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The Ohio organ, of the temperance reform. (Cincinnati, [Ohio]) 1853-1854, April 01, 1853, Image 4

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Till 0II10 -ORGAN'.
a Cincinnati Apiril 1. 1833
rr terms;
F'-le lubierlptlott, .
i:iob 01 ten a apwtrai,.
All nbtetllMiMi- (0ipni4 itkfcs
cuh, u4 dliMd, ftnu,g pud, to
:..;, , Cineinoatit 0.
:1l I'.-
4 1 Keep 1 lfe Pl. '
. i The following resolution,' adopted at.Jhe
Btste Temperance Convention, .which con
, yened in Columbus, 0., on the 6th inst., hould
" not be lost right of. by the temperance men fn
( or Stale ir .e- fit
: Staler; r ..5-e- fit. ! ..D"', !
f Mml, That general and
tuBportof ihe Temfi-unm Press of Obid, u
n indispenaible- to our success." , ; J 4
" Those who have sent us ckibs, may contm.
'w to add single subscribers to them during the
' wi., .i jt. etub mice. We request all send-
ina ns subscribers to write ib'plain style the
name; addres. ate. 1
..I ?,v,
! i-jif". . .ill i ..' i 0
Tt M ntkara -whfl tend US
j (equests to change the sddress of subscribers,
will please state, partM"'?. what address
we had previously been senrtine such papers.
Iji jhe next Semi-Annual Session ef the
Grand Division of Ohkn will be held in
,. Springfield, Qlark County.. -Ohio, on the
Third Wednesday, (the gOth day) of April
at 10 o'clock, A. M. ' " ' 7 " ' .
In consequeneeof the early day t which
. Ws Session is to be held, It ia desired that
. the Divisions send in thrir Returns as soon
at possible, that a full, report may, be
' presented to the Grand Division.' ' '
!:. i n 'i " 'i-.i
. ,( ," . Agency. 1 viAi.f .u'.' ';
' ' 'ReV. H. H. Charice.'oWa, the Buck
' eye Broad-Axe, is dulr authorize; to;
..act as agent for the Organ. ,,., !
in- f
JtjThe editor is conBned' to'ii
. i
R. Post, No. 10 West Third street,
1 has laid upon '. Our ' table Graham's
Magazine'.for April and the North Brit-'
V.dinhurcrh Reviews. Post's
Depot is the place to procure , the
'YirA lifArnture of the ' dar-on the
shortest notice, and at Publisher's
( prices. .. . ,
'v ' A Good Man. '
v We aak the attention of our read
, ers to the communicaiion in another
column from the Ref . H. F. Obhek.
' It breathes ,the fpure spirit of a tem
perance ; reformer a man of God
. and a friend to suffering humanity,
i In his language we would ask " Who
' will'go and do likewise?" Any man
possesses power and influence, if he
; ; will only think so, and make up his
. tnind to make' a good use of it. To
use our influence rightly, requires a
good deal of labor and inconvenience,
i and many there are who do not love
the good cause sufficiently to undergo
' " this labor, although they make pro
' testations of their unceasing attach
. ment to the , cause, :'and get very
1. angry if any doubt their sincerity.
i Brethren ally we conjure you if you
'would see your principles triumph,
to imitate this good brother's example.
: Let all your spare time be devoted to
i,: the spread of the pure and holy pnn
. .nles of our beloved cause. And if
"Tour are: not successful you will
' have the satisfaction of knowing that
you have done your duty to your lei
. low. man. But you need have , no
" fears of defeat, your cause is just in
the sight of God and man, and must
triumph. Go lo work now, and the
III. '' - " . n
.. .affects, of your energy and influence
: will be seen in the new converts to the
cause that will surround yott.-!r .; j
5 ,1-
SfTheTe b'intki miserable newspaper
crihbline about the great law. af liquor
probibidontbdn iOn ahyidtheh 'one
subject. rA. prommcn joarwi xji ,wiB
dav comes -Out strong against . be
cause it is' "a sumptuary. law;", ah
assertion, .whidv.?9 rfJVAtf-bred
lawyer or judge in the Union would
sincerely' atte-m'pt: to prove COuia
protefie did attempt L? ((i h;Mi ,
l ."None but pride-broken vassals win
submit to be dictated to by l4w as to
tyaZwt w uch' they mijjal 6t
drink." We find such mean contempt
ible twaddle in 'one of the leading
journals of the country. The writer
ought to know, and dquuuess ooes
know; that the Maine Law proposes no
.nr.h thin'ffr; It is afltudleiaqd delib
erate lie, told to take awathe,odium
attaching to the Viqu'or tralHc. and fas
ten it upon the measure proposed for
iU extinction ;v3df Haeness,
the' same editor, in , the samj' article,
proposes and commends the enact
ment bt law Vhiph!;iould be obnox
ious to thechargehebreferi' against
ini;;hgef ,4n ,
beast Of htfnsell, should tneet, with
n nlar W jMinusnmer t ? lX(V , should
tfiavft watf,'portaer ne virtues cm. sw-
bhesaicb4is;.ottoms') !; ,J
tnaV "'none' bul! nride-brbkeii-tassuls
will euVnut to b dictated tojaw
to koto m'ey .'n eM 'or'drinU."
Yoil denounce the Maine Li w-for what
it is not. and Ahen, bropose. lie, enact
ment of orie obnbjilourto toftt'ehargbs..
You propose a law wnicfli siiaiii enu
a man to the Penitentiary, and;,. pro
cure fbt bim ashaved head fof drink
inrr mnrfl hnn he can navwata under.
,M6 " 1 v i ' .
It seem to' u that this looks h'kf io
tating with "a Vengeance,' as to;hbw
much a man may drink. We know
some editors, ; 'who,' on' ther,enf .rce-
ment bf such a law,' would;- "with,
shaved heads, ponder the virtues of
tqbrrne :ss and chair M'", in'a less
inviting place than theirt sarictums.- ,,
$ F . i tun .vi i. fii.i
Moral suasioti should be;applied to
the liquor selleVtoinduceThim'.fo aban
don a business fraught with1 such' ter
rible. resut',bii( Jhe ypenitoflary,
a ohovp.i hftd.trioed lackexs. ana me
U . , 1 i t
lock-stepi I should be administered with
out delaf to the poor, tempted, de-
otAvoA i Hfiluded. ensnared t, victim , of
the traffift!! ' $uch: 6'' as these
'tiit-UU'mtU'MKnliAriLhkRV disgust. Thev
may not 4eserv tha Penitentiary, but
thev oueht to have some retreat where
they may;"!pondei'upon the virtues of
soberness ana cna Aiou.uma .... ;jrc
would nrefer tiacikUilMi 'com-
panionhip :oT drdnl?ardsf , to such a
mli If a drinkinir man' nall read
'Mi AW,'w.(?;ineflWtnpon
who are his friends;; -The liquor sel
lers! and thiar'efenderspuld send
vou to the Pemtefatiary to shield them-,
aaluon fmm menteQ ois'Tace, ,ii he
advocate prlbeMaineLav would
unbind your chains; break them in
nieces' 1 ancfyestore1 you Jto' yourfami-
Um and friends! ft freeman Does it
not reveal a "heart regaraless of social
4f J' 6Wi1 fabtlfir bent on mischief."
to protect and encourage the betrayer,
otMmmmM gloat bVe the
rsunishmedt of thefuined.vietiiaViWe'
speak' slrongty, for we feel deeply, and
Our'reVret is.'that we bave. not ccm
feafll of language' more ixpressive.'of
oar.ieeungs.ir h.
We know of scores of poor, wretch
ed inebriates,' whose seared feyes weep
over Ih'eir degradation, ' and ' whose
every' word and Tooki' and ' even' their
fiftfiy jagsj pcsieeclts, jbk'away
from ithem the temptation.,, . j. ... : , ,
n! Shall the multitude, wholi ft up their
cries' for hep,' amid the rapid current
tVat is sweeping them 6n to tne drunk,
ard's doonv, be unheeded? 'jReader,
let your humanity answer. -
"''ifcThe Temperance men of fcnox
county ar uie neiu, nnu nave cora
menced the campaign n earnest, ; i The
Maine Law is to be the test question at
the next election. The An ties will have
a very poor show for success this time,
if1 even one half we hear be true.' Hur
rah forbid Knox, and its Indomitable
temperance men! ".s.m'i V'
'I The- Temperance men in the coun
ties of Wayne and Medina, have' also
resolved to' mak3 this the test 'ques
turn j , AH are sanguine , of success,
andice pray God their hopes may be
fullv rpalirpd. Trfit all the Counties in
A . 7 "
this State marshal their forces; and if
there is any show at' all for success
make this the test question. Vote for
no man who will not vote tor you, is
our advice; ."." "' !.,: t-' :
Kt'Libertyi Ohio." 1 ' '
,. iWc havc a letter jfrorri,'Bro
,Vm., U' Gauobt, , which;, speaks very
encouragingly of the cause of i tem
' perance,1 an I the energy of its friends.
Two' or',p'three ''mohths ', ago,1 their
town was cursed with the evil Effects
Of tjinee grog shop? jh full .blast. Now
there wilV'oa -and one of tho ior
'rner tethers a member of their Divis
ion! "This g(iod result'is' the effect of
tneir energy ana perseverance. Ay
Willmt stop until this last one has
closed its d(ors.t i We wish we could
say 'the sume of every village in our
OtttlC. ,
i i-.y
WUliamsburrh, Clermont County.
The friends of temperance In the
above town; are doing a good work for
the'c4user. We have several' letters
giving sketches of a recent meeting of
jntJ; " "iJ-'augm.ens, iu nit? ;. yuun
Hall,, which, for numbers and. euthu
siasm, was never equalled before. The
speeches of the lady-orators are said
't ft::' t. :'!- -1 -' i i - 'J. j ! i-i-'i-' i
to nave Deen eioquemanu w me puiui.
idpe of the addresses, by Mrs. Eliza
beth Dudley, ?. r., has Deen tor
warded to usr for publication, which
we will endeavor to insert in our next
The address is in reply 1 1 sundrf ob-
jecuons to tne uruer oi tne yuugnters
of Temperance. ' -v ; - r t f
' 0; l' - ' ' :t
' frV Thfi"mflfitlmr at th Wharf on
Sunday afternoon last, was the best of
theine by Brp. Williams, were male,
and with a visible effect upon the nu
dience. A eeling upon the question
pf temperances is , beginning to be
manifested by those honest and hardy
sohs of toil the river men; .' A meet
ing foFhcxt -Sunday is advertised:
f-l rt ni If .- . .! in-.-i u.y i
Wa honA ws niA orkMnM AF Anas aMIim
W nnnrt 'A inmn it Aur ctiliinfli
temperance men present.n!,m 9 ,J ,.
Indian Temrerance law.
,m We:intended to have .noticed this
beautiful specimen of modern! legisla
tion m detail,' but unori farther- refiec-
Uon we have concluded that'H is' not
worthy of such notice; the ammunition
Is worth hiOre than thei game i l(It.i
disgntce to Its authors and support
ers, and "ai insult to the intelligence i of
hope that the friends of temperanc'j in
Indiana, will not be deluded jnto the
belief that any thing good can be ac
crjmplished by its enforcement.' s
(,We hope they.will let the; law "ahd
the , Legislature . diel, together vj; The
enemies of temperance could not have
constructed a better dead-fall for those
who are silly enough Id nibble at that
-.: 'Je 't.'..', '" rnu. t i i ' 1. 1
surt 01. uiiu. . 1110 jueiiismiure nuvc
put into, the hands. of the friends .of
decency a little switch wLh which to
attack a skunk, and forbidden them to
use a deadly weapon. It is hot diffi
cult to foretell who will get worsted in
the unequal conflict ,f7 ;)!.,n,::!j,.
) The Legislature had the same pious
streak, which has characterized all that
preceded it, when providing for' the
legal sale of, whisky, viz i.f'Jfo'liquor
mtkat be told on the Sabbath.' i Oh! no.
It would1 be awful to keep ft bar open
uu hue juuiu a uajr iiiia piuf idiuii
nas uibuju in muuio lunu ior wiio inat
two hundred years, and yet has al
ways been shamefully and notoriously
violated, and it always will be. We
were struck with' the humanity und
policy of tje 7 ih section of the Indiana
Act. It reads thus :
, ".Sue. 7. 1 A,ny person,. who i. shall,
hv the retailinar of snirituous liauor.
cause the intoxication cf any person,
hhall board,, keep, and, tiike care of
without assistance, safely toi return to
his home; and, on failure to do so. it
kIiuII be lawful for.any other person to
d so, or cause the same to. be' done;
which person i shall, have an "action
againsit such retailer- lor reasonable
Compensation,, for,, such service, and
fifty percent, damages theretm."
f: If it Would not be ur charitable, we
would suspect that some of the mem
bers of the General Assembv had had
a bitter experience on this point, by
being kicked out1 of a .village b'ur
re bm drunk some tiiglt, or that at a
dayj hot far future, when they had but
a single dime left, they might to a
tavern, get drunk, and sponge their
board for a few days. .r It would i cer
tainly be very pleasant for a poor devil,
when out of (change, to bit round a
haV-room till some kind friend invited
him to drink, nd thus secure him
odging and good nursing for the night.
This is' decidedly smart. ' Section 17
provides thati all houses where liquor
is sold in less quantity than a! quart,
without first i btainivga licente, are, und
shall be, held as" common and public
nuisances," and proce ded againsfas
such.,' .What stuliincHtron '"'A Irtnte
de t oyt a nuuancel,., Oh ? Hoosier
dom, what progress backwards !
Tempe:ence men of Indiana;' we
beseech you to let the frieijds of 'uch
aonsier sustain it I.Treat, ij as a
nul;ity, (for you will find it worse than
a nullity1 If jou attem.t its wifo e
ment,) and organizy at once1 to olect ,.
different men next winter. ,. , -
.JL, t3T Mrs. Cass Is out danger.

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