be oacK m a ! h iT01? county not specially nam
eek 01 ten nays to a.sist m sur- majorit
veyiiiK ana luyiiitt m ttlM "1 .Tlll?e Qualified voters of
- wauo "v tuwusiiip, ana the hnnrn'
on tiie proper mi aues. I countv
on tiie proper giaues.
The Wasningiou Koads Depart
ment is aiso senaing iaymona .b.
r-, "v me UUalU 01
srri8sioMrs f jackson
immy snail linnn raro?
petition appoint a board of road
trustees for such township aforesaid
Of not lpRQ than , i , U
' I .
auhis, senior engineer ,,t i,. , -"vuwilsP aioresaid
jnem oi Koaus at 13 P-?" (not
.Ml ew"i huu."'"-- man lUUr Sliail DeChO!Pn frnrrt
win be hprp riirttiir o.w i Lnnv v CiiUi)en irom
VWJ xivx give instruc
J,-.. , .
ouiib ou OUllUliii roaus anri rr.
h,pSvviUtaKecnargeoioiat least Wt
i r lIroad nuilmng. , v .,vs. , hereii Prov
e print letter irom Congress
man Guder on anothea page.
Cullowhee and Dillsboro town-
r "x"1 Vxiiuacii irom
any one political party) who shaH
orrrnize and nmoPPH " "
, . . r--v tany OUI
j r, V Ul lllJS aci as is pro
vider fT. u , .
i . " ziir , 'n'n i r "y
C23 a ... j 'j -zjn y ' f
: -Jtziiitt. f
' 1 r mrnt
Madison Go. Cnin-t h.o' .k f
us ui mis act as is pro -i AJL"o VVI11CI1 WaS rOOPntlv lfi;U
the ; townships named'COSt Of S26 OOO II , recently Dllllt at ST
ir further tfwtmru: 1 1 i v ' iuaiciiiteeb to riim hio il
in, under the proton, of tLTi i 11 at, Sylva, for thp ,Wo . , "
' tmrty Thi, is a cut 0,the com -v . - "-- .
Vt. CUJ y 1U1U1Sr 0J
JOHN tA. Pftk&IS
Dealer in
TKIlatcbce anb 3eweler
All kinds of repair work done on
short notice.
Sylva, N. C.
Undertaker and Lmbalmer
16 years eperienca
Full Line of Caskets and Robes.
Lir.pnsf Kin a
Phone No. 17 Waynesville, N. C.
cTii " 'J";110 Ul -U11S act
- x. iiwt rAt-eeu tne sum of thirtv tk;0 - , . iiiUilUV.
tnousand dollars J A111S w a cut of the
So the prosDects fnr m -tj I county, the construction nf ,h;, .ISna11- Madison wnrrh nOP,j T.,
roads in Jackson are looking god jiwve seen this building , that u is one 0,7' 7 meD who SeUaTiS&i
with the exception of the fight that houses in the state Th, C fu" the best up-to-date court Members present W A Hii
"ftt't??64 mileS half again s eh SSTZ? Vei8 -re than Ch.andJ.K4 HeDSOn-
fatt K -5 M, C. J. Harris hSSL!" " ..te, , nJJ at 1 o'clock p. m. and
t ci. -".r0 allu,n hnnH t . . "v..llu me cierK ot the murtnr; '. ly ""-"uess.
,w,.." "y'vtl miownee, and " "ol,ULl d uew court house agreeable with th .,:c.::
Cl iaKe irom Svlva nH OI me new court house at MQrot,n j" . . "fmuauons
uiownee, a jurisdictfon of. one at wbster . a ffl" f jan- as good as the old
from the ra.road to the Cu.lowhe 2SSW areK
p We hope and belie.e our County "Journal. bJ? time for issue o
Commiss onprs win ul y, u.. . die assurea that their names can :r
. i , ----- LUU uroaa i "tcoodiy. uv me npvt icoho rtf fi,: n
minaea and natrnt i "v "" paper.
r-ti.uuv, u; iriiii iriRir -
assistance to throwind hi
woxr f te i me - - -" I 15 DUIia
"ur kji n 1 1 1 1 1 vprn ont
.vmuui iui progress
mat means so mnph
growth and upbuilding of our coun-
TV V. V 1 fhiiilr 1 1
y. l"4iitv u oenooves every
good citizen in the county to stand
by any commnnity that is propos
ing to spend its own money to ben-
uuccucu io Dusiness.
Ordered hv tho v j .1
ft be fsed to the Virginia
Bridge and Iron Co for $26875 for
part payment on bridges at Sylva
Snecial Fnrirt lonn "ivi.
Ummissioners Meking Feby, 8tb
rh f tj v. a. nensons
tk iT H?nter and A- Davis.
Ine Board mpt q i.
Attorney and Counsellor at.Law,
Webster, n. o
Offioe : Pharmacy Building,
Attokiney atLaw,
Office In Court House
Tit t -
WUAa. .....
town oi
huvUUli " who.. image
In Decern hpr isiiR TAr
Ai aa neces
sary to nave two small iron bridges
Dune oyer dcuus Creek inside the
corporate ihwls oi the town of Syl
va. me count v p.nmrmsci'nr,n
" ukAVUCiO
4- 4-1 . A. i v
In event the count f . . ' - !" 1 Z"..' -
k::Z"B 01 me new house at Marshall (ir.clnriind J'T.u" SJ.? J? Virgi-
mating mrangements, and wiring fnr gjrin i-.u, ... , . to it&, "iu6c auu iron uo. JkT0.45 fo?
. , 6 ciectnc lignts ii desired) pnH ' nalance due siH HnmroT, i... T .
r:S (cells WiiSa- lf dges ac
Thousand Dnl.aro tkJ aII . T"?' Z"1- a sum not exceeding Thirtv ;hal Wa, this amount
old one to be used in the new one) for (CeUs fr0m the
Thousand Dollars. This A ri, ' t o , SUm DOt exceeding Thirty
X "HA, 4.CJ.U.
rf T TT A
We agree that we will act as and become k , State of North Carolina,
ance of the above proposition bv Mr r t h f Perfo- County of Jackson.
Witness: position by Mr. C. J. Harris. April 16th, 19ia . I John R Jones, Register of
, ' (in and for th rZ
J.JiExNSLEY CCroWAM aforesaid heVeby 'ceX
M. BUCHANAN t.-C. COWAN the forp():!n" .fLP"
i1 t u ttt-, i oucci nimini! o
JU. iViCiVr.r and a " "
Dein navmpnf in fn
said bridges to be paid by the
State of North Carolina,
SSt wLl.S.. TWsi Jackson County bank
" ui tne town 01 .11st 1 Ufjfi. .kji
ana as sucn .treasurer did ! S .orth Carolina Dec.
inn aav ot . mmrv iar r v"r uauuaiy st au aftpr rfnto
nr rh T1," " r.' lor value received nmio. 7
wmim ....r i t v vi o installments ainonnf- t t, i ,Tr r . ""oc pay
V V I I S-r rn I k 111 11 I -A I w-k. & v m, T III I I I I I III mltfv lV.
w uunu inese:ig io ibbb h nnnpinai t !t X "A gtina miaee and
touBMUAUew- me town of SluSamiaiL lrC-JW0 Hundred andStoS
.nZ::..1.1"5?5081--. :iron mpany, tne nmlnprs " riuu u?u"- Negotiable
Virginia lion ana Lnn JTf "h' wime . affiant ! Bank; Svlva rth
2kn..n ........ IUf4rwu ."wier went out of ompp iHpo me
mr; .T t": acea.e11 ' 11 18 imormauon .tHat th rZ I c,,f. -"-sers of this note
caav. unuc uj. ior w.ijU, mainaeroiAtne town's nnoToif f I y Wiuve Presentment and
one-nan ine contract Drice Ann r,. tn ,.0r 1,! one-"alf of i notice of orotest nH atLr
tne ,ame uirect to tile nala nv Urm8eS was Mly I payment any tSTE
With interpst t " "
- VUw.Ux,i axvc, aiiu paiu uic cost OI
w tuc unuge uo.. paia oy it
as win nt vii v .
" " w uiiV.il I f w "ill
r xv t x 1,0 CLilvl
IT ill a 'ai -v r
wico 01 iecorus pun tea oelow.
t. .- iuvui n- u uuu II !!
llAl vvi it ii i i .1 ii i iv rV
ALiNrY L.MUWN ieing first
uui sworn, ueposes ana says, that
Ha Is 1 T i 1 nrmoi i ttiut i t- in -...-i -
bworntoand subscribed before
me, tne undersigned JNotary Public
liSi?SyW0C?U,UIlly- N' c- this the
lbth aay ot March. 1913
H. P, Wilder,
Uui T,c 1101 y oometnuag he id miormea uiat it is reported in My Commission rni 1C
uJT taii.mgljacKsonijqunty 1S0l P February
Pay its one-naif of two certain Copy of notP HdnJi k
. . I buUt witWn the corporate Uder
with interest at 6 per cent per an
num from date.
No. 1. Due JannoMr 1 1 oat
Svl N n A' AOU
r - Xe
r. 0. GtmdstaflT AlHoiAn
Other bills, receipt, etc., can be
Clnl??oFR0M AGIS
, "v.v,i. cuuuuus a true
Countv flTtAr ir."cis i ackson.
. wauuaiy ana rehrii
ary Meeting in thA ru
the samp ,n J.a9;
"wuo uu recora in tho
Minutes of ae
meetings ou page 46779
A. D. mi aay 01 Marcb
I TT ,
Pdi,. t "HN K, JONES,
ox ui . ieeas in and for i
Countv of Jaohenr j o.ur 1
N C otate
Yon will
rwm- u,uer 01 we Borad
Commissioners and made the n
tlOn tO nflV nnA I,.lf J
I thpCO k" ""-"dii me cost
t S?.'
A. W,
t nf
rva, xi. kj. - inese Dndes vpt ixr;
Mayor, B. H. Cathey. staring fhem faVface'l?
. 0. Buchanan A. E. Brown, '? indtriously circulated
!AC- Gtodstaff Aldermen. that Sylva never nM iJ'lS
that county had oZ
whole amount Voter do you tMnk
tins is a proper fair way to Beht 1 '
great public issue that
3 1 :
'1 .i 1
U; f
4 i
.; !
, - vwAivtiixg cii. A.
tne people of a county?

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