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Catarrhal Deafness Cannot Be Cured
?1rf(,oapS1,catlon " they camTot reafE
mnA w vme v,airrnai Deafness
r TvfJ1 lhe Bl00d on the Mucous Surfaces
ttUMd bvySir1minf,CaUirhal Deafness"!
Si b,?A" condition of the
When thu tnha i. auscnian Tube.
reault-'lTnl :.niife"t. the
duced and thi. tVh- VL"?2n be r-
nit im vV? colure? wiw nor
forever. Ma nv "T" aes"
iV88- J5 Circulars free.
. J- Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio!
Overheard on a Car.
"Aren't prices simply awful?"
"It's them profiteers. Truly, they're
worse than the Forty Thieves you read
about In the Bible." Boston Tran-
To abort a cold
and prevent com"
plications, take
The purified and refined
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Medicinal virtues retain,
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111 m -
iiou a rind Sloan's Liniment
softens the severe
rheumatic ache
Put it on freely. Don't ruh it i
Just let it penetrate naturally Wha a
ense of soothing relief soon follows
External aches, stiffness, sorenSi
cramped muscled sor.eness
back VriVtc" stra.med sinews,
flu. cks thoe ailments can't
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bloan s Liniment. Clean, convenient
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s.hiP your raw furs to the
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fal opportunity. you ln,T.X!n,fe
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markets AH teve, la6, Clt,es and best
lnl in one iewon to Crops on 8ame
house, new ban other outhffJ'- "lce 7-roora
rood tenant hous6"'' ! orchard,
flne farm. 8-room hmi.. I 5.000. 170 acre
other building alt watJr?roetnan hUse'
be seen to appreciate th. t ,ont- Have to
rflce at $7,500. 1 000 acres ? mK1Ue- A sac
r station. $15 Der . "mber and land.
et folder descr binK abo' ,P,St card w
'mw. Maicom & Havman d , many othe'
Maryland. Hayman- Princess Anne.
CHAPTER VI Continued.
"It Is as the Kanaka said." Onn o-o
nodded. "Sahib, a question: How did
you know of those Chinamen and
Drink-House Sam?"
"One of them told me as he was
dying," Wallen replied, "because, I
suppose, J had nursed him as best I
could through the night."
"Yes' Gunga nodded his head again.
But I will end first the Kanaka's
uue so mat the sahib will understand
all else the better. The Kanaka had
been a loner rimo a
crew, long before the ship came to
"It was In Honolulu that for much
money he was hired by one of Ram
Gulab Singh's agents to kill the mas
ter. "If he failed in that ha TT7Q O 4-rx
stir up the crew to dream of the treasure-hunt,
sahib, which, with so strange
a voyage as was theirs, would readily
oe believed, so that it
about that the crew and officers would
take things Into their own hands, and
take uthe ip to the place Ram
Gulab Singh had set down upon the
paper, and where Ram Gulab Sin-h
would lie in wait to work his will upon
the master and upon them all, sahib,
for dead men tell no tales. But for
UJUl PflPer' sahib, it so fell out, he had
no need until you, by Allah's will, came
also to the ship, as I have related. All
this, sahib, I learned tonight min t
1 """c J.
,y xiiuaen.
"Go on !" urged Wallen tensely. "I
6 tu see a little. My father, Gun-
6 uu mis nam Gulab Singh?"
"The young sahib is twenty-four,"
said Gunga. "It began two years be
fore you were born. The master was
a great merchant here, owning SPhnnn
ers by means of which he traded with
the natives. Ram Gulab Singh was
the native governor over a group of
these Islands.
"He was very powerful, and his
wealth was beyond reckoning.
"Also, sahib, he was a murderer and
a thief, whereby he had his wealth;
and he hid his face behind the British
government, whom he deceived. Your
father lost one schooner nnrf thor,
other and many goods; and knowing
In his heart that it was Ram Gulab
&ingn, he complained to the govern
ment. But because he
nothing, nothing was done, sahib; only
il uuiue to me ears nf T?Q
Singh, and he nVocked your father, my
"aotcl messengers in private,
"Sflhih. mxT mo of ,
, iuuutci was :i rnvp mo n
,J .
"uu 01 great cunning Hp oa
cl ... " vuu
uuuner witn such richness of goods
that it was common talk : but nisn
secret, he placed abundance of arms
upon the vessel : and at mVhf o0
sailed, he himself came aboard in the
uuiKuess wim many men to ioin tho
vwf ana or these I was one, sahib.
It came about ns rho
- uuoLCl HtlU
"He sailed to the isln
r,.ii, . ""c,c "am
vuiau oingn was; and
huuh IliLT mat It Was rmi
1 1 , - - jv-ui in-
& henooner, and thinkino- ? 0 s
p .4. , : 0 "
"J- t;i til 1 v:i 1 no roil ii.
c uime upon US with fmP
v,a, ana our men lay hidden below
rZn.r' T,nat they mht not be seen
q V u. pirates- lea by Ram Gulab
0 uuuruea us from the
fn"i,lTaf aiSght' Sahib' that 1 OUld
far mIght 866 agaiD bef0re I die,
for my arm is still strong and my
blood is the blood of youth, and the
filesrSnnthn0t- They f0Ught as
B ft h g Wh mUSt either flSht or die.
l"L a Z aPGd' and th0Se br SWI
ming to the proas which, in their first
onslaught, after all had come on board
T ,h,ad Cut adrift from ?ne
a siues.
Gulab Singh was black with hate and
revenge filled his soul. It is too long
a story to tell now, sahib. Great wealth
was his; those in his pay were every
where. "Twice he tried to bring worse than
death upon the master by attacks upon
y?L,m?,her- And the secni time,
Sflhih" flv.Ti 1 '
uuugas nanus around the
ugnrened until the knuoklps m
as white knobs protruding from the
awartny SKln "it was onlv hv
, 7t1 , 6 WaS saved' But sahib,
It killed her. even if it were months
afterward when your father had hid-
uu ner m me gray house the sahib
knows, for she was with child then
"" you were born she died.
"And then, sahib, the master stayed
Li1Cie 10 protect you, as he had
xuuiisea your mother wnM i
But even there it was not further than
Governors of Twentv.-rw
States Petition for Increased An
nual Appropriation.
Black-Draught Given High praiS.
as a Stomach and Liver Medi
cine by Well-Known Old
Gentleman Who Has
Used It
:-;r ,TT:1cu ine moon. and the
Z "5, 19 01 tne vessel gleamed and
Mtoeola, Texas.-The Rev. iL G
Jenkins, a retired minister of the
Church South, living ta J?"
says : l have used Black-Draui
a stomach and liver medicine, anl
have never found its equal.
xor two month-
If the passage of th Tmco
depended on the suDDort f mm wfnm
states tho
twinkled brighter in the ereater rirt. tional system of hi.hwoi a
ness, and until the moonii-hf come law hv n r,, .
gled forth again in a s.wUZ ity. savs a V" :"smajor"
Path-until there came a 11 i. nibber conc " Ui a 1&rge
in the distance, as thnnrh o 1,. At Salt T.
Sniped. of 22 states sf o ;:;,:r"J e,ruo. "PS and pains, tried pm .
Then Wallen raised his h be f orwardedt Y?1 could hear of without ' l 'S. 1
At the sound Gunea ton ho of? Immensely th onrn.i ..... Draught wa n m
, " "uncu, - " oyyiuunation 1 w euur-
. MV, numriy 11. Ann rnon i o ucai iivp vpnro
spoke again: While the Town. kih
in yU hands' sanib'" he said Jmf'000000' their petitIon ca"s for a
in lOW tones, "fnr rho a ti billion dollar a rri, vtta.i
' iuw icu. a-iic western gover
At the gangway Gunira spnt ti,0 nors not only indorsp tho v.m
Q3!a. . . , - " -" uuhi . - -"v- u aa uaku, I . - -""u ii
tunn Wltn a nnsh tnnj out as eovprnnrc : . otia no o ittrn.
i.j-i,), . - -" iuuu- . , , - icoyctuve I w "juiv.iue mat nno .
icigns stern: and Waiian states. This nntinn
hpfr bebmd hi. mounted to the boat !? ?e West thinks of the necessity
uecK. mere was no one on thP hri. 01 nighways and furnish PS an Infln
and if there was an anchor-watch at S06111011 Cannot be overlooked. The
BfofA m. '
xuir xoy oonesty and truthfulness.
I am 78 years old and have used Blafcv
Draught for years.
I can highly recommend it to
the arm of Ram Gulab Sin.h ""l!ne, man was asleep, for they had LU- L gne.on record as being will-
reach. Does thP eohiK " " -tuiigsme unnoticed
T , -
night as a rhiM hQ , , L1U rne doorway of the cantafn's r.0hf
and came down Se Tt The f haltGd' GUnga beside
was a man dead upon the floor?' pj Z empty $lasses on the lock-
'I remember," said
vvuiiHn in o
voice he did not recognize as his own.
-o-iiu men, uunga?"
"And then," said Guns-n. "tha
sahib went away; and the master had
"u longer any Heart for anything but
to stay on in the gray house. When
uie master learned of von vm,
were at sea, sahib; and after that he
7ltura yur comings and your goincs
-"vx an mis time Ram Gulab
omgu gave no sign. Then came the
mat word reached the master
that VOn Tin! tnlrnr, 1 XT.
Upolo, to trade among the islands of n ' LYnton stared at Wallen.
Ram Gulab Sinh- la 8 of Then he nibbed his eyes and srnrnH
, . uyyju. me mas- asrain
tPr TPll arra n 4-U i -i - - "tocllll
tne ulu nre, tor ne knew
mat it was the hand nf pom
auu an empty bottle. rwin t
ton fully dressed. wns:snrw i
bunk. He sat up with a start at Wal
len s second knock.
"Hello !" he bl inked, "nh
XX7 11 . cTj i.AI.
S Bn!ttnd hG blinked am at
a wh0 s this you've got here?"
My father's servant finn -wri
ien answered. "You remember.
you about him. Gunira. thi ?c pnni
Laynton." "
The East Indian salanmpd trr-w
and profoundly-and stepped respect
lully back out onto tha Avoir
from the cabin. '
equal. It is excellent for stomach.
llVAl anil lu
" wt"er anments. I use it for
a bad taste In the mouth, headache
and other sicknesses that come from
the disorders of the liver.M
Bedford's Black-Draught Is purely
vegetable, and acts actively on the
bowels, gently t,nulating the Hver
nUKAL ROADS MOT iMDonucnL.. ' 7 ine normal
r it 1 1 iiuvtUI "ocuarge
IDS? tn sfflnd ic. i . .. 0
of a system of nationally ndminlstered
roads, and the share will be a bis
Singh that struck
"I sahib, he sent here Immediately
to spy upon them, and thi t 1, .
Drink-House Sam, taking with him the
Chinese of whom the sahib knows
sent to Shanghai to wait tha
the Tokamaru, the sahib's ship; and
tnere at the time the Unnl fl WHO in
Port. He bribed the man who
mate to leave the vessel, and also some
i- me crew, mat there miVhf ha
for the men he had brought; and then,
yes and stared
word!" he einmlntprt
look as though you'd been in a bally
Not More Than One-Fourth of 1 per
.. OT nation's Roads Suitable
for Motor Traffic.
Official figures shnw that
i . , . - " "'"i men; are i
m tne united States
500W miles of ruraF roads of Vhich'
12 per cent are classed as improved
no0anrpgeerS' hOWeVer' estimate thai
of me aVne-fourth of 1 Per cent
nil,! a"0? s Joads ar suitable for
More tha 6,000,
"""wi vcmcies
"Many times in tho rri
ter tried to single out Ram
my mas-
Sineh. thf h0l.rru wuiao
face h, Tt J feUt meet fa!e to
ce but it was only at the last the
m.a,Sler.Came Pn the other as Ram
Gllmh SinrrT , l. , .
tn Zn fe s cnmwng over the rail
eSand bis had was on the
hi Tliore ne.ad toPPed
Bandemvllle. C L . Sffe 1721? B,s . Santarlum.
yearn- n...e" "Peclal inducement
-f un in
James, R. n.
"inrgaret F.
W w it . . . "T"rr
- w uhahlotTE, NO. 50-1919;
jrritating Coughs
ditkm. of thS?!? d irriuteJ
the w ,erth er,s 7u-: -o
ered three finders mt. k , .
reading of the paper with thQ
gered hand. -
Sahib, this time thp
took heed, for we a?1
Pi 7h l-' . UZ against these Ram
Gulab Singh sent manv t 1
C 1 And"?3' b6en elSe;b- at the
f n?r again there was not the
pressTthpre lPrf' bUt my master
pressed the matter and asked that an
armed force be sent against Ram G
lab Singh. Sahib, if that had been
done, all would have been well
wiseTb116 f0vernment deemed it
Rm n i nly great dishonor upon
Ram Gulab Singh, and they stripped
Bam Gulab Singh of all rank and au
hority and for several years patroHed
the waters of the island closely "
Gunga paused. Thp " ...
more i tte ii
wavs KTtr 4.v ce!s tnat al-
inL, :'J?X"U water that
"""cu at w anen.
"It Is Too Long a Story to Tell Now
through the influence of
tGpriabthSinghT -agentS in higher ar
iers, tne captain, who was an hnnoof
man, sahib, was led to indn
sail with him in the other's place
"But sahib, all this I diri ,nt L
at once; and meanwhile your father,
knowing well what threap
u at uonoiuiu and chartered the
nI!lgh' as .the sahJb knows, to fol-
m Iht S01 m the hPe that he
ml??rea(;h you in "me before the
"win. was, uone.
"Sflhih s ... -
nf nZu,TTU,: e if oul or e murder
- -xxn-xiouse Kam to tell. Here in
orThThn CFePt int0 the
of the banker Loo, an eld and crafty
SraV8 the ChiGf agent s
Ham Gulab Singh. And it was there
thnealntd f DrinMouse Sam, who
though he was one nf tho '.":
by them because his demands for
money were ever insistent, and bl
rial:ib'Witb ars he kne
' iu ue retused.
smiled Wallen. a Pant
wharf-rats, that's all. cantain. WoMi
set under way now, if you're ready "
"Aye, I'm ready," Laynton renlied
ne was still staring, only more fixedly
now at Wallen's clothes. '
Wallen, following the direction of
the other's eyes, glanced down and
nis own eves fi-pfi ... ,
- v. ,iU tin ugiy red
smear across his pocket. He had for
gotten that ! It was when he had felt
for a match.
o6 Jm ready'" said Laynton
again. "I was sitting up for yQu
Reckon finding that chap was your
business, eh? Well. I For HnH'o
sake, what's that?"
It came sudden, quick as the crack
of doom two revolver shots in rapid
succession from without and then
Wallen whirled and rushed nn
with Laynton stumbling madly behind
him. There was no one in sight save
vjuugu, wno came running to meet
them from the nil though now from
lurwara, me crew evidently aroused
came commotion.
"Wht was it?" shouted Laynton ex
citedly. "Who fired those shots?"
"They seemed to come from there
Captain Sahib," Gunga answered im'
passively and pointed forward.
With an oath Captain Laynton
jumped for the ladder and swung him
self down to the foredeck
...... who ijco uiui uunga s.
"Sahib," said Gunga softly, "shall
s lwiee' 1 was watching
in the boat, for I knew we were ahead
of him. He swims well, hut nn,Q
yiaeu. it was Kanaka,
swim no more, sahib."
fl 1Ck ATTT -mt XI
500 000 I , tIlls number abont
that ton tniCtS Varying from
man a ton capacity tn
ble of hauling five to' senteen loaTs'.
nnvtM cnspicuous example of
aT hfPPr0aching the efficiency of
fr 7 l"urougnrare In the United
f ! !!,iSthe LincoIn highway. 0r-
a. PMvate enterprise six
bundin. th stimulate good-road
building the officers of the association
have raised several million dollars by
". ouusunu: nn nnri
lQto,i aumu-
iii improvement of many sec
tions of the highway by the states and
counties through which it passes.
sudwg"!hqes save roads
Wl!n Device Tightly Fastened to
Hear Wheel Does Much to Pre
vent Ruts Forming.
After a road which has steep grades
LCtnefUllrePaired' U is discing
n?hniSee-heaVy Wagons goinS down
hH ,Wlth ne 0r both rear wheels
tightly clamped by the brake, grinding
He will
.v,iC lu umc uouse came the
Kanaka tonight; and there, too came
Srinllhat yS had trouble at
Dr nk-House Sam's. And. snhih L
' t CiO
Wolves that faaA ' .'
her.tt i7 " ,Ui,U11 uiemseives, and
iL wuuia seem that the
would fall unon thp etM .
nh!K ,v upon you.
'Sahib. It
sahib, who had come and 'fought al
ready with Drink-House Sam ton gh
they went, sahib. hh h;. . s l'
have seen. Won dTh.7K,K "yon
nniri witK . nave
"T , . x u Ior ms other's blood
I meant to do that thing myself
wherpTUSe I CUld Rot esclpTom
an we'eTone f " hUSe
the lie WaS t0 late. Sahib,
No word camp w..
ilong time hp ,,t "uen. For a
6 "uie ne sat lmmmroKi
-wuiie aatnde.
The Wireless Message.
Wallen stretched out his arms in f
sort of glad relief as he ramp
,1v? on!1In& He had breakfastea
7 rt"u, t.Ione' Decause he had slep
ut ue Ima siept wel , once he
had got to bed.
nH th,Vime being if he wished
and he did tirich . ., .
, V 11 ue touIo oe care
iicc anil anen
"Drink- Unii p pure nappines&
Drink-House Sam no longer lived be
fore him day and night, threaten
Ing, sinister; the ship itself, with th
Kanaka gone, was purged of its men
ace; and he knew all now and the
knowledge, concrete, definite, tangible
robbed the peril that still existed
that sense of impotent dread, which i
the attribute of the mysterious and the
How cloudless and blue the sky was
and the fresh, clean breeze filled th'
lungs as with a magical elixir I T.if-
was good!
He had paused lust tc,?,
lounginsr room nn,i r,,.. .
IIlP Wlrolocc V.. ....
"v.nuusKfaUSnt h spar Thoi
accounted for no sight of her upon the
"Good morning, Miss MacKayf" he
sung out cheerily as he hurried for!
ward. "Found some one to gossk,
with this morning? I S SSlJ?
th T SIanain ,:n the doorway ot
the wireless room now, and the words
died on his lips. Brown eyes, staring
out from a very white face-brown
eyes that seemed to hold a shudder
contempt and loathing-met his-Ld
she turned away her head.
je of bile into the Intestinpc
It assists In the digestion of food
and relieves constipation In a nrnrr.
and natural way.
Try Black-Draught Buy a package
of Black-Draught today. Adv.
"Dad, what's a social scale?"
'Well generally speaking, 'old man.
its a place where money is weighed."
Hurry! A few cents will save your
hair and double Its
A little "Danderlne" cools, cleans
and makes the feverish, itchy scalp
soft and pliable; then this stimulating
tonic penetrates to the famishmi hr
roots, revitalizing and invigorating ev
ery hair in the head.
air falling out. retting 1
or nHine bb'j
After a few application nf n,n,i.
- uuv. i -
me you seldom find a fallen hair or a
particle of dandruff, besides every hair
shows more life, vigor, brightness, color
and thickness.
A few cents buys a bottle of d
Hghtful "Danderine" at any drug or
toilet counter. Adv.
The Facts.
"Does a summer engagement call for
A Win m . -1
a. uiauiuiiu ring?" "Most I
was an Ice-cream soda."
ever got
Bayer" lz on Genuine
Aspirin say Bayer
Optimistic Thnnnh
To the wise there is plcasir In
Au"de.Sb0f P,aced Uer One Rear
ot tacn Heavy Wagon Which
Descended the Steen Hiii .
via much to Prevent R..t
r- . wc
a rormea.
nnnf lheadray and tting ruts.
" " oucmu or roan" tt-Vi?v. i j
ferprt rr.on sui-
6.v.aiV ifom mis cansp
WJIP-nnc tt. r . . . ' "-J
o ae urovinpn ttM-V l: jr
Shnp - - onuiug
, nuivii i5 macen linrioi. -
KeLY,hen deending a hill, to fur-
u uiaKing action. The other wheel
revolved and prevented side slip. The
ntxa maue ot nard wnnrl cmtw
nn vii ... . ' uullal-CU
. JSJ" .l- ets of Aspirin"
which it was attached tll Luy T"ler Pa5Kaee" containing prop-
J. W. Shaw. Corinth. V v r"ir"cuon.s .r Colds. Pain. Head-
Mechanics Maminp -uiar neuralgia. Lumbago, and Rheu-
" i iiiMTicm rvnvMA. im
uayer - means genuine
ASDirin nrocnriv,n v ...
I non . . I , , r-v..ucu uj, puysicians ior
-uihu iyimi tniAL NEGLECTED t hi years IIandy tln boxes of 12
L.o tuai iew cents. Asnirln Is trd
mark of Bayer Manufacture of Mono-
aceticacidester of Salicylicacid. Adv.
Principal and Interest.
What are the nrinofnai ninM
mitresi nere?"
'The offices of the money lenders.-
Is always admired, and it is the lauda-
nip n tyi I
- or everv wnmnr. -11
-t0 make herse attractive.
Z J Ur southern women have
found that Tetterine is invaluable for
clearing up blotches, itchy patches,
Spw JSaking the skin soft and
Inl The WOrst cases of eczema
tn tortnriDS skin diseases yield
i7'tt;r- Sold by druggists or sent
JaVr by Shuptrlne Co.
Savannah, Ga. Adv.
vne Of First PV
vviiuinics tngn
Makes Is Utilization of Over-
looKed Essentials.
When a competent ennop- t-
gaged to look after road building aid
maintenance one of the aJS
mies he m keg in many ca;
utilization of local mntQi . ue
ly neglected or undiscovered. "
American Roads Inadequate
The roads of America today are ab
SOlutelv innr1pmia, 7 ure aD
nntinot '"efficient, and
to carry heavy traflic.
iney are not dp?
u V
most urgent neepctt
wu ue usea twelve
cat-u year.
rrhp Spreader 18 Necessary.
The manure spreader Is a necessity
on the dairy farm. necessity
Fathercan the girl you are court
lag make a good batch of bread?
all ti htVe11' an haDdle Uie dough

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