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Suck Flavory
Sliced Beef !
THE tenderness of Libby's Sliced
Dried Beef will delight yen! but
you will find the greatest difference
in the flavor!
Have Libby's Sliced Beef with creamed
sauce today. See how much more tender
more delicate it is than any other you
have ever tried.
Libby, Mc. Neill & Libby, Chicago
A Prayer for
ltach Day
Extension Department. Moody Bible
ABEiitute, Chicago
w w
a ssBllaB srsv .jsptlaM bbbb .
' ' Inu TONIC. Sol4 by All nr
- m fwi mm
Treatment of Prisoners.
There Is still talk In some quarters
of Wales of n German Invasion. A
thousand years ago, however, Inva
iIods were quite a common thing along
the WiMi shores. The Vikings came
and went pretty much as they pleased.
They burnt and massacred In a
way that uould have delighted the Ger
mans. On one occasion they burnt
St. PavM's. and actually cooked and
ate the liMmp which, no doubt, de
lighted the antiehurch people of those
days. On the other hand, when the
Welsh cur- lit a Vikh: they iyed him
alive nn-1 h::i!eil his skin to the church
door. Then was no softness with
prisoner u h as is exhibited today.
Now Ii the Time to Get Rid of Theie Uglj Spots
tom'n no 1 ,.n2or the slightest need of feeling
Ipotl r" :'rriCteed t0 rem0TS thcse homely
-K' ,F,t na un(,e of Otbine-double
rE-7t'r,,i;,',';,r f"1' ani PPly a little
!LV , '"'""Ins and you should soon see
ttat un t:.e -,rflt ,reckles have begun to dls-
Tw' lishtor oncs have vanished n-
U H''1:tn that more thn one ounce
bVamii, '""",,!"tP,:? c,ear the "kin and gain
wautlf'il f!..fir complexion. .
ii thh u f'J m k f';r the doub,e length Othlne,
U It far !'"; nnf1'r Pntee of money back
K lal.i to remove freckles. Adr.
Good Riddance.
He If u, liuld elope, would your
father pursue us?
SheN..; I think he would move so
e coul.li.'t find him when we got
ready to back.
hS yt!5 ,man? bottle of other Verml
Shor .i1! r ne b0,ttle of Dr. Peery'a "Dead
aoi wia act surely and promptly? Adv.
The woman hodcarrier has made her
appearand in New York city.
The Lucky Horseshoe.
Vhen Lord French visited the little
county town of Oldham to inspect the
Kutland volunteers, he found time to
leave a horseshoe on the castle walls.
. rom time immemorial the lord of
the manor has demanded a horseshoe
from every peer of the realm on his
first setting foot within the "lordship "
The custom is carefully kept up, and
the ever-increasing collection of horse
shoes which hang on the walls of the
hall of the castle numbers some 200
ranging in size from that of the ordi
nary racer to the Brobdingnagian pro
portions of a shoe seven feet long.
London Chronicle.
All standard
makes in our
Direct from the
Discount on Highest
Tire Guaranteed
Ff 4000 Mile.
.JJrite farprice list No.
2v e 6hip c-O.D.
ubiect t .
iiu v . Cne'l Offices
Nwth Broad St. Philadelphia. Pa.
?"l All F lie ft? they spread
nyww! V 1 1 W DISEASE
Keat;,:;? Fly KIHerattrsetsandklll.
'JW T . . II ...
Jpt metal, can't aplll or
Hp oer; will not aoll or
r -uv.MVWa ask lUC
Dalnv Clu If in.
TWW i' I m . 1 'J
lUnTriet Ci. old by dealers, or 6 aont
Itching Rashes
W-7- toothed
, ijli Guticura
jmnt 2S and SOc.
Thousands UDon tri
x - t U1UCU
have kidney and bladder trouble and
never suspect H.
Women's complaints often prove to be
nothine else but kirl
w . J vwwiv., ui L11C
result of kidney or bladder disease.
If the kidneys are not in a healthy
Condition, thev mav nnrica V, 1,
j j "uui, Hue uLiici or
gans to become diseased.
Pain in the back, headache, loss of am
bition, nervousness, are often times symp-
Don't delav Rtarfinrr . TV
Jvilmers Swamp-Root, a physician's pre
scription, obtained at any drug store, may
be just the remedy needed to overcome
Bucn conditions.
Get a medium or In vera e;a v.i
,. viy, UUVIIC 11X1-
mediately from any drug store.
However, if you . wish first, tn tec
great preparation send ten cents to Dr
Kilmer & Co.. RimrriamfnTi XT V
sample bottle. When writing be sure and
mention this paper. Adv.
Cutting Olive Trees Forbidden.
The felling of olive trees is forbid
den by a decree published at Rome,
which prohibits also the cutting of the
principal branches of such trees ex
cept when pruning. It is provided
that the regulations may be extended
to mulberry trees and fruit trees by
ministerial decree. The present de
cree is effective from the day of its
publication until the end of the agri
cultural year following that in which
peace is established.
hi A
a t ii BALSAM
ni! PPMon merit.
F r raHcte dandruff.
1 3.... "o Color and
cuty toGreyor Faded Hair
also ay Lio-),-.. -1 .
and twBOi unianlng.
s- C!e,k in , ue upon reque8'-
'"' Pcei tnd Write
M 1108 E- Csry. RJdunoad. Va,
The kind of men Uncle Sam must
depend upon for the winning of this
war are ofttimes subject to piles.
Blind, bleeding, internal, external and
chronic are the various forms. Strains,
overwork, constant sitting or standing
are the causes.
You can be your own physician and
cure this malady quickly and effective
ly by the use of Eagle Pile Remedy.
Being an internal treatment it is en
tirely different and certainly most
practical. Eat the tablets like candy.
Try a box today. Eagle Remedy
will purify your blood and cure your
piles effectively. It costs $1 a box.
Direct from the Reed Distributing Co.,
141 Godwin St., Paterson, N. J., if
your druggist doesn't carry it. Adv.
The Exact Locality.
Magistrate Officer, did you catch
this man in flagrante delictu?
Policeman No, your honor ; I caught
him in the back alley.
The Stronsr Withstand the Heat of Summer
Better Than the Weak
Old people who are feeble and younger people
who are weak, will be strengthened and enabled to
f o through the depressing beat of summer by tak
ng GKOVH'S TASTELESS chill TONIC. It purifies
and enriches the blood and builds up the whole sys
tem. Tou can soon feel its Strengthening, Invigor
ating BUect. 60c
If at first some women don't succeed
they marry the second time.
When Your Eyes Need Care
Try Murine Eye Remedy
No Smarting Just Bye Comfort. 60 cents at
Druggists or malL Write for Free Bye Book.
pIE2?:SrTeach me thy Way'
The text is a prayer which every
nristian would do well to use daily.
There are three
reasons why this
prayer should be
c o n s t a n tly of
fered. I. The Need of
We are by na
ture incapable of
knowing the way
of the Lord. Nat
urally we are in
ignorance con
cerning spiritual
things. God must
reveal his way to
us and he does so
in answer to such
a prayer as this.
But prayer pre
supposes a spirit of meekness. If
meekness be absent we will pray in
vain, for It is unto the meek he shows
nis way. Moses was called the meek
est man, hence it is said, "He made
Known his ways unto Moses." If we
would know his way we will in meek-
Lord"Pray' "Teah me thy Way'
Our proneness to wander Is another
reason for using this prayer daily. We
are naturally inclined to choose our
own way because it seems right, for
getting "there is a way which seemeth
right unto a man, but the end thereof
Is the way of death." There may not
be much difference between our way
and his at first, but however slight at
the beginning the end will be the dif
ference between life and death. Like
a clock losing a second or two each
day, so the error of our own way may
be hardly noticeabie at thf srni-r J
must daily be corrected. The daftv
prayer for instruction will guard the
believer from his Jgnorance and prone
ness to wander.
II. The Need of Personal Instruction.
it is said God makes no two things
exactly alike. So each Christian has
his or her own peculiarities. Each
one has peculiar problems and difficul
ties which confront no one pIsp Mo
things are common to all believers,
but each has some things which are
peculiar. It is this peculiarity of prob
lem or difficulty which causes the need
; oi personal instruction. Only the Lord
knows all the circumstances and only
the Lord knows all the way. Others
may know much; they cannot know
all. Hence the advice of others, how
ever well intended, and however wise
the giver, can never take the place of
the advice the Lord gives. And the
instruction of others, however good
and godly the giver, can never take
the place of the instruction of the
Lord. The church of God is made up
of units and each unit has its own pe
culiar part to perform. Without the
personal instruction of the Lord some
, Christian may be found doing anoth-
ti wor wnne ms own lies neglected.
As the body is one and yet has many
members and each member its nwn f.
1 fice, so is the Church. Two Questions
must be asked by each Christian
"Am I in the Lord's way?" and "Am I
in the Lord's way for me?"
III. The Need of Divine Personal In
struction. This need arises because of the
Christian's threefold enemy ever lurk
ing beside the path and ever ready
to lure astray. The world will present
many alternatives for the Lord's way
and bring them to the believer's at
tention so craftily that unless forti
fied by this daily prayer the feet will
unconsciously stray away from the
right path even where the desire not
to stray may be fo-id. Only the Lord
can discern all the twists and turns of
the world. It is not merely the evil
world but that religious seemingly
godly world which holds the danger
for the Christian. It will be satisfied
if it can induce the believer to do good
if the good is done in a wrong way.
Because a thing is good it does not
necessarily follow that it is good for
each Christian to do. Only the Lord
knows what is good for each one, and
he must be looked to for the needed
instruction. The flesh also is ever on
the alert to lead astray. The Lord
alone can divide between the soul and
spirit or between what the Christian
is by nature and grace. Hence the
Lord alone can be relied upon for in
struction. And lastly, the Devil as
sumes the appearance of an angel of
light, and he can so work on the con
science as to make one think that one
should do evil. Paul says, "I verily
thought I ought to do" certain things,
but later he confesses he was at that
time "a blanphemer and injurious."
I Tim. 1:13. The Lord alone can see
and guard against the Devil's wiles
and devices, hence the Lord alone can
give proper instruction.
In .view of our natural ignorance
and proneness to wander, in view of
our peculiar problems and difficulties,
and in view of the world, the flesh and
the Devil, our safety lies in this daily
prayer, "Teach me thy way, O Lord."
The Simple Truth.
There is nothing so strong or safe
in any emergency of life, as the sim
pie truth. Dickens.
us a i iah
Mother! Your child isn't naturally
cross and peevish. See if tongue is
coated; this Is a sure sign the little
stomach, liver and bowels need a
cleansing at once.
When listless, pale, feverish, full of
cold, breath bad, throat sore, doesn't
eat, sleep or act naturally, has stomach-ache,
diarrhcea, remember, a -gentle
liver and bowel cleansing should
always be the first treatment given
Nothing equals "California Syrup of
Figs" for children's ills,- give a tea
spoonful, and in a few hours all the
foul waste, sour bile and fermenting
food which is clogged In the bowels
passes out of the system, and you
have a well and playful child again.
All children love this harmless, deli
cious "fruit laxative," and it never
fails to effect a good "inside" cleans
ing. Directions for babies, children
of all ages and grown-ups are plainly
on the bottle.
Keep it handy In your home. A little
given today saves a sick child tomor
row, but set the
druggist for a bottle of "California
Syrup of Figs," then see that it is
made by the "California Fig Syrup
VAJUjyuny. AuV.
Ugh! Calomel Sickens; Salivates!
Please Try Dodson's Liver Tone
I am sincere! My medicine does not upset liver
and bowels so you lose a day's work.
The Beaver in Norway.
The beaver is a very scarce animal
in Norway, only living in small colo
nies at a few places in the country.
It is absolutely forbidden to kill the
animal. The farmers, however, claim
that the beavers do great damage to
their forests and have now asked the
government for right to kill thorn off
whenever it can' be proved that they
are doing damage. If not allowed to
kill the animals the farmers will ask
the government to reimburse them for
the damage done to their property.
Cuticura for Soro Hands.
Soak hands on retiring in the hot suds
of Cuticura Soap, dry and rub in Cu
ticura Ointment. Remove surplus
Ointment with soft tissue paper. For
free samples address, "Cuticura, Dept.
X, Boston." At druggists and by mail.
Soap 25, Ointment 25 and 50. Adv.
The Twirler's Luck.
"It's lucky for me I'm not in the
box," said the great baseball pitcher,
as he paraded up and down the room
with his tooth-cutting son and heir.
"Why?" asked his wife, sleepily.
"Because," he answered, "I don't
seem to have any control of the bawl."
Several varieties of grass that grow
prolifically in India have been found
to make excellent paper pulp.
Summer Diarrhoeas
lUIIIlliCI H .
Fntroitedmpre onlckly with GROVWK
jhwhij MBDICINB and it Is absofntA.r
OhllSren8: JuSt 8 eflective iot Adult wlX
Life is worth living a great deal bet
ter than most of us live it.
You're bilious! Tour liver is slug
gish! You feel lazy, xiizzy and all
knocked out. Tour head is dull, your
tongue is coated; breath bad; stomach
sour and bowels constipated. But
don't take salivating calomel. It makes
you sick ; you may lose a day's work.
Calomel is mercury or quicksilver,
which causes necrosis of the bones.
Calomel crashes into sour bile like
dynamite, breaking it up. That's when
you feel that awful nausea and cramp
ing. If you want to enjoy the nicest, gen
tlest liver and bowel cleansing you
ever experienced just take a spoonful
of harmless Dodson's Liver Tone to
night. Tour druggist or dealer sells
you a bottle of Dodson's Liver Tone
for a few cents under my personal
muuey-oacK guarantee that each spoon
First Fiction Known.
The oldest work of fw;
is thought to be the "Tale of Two Broth
ers," written 3,200 years ago by the
Theban scribe Ennana, librarian of the
palace of King Menepthah, the sup-
puocu luaraoii ot the Exodus. The
tale, it appears, was writtpn the
'-i.vv4 .a. Vi
entertainment of the crown prince,
who subsequently reismed ns Kph tt
His name appears in two places in the
manuscript, probably the only surviv
ing autograph signature of an EtrvDt-
IUU --ms piece of antique fiction,
written on nineteen shepts r.f rnrw
- -v- k-MJ A. IAJ
in a bold hieratic hand, was purchased
in Italy by Mme. d'Orbiney, who sold
it in 1857 to the authority nf tho
British museum, where it is now
known as the D'Orbiney papyrus.
Couldn't Be Worse.
The Elector No, sirf I'll vote for
t'other fellow I
The Candidate But you've never
seen him.
The Elector No ; but I've seen thee'
London Tit-Bits.
It is estimated that there are 2,048,
854 cattle in the western provinces of
ful will clean your sluggish liver be
ter than a dose of nasty calomel an
that it won't make you sick.
Dodson's Liver Tone is real liver
medicine. You'll know it next mora
ing because you will wake up feelinr
fine, your liver will be working, your
headache and dizziness gone, your
stomach will be sweet and your 'bowel
regular. Tou will feel like working
you'll be cheerful; full of vigor and
Dodson's Liver Tone is entirely
vegetable, therefore harmless and cam
not salivate. Give it to your children.
Millions of people are using Dodson
Liver Tone instead of dangerous calo
mel now. Tour druggist will tell yoo.
that the sale of calomel is almost
bioppea entirely here. Adv.
The Shoe Ma Used.
A lady saw a little boy go into
shoemaker's shop with a small parceL
She asked him what was in it. IS
reply was:
"Oh, it's just mamma's shoe, whidb
has a nail sticking out of the bottom ff
the sole, so I've come to have it take
"Tou are a good little boy to haw
so much thought for your mother
remarked the lady.
"Oh, It is not so much for thafc
madam," was his reply, "but this Is
the shoe ma spanks me with." Pear
son's Weekly.
World's Wool Supply.
Australia is reported to be the chief
source of the world's wool suppfR,
though it Is said that South America
and Australia have about the
number of sheep, approximately
hundred millions.
A torpid liver condition prevent m
Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills. They
gently and surely. Adv.
Policemen at Ottawa, Can., have n
solved their union.
W. N. U., CHARLOTTE, NO. 26-191
Daily Optimistic Thought.
The Christian is rewarded when li'
Is ended.
. A P0S(luit(? cannot communicate malaria unless
it is infected with malaria. The bite of a malaria
mosquito will transmit malarial parasites to the
blood of a person and these malarial parasites which
feed on the blood should be destroyed before they
nave tune to increase in numbers. Malarial Fever is
sometimes called Chills and Fever, Bilious Fever and
Swamp Fever. .
possesses the power to entirely neutralize the mala-
rL-iiP? Je Qdnine in GROVE'S TASTELESS
chill TONIC kills the germ and the Iron enriches the
. Xou can soon feel the Strengthening, Invigorat
ing effect of GROVE'S TASTELESS crSlTOMC. It
is an exceptionally good general strengthening tonic
for the Child, for the Mother and all the Family.
Pleasant to take. Price 60c
Pcrfcciiy Hnrtnlooo. Ooisfcino Jo
UU2Z- Uomicn or ciher PoScanozia Druo.
Are Here Told the Best Remedy
for Their Troubles.
Freemont, O. "I was passing; through the critical
period of life, being; forty-six years of age and had all
the symptoms incident to that change heat flashes,
nervousness, and was in a general run down condition,
bo it was hard for me to do my work. Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound was recommended to me as
the best remedy for my troubles, which it surely proved
to be. I feel better and stronger in every way since
taking; it, and the annoying symptoms have disap
peared." Mrs. M. Goddes, 925 Napoleon St, Fremont,
North Haven, Conn. '.'Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegeta-
. ... iv-uiuiwu iiiy usoiiu aitcr every tmngeise
had failed when passing through change of life. There
is nothing like it to overcome the trying- symptoms.
Mrs. Flobescb Isella.Box 197, North Haven, Conn.
ndh Cqsgs
m tfio greatecrt-rocafid fofe graatosft food
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