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The Ohio organ, of the temperance reform. (Cincinnati, [Ohio]) 1853-1854, March 18, 1853, Image 8

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Acknowledjpaeati. i a ; i
Bro. Thorns, i J. Sneed.i Alexandria,
Ton.,4forOrgn, The frwndTm
perance down in Tennessee, aa our readnrs
re iir, hare commenced battling for the
Maine Law, and they have f one to work in
real earnest, and with a seal and energy
- U-at knows bo defeat. JProm every part of
the State came the good, word that thc
raoru are rising in their might, determined
to have the Maine Law. . Bro. Sneed writes
us such an eaoouraging letter, that we In
sert it almost entire.' ' Bead it, brethren.
"Tour noble little . sheet Is doing its
work here. Ws want mors light a little
more Grape, Captain Bragg, and the day is
ours. The Temperance Ball moves stead
ily on; our Banner with the inscription,
Total prohibition floats' proudly on the
breeie i numbers who art dram drinkers
common, drunkards and occasional drunk
ards, are declaring in faror of total prohi
bition, and the Sons and iriends of Temper"
ance are coming en to the polls, do-,
termined to rote for no man for Governor,
or member to our next Legislature, who
does not tfsclsre himself avowedly in favor
f a prohibitory law.. We consider a pro
hibitory law paramount to all other consid
erations of legislative action, and will vote
for the candidate who best meets our views
irrespective of party. You shall hear from
me again soom. Accept my best wishes for
your future prosperity and success in the
noble enterprise in which you are engaged.
May the principles you advocate finally
triumph.) Wa: thank Bro, 8., for, his
kind, wishes, and hope that the Organ may
ever merit and receive the patronage of anch
noble temperance men as him and bis co
laborers. ; ,, . ..,.) ,.,...',.,
Bro. O. Withrow, Washington, 0., 1 .
Bro. H. M., Moore, New Grenada, Pa,
desires us to send a specimen of the Organ
complied with. . ; f ,rl ,'(
Bro. John Paxson, Walnut Grove, 0.,ll
for Organ. Bro.P.gives us an interesting ac
count of a meeting held in his town, which
we regret, for want of -room, we cannot in
sert. The meeting was ably addressed by
Dr. J. Holmes and Lady, on the merits of
the Maine Law.1 Mr. G. W, Wright then!
addressed th meeting in opposition,' to
which the good Dh replied, in a short, per
tinet address, completely demolishing the
arguments of his opponent. ' A vote was
then taken those in favor to raise to their
feet. ' All rose up, aave Mr. Wright, and a
liquor vender; and two others." Mr. Wwe
have no doubt, thought he was in (ad com
pany. We would have thought to any how.
A vote of thanks was tendered to Mrs.
Holmes for her efficient address. Being
satisfied with their own town, they desired
to know' what; was going on in other parts
of the State ; hence their clever subscrip
tion acknowledged above.
Bro. M. Lewis, Chillicothe, 0., 3 for
Organ Bro. LI says he is determined that
the Organ shall have as good a circulation
in the ancient capital, as any paper not
published in his city. Of course we hope
sueh may be the fact. ' ij 1 .
Bro. D. Mercer, Willismsburgh, Noble
co., O., $1. ' . ' - "; '
Bro. I. A. Harvey, East Liverpool, 0., 1.
Bro. W. H. Pennock, Marlborrough, Stark
co., 0., $20 for Organ. In his letter, Bro.
P. says: "I have several more names which
I will send soon. We are all wide awake
and are determined to have tho Maine Law,
and nothing short of that will satisfy us,
We are bound to vote for Maine Law men,
and if Whigs and Democrats do not give us
such men, we will take them out of our own
Bro. J. McFarland, Corsica, Morrow co.(
0., $10 for Organ. AH right, papers sent
as desired.
Bro. David Ross, Mt. Union, Stark co.,
0., t for Organ. The Brother girespg
some words of encouragement. , He says he
feels certain that the Maine Law will be
adopted next winter,
Bro. M. Schnyder, Attica, Seneca co.. 0.,
$10 for Organ.' " ,'-.. -, '
Bro. J. W, : Walker,' Cedarville, Greene
Co., p., $1 for Organ. Bro. W. informs us
that this subscription is for a brother who
formerly resided in Clifton, 0., where the
Presbyterian Still'" located. He adds t
And by 'the wsy, he is member of Mr.
Russell's Chnreh, and thinks that the pros-,
ent: dilapidated condition of that 'Still
house,' has , been brought about by th in
fluence of the 'Organ.' I passed through
Clifton tew day, age, and. I discovered
that the. 'smoke that ascended up,' had
ceased, and the buildings looked aa though,
they were som ancient news, that had been
in the wars, If, such has been the result
of sending one paper, how important' to
endeavor to send an "Organ' in the imme
diate vicinity of every Still-house, in th
State,",;,,! , .'!';; iiw , ,r i !!f. v
Bro. John RatUe, D. G, W. P., Ashtubula,
0,$t.;.) i.i.i iH :7 rn i vvi i ' ui
Bro, James R. Robertson; Erie, P.O.,.
Roane co., Tenn., sends ts the following
letter : "I, as a friend lo. Temperance, wish
to take a good Temperance paper, and in
looking around, my attention has been di-
rectea to your paper, me urgau oi ue
Temperance Reform. 1 I 'Will be obliged to'
you for a specimen number of -this paper.
I would like to make up a club which I
think I can do if I had one or more num
bers as specimens. East Tennessee is tak
ing hold of the cause, and is determined
never to relax its efforts until the Maine
Law or its equivalent is passed by the Leg
islature." '""' ' ' .; ,.v. hvj
Bro. W.C. Fergusson, New Holland, 0.
$1 for Organ. The brother gives the ful-,
lowing account , of a meeting . held in his
village : "We had a very interesting Tem
perance meeting On last Saturday night, our
Church was well 'filled. ' Rev. Bro. H. F.
Green, delivered a most excellent address
in behalf of Temperance generally, and the
adoption of the constitution, and pledge of
Perry Township Temperance Alliance par
ticularly. At the close, the pledge was cb.
culated, and some seventy or eighty signed
it. - The constitution and pledge as adop
ted was the same as that of the Franklin
County Alliance, published In the Organ a
few weeks ago, but altered to suit this lo
cality. I believe our march is onward and
u pward. 1 But' we have still si great work to
perform, and must still keep Our shoulder
to the wheels of th Temperance ear, until
we crush all opposition. Then may the
long and loud shout ascend to Heaven-
We are redeemed, Ohio is free. Then in
deed will there be rejoicing among .those
who have felt most bitterly the wrongs
heaped upon them , by the monster Intern
perance. May God speed the right." ,M
W. W. Oox, P. M., West Liberty, Ky-
The package was sent to West. Liberty,
Ohio. Theimistake has been rectified.
Bro. Wm. Bremlgam, G. 8., Circle ville,
0. W have complied with your request.
We feel it a duty as well as a privilege, to
say that Bro. B. has done' much good for
the Organ, in circulating prospectuses, AO.
Bro, J. A-Haines, P. M., East Richland,
co., letter received, rne notices were sent
in mistake. - The club does not expire un
til No. 81. , r ,. , .,. .y -t
Bro. R.'Ridgwav, Hendrysburgb, 0., $1
for Organ. We are glad to learn from Bro.
R. that they are prospering finely.. His Di
vision, No. 4 14, Is doing weil.and patronises
the Organ very liberally. '' We do not un
derstand what the brother aims at in the
latter part of his letter. - We have no in
tention to misrepsent facts. - Will the brother
explain? .,, . ,., '. "
Bro. W. Bremigam, Circleville, Ohio
$9 for Organs vi. . " rn: .,' v
Bro. G. H, Black, Delhi, Delaware, Co.,
0., $2 for Organ. . The brother gives us an
excellent account of the state of the cause
in his vicinity. , They are all right, and are
determined to continue so until the final
announcment of our triumph. Of the influ
ence, of the Organ the brother says ; "Tour
paper, is doing much good In our little
town and vicinity, and we intend to double
our present number, u exertion on our part
will do It." ,
Bro. A. E. Merrill, Waynesville, 0., $10
for Organ. The brother gives us anther
gloomy picture. Hear him: "Temperance
a fiat down, with no appearance of a revi
val. , Our Division has the, name of still
being alive." ' We hope to have a better ac
count the next time the brother writes us.
Bra. Wm. Price, Monroeville, Huron Co.,
0., $3 for Tract. .
Bro. John MulIin,Springboro,O.,$10 for
Organ,,, , - . , i' x
Among the passengers from
Australia, in the Indian mail steamer Rip-
on, win a gentleman, who has made a rapid
fortune, amounting to x d,wu ny gold deal'
ings in that country. ,
Tor tU Wuk imding Vidiuidaf , March 16.
THKRIYE& U nuns, with s continued; smtle stw
of wtter anio to tb llininipli, tot all boatim va
fOM.': ;'!: ,':t .:i,l-l C'.i
Tht HUml Canal, which sm bacnjndergctaz mun,
win b opes to Dayton on Saturday aext, and it k ex
peetea that the entire line bom Cincinnati to Toledo, w3
be openetbr the lat proximo. i m ., t n !
but Mew Orleana are stilt tearce, and prices of the latter
Mined. We qnete-to New Orleana, pound !nri!it, Bt
U Flour Ke, Perk tfa Whiakr40e. T fittaburg,
round IreighU lSl(C Whiak 460Oj Ec4aaaaiea
15c, and Cottoa76ef bale. V,.
ALCOHOL Price an again lower, and wa nownuet
lSeS44&forWandaSssres4aboTsroot.l! ' 1 i
ASH8-rearlacontUue in fair demand at J5c,
prime bains ealeable at the latter rat. ' ,
BEANS There le an improved demand lor this art!'
de, bat buyer do notofler rr St K tor prima, while
they are held at 1 M, and eonaiuently very littl dm
been done, wt quote 1 ml W u the range.
BEESWAX Continuee in good demand at SAMo.
: BROOM? Th receipt are ample, wilh only a moder
ate demand, but ia price there ia bo chance, and all that
are oiictiki are men at ouriigur. we quote, on re
ceipt. Common 80c to tl 00, eitr do 1 Kslancy t Mt
I Is, act Siwier 1 H. with sal Iran store at U
admce an theae rates.. Th export during the, week
eompriaed Kldoten.
BUCKETS, avc All deacriptioBt at BuckeUhare ad
vanced le dot, and we or quote red andbhutttM
1 16, ad fancy I l&Stl M, the Utter th retail rate,
Tubremai at S S6i 10 9 Met.
BTJTTKH lite receipt hav contluued light and with
good demand Irom tb eity trad sad for shipment to
St, Louis, and sundry river towns. Price are t shd
better, and we quote prim roll at ISie, and (air do 12)
13; Packer an paying tram IS) to 13. ' Becdvcd during
th week 168 brls d 86 lrkn and kegii txported sams
time li brl and ISM frkn and keg. i'. ,.
EGOS have declined to 8t9c 9 doten. ' ' .
' BAKK-The receipta hare continued extremely hght
and then ia someaumtly, vary littl doiac, ' Tb aiy
ml noticed was W cords of Chestnut Oak at SlJOtlf
CHEESE With diminishing stock sad s eonttnued
fair demand, prim dtacriptton. which are in very mod
crate lupply, an better, and w bow quote fc&IHe for
prime (elected W ft, and 10c tor choice do. The sale re
ported t uaeompriie about 1100 boxe at (t to DC th
iniid rate lor fair qualiiie. Beaeivea during th week
Sul boxeai exported same time 1646 d. .. .. ,,, .
COFFEE The market h remained dull and the tale
hav been confined to mall loU at 10 to lot for, fair to
prime Kio. Jtecetved during th week ill8aekt export'
eUsamtimUi(7do..lv,:,, , j . , i
COOPERAGE Flour briarc dull at 88 33 whiakir
brl continue to range from 80c to SI 00, 80 ittc th lead'
instates." ''' '" '
COTTON Th demand has been fair, but price an
feebly luataiaed. Among th (alas Wen 67 baW pin
tunc Quality at 9c, and U do bitting do at Sc. iUoaived
during th week 784 bale; exported same time 687 do,
CAKMJ3 AMD SOAP-Candle an ia good demand
and (tody a MSN f h toreommoa and pressed, and
SSc for btaii Soap for Ho 1 afcd xtn
FEATHERS There i s good demand (or this article
and the market 1 steady at 37i for prim hv 6ee, and
niallloU arrival bring JSiSSTe1!.. J a
USH There is a dtoaad except for (mail lot, and in
price then is no change..., Ws quote Mackerel SI 00
U 60 for No 1, large 14 85 14 to,- for do abor) 18 00
W M in St o I ahoret H 10 10 lor No 8 large, 10 00s
W to lor do ahoret N 1 Salmon OS 9 brti Dry Cod 4i
Pickled Herring W?7 per brU;f h smoked Berriag
DjSOebaxlor:01andcled." - ' ' ' t
FRUIT In Onm Apple tb buatnewtsntinue quit
limited at SI Wmt 00 brl. indicating noehaugtasnr
aardi'prlceat Dried Apple hare been in (air demand, with
anlee of U0 buah at 1 40) 160 d at 1 nt 100 do at 1 80 and
lilido at 1 87ttock) an mostly held at 1 87, but it is
somewhat difficult to effect sale at avet 1 SO, Peuhes
sell only in the retail way at 8 88 for new and 8o8 78
biua for old, the largeat aale w heard of wu 60 buh
at 10e V fbt Lemon and Orange hav beta in good de
mand and price an better. W quote th former 8 to
178 box, and the latter 8 238M. Other daacription
ol foraga an unaltered; M Jl Kaiun range from 8 10 to
8 86 f box; Zaat Currants 18o V ft? Pea Nnu temaia
steady with a ko!8W bushel at I SO, .
FLOCB-The market, which closed dull and heavy on
laat Tuesday, at 8 708 78 for good brand, ha re-
niaiaed ia pretty much the earn dull and inactiva itat
throughout the paat Week that we had occaaionthea to
notice, and excepting 8500 brl taken for export, the (ales
have been confined entirely to the city trade, and they
purchased barely enough to rapply their current want,
'1 he receipt are light, and the bulk ol the atock is limit
ed at prices considerably above the market. The
included 135 brl (Wednesday) at 8 66, 60 do at I 76, 160
do choice at 8 S); 400 and 180 brl (Thursday) t86&j80
at 8 70, and 830 do at 8 7fU0bri (Friday) at 8 66; ISO
and 1000 do at 8 76;and 1000 do at I 70, 800 brl (Satur-
dy) at 8 75, and 600 at 8 70, 841 and 60 do (Monday) at
8 76, and 160 do extra at 4 00.
80 brJyetcrdayt3 10,100 do at 8 78; 180 do at same.
tuOdoata 70dehvered,lWuoat3 68. delivered, eloaing
very dull at s bksui 76, with no demand lor export.
6 RAIN Wheat remain at 787tei Cora ha eon tin
tinned in fair demand, and we noticed UO0 aackj mixed
at 44cs 100 and 800 do at 46c, and 800 do whit at 46c, sack
,u each caae included: in buik, sale are making at 40c.
OatssntteadyatSOc, a arrival. Barley range from
80 to 40c, SO the prevailing rate lor prime. By t760c;
the inaide rat on arrival. Beceived during the week
8788 buah Barley; 16817 do Corn; 4878 do Oat; 898 do By
and illUe Oo Wheat. "i
HOG8 AND CATTLE The market ha aot under
gone any change sinoe our last. Hog remain steady at
6l 12J ewt grou, sad Cattle an in good demand at
Si 60 ? cutset., bheep range from St to Si
head. ..!, ,
B Al Th demand irom tb South noticed in our laat
lias fa He off, and th buiinea is again confined to the
uom trade, but ia pricas then is Be change. We quote
I aled from landing S810. Wf tOB.ambncirig ordiaary
Ijiapnm. ., ,, ,
-' , n 't '
: OIMP ThcbuuMM eoBhaaeg ob a vary limited
iioal, SB4 the ny al scud f was 40 bales Ky dew
TITnr-W notice sale ol 811 Westen dry bom stors.
at 10c; and 80S d 4 at 8 indleatug, change in price.
Oreea remain at 44t .. ,
BOPS Thar i nothing dotng seyoBSS icteu out
neaa. in which way wt quota Xi6c f ft, lot Indiaiia
tndEaitera.. ,.,'! .i,!,. ' 1 ''
I BON The demand lor Pig 1 equal to the receipts, sua
prices ere well luttained, hot blast Ohio ftivar Setting at
848 0O44 00 f tea, (8 mo) from River and yard, sad
47 00 48 00 tor d cold Blaab. Bar remains steany at w ,
4 for common, and 4! Si lor charcoal blast, th latter
rate tor maU lots. '. ' ' ' ';
LEAD The stoek Is vary light and priet hav farther'
advanced, the leading rate bow being 8c f for Bar and,
Pig, and then ii but little to be bad at any pnoe. '
LUMBER The demand for Cooper's stuil continues
good, and prioea hue Botioeaale of 40,000 brl Waves st i
S18 018 00; iOOO hhd do at 18 00,1600 do pole at 18 00.
10,000 tight brl poles st 10 8011 00, and BOO alack ao st
00.1" ''
LEAP TOBACCO-Th ! at Lows warenouae ror
th week comprised 7t hhda, at 6 80 to S8 88 for fair
manufacturing Leaf; M to 88 60 for middling Lef 84 to
84 60 for ordinary Luga, and 88 7S8 SOtof Traik.
yof.ARSES-The market continue dull, and with th
exception ol about 400 bbia, which sold Irom the landing
at 88c, la two lota, the sale have been confined to mall
narcel at 88 to 80c according toquality. Th import of
the week, ending Saturday, wen 8881 bbl, and from th
first f September, 87,788 bba against 46,616, thssam
timalart.aeaioa. , The xport ol th week, ending 8t-;
arday, wen 8071 bbl, and from the unt ol scptemoer
40.&J0 bhba agtuntt 83,804 the ame Urn laat eaeon. The
SxporUanslavorabla indication, showing s good d- t
mand for coniumptioa. j ,, ,. ,., , ,'.(
NAVAL STOKES Then is ad change to notice in
Tar, Pitch or Boaia, and we tuots Tar at 4 96 to 84 ft,
Fitckatan4Boauist38t888., BpiriU Turpentin
Ueaier,andBowellat78We. "
OIL. The demand lor Iinaeed ha been limited and
there luve been no aale worthy ol not siBcacurlatt
weekly renew; w quote 70 73c a th Bommal rates ;
Lard is dull at 7076c for Not, and 808Se for No 1;
Caator retaiU at 8acl Uk Tinner S36 0V87 00 P brt
Bed Oil i dull, and w hear of notranactioB,butitmsy
be quoted at ? ft, Bet, . , - ...'i a -S;T
PAINTS. ihe market lor White Lead remain iirm
st 88 to lor puns Bed Lead and Litharg have advanced 1
t0748c. ;7UVr . lUrT..)
PHOVISIONS-Then wu sihghtly improved feeling
manifeated in the market for hog product, subsequently
to our mat weekly report, but thii resulted ia nothing of
importance, 'and it. ha since been entirely lost, and th
market doses heavy for every article. Th transaction,
a far as reported to us, eompriaed, ol bbl Pork, 1100 hot
Idea in lota at S14 60; 160 do Kuoip st SIS 76, and 100
do do 811, buyen at cloee Contending lor a further con
(taaioii, Of bulkMea,16U0pchouldn0B Wedneaday!
at tic; 180,00V lb do M Monday and yeeterday, in !,
at tq 160,000 do Side at tie. Outing at t lor shouiden
and 6tc for Side. Xa Hams w heard of Bfftranaao
tiaASi UMlMtaawwu st ec, Of Bacon, W0 hhda bides
(ak'P) at 71e, pad, U hhd Shouiden wa Friday st 4c :
pkd; 100 and 160 hhd aty packed Side on Monday at 7t
pxd; and Sou hhd shouiden st 66, pko, dehverabie at '
Madiaon, etoaing at 6io for Skoudura, and 74c tor-
Side, but with WW if any Uyn st the euttiue figures, f,
Of Urd, 871 boi No. 1 oa Friday at 8 80; 140 do at 0c
40 do head at 84q 76 ua do on Saturday at lc, IM do No.:
1 at Sc, holder at oioeeUkiBg c lor prime bul, aaa H
ford ke. The demand ia very limited, butthei w
Boaepmumg th Burket,Uia stock oems regarded ,
aa not equal to the wantsol nty manufacturer. , .
BlC-Tb market reuiaiu firm at (&6t, th latter
Iw small lot. ' f-r.'Wi
SALT Is (oreiga w heard of bo trsstsotioBs sad
pricas an nominal unchangedi.for douieatie, than i ',
mur demand at 88c tor Kanawha and Maaoa county.
BALTPETR. We notio farther sales of crude at T
Vft.stwuchuiBirktittosdy. ,'i ,- : j' '
bEUDS Th advance in Clovar noticed but week has
not been fully sustained, but at current rate then hav
been purchaaer for all that waa oliered. The aale in- -du400bbioB
WodBcaday at H 70, 1 do atStlttxl
do on Thundayat St 7t, 880 suahels at 5 Salt; 48bblsI
on Friday at Si 60i 66; 80 do ob Saturday at St bO '
i et; 186 do on Monday at S6 60t tit; 10 doatM lit '
and 80 do yesterday st St 80t tit, closing at th latter
rate. Timothy i steady att8t0buahloaarriv
and Sa 868 7t from atom. Flax SI. 'lh reeeipU of
Clover and Timothy daring th week comprise W7 bbl,'
and the exports Sam time 140 bbl. . '
BHOI u firm at Si bag and 2 f keg. ' ! . " 1
SUGAR, The demand hai been only moderate, but no
change ha taken place in price. ' Thc tale of the week"
add up about 600 hhiu., at t to 61 lor fair to prime; sum
parcel oonimo and low utre, Mil at 4tt4. But such
grade not in much request. The import for the week
ending Saturday, warn 8818 hhd., sad from th lint of
September 36168 hhd. against 18848, th asm tim laat
seaon.i The export lor the week wan 834 hhd., and.
from th firit of September 16886 hhd., against 881, the
earn time but year. Price being lower u thi market;
than at th But, ha earned an increased demand irom
th North and East, which account in part, for th great:
incre&ie ia the trade thi teaaon, aa indicated by th ex
portaui seatoB aud but. Thi nuuuk will, also , apply.,
to Molasses,
8TEAK1NE There is s good demand for this article
st prices varying from W to tie, according to quality,
TIN PLATE Th large advance which hat been es
tabluwed in thi article in England, and in theeaatera
markets, and the Kill sun favorable advices Irom .Eng
land, by the Alrica, has earned a speculative demand
with us, sad yesterday holders wen uking s material
advance, the market ctoaing uniettled. ,i .j
TALLOW Then its fair demand for rendered st St
Slc the latter rate for prime, with aale ol loo and Ul '
ItstosistSls, Bough ialable at tXSflO. J;,; .(
VEGETABLES Potatoes continue extremely dull,
and fair description sn offend st 16c fbuihel. Onions
an plenty and dull at 86 t biuhol. Then ia littl or a'
demand from th South lot snhtr. c . ! ;,,,
. WHISKK-The market has been very steady during
the week, and with th exceptieBof a few small lots, higu
proof, which sold st 18iuie, the (arrant rate ha seen
18. Heavy import hum St. Louis sauted th deeha
from the cioaing ratea of last Xueeday, which war IVic ;
but on Wednesday rooming prices opened st our quota-'
tion. ' 1
WOOLThn i a good demand lor pulled it 404t to,
dear waahed. with tale to fair extent at tbate figure t
We hoar of no demand lor th new dip or tutun ddir.
sry. " '

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