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The Ohio organ, of the temperance reform. (Cincinnati, [Ohio]) 1853-1854, February 11, 1853, Image 3

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giyem at the tT9 carried him home
I was, from the, moment of recogni
tion,' unconscious of storm , or dark
ness'. t'1 Alas! when' I laid him upon
Ms on' bed, In his own room, and
looked eagerly down, into his face,
thatj face was rigid in death. , If lam
a cold water fanatic, friends, hero is
iny 'apology! ' Is it not all-sutf'cicnt?"
'( And he sat down amid low murt
tnurs of .feeling. ; . i ; ; ' ,i
-i For a time the silenae of expecta
tion , reigned throughout the i room.
Then one of the audience stood up in
his seat, and every gaze was turned
toward9 him.' It was the young man,
Parker, i Fixing his eyes upon' the.
still disturbed "countenance ; of the,
speaker, he said slowly and distinctly:
'. "Yes, the apology is more than suf
ficient. I take back the words un
wisely tpoken. '' With such an expe
rience, a man may1 well be pardoned
for enthusiasm-, iThanksl my vener?
able, friend, not only for your rebuke,
"but for your reminiscence. I never
saw toy danger as I see it now; but,
like a wise man, forseeing the evil, I
will hide myself, ruther than pass on,
liko the foot, and be punished. . This
night I enlist in your cold water army
and J trust to vqakq a brave soldier."
' Parker sat down, when instantly a
shout went up that startled the far-off,
slumbering' echoes. Stnrgcss, yield
ing to, the impulse of his feelings,
sprung: from the , stage, and grasping
the young man's hand, said in a voice
not yet restored to calmness
'My" son rborrt ' of love for this
high and holy cause ; ! bless ' you 1
Stand firm! Be a faithful soldier!
Our enemies are named legion ; but
we shall Vet prevail against them.'1' ','
' Here drop we the curtain of our
narrative. ' Parker, when the hour of
cool Reflection came, saw no reason to
repent of what he had done, t He is
now a faithful soldier in the cold war
ier army. ' . '
' " If we knew all that some advocates
'of temperance have suffered, we might
''well pardon an enthusiasm,-that,' at
"times, seefns to erge dn;iinatici8iiK
'i hey have felt the cause they have
endured the pain they knowthemon
ster vice in every phase of rta hid
"deous deformity.. Wo,' we' need hot
wonder at their enthusiasm; the won
der should . rather be, that it is not
'greater. : "' " '
,".:! Temperance Anecdote.-The fol
lowing anecdote: was ' told of a very
clever fellow, who had been somewhat
frolicsome, but who had recently join
ed the Sons of Temperance. : After
becoming a "Son," he went to Mobie
on business, and' was taken ill there.
-The ; physician, was called, and after
examining him,' pronounced him in,a
very dangerous position, and prescrib
ed brandy. ' The sick man told him
!he could not tako it. The Dr. insisted
-that it was the proper remedy, but the
. patient told him he would not take it.
Th Dr. jaid; he must, or he would
have spasms.1 Well said the Son of
. Temperance I will try a couple of
spasms first! lie did not tako the
-brandy, nor did he have the spasms,
. but went on his way rejoicing. -'i
" It is a mighty shame and dishonor
to employ excellent faculties andnbun
, dance of hum or to please men in their
vices and follies.' . - :
f, j , t;:; .. , ;;..- ; ; !. "'V,
,ii ..Longfellow has written a line, of
poetry, that ia worth fortune to those
Iwhp practice it n : 1m-. :.!;;?
zfA Learn io labor and to wait." '"
h:iu n t. .; . s i t
.Epergy .combined itb patience, ia the
jsecretpf success,, There is . quantum
)t,ufficU pf these,! qualities ia the world,
, but it is rarely ..that they go hand in
hand. Energy, without patience would
neyer, have..builtl.the pyramids,. Pa
j tiexice, iihp,, energy, may ; wake,! a
,t4butj,nByer,.hero.r.: v .,,. ,,;
Proceedings of the Stat. Temper
ance Convention. .
The Convention met in Wesley
Chapel, in the City of Indianapolis,!
at 9 o'cldck; ik.'M.,'.on Wednesday
the 12th of January, 1853. " ' '
Elder Enoch G. Wood was4chosen
Chairman, and J. W Gordon,' SecreT
tary, for the purpose of a temporary
organization of the Convention. '
On motion of the Rev." Mr. Smith,
it was ordered that Messrs. ' Johnson
of Cass, Pomroy of Marshall, Boy
lan of Carroll, Osgood of Dearborn,
and Fletcher of Marion, be appoint
ed, a committee to nominate perma
nent officers fur the Convention, and
to prepare business for. its delibera
tions., ;),..r ,,,, .. . .. ,. ,
,r The committee retired and in a few
moments reported, the following offi
cers, who were unanimously elected :
tFor President. -Copt. R. B Mil
Boy..:i -!,.,.,;,.,,.,.,
For Vice Presidents. I. N. Dunn,
Rev. J. L. SMiTH,,'and Rev. Mr. Car-
naham. ' r ;- 'j " ""' ' '
I Far Secretaries. --3 i W. Gordon,
Seth Platte, and S. R. Jones. . , ,:
For State Central Committee for
me tnsuina year. rtev. John A.
McCluno, Rev. Wm.' Wilson, Rev.
John O'Kake, Rev. John C. Steele,
Wm. Hannaman, Charles Wood
ward, and J. W, Gordon. ,
'. The committee further reported the
following gentlemen to act as a cor
responding committee; viz : " -'
. Rev. N Shumate, Mt. Vernon, Ind.
". Elijah Saijin, New Albany, Ind. , ;
. J. Y, Allison, Madison, Ind, . ,
' Rev. J. W. Sullivan, Aurora, Ind.
' Rev. W. Stout, Kingstown, Ind.
Dr Wm. 0. Thompson, Indianapo
lis, Ind. i i Vu. ; i- -.. i'i ! ;-'. .. -.i
Hon, Judge Kinkxy, Terra, Haute,
Ind. ; .( (,,.!.!,,.., , ; ;: '
"" 11IIowe, Montgomery, Ind.
'--Sherman, Plymouth, Ind.
Rev. C. W; Miller, Fort Wayne,
Ind. ii ' ) " :'; -iiiu-,.Stewjes
Fisher, Wabash, Ind...
A committee of three on Memori
afs.vi? 'Messrs. - Hall, Scott, and
Wright were appointed
The business committee then
brought forward resolutions, which
were discussed, amended, and adopted
separately, as follows, to wit ; ,
1, Resolved, That the fausef of
Temperance is the cause.of the peo
ple ; that upon its prosperity and final
triumph .depend the prosperity, virtue,
and happiness of the community in
which we live, and that it. becomes
the duty of the people acting as .the
guardians of their own dearly pur
chased rights, and defenders of their
own pormanent Interest, to prosecute
their efforts in the cause with earnest
ness, till every opposiug obstacle and
and every; conflicting prejudice shall
yield, ,-, : '
2. Resolved, That the evils of intem
perance affecting not only the guilty,
but the innocent, ana extending ' noi
only through the family and social
circles, but into the business, judicial,
political, and ' religious worlds, cor
rupting morals influencing legisla
tion, and tampering with justice all
for the axe at the root of the tree, and
for heavy and continued blows till no
vestage .of the poisonous vpqg is; left
to plague our sou., ,
Resolned,, That as the love of
money is the root of all evil, arid that
we recognize the worship of Mam
mon by depraved men the greatest
obstacle to our advancement as a tem
perance organization. . It is the profit
on the poison sold by which the seller
is enabled to employ a part of his in
vestments to influence legislative ' fic
tion through the elections, to procure
license for his . work of destruction ;
or if refused, to risk capital in defi
ance of the penalty for selling and
resort to methods 'of illegal ' traffic,
which appetite aloho never suggested
pr- sanctioned, ',, vi-J-ct la it,x.!js-
. A., Resolved, That to remove intein-.
perance we must remove its cause ; to
eradicate tlie appetite' we must drive
out and annihilatejthat which " creates
and, nourishes it the whisky $hop,;
fashionable saloon and social cirqje,
where Intoxicating drinks are permitted.-!-:'
; . '; )', -' i i , ) wf'l'"
5. Resolved, That the right , of the
State to prohibit the manufacture and
sale , of any article producing , in its
common use pauperism, , crime, wise
ry, disease,' ana death, cannot ba
properly questioned in a land of lib
erty regulated by law ; and the right
to seize and destroy, under proper
constitutional and legal restrictions,
intoxicating liquors, which we ' deem
ten thousand times more destructive
of the happiness and interests of the
people, than counterleit plates, dies,
and spurious bank notes, or ' obscene
pictures and books; can only be doubt
ed by those who resolve society into
anarchy, and peaceful government in
to the despotism of mobocracy, . !
' i6. Resolved, That the present , law
now in force, which assumes to vote
affirmatively for' license at the April
election, for all voters who omit to
express their preference for or against
the j liquor trathc, is , ajwi-deraocrauc,
and only suited to an arbitrary gov;
ernment, where the crowned sover
eign claims to answer for his subjects ;
and we challenge the exhibition of a
more .tyrannical law since the dav$ of
the Revolution, where the legislative!
power expressed many years past,
now assumes to vote for a tree citizen
against his own will. ' ' ' j ' i
l Rtsolvedy That the Legislature
should be solicited to repeal all exist
ing laws of State regulating the liquor
traffic, and urged to pass a Jaw in
hibiting the making and selling 6c in
toxicating drinks as a . beverage, ac
companied with suitable- penalties to
secure its observance.
U. ICesolved. inat the raising
revenue by licenses to sell intoxica ing
drinks, is behind the moral sense md
sober judgment of the age, sure tc in
crease the tax burthens of the j)eo tie;
chocking to humanity and destructive
of individual and public prosj.erity
9. Inasmuch as the tax-paying com
munity a not generally aware that
about halt the county revenue origi
nates directly or indirectly from the
traffic in intoxicating drinks, be it tllere-
fore further Resolved, That the orders
ana lnenasoi .temperance in ine sev
eral counties of the State be requested
to procure from the Auditors of their
respective counties, ' the following
items 6f expenditures for the last five
years: 1; bxpenses for poor houses,
farms.iand taking care of paupers. 2.
Expenses, of-county; jails, keeping
criminals, $jc. ; 3, Expenses of grand
and,, petit jurors, fees, &c. 4., Court
expenses, including "bailiff's fees, cor
oner's inquests, and charges with sums
paid Attorneys for prosecuting or de
fending Criminals,; .And alsothatthey
procure the amounts received during
the same period for licences, fines and
costs in .criminal cases, and deduct the
same1 from the aggregate of the fore
going Items ; and lorward the same
the Chart for publication, and procure
its publication in the newspapers f
their respective counties. v
.' JO. Resolved', That in all cases of
death caused by the use of intoxicat
'ingdrinkB, it is proper that the public
should be so in forme I by the coronet's
inquest, and who it) was mat turnisnea
the same, as jt is to give the public the
name q the individual who causes
death ' by the' rifle, stilletto, bowie
knife, arseBic or other poison; and all
friends of humnnity who are called to
ait on such inquests, are earnestly re
quested tq see that the monster , who
administered,, or furnished the pdispBi
is tiot screened from the gaze of an
indignaiit -community; and that they
furnish the Editor of the Chart with the
H: iResohed, jThat, it is; Recom
mended, 'and earnestly'reuested that
temperance tart p-meefings aM tee
brations be held, by all the orders and
friendi of temperance, during tha com
ing spring. Bummer and fall; and that
the time of holding the same and the
results be published in the Chart and
local papers. ' . ; '
12. Resolved, That as we respect
the right of petition,4 to we should so
far esteem the representative worthy
to present the' wants of his individual
constituents i therefore, - we recom
mend new eflbrt8 to procure addition
al memorials urging the Legislature to
abolish the liquor traffic ; and that
the same should he forwarded to the
representatives of the district or coun
ty in which the petitions are obtained;
and although the full measure bf the
wishes of the friends of temperance
may not at once be realized, yet we
will not therefore' abandon our posi
tion as the advocates of entire prohibi
tion ; nor abate our zeal as advocates
and supporters f any legal protection
that may ' bp afforded. 1 But looking
to an intelligent moral community to
sustain a cause, which good men ev
erywhere pray fop, : and heaven has
greatly , blessed in many quarters of
our beloved country, we will renew
our battle with increased nergy, till
called to rest from our labors, or to
witness the triumphs of so glorious a
,cause.- l-u r, !'-
.13. Resolved, lasthf, That we re
cognise God as the author of the Tem
perance enterprise, and that we look
to him for wisdom, grace and strength
to aid us iri this blessed work.
The following" preamble and reso
lutions were introduced by Dr. Sam
uel Grimes, and unanimously adopt
ed : .,;.;.: - !.-.'
Whereas, The experience of the
past has clearly, demonstrated, that
Temperance laws can only be expect
ed through the agency of open and
avowed friends of such legislation;
Therefore, , i. .
Resolved. That we are determined
and hereby sblein nfy pledgewtnwfr
not to vote for any person hereafter
as a member of either House of the
General Assembly or any e ther officer,
who is not the known and pledged
friend of prohibitory laws fully ade
quate to the total destruction of the
whole business of making, vending or
using Intoxicating liquors as a bever
age in our State : and that we , will
vo,te for and support the known and
Sledged friends of such legislation un
er all circumstances, against those
who are not disregarding all party
organizations. . i . ,
Resolved, . That we will not support
men in any avocation of , life, who
make or traffic in intoxicating liquors
in any form, as a beverage.
Rev. J. W. Bishop ' offered, the fol
lowing resolutions, which were unani
mously adopted : ' -! ;: ' tl
J j Resolved, ;That a heal thy Temper
ance. Literature is essential to the pros
perity of the cause in which we are
engaged. "
" 1 Resolved,1 That the Temperance
Chart, published in Indianapolis, and
edited by Pr J. W. Gordon, is worthy
of our confidence and support, and
this Convention would urge the friends
of Temperance to liberally pitfonizo
said paper.'- vu' 1 ''v
Seth had just dined, and stood pick
fri'gj his teeth on the Trembnt ' House
steps; when a beggar asked alms, say
ing that he was hungry, ij ."Yon hun
gry,'' said Sethi "wliy I, ami, hungry, a
1 tost' yesiterday,, some where hetween
surrise fend- sunset; tw6' golden hours,
eaqh -8fc with sixty iiamoni minutes.
No reward if oficred f tWt Ire
l;jgone,(prerfr. y,u i3& im prr:-

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