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At Seventy-five Is Never Troubled
With Rheumatism, Works Daily
At His Shop In Salem.
. D. Sears, f.v years and years a
, shoemaker, in .Sa.'ii n, Va., says that in
his opinion Acid, iron Mi.iJTil is a med
' icine of gr?at value for treatiii rheu
ma:ism. Mr. Sears i;. i.v pist s.v-enty-five
years of acje yet, he w vks each
. day at his shop feeling :auca y.r.mger
than his years hz- says.
"I suffered for a considerable time
with rheumatism," said Mr. Sears in
telling about his case. "A salesman
told me about Acid Iron Mineral and I
took two bottles- using it just as directed
op the bottle and though th:-.t was sev
eral years ago I haven't been bothered
with rheumatism since. It knocked the
rheumatics right out of my system and
built me upio well I haven't been at
tacked since those days away back
Old people with weakened blood and
faltering kidneys seldom are helped by
weak vegetable, preparations and a
preparation containing alcohol is as apt
to harm as do good, for alcohol has a
bad effect upon the kidneys which
: weakened by old age need strength.
This is why old people especially get
such quick results with this Acid Iron
Mineral. It Is a mineral instead of a
. vegetable preparation and so powerful
the reader probably has never used
anything like it. It is made from ore
dug from a mine down in Mississippi
containing medicinal iron, compounded
there and shipped to the laboratories a'
Roanoke, Va. Instead of being a harm
ful iron tincture it is highly concentrat
ed, tested, non-alcoholic and iust a tea-
spoonful in a glass of water makes k
powerful dose. Three times a day does
the work. Just test it if you have rheu
matism, blood or kidney trouble. Sold
by Sylva Pharmacy. advt.
North Carolina, In the Superior
Jcckson County. . Court.
Earl'P; Tatham vs R. F. Jarrett et al.
By virtue of an execution directed to
the undersigned from the Superior Court
of Graham County in the above entitled
action, I will, on Monday, the 6th day
of May, igiS,.at 12 o'clock M, at the
Court House floorn the town of Sylva,
in said County, sell to the highest bid
der for cash to satisfy said execution,
all the right, title, and interest which
the said R. F. Jarrett, the defendant,
has in the following described real es
tate: First Tract:' Beginning on a locust
on the side of a mountain and runs
thence West 18b poles to a chestnut,
thence N. 84 poles to a hickory; thence
W. 50 poles to a stake; thence S. 170
poles to a stake; thence East 150 poles
to a state; thence N. 80 poles to the be
ginning. Containing 100 acres, more or
less. . .
Second Tract: Beginning at a large
beach on a stony point near Beets
Branch and runs' thence Y. 214
peles; thence ' S. " 6o W. 65 poles
from where theV. boundary of No. 159
crosses said branch' and runs S. 44 W.
Go poles tD a hickory; thence W. 45 poles
to a hickory, thetice S. 84 poles ta a large
chestnut; tbenceE. 100 poles to a black
oak; thence to the beginning. Contain
ing 56 acres, except mineral interest,
raising rights and privileges.
Third Tract: Beginning on an old
pine stump Jarreft's corner and runs N.
18 W. 792 feet with jarretfs line to a
stake in Dick Walker's line; thence E.
1093 feet with Dick Walker's line to a
s:ake in the road, and 167 feet fmm tt,.
' , "- bUk.
public road; thence S. 8:30 E. 167 feet
10 a stake; thence.S. 27 E. 200 feeMo a
stake; thence S. iho W. 100 feet t a
stake thence S. 33 too feet to a stake;
thence S. 7:30 W. 300 feet to a stake,
thence S. 6:30 E. 180 feet to a chestnut
on a "knob; thence N. 69:30 W. 214 feet
to a stake; thence-N. 86 W. 200 feet 'to
a stake; thence S. 88 W. 150 feet to a
stake; thence N. 52:30 W. 100 feet to a
stake; thence N. 66:45 V. 250 feet to the
beginning. Containing 20 1-3 acres
more or less. ' .
This April 3rd 1918.
G. M. Cole, Sheriff.
Don't miss this. Cut out this
slip, enclose with five cents to Folev
& Co., 2835 Sheffield Ave., Chicago,
UU writing your name and address
clearly. You will receive in return
a trial package containing Foley's
Honey and Tar Compound, for
coughs, colds and croup, Foley Kid
ney Pills and Foley Cathartic Tab
lets. Fori ale by Sylva Pharmacy.
Salem Shoemaker
Endorses "A-I-M"
Raleigh. In the face of a food sit
uation much more critical than it
had been thought could possibly come
about, the United States Food Admin
istration has issued the following new
conservation message, a copy of which !
was wired to State Food Administra
tor Henry A. Page. The statement
follows :
If we are to furnish the Allies with,
the necessary proportion of wheat to'
maintain theirs war bread from now
until the next harvest and this is a
military necessity we must reduce
our monthly consumption to 21 mil
lion bushels a month, as against our
normal consumption of about 42 mil
lion bushels, or 50 per cent of our
normal consumption. Reserving a
margin for distribution to the army
and for special cases this leaves for
general consumption approximately
one and one-half pounds of wheat
products weekly per person.
Many of our consumers are depend
ent upon baker's bread. Such bread
must be durable and therefore re
quires a larger proportion of wheat
products tran cereal bread as baked
in the household. Our Army and Navy
require a full allowance. The well-to-do
in our population can make greater
sacrifices in the consumption of wheat
products than can the poor. In addi
tion, our population in the agricultural
districts, where the other cereal are
abundant, are more skilled in the prep
aration of breads from thee other
cereals than the crowded city and in
duftrial populations.
With improved transportation we
now hare available a surplus of pota
toes. We also have in the spring
months a surplus of milk and we have
ample corn and oats for human con
sumption. The drain on rye and bar
ley as substitutes has alady greatly
exhausted the supply of .these grains.
7o effect the needed saving of -frheat
we are wholly dependent uo- the vofc
untary assistance of the American
people and we ask that the following
rules shall be observed: r
First. Householders to use not to
exceed a total of one and one-half
pounds per week of wheat products
per person. This means not more than
ono and three-fourths pounds of vic
tory bread containing the required
percentage of substitutes and about
pne-half pound of cooking flour, mac
aroni. Crackers, pastry, pies, cakes,
wheat breakfast cereals, all combined.
Second. Public cnting places and
clubs to observe two wheatless days
per week Monday and Wednesday
as at present; In addition -thereto not
to serve in the aggregate a total of
more breadstuff's, macaroni, crackers,
pastry, pies, cakes, wheat breakfast
cereals, containing a total of more
than two ounces of wheat flour to any
one guest at any one meal; no wheat
products to be served unless specially
ordered; public eating establishment!!
not to buy more than six - pounds of
wheat products per month per guest,
thus conforming with limitations re
quested of the householders:'
Third. Retailers to sell ;not more
than'one-eighth of a barrel of flour to
any town customer at any one time
and not more than one-quarter of a
barrel to any country customer at any
one time and in no case to sell wheat
products without the sale of an equal
weight of other cereals.
Fourth. We ask the bakers and
grocers to reduce the volume of vic
tory bread sold by delivery of the
three-quarters pound loaf where one
pound was sold before, and corres
ponding proportions in other weights.
We also a3k baker3 not to increase
the amount of their wheat flour pur
chases beyond 70 per cent of the aver
age monthly amount purchased in th
four months prior to March 1st.
Fifth. Manufacturers using wheat
products for non-food purposes should
cease such uses entirely.
Sixth. There is no limit upon the
use of other cereal Sours and meals
corn, barley, buckwheat, potato flour,
Many thousand families throughout
the land are now using no wheat prod
ucts whatever, except a very small
amount for cooking purposes and are
doing so in perfect health and satis
faction. There Is no reason why all of the
American people who are able to cook
In their own households cannot sub
sist perfectly well with the use of less
wheat products than one and a half
pounds a week, and we especially ask
the well-to-do households in the coun
try to fellow thi3 additional program
in order that we may provide the nec
essary marginal supplies for those
parts of the community less able to
adapt themselves to so large a pro
portion of substitutes.
- In order that we shall be able to
make the wheat exports that are ab
solutely demanded of us to maintain
the civil population and soldiers of
the Allies and our own Army, we pro
pose to supplement the voluntary c0-
aeration of the public by a further
limitation of distribution which will
be adjusted from time to time to se
cure as nearly equitable distribution
"? possible. With the arrival of had--est
we should be able to relax vch
'ostrictiens. Until then we ask for
he necessary patience, sacrifice nrt
J co-Peration of the distributing trades.
IS iWlii
3ot More Than 70 Per Cent; of
Norma! Supply of Flour Will
Be Available f rem Now Until
Next Harvest Substitute
Cereals Plentiful, of Great
Variety and No Less Nutri
tious Than Wheat Ho Ex
ceptions Can be Made and
Dealers and Consumers Must
Act in Good Faith.
Raleigh. The recent order of the
Food AcNniuistration under authority
of President Wilson's proclamation for
bidding the rrale of sueat flour except
in combination with a c-il weight
of cereal substitutes i.i the mo3t far
reaching and radical order that has
been issued since the beginning of th'3
war with the possible exception of th'3
Fuel Administration's order closing
down all industries for a pariod of fiva
days on account of the fuel situation.
Did Not Come Too Soon.
The order of the Pood Administra
tion, in the opinion of well informed
men, did net come too soon. This na
tion faces the absolute necessity of
supplying. out of its lormal consump
tion of flour more than 100,000,000
bushels of wheat and this must come
during V:r- next five months or so. The
government i3 taking 30 per cent of
the output of all of the larger flour
mills, which means that none of our
merchants during the next five months
can hope to secure more than 70 per
cent of their normal demands of flour.
In no other way, except by the order
requiring combination sales, could an
equitable distribution of this reduced
supply f flour have been sold.
The fear that some people have had
that thry may go hungry is not. only
groundless is absolutely ridiculous
because this country has a list of
cereal substitutes that is almost inex
haustible, insofar as human consump
ion is concerned. These substitutes
are just as wholesome as wheat flour.
Some Confusion Unavoidable.
Naturally there is now and wjll be
for some time confusion and some in
convenience and some slight hard
ships imposed upon some people be
cause of the low supply of cereal sub
stitutes in the channels of trade, the
demand for tliose cereal substitutes
having been much smaller up to this
time than they will be. This matter
will quickly adjust itself, however,
with due regard to cost to the con
sumer. In ether words, the Food Ad
ministration is not going to permit
profiteering in these substitutes
simply because they are scarce. It has
absolutely controlled the situation
with regard to sugar and flour price
and there is no reason to believe that
it will not control this situation effect
ively. The Food Administration has
already indicated by actions as well as
by words that any merchant who dis
regards the new order or who does not
act in good faith will be promptly
dealth with. '
Must Be Good Faith.
Corn meal and edible wheat shorts
and middlings are included in the list
of cereal substitutes :hat may be sold
in combination with flour only when
they are of edible quality and are go
ing to be used for hu nan consumption
and not for livestock feed. Ordinary
shipped stuff and similar products
may not be rerard-ed as a cereal sub
stitute. It has been suggested that retail
merchants confine thjir sales of flour
along with cereal substitutes to very
small amounts until they are able to
replenish their stocks of cereal sub
stitutes. This course is being general
ly followed by retailers who desire to
protect all of their customers.
List of Substitutes,
Cereal substitutions that may be
aold in combliation with flour are
corn meal, corn flour, edible wheat
shorts and middlings, edible corr
starch, hominy, corn grits, barley flour,
rolled oats, oatmeal, rice, rice flour,
potato flour, sweet potato flour, buck
wheat flour, cottonseed flour, milo,
kaffir ard fkerita flours and meals,
aoya beans flour, peanut flour, casava
flour, taro flour, banana flour. No
other product other than those named
may be substituted.
Raleigh. Complaint has been made
that the new order of the Food Admin
istration forbidding the sale of flour
except in combination with cereal sub
stitutes imposes some inconvenience
and in some ins-tances even some little
hardship upon farmers who have their
.own corn ground into meal. Even
these farmers must purchase an equal
amount of corn meal or some other
cereal substitute along with his flour.
There is no restriction, however, which
will prevent this farmer from selling
his corn meal to the retailer even
though he buys back a part or all oi
this meal.
It is evident that no exception car.
De made for the benefit even of thi?
class because a retailer must pur
chase from one source or another t
pound of cereal substitutes for ever
pound of flour he purchases and an:
exception that altered this requiremen
would leaii to endless confusion anc
woulS very largely nullify the entir".
effects of the Food Administration
Talks About His
Wife's Troubles'
Began Tp Sutter Five Years Ago
Gains Fifteen Pounds On Tan
lac and Never Complains
Qf Any Trouble Now.
ev. H. New, of Clarkston, Ga., who
has followed his calling as Baptist Min
ister for the past 18 years and is well
known all over the state, made the fol
lowing interesting statement regarding
the benefits his wife has obtained from
che use o'f Tanlac:
"Since taking Tanlac my wife is all
of fifteen pounds heavier and she now
looks li'c a. different woman. Five or
six years ago she began suffering with
indigestion and although she used many
different remedies trying to get relief,
she gradually grew worse. She go; so
she couldn't eat nothing scarcely, and
what she did eat caused her almost con
stant suffering. Gas would form on her
stomach right after meals and she
would suffer with cramping pains which
were very severe. She had terrible
headaches and would get very nervous.
She got down with her back about a
year ago and wasn't able to do any
cind of work at all. She was badly
'uu down and very thin and weak and
about a month before she started on
Tanlac she got so she couldn't sleep.
"A friebd advised her take Tanlac
and honestly, I wouldn't see her back
in the same condition she was in before
taking that medicine for any amount of
money that could be offered. She got
better before she finished her first bot
tle and nothing she has eaten in several
weeks has troubled her in the least. She
has taken, three bottles and says it's
been many a day since she felt as well
as she does now. The headaches and
nervousness have disappeared, she sleeps
fine, enjoys her meals and works and
never complains of any trouble at all.
Tanlac has certainly proven its worth
in my wife's case and we. think it's
without an equal." Tanlac is sold by
Sylva Pharmacy. advt.
We have a large line of ladies and children ready-to-vear
that we have
and we would be
4lad for you to call in and inspect our line before you buy
ejse where. AH kinds of Ladies Dresses, Waists, Skirts,
and all kinds of Underware for the ladies.
yoij can get dresses for the children ready made for less money than
you can buy the material to make them.
We have all kinds of dress goods, that we can saveyou
money on as they were bought before the big advance.
We have secured the services of Mrs. D. D. Hooper,
who has charge of our ladies department and she will
be pleased to show you any thing you may wish to see.
Trade with us and
in Thrift
ym an
use an
For your thresher or mill, or if you
are likely to use a thresher or binder
or a mower or rake or plow or wheat
or Corn Drill or Manure Spreader,
It will be a great saving to place your
order at once, this line will be exhau
sted before long and the demand will
mean higher priecs and best of all
having the peices of machinery when
you need it, A large supply of high
grade fertilizer now in stock.
eady - to W
invest what you save by trading here
and Wat Saving
Sylva, North Carolina.
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