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T1.?re will be an Ice Cream Sup
at East Laporte Saturday night
PC the benefit of the Red Cross at
that place- Everybody is invited
to come.
Hod. F. E. Alley, of Waynesville
-U deliver an address at Willets
!lt Monday night in the interest
r the War Savings campaign:
Fverybody is mvueu iu uc yicocui
and hear Mr. Alley
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk, of Albermarle,
are visiting their daughter, Mrs. J.
R. Jones,
Mis Alice Gray of Marshall is
visiting friends and relatives in the
ThpDarents and friends of the
boys of the 105th Field Signal Bat
talion have received cards saying
the boys have landed safely over
Mr and Mrs. Z. V. Watson of
Speedwell were in the city Sunday, i
ti Gladys Sellers of Franklin
js the guest of Mrs. W. H. Clouse
awl Miss Dollie Uouse.
n;W Twine. $1.35 ner 5 lb
Vail. Sylva Supply Hardware.
W.C. Cagleof Webster was here
Tuesday on business.
Latest reports from L C. Hall of
rr.fornia. who was very seriously
injured in an automobile accident
f hnut three weeks ago are to the
' w " "
ulect that he getting along fine and
is able to be out again.
Don't forget the Ice Cream Sup
per at East Laporte Saturday night.
Miss Mae Dunn will return today
from Sylva, where she has been
spending a few days with her sister,
Mrs. C. B. Rhinehardt.- Sergeant
I. A.Patton. of Camp Wheeler, who
is the guest of Mrs. G. W. Dunn, re
turns today to the cif y, after a short
flay with friends at Sylva, N. C
Mr. and Mrs Holmes Bryson and
lale daughter motored over from.
i illsboro the latter part of the week,
v.here they were joined by Mr. and
l'rs. E. M. Bearden and continued
their trip to Greenville, S. C. to visit
1 ir. Thomas Moore, the brother of
It. n J T 3 -
liis. oryson ana ivirs. oearueu, wiiu
h at the officer's training camp at iou awwivi.
tamp Sevier Asheville Citizen. Coughs or colds which persist
W.W.Bryson of Speedwell was at this season usually are oi an od
l t i , F stinate nature. All tn . more reason
nere luesaay ana came in ami suu- . , M
'k ac iL t i for using a reliable remedy. Mrs,
fcnbed for the Journal. " c i Pi-v-n Calif
Margaret Smale, bioiiop, iam.,
Mrs. t. L. Allison ana little son writes: "Fcley Honey and Tar Uom-
nnnnd is a rand remedy, Suffered
from a cold lastweek, used the med
icine and it acted like a charm."
. . , r r- r -ll
ivxv. oftLL-une yoae ui cuuic, W. H. Wakefield. M. Li., oi v,uui
P red; weigh about 2400 pounds. I i0tte will be in S ylva, at Merchant
V.'ork any where. W.T. Crisp, Gay Hotel on Friday, June 28th, on
C. day only. The Doctor limits hi
' . practice to the medical and surgical
ihe many friends of Miss Eunice treatment of v e Ear, Nose and
!,. formerly of Sylva will Diseases and Fitting Glasses
regret to learn that she is sen- Ask your physician about consult
J -sly ill with typhoid fever, in At- Dr Wakefield.
1 "ta. She is in a private hospital,
ad it is hoDed that she will have HOW SHE BANISHED BACKACHE
way recovery. Mrs. Effie E. rUepp, a verm, mum.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank West are writes: "I was at a sanitarium
terete thrift weeks at one time, two weeKs
Mr ani M tu at) a another time, for rheumatism and
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Parns and f Qn return began
' and Mrs. Dorrance Tallent mo- Folev Kidney PiUs; foUnd im-
to Asheville Tuesday. te half bottle complet
er! Hastings, of this city, was d( the cure. Always use when
rried last Fridav. at Andrews, to I rain in TTIV back." Sold by
1 , W . -
lirs Fflnr, r r i f I . at
i-iuiia ruiioii, oi iviurpiiv. "jSvlva rnarmacy.
T a few davs SDent in Atlanta. Ga.. I
N are making thir rmme in NOTICE
MsWiIIp Tin o a nfttition has been
-w. vv iirira3. f
ft D Reynolds, father of Prof. A. C. filed with the Board of County Cora
1 Wolds of Cullowhpp die 1 in Can- missioners requesting uiai uic
,0tt at the home of his son, Dr. T. F. ship lines between Cashiers and
ho. changed to
v-viua, iUS Monaay, June ltn. narauuiK xw"f
I . ii j
run as toiiows:
WW. ft I
ft A J
III v f
etl Aim0 What can I do to help
SHUMIo Win thA Wa9
Win the War?
Pray for victory, trust in
God and buy
War - Saving Stamps
On sale at Stores, Postoffices and Banks
. "'"m''M."mm"m 1
Idwin are in Asheville this week, i
for the purpose of consulting a
fyecialist in regard to Edwin's
Sunday, June 23: War Sayingi Messages will be delivered in Sunday
Schools and Churches.
Monday, June 24: House-to-house canvass begins.
Tuesday, June 25: House-to-house canvass continues. Meeting of
workers at night at township schoolhouse to make reports.
Wednesday, June 26: House-to-house canvass continues.
Thursday, June 27: House-to-house canvass finished. Meeting and
report of workers.
Friday, June 28: National War Savings Day. Every taxpayer sum
moned to meet at school house to secure all additional pledges required
to make township's quota.
Saturday, June 29: Meeting of township and ward chairmen to tabu
late results of drive.
A chaia is as strong as its
weakest linkand not one bit
st ronger
War - Saving Stamps
On sale at Postoffices, Banks and Stores
Buy Some Today
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Jackson County fldw. Company
; 'St
Pursuant to the Proclamation of the President of the United States and
of the Governor of North Carolina, I, P. H. Fries, North Carolina Director of
War Savings, acting under the authority of the United States Treasury
Department, have asked the ministers of the Gospel and the superintendents
Of Sunday Schools to have a War Savings message presemeu m evu
in North Carolina on Sunday, June 23, have called upon every township or
ward War Savings chairman to contluct a house-to-house canvass for War
Savings pledges during the week following, and have summoned citizens oi
North Carolina to meet at their respective schoolhouses on Friday, June 28,
1918, the hour of the meeting to be fixed by the local chairman.
toqI PHTna will be named to conduct the schoolhouse meetings, who
will keep a record of the proceedings and report the names of all persons
present and pledging, and the names of all persons present and.refusing or
neglecting to pledge, with their reasons ior so tiomg.
txtoi" viira fmog fwhich are United States Government tonas, tne
same as Liberty Bonds) can be paid for during any month in the year of 1918,
but it is intended that subscriptions for them will be signed during the week
beginning June 23, and, if any deficit exists at the end of the house-to-house
canvass, at the schoolhouse meeting on June s.
nf -aMi War Savines Stamp depends upon the month during
which it is bought. During June each Stamp will cost $4.17. During July
each Stamp will cost $4.18, and so on, one cent more eacu momu uuiuS
1918 On January 1, 1923, the Government of the United States will redeem
11 War Savings Stamps at $5.00 each, no matter during which month in 191S
they were bought. They cost less during the early months of 1918 than during
the later months because the person who buys earlier has loaned his money
to the Government for a longer time than the one who buys later. 4
By way of illustration, note the following table:
Cost of War Savings Stamps During June, July, and August, 1918.
Stamp ,
Cost in Cost in Cost in And are worth
June July August on Jan. 1, 1923.
f 4.17 " 4.18 4.19 5.00
88.40 83.60 83.80 100.00
208.S0 209.00 209.50 250.00
417.00 418.00 419.00 500.00
884.00 836.00 838.00 1,000.00
Tha m- m . . -
lUduy Iriend3 of L, j. Henscn
I. Deta Will hp d0A tn thct
la 'v 10 ""proving, ana it isnopea
ILhe Will snrm K k1r ,r
or infants and Children
bears ) -
Rpdinnin on the line at the foot
of the Cowee mountain and running
with the east side of the Kavenei
turnpike to the Macon county lines
it is therefore ordered by the
that nntirp. he given the citi-
zens of said townships as prescnueu
nndthevarehereoy nouueu
uj . ,
that the matter will be taken unuer
consideration at the regular time.
This June 5th, 1918.
Clerk to the Board of Co. Com.
Sapolio doing its work. Scourin
for US Marine Corps recruits.
Join Mow!
APPL V AT AMY BeSr$ emblem
The law provides that no person can hold in his own name War Savings
Stamps exceeding1 $1,000.00 maturity value. War Savings Stamps, however,
may be purchased for other members of the family, including minor children.
The money invested la War Savings Stamps is not a gift or a donation,
but is a loan to the- Government. It will be paid back with 4 per cent c im
pound interest. If, because of some serious financial reverses or calamity, it
Should be necessary to get your money before January 1, 1923, you may do
so bv giving ten days' notice to any Money Order postmaster, in which case
you can get what you paid for- the Stamps, with interest to date of payment.
The Stamps are free from all State and local taxes; when registered at the
costoffice they are insured against loss; they are backed by all the property
in the United States; they cannot fall in value below the price you pay; they
are as convenient and as well paying investment as has ever been offered by
our Government.
A definite quota of War Savings Stamps, on the basis of population at
820 00 per capita, has been allotted to each township and to each town of
over 1,000 population, which will be published in every newspaper in the
State before hand and announced at, every schoolhouse meeting on June 28.
The Government of thev United States expects all the citizens of every town
ship and county to subscribe for its quota and to pledge themselves to save
and economize to help win the war.
It is to be hoped that the pledges taken during War Savings Week and
cn War Savings Day will show you and your neighbors to be loyal Americana
m whom our Government, in this hour of need, does not call in vam.
iv wum v F. H. FRIES,
North Carolina Director of War Barings, appointed and acting
3&f nrfr the authority of the Secretary oi tno unuea
treasury. .

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