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Kelly Tells How Lydm
Finkham's Vegetable
Compound Restored
Her Health.
-"-'N- O
ries mav
to follow, nut- 14. .
rru ' tOO much fnr mo
-' AUV
iaries may be ah . Cross axix11
De able tovexDlain w I-
explain what is
! Who knit
stitch and. n' L :, .l oss-
rlse.maniPulate the
cuisive needlo
"iay be able rn tii
r.rt, N- J-t"w about three
1 guiierea irom nervous break
down and pot so
Lvl weak I could hardlv
r.wsslQ stand, and had head
df aches every day. I
tried evervthincr T
. . - . O '
y could think of and
& was under a Dhv-
Mi sician
f years.
Vf .had u:
sician's care for two
3. A girl friend
used Lvdia R
k ham's Vetr-
vauie compound and
She told me nhrrnf
Jit. From the first
L7to feel better ZnA
k uuu
now I am well nvi
iS. able to do most any
kind of work. I
nave been recom
mending the Com-
The reason this famous root and herb
remen.w i.yuiak. Jrinkham's Vegetable
Compou; 1, was so successful in Miss
Kelly's case was because it went to the
root of hov trouble, restored her to a
nonr::;. : . aithy condition and as aresult
her rur , ousness disappeared.
e itt, '
t Soap 25. Ointment 25 A 60. Talcnm 23.
! frc of "Cntlcwa, Dept. E, Boston. "
DfX'FSY PTMENT. Qlrei quick relief;
,i. v-r h":,;-1""P? &nq short
v Trial trentnSk.TySfaT'-
Bids., Bo 20, CHATSWORTH. OA.
tf. N. U.
CHARLOTTE, NO. 34-1918.
what .It nil r- ZT' "e .aD1
rplofo " "1.cam Out all I do is to
me iacts.
amp.e gf "she fa nAr0und her
blnofc ...,;e ,!ore an apron o
n T. """e cneckered material
tcn: llt to,d
"om some nursery pattern.
And as if to make sure that there
as no mistake, in letters (our inches
high above the birds was the foHow!
doea0,Ste"baeuma,, ras r"1
to strength, am r tvtiSx p essential
XT: i t .
10 iCCt ueiore ne
the bladder, stomach derangement or other
LanVV b.G a11 the over-zealous Amer
edv Vnr l eS own, moBt reliable rem
edy for these troubles is GOLD MEDAL
2aa?em. 0l1 CaPss. This remedy ha.
-Jhe,.test .mow than 200 VS
torie, in dTrCSVe7 inr.the ancient labora'
Hvit Jr fHo"and- acts directly and
Si 1Cf at RCe- ?n,t wait u"til you
tSv Vy do7n-and"Out. but take them
iiamn our drugget will gladly refund
jour money if they do not help vou. Ac-
rOTDMrniT"68- Look for he name
GOLD MEDAL on every box, three sizes.
TTaaWi arerk-i1o pu,re' orifsinal, imported
Haarlem Oil Capsules. Adv.
Assistant Dean. Moody Bible
Institute. Chicago
TEXT Paul the agecL-Philemon 9..
Old age is. dreaded by some. True,
the physical man may decay; the keep
ers of the house
may tremble, the
strong men bow
themselves, the
grinders cease be
cause they are
few, and those
that look out of
the windows he
darkened. But in
spite of all this,
'Paul the Aged"
illustrates the
blessedness which
may accompany a
Christian old age.
Doctor Cuyler at
cheerful he was. Thf -en
xninppias was written in his lattpr
years and from prison, yet its watch
word Is, Rejoice. Dr. Th
Jer in his autobiography, "Memories of
nigmy i ears, says: "There are some
f " v
h '
The Boss
do you want?
Jintmie Off,
He Got It.
(sternly) Jinunie,
but jokes.
will take anything
Net Contents 15Fluid Drachm' n fill m f! H fll
,.,., j liOMio 1 limn Mi
mi V
AVcclablcrrcparation&r As-;
similatinthcrood by Rcula
linthcStomachs and Bowels of
,1 V
0 -
-' " '
i Mi
Thereby PfomotinBcstion
Cheerfulness andRestContatns
neither Opitim,Morphlnenor
Mineral. Not Narcotic
Jlcripe of OldDzSAMLEinTCHER
Pumpkin Seed
tocheUt Saltt
Anise Sted
Ji Carbonate Soia
Warm Setd
J&iirryrrrn flavor
A helpful Remedy for
Constipation and Diarrhoea
and Feverishness and
T oss of Sleep
resulting ihercfrom-inlnfancy
rac-Simile Snatareof
For Infants and ahUAn
others Know'-Thaf
Genuine Castoria
Bears the
rV. In
For Over
Thirty Years
Exact Copy of Wrapper,
. '
When your blood is not in good condition, the
dimmer heat weakens all the muscles of the body,
tf avoid spells of weakness and sickness during the
not weather, you must have pure, rich, red blood.
destroys malarial parasites in the blood and removes
waer poisons by Purifying and Enriching the Blood,
i ou can soon feel its Strengthening, Invigorating
t n an? when yu feel strong, the Summer heat
wm not depress you.
TaoteieoG chill Tonic is an
i Rn,ally od general strengthening tonic for
Jje Child, the Mother and all the Family. It is
Peasant to take. Price 60c.
ij Perfectly Harmleoa. Contains No
J-Vomica or other Poisonous Drugs.
to Cfrwe'c ohitff Tonio FaMeto
form J?U an ?ow get Groves Tasteless chill Tonic in Tablet
Tab? ;vell.as m Syrup, the kind you have always bought. The
rather ii lntended for those who prefer to swallow a tablet
Ti ' inan a SVnm onrl -so o 4-U ,U 4- 1
age. For myself, instpnri n 1 k:
a matter of sorrow or pain, it is rather
an occasion of profound joy that od
nas enabled me to write in my family
record, Tour Sore Years'. The Octo
ber of life may be one of the most
fruitful months in all its calendar;
and the 'Indian summer' its brightest
period when God's sunshine kindles
every leaf on the tree with crimson
and golden glories."
Notice how sympathetic Paul was
wh-ii old. Shakespeare declares, !
"Crabbed age and youth canot live to'
gether," but Paul managed it. He de
lighted in young life and had Mark 1
and Titus and Timothy about him. '
uha a secret of perpetual youth!. !
Some Accomplishments of the Aged. I
Then, too, this aged man was busy. 1
We understand the feeling of John 1
i vti wmcn mm to pray, "Lord
let me not live to be useless." We re- !
j call that Michael Angelo did his great- !
; est work at siy-seven and at ninety '
i was an eager student and cried, "O
for another hundred years !" "Para- 1
; dise Lost'" was written hv Milt o I
j years before his death in old age.
j Paul was busy with his writing. It
: was just at this time he wrote to Phile
! mon, calling himself "Paul the Aged,"
1 that he sent forth his most glorious
epistles Ephesians, Philippians, Colos
sians. Many aged people by writing
letters of Christian counsel or cheer
might make their last days wondrously
fruitful. If they can no longer write
ith comfort, they may send forth
printed pages like leaves of healing.
Paul was busy with his reading. He
bids Timothy bring to him, while im
prisoned shortly before his death, his
books and parchments (2 Tim. 4:13).
What an opportunity age affords to
browse at will in our libraries. The
books we have longed to read for years
may then be enjoyed. And how rinh
they become in the light of the experi
ence of life Especially, "What glory
gilds the sacred page."
Paul was busy praying. Truly, he
prayed without ceasing and especially
in old age, spent so largely in prison.
So long as this ministry is open, no
one need feel he has outlived his use
fulness. Indeed, it is the very minis
try neglected by those bearing the
burden and heat of the day. How the
Lord seeks for intercessors !
Paul was busy with his preaching.
True he was in prison, but he preached
to his guards. So that throughout the
Praetorian Guard Christ became
known (Phil. 1:13 R. V.). We are re
minded of such an invalid as Bella
Cooke, confined to her room for years ;
but her bedside became a Bethel to
thousands. The aged may be "Chris
tian conversationalists" and may rival
clergymen in tSeir usefulness.
Finally, Paul was hopeful. "The
im?ioved umroBM internatiohal
?r of EnSlkh Bible in the Moody
Bible Institute of Chicago.)
(Copyright. 1918, by Westem Newspaper
tion1)'7 be USed With temPerance applica-
siaSsfSTEXTS-1 K:ngs 21:1-29 Eh
wi??1;? TBXT-Have no fellowship
21 toTo A RSADING-Rornans 12:
Stt-ErRS-Ifuteronomy 9:18; Psalms
SiiiTrptv141-481 Romans 7:145
The robbery and murder of Naboth
is one of the darkest of human deeds,
f ailure to recognize; the righteousness
of Naboth's position, and to master his
own personal selfish dpsirpo Pocnu
in this dark deed.
I. A Notable Example of the Tri
umph of Evil (I Kings 21:1-29).
1. Ahab's covetousness (vv. 1-6).
Near the king's palace lay a plot of
ground belonging to a simple farmei
which Ahab selfishly longer for. Na
both, loyal to the law of God and exer
cising his personal rights. ' rPfnsMi ,
people who have a pitiful dread of old ??rt With U' tIl0ugh the king offered
1UU u"ai " was worth, or even a bet j
ter one in exchange. With Naboth it
was not a matter of money value, but'!
of loyalty to God and his fathers. It '
doubtless would have been gain to him j
to have complied with Ahab's desire, I
xu onerea its worth in money, or a
better one in exchange. Naboth put
prmciple before worldly gain, or even
a reputation with the kins. Abnh in.
stead of conquering his selfishness1
sulkily refused to eat.
2. Jezebel's wicked plot (vv. 5-16.)
When she found Ahab pouting she '
muuers into ner own hands. (1)
ouu taunted Ahab (v. 7). A weak man
cannot stand to be taunted, especially
by a woman. (2) A mock trial given
(vv. 8-13). The charge made against
JSaboth was false. They played the
hypocrite, nis death was secured un
der the pretense of justice. Jezebel
desired Naboth out of the way, so she
secured false witnesses against him.
(3) He was stoned to death (v. 13).
(4) Jezebel informs Ahab of Naboth's
death, and instructs him to take pos
session of the vineyard (vv. 14-16).
8. The doom announced (vv. 17-26).
(1) By whom Elijah (vv. 17, 18).
At the command of the Lord, Elijah
who had fled from Jezebel, goes to
meet the king as he entered upon the
puessum or iaboth's vineyard. He
went to take possession but could not.
God always finds a man to bring to the
sinner the fruit of his wrongdoing.
(2) What it was (vv. 19-26). (a) A
shameful death (v. 19). The dogs
were to lick his blood in the place
where they licked the blood of Na
both. There is a retributive justice in
the judgments which God metes out to
sinners. "Whatsoever a man soweth,
that shall he also reap" (Gal. 6:7).
Jezebel was to share a like fate. The
sinner should be assured that his sin
will find him out. (b) Obliteration of
posterity (vv. 21, 22). It was best
that the children of such a man should
be cut off so that there might be an
end to such a wicked dynasty. It
would seem that the world has now
come to such a state as this. The dy
nasty which is responsible for the
blood and sorrow of the world at this
time would better end and its poster
ity be obliterated from the earth.
4. Ahab's repentance (vv. 27-29).
Through his humiltation he gained
a respite from judgment. God allowed
him to go for awhile before he permit-
lea tne judgment to fall upon him. A
few years later he was slain in the
battle of Ramoth-Gilead (chapter
II. How to Overcome Evil
1. By separation from it (v. 1H. Thp
only way to overcome evil is to refuse
fellowship with it, to withdraw from
it. Lot, who had entered into fellow
ship with the Sodomites, was overtaken
witn disaster; but Abraham, who was
Ugh! Calomel Sickens; Salivates!
Please Try Dodsoh's Liver Tone
I am sincere! My medicine does not upset liver
and bowels so you lose a day's work.
You're bilious! Tour liver is si.
gish! You feel lazy, dizzy and all
Knocked out. Your head is
tongue is coated; breath bad; stomach
sour and bowels constipated. But
don't take salivating calomel. It makes
you sick; you may lose a day's work.
Calomel is mercury or quicksilver,
which causes necrosis of the bones.
Calomel crashes into sour bile like
dynamite, breaking it up. That's when
you feel that awful nausea and cramp
ing. .
If you want to enjoy the nicest, gen
tlest liver and bowel cleansing you
ever experienced just take a spoonful
of harmless Dodson's Liver Tone to
night. Your druggist or dealer sells
you a bottle of Dodson's Liver Tone
for a few cents under my personal
money-back guarantee that each spoon-
Technically Correct.
One of the Y. M. C. A. workers in
France, in a letter to a friend iu Los
Angeles tells' of an autotruck driver
connected with the Bed Triangle who
was never seen without a box conspic
uously labeled 'tools.' Finally one
day an inspection officer halted the
truck and asked: "What's in that box?
It's labeled 'tools,' but every time you
have to make repairs you get tools
from under the driver's seat."
The young man opened the box and
took from it several tin plates, knives
forks, skillet and a coffee pot. "Cook
ing tools," he remarked laconically
and threw the lever into the high.
ful will clean your sluggish liver bet
ter than a dose of nasty calomel and
that it won't make you sick.'
Dodson's Liver Tone is real liver
medicine. You'll know it. next morn
ing because you will wake up feeling
fine, your liver will be working, youi
headache and dizziness gone, your
stomach will be sweet and your bowel
regular. You will feel like working;
you'll be cheerful; full of vigor and
Dodson's Liver Tone is entirelj
vegetable, therefore harmless and can
not salivate. Give it to your children
Millions of people are using Dodson's
Liver Tone instead of dangerous calo
mel now. Your druggist will tell yot
that the sale of calomel is almost
btoppea entirely here. Adv.
time of my departure is at hand." he '
says, and he knows that "to depart is seParated from it, was able to deliver
to De With I Christ" Ac nQ ..j- , "ui.
' uaa JUL Jl l,
not a space, but only a line, .separates
between the believer and his Lord. "A
a syrup, and as a convenience for those who traveL
are called GROVE'S chill TONIC TABLETS" and
VVIJ , p T -4 W Villi! AVI.L'V 1IIIAW CUlVt
actlv tVo y e szRte medicinal properties and produce ex-
. . 3 U1- Samp rAcnlfe r-, t t :
"Pin bottles. The price of either is 60c
Christian old age may be like the
polar midsummer days, when the sun
shines till midnight, and dips but for
an imperceptible interval ere it rises
for the unending day of heaven."
May an Old Man Be Saved?
Nothing is more pitiable than the
case of an old person who is without
hope.c But such a person need-not so
continue. Gypsy Smith loves to tell
how his gypsy uncle was converted at
the age of ninety-nine. "As many as
received him, to them gave he power to
become the sons of God, even to them
that believe on his name." (John 1 :12.)
You need not wait for some strange
feeling or wonderful experience. If
you will humbly receive Jesus Christ
as your Saviour, vou shall hp snvpd t
You may come late into the vineyard
and expect but little, but who knows
what the Lord of the vineyard may do
(cf. Matt. 20:1-16)? We heard of one
converted late in life who departed
full of joy, exclaiming, "I shall have
my penny!"
. Giving Wholly to Christ.
As I give myself wholly to Christ, I
find the power to take him wholly for
myself ; and as I lose myself and all I
have for him, he takes me wholly for
himself and gives himself wholly to
me, The Gleaner.
reproot (v. 11). It is not
enough to merely refrain from prac
ticmg evil. No neutral position is pos-
sioie. There must be victory over it;
it must be defeated. Antagonism of
the evil is necessary.
3. By watchfulness (v. 14).
Living in the light of Christ is nec
essary in order to overcome evil. De
ception is on every hand.
4. By a circumspect walk (vv. 15,
Pitfalls are all about us. To walk
without looking about us is most fool
ish, because the evil one is on the
alert, doing his best to cause us to
5. By a sober life (v. 18).
6. By being filled with the Holy
Spirit (v. 18).
Those who would overcome evil
must abstain from intoxicating liquors
and all the influences of the world
which unduly excite.
The Spirit-Ailed believer has the wis
dom and power to overcome.
Regenerated Life.
The best personal workers are those
who have a zeal for others because of
their own changed lives. There may
be argument against some forms of
reasoning and against various cults
and "isms," but there can be no ar
gument against a regenerated life.
"Something Doing."
Every mother realizes, after giving j
her children "California S.vrun of !
Figs," that this is their ideal laxative,
because they love its pleasant taste
and it thoroughly clinses the tender
little stomach, liver and bowels with
out griping.
When cross, irritable, feverish, or
breath is bad, stomcch sour, look at
the tongue, Mother! If coated, give
a teaspoonful of this harmless "fruit
laxative,' and in a few hours all the
foul, constipated waste, sour bile and
undigested food passes out of the bow
els, and you have a well, playful child
again. When the little system is full of
cold, throat sore, has stomach-ache, di
arrncea, indigestion, colic remember,
a good "inside cleansing" should al
ways be the first treatment given.
minions of mothers keep "California
Syrup of Figs" handy; they know a
teaspoonful today saves a sick child
'to-morrow. Ask your druggist for a
Dottle of "California Syrup of Figs,w
which has directions for babies, chil
dren of all ages and grown-ups printed
on the bottle. Beware of counterfeits
sold here, so don't be fooled. Get the
genuine, made by "California Fig
Syrup Company." Adv.
in construction and
operation is the big
feature of
It will supply ample
light for all buildings
and sufficient power for
small farm machines,
such as churns, sepa
rators, and washing
machines. It brings
city comforts and con
venience to the farm.
See it at work.
Vtlte to
Home Light &
Power Co.
Charlotte, N. C
Here's a Silly One.
"Where are you going with your big
red apple, Willie?" called the kind old
"Taking it to school to my dear
"What is your teacher's name, Wil
lie?" "We call her Experience."
"Why do you call her that?"
Cause she certainly Is the
The Strong Withstand the Heat of Summer
ant! n ri. trM "r" tm.1"i. " purine
Men at a theater who are unable to
get out between the acts for a smile
are forced to grin and bear It.
VirvwuM Wholesome; Cleansing,
11 QUIP ?eIrhlnB and Ueillig
Lotion Murine for Red
rrk ness Soreness, Granula
LC V a tion,ItchingandBurning
3,P"P" After the Marie. Motoring or Golf
Will Win TOtir rnnfuWr a.l. v.. n T!T
for Marine when your Eye Need Care. M-u
Murine Eye Remedy Co., Chicago
Commissioner of Mediation and Condi
lahon Board Tries EATONIC, the
Wonderful Stomach Remedy,
and Endorses IL
-v Jndse William L. Cham
bere. who uses EATON IO as
a rem i . " "
""tujr lur 1UBS oi Bupe
t.te and indigestion, is a
Commiesioner of the D 8.
Board of Mediation and
Conciliation. It ia natural
for feim to express himself
in guarded lansuage, yet
there is no hesitation in his
pronouncement regarding:
the yalne of EATONIO.
ruiDff irom Washington.
D. O., to the Eatonic Een
edy Co., he says.
EATONIO promotes appetite and
aids digestion. I have used it with
beneficial results."
,?feiorer8 othera who sit much are
martyrs to dyspepsia, belching, bad breath.
arfttb.Ufm- pooF aPPetiUi. bloat and Impair:
ment of general health. Are you. yourself a
sufferer? EATONIC will relieve you just a5
surely as it has benefited Judge Chambers and
thousands of others. u
mSfOfil.? eCret: EATONIO drives the as
out of the body-and the Bloat Goes With It!
guaranteed to brin relief or you get your
?ny W tsonly a cent or two a diyto
use it. Get a box today from your druggist.
Every Woman Wants
Dissolved in water for douches stops
pelvic catarrh, ulceration and inflam.
mabon. Recommended by Lydia E.
Pinkham Med. Co.
A healing wonder for nasal catarrh,
spre throat and sore eyes. Economical.
HwetoorfnMy deanraa and gwnkUal pemec
KIDNEY Is? deceP"ve disease
Tr ATTnr -u-uueanus nave 11
TROUBLE !nd don 1 know it. h
you cau maue no stlZill? Dr
dium size botuek-lapie IbyFarcd
Post, also pamphlet telling: yo? about It
Address Dr. Kilmer & Co. Binghamtoi
H. Y.. and pnrlnso An 7 .
tlon this paper. wa- iSO men'
A toilet preparation of merit.
Helps to eradicate dandruff.
Far R Mth.. I
B.!y to Gray or Faded Hair J
We also do highest class of finishing
Prices and Catalogue upon request
S. Galeski Optical Ce.. Rkkawad, Va,

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