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SYLVA, N. C., ' DEC- 19. 1919 " ,
Merchants must mark selling
irice on each article. Will require
Mid enforcement of regulations au-
thorizcd under Lever Act.
A gross retail profit not to exceed
HO per cent on the invoice cost has
been annouced by Henry A. Page,
State Fair Price Commissioner, as a
reasonable margin of gain to mer
chants in North Carolina, the regu
lotion to go into effect next Monday,
December 15. The announcement
was made in an address before the
Merchants Association in Wilson
Tuesday night, and brings to an end
the controversy mat arose, some
weeks ago between the Commissioner
mid the merchants of the State
The regulations follows:
1 "The practice of having differ
eut prices for different people will
be considered a violation of the
Lever Act; there must be one fair
price to everybody.
2 "To offer for sale any mer
chandise that does not bear the sell
The second number of the Pied-
mont Lyceum Course the Amphion j
Trio, will appear at the Auditorium !
Tuesday evening December, 23. The
rio, a soprano, tenor and baritone
voice, is a most unusual one and
their entertainment promises to be
a treat for music lovers, as well as
others, of Sylva.
The Piedmont Lyceum Bureau
says of this trio: "In the Amphion
Trio we have three artists. Each
person of the trio is one of experi
ence and ability. They are not am
ateurs. Mr. Foote was lor a number
of years the recognized artist of the
DeKoven Male Quartet, and in re
cent years Mr. Pell also sang with
this company, while Miss Ellis has
for several years charmed the
people of Chicago with her splendid
dramatic soprano voice. They pre
sent not only vocal trios, duets and
solos, but also a variety of other
pleasing features, including a play
let entirled "College Days."
im price in plain figures, provided! It is to be hoped that the people
'Aycock; School Improvement Day,".
Friday, December 19.
Patrons of every school in the county asked to meet to
work and plan for school improvement "A Nickel Apiece
From Every Pupil" for the Aycock Monument.
Both bur State Superintendent of Schools and the County
Superintendent are anxious to have every school in the
county, both rural and urban, white and black, observe
"Aycock School Improvement Day," next Friday, December
19, as required by law.
On that day the patrons and friends of every school are,
expected to meet at the school house and discuss or better
still, provide such of the following fourteen improvements
as are most needed:
1. Lengthening the school.
2. Getting an additional teacher.
3. Getting better school buildings.
4. Painting the building.
Improving school grounds.
The semi-annual, or Christmas
checks for confederate soldiers ond cornmunity club
Mr. Editor:-. ' "
If you will allow me space in
your paper I will give you a few
happenings from Olivet, The Olivet
met at Olivet
widows of veterans have been re
ceived from the state treasurer ajvd
are being mailed out to th$drcfsoI
diers by the Clerk of the court.
I fienson. The size of the checks are
not as large as here-to-fore, as the
last G eneral Assembly increased
all third and fourth class pensions
Getting a school library.
1 1 to $60 a year to be paid in Decern-
j.- iJVA uuijc uiic nail iuc luidi dill"
the form of such merchandise al
lows space for marking same, will
be considered a violation of the act.
3"A maximum margin of 50
per cent on invoice cost is allowed
cn men's clothing, furnishings, hats,
and all shoes. To charge more than
50 per cent is indictable under the
act. This is not to be constued to
mean that all merchandise as class
ed above should bear 50 per cent
pr- fit, sir.ee, if be found a merchant
adhering to this rule to escape the
clutches of the law, it would be
counted against him.
4 "A maximum margin of 60-
p:r cent on invoice cost is allowed
on all women's ready-to-wear. To
charge more than 60 per cent is to
violate the amended Lever Act.
5 "Full replacement value will
not be allowed, but the merchant
will be expected to average cost of
clothing, shoes, etc., in determining
new and advanced prices. (Mr.
Page explained this by saying that
a serge suit purchased last spring at
$20 might cost the merchant $40 if
purchased today. This would not
justify the merchant in marking a
regular percentage of profit on the
$10 suit and then bring the price of
the suits carried over up to this
6 "These regulations are effec
tive December 15, and any 'mer
chant who wilfully exceeds the.
above margins of profit or violates
above regulations will be subject to
indictment and trial before Federal
judge and jury.
of Sylva will take advantage of the
splendid attractions offered in this
Lyceum Course.
By J. C. Brammer.
Willits club is growing stronger
and stronger. They are well prepar
ed to write on, " What I Have Learn
ed About Seed Corn and Legumes"
Qualla Graded School has named
its club, "Qualla Betterment." What
club will better this name? You
who do not think there is anything
in a name g t-busy or you might
lose out because the name did "not
carry any inspiration.
View Point Greens' Creek has
increasd to 90 Agricultural Pupils.
They have $80.00 worth of gas lights.
Her attendance at night meeting
was 200. The debate on the subject,
"The Deportation of the Colored
Race" was won by two ladies over
two bright boys. Hurrah for the
Webster had the best debate of
the season on "Should the U. S. in
tervene in the Mexican War?" Wm.,
Henry and Cicero Bryson and Frank
Henderson are going to make them
selves felt in Inter Collegiate De
bates. The Journal was good. The That Is What-Mrs. Mary Cope Says
Getting a traveling library.
Getting sanitary drinking fountains or individual
drinking cups.
9. Getting pictures for the school.
10. Arranging for a school farm in 1920. :
11. Arranging for a school fair.
12. Arranging for a course bl; lectures, muiic, etc., for
the entire communitv. :. ;
13. Teaching illiterates in the community to read and
14. Getting boys and girls interested in club work.
Another purpose of "Aycock School Improvement Day" is
to raise money to complete the monument to Charles Brant
ley Aycock, North Carolina's beloved "Educational Governor,"
soon to be erected in Raleigh. Several thousand dollars
have already been raised, and work on the monument will
soon begin. An average of "A Nickel Apiece From Every
Pupil" is the hope of State Superintendent Brooks, and pupils
are asked to carry their contributions to school next Thurs
day or Friday morning. If any parent feels unable to send
a nickel apiece, let him send a penny apiece; and others
who feel disposed may send dimes or quarters. But the
hope is to have every child in North Carolina feel that he
has had a part, even if only a penny gift, in the erection of
a beautiful memorial to a great man. In after life when a
boy or girl of today goes to Raleigh and sees the beautiful
Aycock memorial, he will be glad to think, "I gave a dime
toward it,"-and even if he never goes to Raleigh he will be a
better cit-zen for 'having expressed his gratitude to the mem
' oVy of one who so loved and served the school children of
North Carolina! - AC--:7
It is hoped that no school in the county will fail to ob
serve "Aycock School Improvement Day" next Friday. .
If on account of lack of time some of the schools cannot
arrange to celebrate this important occasion on December T
19, 1 urge that the first or second Friday in January , be -v
used for this worthy purpose. Let every rehool, every-,
patron, and every pupil take part and let all contribute -to
the monument fund. . -y
Respectfully yours, ... ,
ount at each payment instead of
1 1 paying only $45 once a year, in Dec
ember as has hither-to been the
There is a total of 152 confederate
pensioners in the county of which
87 are 2 soldiers and 65 are widows
of men who served the South during
school house Dec. 6 9 A. M. 1 song
by audience led by Prof. McHan. 2
prayer by President, 3 brief talks
by C. E. Campbell ou education tax
ation and other things of interest to
the farmers. 4 talks by county Agent
J. C. Brammer on corn and po
atoe clubs. 5. A, motion author
izing the president to write Mr.
James M. Gray District Manager at
at Asheville in regard to retaining
Mr. Brammer another year. The
motion carried and the vote was
unanimous in favor of Mr. Bram
mer. Adjourned to mfct Dec, 20.
I think it can well be said that
Mr. Brammer is like unto a little
spark that kindleth a great fire. For
by his untiring efforts he has kind
led n great interest in both young
lm nt .. Krt . ... O l. 4. T1! 1 1 i
iuc wta ucLvccu uie ouue. mere ana CIO ot our communitv nlnnd
agricultural and other progressive
line? Mr. Lrammer rpminrla r
w - viuiuug uiv J K
are soldiers who are totally disabled
and draw $10 each month, one Who
draws $50 twice a year, and 78 who
receive $30 semi-anuaily, 65.vidovs
draw $30 ia December and $30 in
June, and 1 whosa semi-annual
cheik is for $59. The total amount
Abraham Lincoln because he is
a great thinker and never speaks
evil of any one.
The Olivet school is one that any
o: confederation pensions which' the community might well be proud of.
slate p jys in this county is $9310 Prof. McHan with his able assist
ants have the confidence of the
a year.
With the Christmas
check from
Datmns of the srhral on
the state goes the full-hearted love ... . m a l"c
and wishes for a happy holiday CltlZ3DS atlare The . progress of
season fro m the entire people of the the ch,Ih"en is all that could be
State to those who are left with us wished for. This with the fact that
of the brave defenders of our ideals we have in Prof. Madison one of the
best Co. Superintendaqt's in the.
State is bound to make Olivet
school become one of the best in the
R. J. Roane.&,Co. ; have:: recently
placed a nice stock of goods i n our
a id our Scate in '61 to '63.
JLooKing to t je installation ot an
eiAiient supply. o water ana a
gQdtj'systfeitffor the. town
I J rv, . - . .
. . I III I , " r- I -.,-. l a. 1 a a
tife-conimisjiionefs soiU $75,000 of "Ilua.u --lu.s WIU1 z nice line of
feer uondi mid $23,000 sewerage md'se carried bv Mr. J. H. Reagan
makes itna 12 -ess ary to leave Olivet
I Have Never
Seen The Equal
recitations and music held us spell
The record of club members Oil
vet. 46; Qualla Betterment, 52; View
Point, 66; Willits, 19;Tuckasiegee, 171
r 1
Webster. Dillsboro. Jonas Lreeic
About Tanlac -Her Troubles
Are Ended
10 BO!
! P
iojiiJs at noon U3ce;nbr lb. ine
"ufJinancvj authorizing tn 'issuiiU
otlhe b Jiiis was passs l some weeks
ago, and .the bid of Tucker-Robin-
sbn .CpD niy giving a premium -of
1600,, Joeing the Trighest bid made
The nta'cis fob-the water aai .sew
erage system have been comietedi
by .Thomas A. C. JaV engineer
ana the woa will oein soon ,as
11 til
riave you considered entering
school anywhere after the Christ
to shop. Everything seems to have
' he progressive spirit.
John N.Lambert
I wish to state that the 75 Million
Dollar' Campaign is in full blast in
"In all my seventy -two years
have never seen the equal of Tan- mas holidays fcr,half a year's pre-
and Wolf creek clubs have not fully 3ald MS- Mar - Co?e- ot 274
The music department of the Cul-
lowhee Normal Industrial Svhool j
u.ider the direcbri of Mrs. t L.
Wells gave a spienild p.iram last;
Monday evening Deo. if ie an-!
completed their reports.
Everything increasing rapidly.
Get oh the band wagon and let us
all live or die together.
ALL kill blObb.
dituice was large and a;pre i.uive. xl
All the mini1 ers of tin pr('ram';;V,.
were muo'i applauded, 'he chorus..;,,
numbers nein? ts;-'uHy well re-j.y
ceived. I he nam -s of those whoi
took part in :ie ctii.rns are: SopranoV h jrA
Misses Blanche D icKett, JVrirgaret
Candler. E Uab.Hh Can V, 'Helen
Luiii,T,Oiivetle Luther. Jr.Shi B:.f-
lard Rachel Davis, Ruth
The 1 H 'IVnn of the
i v.i l.i c t.ii i
'-. ' i iv ( i.hat i i v ).
; j ' .-; 'Ji i'J
- i. a ; !-
Sylva Col
Lo a close
I he rlill
b ii on Jan.
ud-'Ut bo i y
y ia any iirfvv
?eully a a d
us, enanees.
in a ie, all of
i best term
. i
in tne
Reynolds, E l wv.
Li la S. i
Fre'd i Finch''."
ers. M iii - A.i. - J i - ''1
'IVu-t-., Msr-?. 15. T 1 '-a, Era
Ci-.:.V. ,t,i. E . Ci I'-V.. i-I.O. v I T-
r.'i,, D. E. ,dy Ba , ua;
Waya,; vVcll ?, Wiilis Ivr.a r.j'u,
John Fiintom, W. B. Cornwell, Mance
Cagle, Jr., W. M, Henson,
n ' re'A'ij a- n
U li.'i c
UuriiVU' the counnii , spring,
ii.biy of the iasutuaaa. A Merry
Christii:WS.:j,o. aU the old students
and' awaking yoar return,
J. O. Flljiuc ir,
Tf.aeher of S. S. utid iiiw Lc pert
N Hit St... Los Angeles. Cat. re
"During the past six yearsV'
continued, "I had so much trouo
with mv stomach that I coulda't
eat any thing without bloating up
with gas , and feeling miserable
afterwards. I was so nervous and
rundown that I could .hirdly rest
or sleep at night and simply lelt
miserable all the Un
"I had read ah i T i llac helping
others and d32.d; i ry it myself
and it has cm' : il. proved to be
the right thing ir me. I have taken
nnlv f.iur b .it'es so far and am
feelinl v v i'i l;eidy as I ever did.
U n - isinfine condition and
I can eat and enjoy my meals and
that tn( nervous feeln h is all
till 11.
left ai3 too. I sleep like a child eery
night and feel strong and1 well all
the time. I am glad to recommend
Tanlac and hDpe my experience
with it wiil cause other suffers to
try it.
All druggists sell Tanlac.
WANTED To buv second hand
paration in high school subj:cts? If
so, have you been hesitating on ac
count of the cost of such prepara-?
tion? There is no need of delaying
the thing that you desire most be-
vViise of objections th it can be re-
aaved. "
We wish to call attention to the
fact that every boy and girl desirous
of attending high school is offered
free of charge the very best ; train
ing that we can give.
To boys and girls wishing to enter
for the spring term, who are willing
to work during odd hours for their
board, a limited number of boarding
houses and private houses will be Dv
open. If you are interested, you
should write immediately or apply
in person to W. E Bird principal of
the Sylva High School, or to Supt
R. L. Madison, Sylva, N. C.
The spring term opens January
posjiple. IMS nopea tnat tne :, worK vp w uiC gumg vo raise
can be completed by the middle of her quota. Speedwell is rather slow
the summer. . ' sometimes, but always sure and
; 'i he water shed is one of tto best that is what counts. When ' we re-
i i this country, the water coming' . 4l . , ,
, , . . t, member that we have .about 600
t;o:i Blacsi 'R )i an i ttie . high:
.... ornhan rhiH
ntiuns surra jauhi it, ar.l will r : v. iuumoxuic
Orphanage to be cared for, why this
alone should stir us to action, to say
nothing of the other great purposes
supply of the
meeting fo--
huure an adequate
bese fre.es tout. yau..
The miaiites of the
i')w: -. ;..
oy.a, N. G . Dec. 15, 19'
'jjard vj aiiiiia;o!iers was
caiied to vi a-" " oy ni'i- Mayor with
Ut i -;?vv isig ; i'm ?-?f s present,, Dan
Tompkins, Maor, ('. Z. Caudier, F,
N. Lu.in,. Gij. i ; Her, Ciau Je
iJ - '
w'r3 iii ve 1 . b. T tT",-
:Ved'ii 'i - i ov C Z h '
; T .
O WiUm
! il? V' -"1 't
' til i"l. O.tK
.jy-fotSii-s-i a
FOR SALE Jap-o nee Liniment,
W. R- Ponders Liver and Kidney
. .i nr Tnnii Hititmpnt
IIlK Mr,Lettie one horse wagon. W, P. McGuire.
Shook, 2ts. Sylva, N,C,
FOR SALE 12. acres of the Bum
garner land, including : the falls.
This is one of the most desirable
sites for a house, on account of the
beautiful falls. Also 1 M acres of
land between Daviaand King streets:
R.U. Garrett Sylva: C. ; ,
in this drive. Hope every church
will resp3nd to this call, in a way
that will count. Any member of the
church though he be as poor as a
church mouse can give 10 cents a
month, which is $1.20 a year or $6,
in five years; and on a membership
of 50 members would amount $300.
We don't need the money so much.
as we need the will to give it Lets
do something this year, for next
year we may be dead, and when
one is dead, they are dead for a long
; The people of this community are
hard at work, trying to combat the
high cost of living, and keep on the.
good side of the tax collector.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Will Bryson
a boy. . -
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Garland
Ashe a girl. .
Roval Seago went over the top in
France, he went over the topSmHi
vvc are ,-requestea to announce unitea btates, wnen. ne tai
tat a play wiil be given by Beta i Rhoda Bryson were joined toget&e
G-uJed School, Tuesday evening,
Dec. 23, at 7:00 o'clock! Admission
15 and 30 cents.
1 3d Cil-n- !o. l-V.
irid-.v ueiiiber''2j. Aftir
j -cnssioii a roil cui vote was
as 1 Oil OA's: ..-
C. Z. Cand;er,- Aye:'F:;N:' McLean
Ay?, Gj. Pauper, Aye, Can ie Al
lison, Aye, T. O. vVilsj , Aye. Tne
vote being ua aiioDUS. i.ia.'e b3iag
no furthernmess tne board ad
jaurned. T. O. Wilson, Secretary.
in the holy bonds of wedlock a few
days ago. ....:.-,

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