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From several letter' received irons
"ctiititiguis1ied roeflln (liferent parts of
ihts nobtef Commonwealth and rora
' 'the -Various'1 public i'" Journals of the
'State, W le'ar A that th'eliquoV traffic
! is being thoroughly discussed and iU
' villainous J euaracteV ! shown; A "The
Green River Whig," 'published at
JIopkin8ville,"comes" put boldly for a
7aw'of prohibition; other journals are
"taor of L ss committed on the1 same
1 A side.' white the' Kentucky New 'Era is
k'pouririg a raking fire into the ranks of
the' 'enemyi J Kentucky "being decid
edly a Whig State, some Pi thewhi
' Itr Whig editors, , growl and snarl
about the whole movement, being de
signed to throw' the ' State info' the
"iandVof the Democracy On tfi is
. point we have two remarks to make.
First. If this result should be brought
about, 'the Whigs wilt have nobody to
blame " but themselves. ' Led them
come out, not as a party) but as men,
and maintain the right, and they have
nothing " to fear.1'1 Second.-If the
reign of the Whig party In Kentucky,
depends for' its cominuance upon the
perpetuation of the liquor traffic, it, is
high lime that 'the offices should
change jiands. 'Here in Ohio some
f of . thq ' leading Democratic' jour
(; nals are singing the son' of the
' Whigs ' in Kentucky,' but reflecting
men of all parties must see,' that the
' charge' are all gammon on both sides
v of the fiver.
, ; Those who are Wst deeply inter
j ested in the movement, and, the most
r actively engaged in it, do not stop, to
'consider, ! or care how any political
' party Is to be effected by the result-' If
it would bury, beyond the hope o 'a
resurection, the party to which we 'are
attached,' to secure'an efficient! "liqudr
prohibition act,it would notstaken our
efforts' a whit." We say, down with the
liquor1 traffic and every thing1 else
h that is hopelessly VeddeJ to it, or that
i lives because it lives. '
'I .'Ot
,, Indiana Law, No. 2.
Since writing the notice of the Tem-
perance Law , of, Indiana, which ap
1 pears in another column, we find quite
. a number of complimentary notices
s of the a.ci in. our exchanges.,' This
' ' induced us to examine the law and
our comments. 1 With all respect to
" the judgment of those who differ with
; the Editor,1 ho is compelled to'say that
'bis 'first1 Impressions have ''been
strengthehd and confirmed by the re
r r ; '. ;; -
: v
, ' FirstThe traffic may be( licensed
in any town, where the majority vote
"license", at the April election. If
the town rotes no license, men uie u
quor seller must not sell' less than a
(,,';,, Seconds If. a person keeps ,,a dis
T, orderly, rum shop, his place is, declar-
: ed a nuisance,) .and; the keeper may
fibe ,,finedv. The,. law .makes, no pro-
. ,, vision for abolishing the nuisance, by
j,, a seizure of, the, liquor, but , theli; poor
,,, devil, may go straight frpm the Justi
v, pes office, and perpetrate the nuisance
as long.as.h(.plLases,f!,JJl;j;n
oil.j 'Third.-Thp$e who get 'fc' license,
.in haw to keep theT grog-shops shut on
; Sunday; and give abond to be respon
'jJsible for direct injuries' they inflict
AH-'thU U f'&ash.A.andhonesens
impracticable,! And, .unenfprceale.
They bad such a clause for years ; in
thotWisoonainJaw, ,;an( yetthere
never(, wap , half a ,doien succesful
prosecutions under, U,;,,, (l .. ,, :
, ,By thif Jloosier lawj hquor.in the
hands of , even an, unlicensed, seller,
is f acred property,: and, cannot, be in
terfered with.
What is such a law good for except
to give temperance men a chance to
spend their. energies, (without .accom
plishing any valuable result! ;
'r',' Reverend Offlca Seekers!1 .
It is quite humiliating enough fr a
man engaged in, any honest anduse
ful pursuit,, to abandon jt and go to
Washington, and hang about the kitch
en, door of the White House, for ,offi-'
cial( crumbs, but . how, (Superlatively
contemptible and degrading, r for , a
Minister of the J Gospel to throw, up
his Apostolic commission, (if ho ever
had one) and sue for a petty , political
station. The station of a true -Minister
of the Gospel,' is a more exal ted one
than Government can bestow-l fold
ing a Commission from the President
of the Universe,, befora whom, earthly
kings are as grasshopcrs; he makes art
awfal , plunge 'downward, when he
seeks a little office at the hands pf an
earthly President. , Jit . would ; be no
more absqrd ;,for; President .Pierce to
resign his dignified office, to .secure
the oppointment.of a yilluge constable1.
If the Editor was President he would
send all these Reverend applicants to
the Laboa Islands to superintend the
Guano trade.'x'.: :; I-:kI vd iun-.ti. !
:b-:(;:li! it' 1 i i ,!,.f'i ifj s
isii. -,T-,.ti ;i A .Good jAct.,.,,,,., j;
.' Honor to whom honr is due.!" The
Ohio legislature did one aci which
entitles' jthent lo ; the thanks of the
people , of Ohio . without,,, regari to
party.' We mean the act of adjourn-
fft i ''..I, fj, .!:. ,i: .., ((.;( I V; (J I."...? ,. ,i
ment. .v ..., ...
:-. ','..) I?1" "! ' .' .1,- . .-.,sa i
Death of Ei-Pbesidbnt Filmobe's
morning announces the death of this
distinguished ' lady..1;" She 'died ; on
Wednesday : last, of . pneumonia, , at
Willard's Hotel; Washington City.' j-
Ed. Ohio Organ : I wish to make
a correction with reference td what I
said in my last letter of our Represen
tative. What I then said,, was said
without any consideration, and: with
out knowing; Being' somewhat igno
rant of the legislative proceedings of;
last winter.? ' 1 bave been since. .in
formed, that Hon. A. Casad aquitted
himself manfully in the' temperahce
cause, attd was one of the firmest and
most devoted advocates of the Maine
Liquor Law,. 1 deem it necessary to
make this correction, in justice to Mr.
Casad, the public and imyself. ;j
1 , Yours, '&c; ;; ,;";;a , t ' Gayd.
Beltefontaine, March' S9th, 1853.
''A good 'old Dutchman "ana wife,
had set up till gntring time'when the
latter, after a full stretch in the above
operation, said-r-' I yish,,I vaeh in
heben.V Hans yawned and replied:
'I vish I wash in do' still-house.'--!
The eyes of Sally flew wide open as
she exclaimed-T-'JI be pouh' ypu' al
ways vish yourself iot d best place l
iV (gjml At a concert, recently,; at the
conclusion of the song .There's a
good time coming,' .a' country, farmer
got up and exciaimea, "Mister, you
couldn't fix the date, tiould yptt?,,! ;'
T.'i TheExcitementinourCityi p'!-''
'The attack upOB'the'Americhn Sy's
te'ni of CdmmoTi- Schools by 'Foreign
r$, headed' by the 'Catholic CLu?ch,
at a churcA, has created 'a1 tremendoiis
excitement in' bur city! Nevef since
we have known the city.'h'ashny' ex-
vtucuiciiii ueen so general among an
classes. Men, women' and" children
are up in arms,' as It were, in defense
of the system at-U!nbu' w; justly
regarding it the bcLwarkof AlifiRi
Cak LiBERTr. - The' Werits of the easg
'can he stiiieo in a few irords. The
Catholics are opposed to the' Common
Schools, because Catholic 'dogmas are
. fiitV:?; .:.'' .t':--V 1
not insuiieq into me minas 01 we pu
pils. To' rerfiedy1 this'r evil' in
these " godless schools," as they term
them, they propose that ' the1 Legisla
ture of Ohio shall pass a (aw dividing
the school fund, and 1 appropriating a
pro-rata share to the Catholic Church,
to be expended by brder we suppPse,
!of thie Pope. 'Such f law' as this,.
al I oiir readers are' a'wa're," is in ' direct
vinlatinn 'of nrtr 'nrrriin(i 'ltor' W
tt'mayjbpt' be our province' iio is--cuss
this quekion in the Organ, as' it
; purports oily to discuss matters relat
ing to temperinoe;,bu,t it stirs up pur
republicanism , c see a set oiiyrsiqnert;
obeying the mandatesof foreyn head,'
.inteffering yritlgu,ih internal .afairs of
the American goyernmen-j-and espe
cially with a question oil so much vital
V "! i " s . , . ..'1 ! ,
imponance to our iuture weltare as a
nation', as the free and unlimited educa
tion of the, youth of our land. Let them,
like other denominations, confine their
religion to their church edifices, and
inculcate .religion 1 and . ojorajity 5 ipto
their children, f,aome,i;noi'ncjng
all other sects as " heretics," they will
never t be satisfied until they have full
sway,; anT Americans and ;all ,' the
.ryst of mankino," shall bjOW ,with rev-
erence and awe at,ihe jippt of His Holy
Reverence, the; Pope,..acknowledginj
.him as ,the rightfu) heif, of God the
supreme head of Church and State
the, embodiment of all, spiritual and
, .temppra) jjlower, . riThi8 is the e nd and
aim of the present agitation of the
school questiont And the people are
beginning to find it out In countries
Mexico for instancewhere they have
full and unlimited power, they are not
:s6 'particular 'about ; free .education;
morality; kp.j but Ignorance and Su
perstition are! permitted ' to- reign su
i preme, as vue uauumuius oi me dogmas
i of the i Holy I) Catholic Chiirch.
The Church cannot thrive in aft intel
ligent community; hence their attack
i 'Upon' thel cause of this, intelligence.
The United ' States jb a Republican
t' erovirnmiirttj. nrtiii akb fniritTtnw la
Its foundatiurii ' Liberty of conscience,
' liberty of thought and speech, and'ihe
v liberty of ihe press,' are the direct and
necessary fruits of such a government.
try a'rtoi the billy object of the deep
"seatpd hatred' of these Ultra inontanet
'Tliey have declared an unceasing and
uncenrtprominsr war against the many
Besrei (sd called ) societies in the United
States;1 whatever be their name rob
jece.,; ' The Order 6f the Sons of Tem
perance coinciiln: fer It's full snare of
ilnitnadrersipn fisoin this hydraheaded
'monsterJ !!.We know maay othetwisS
good and honest' citiae'ris who would
have been. ipartd Ibe :evils it intem-perance-rwhose
: families- wotild hav
reaped all, ths bressings of peace itad
plenty, and sobriety, had, it not been
fpr.this, Unholy crpsade against our, be
loved pder,!i:They desired tp connect
themselves, witb.a society whose mem
bers i.would jihield and protect jticm
from th0 nany temptations that; sur
round thd weak and wavering; but an
edict from foreign power stared, them
la the face,-and j they .dared notf .exer
cise that privilege, whiicb Is.the; dear
est fight, pf ipvery American citiienr
the, liberty cfj conscience. ( he com
mands, pfj thej.patholip Church ,,arf
ultra,, selfish, ana anti-republican.
Theyalone,, are, f-aro ;chrjstian
The niembers)f aU other Chriwdaa
denominations i iare heretics,', .the
".(foJlowgra . andorshippers jpf the
desvil," and every: thing at.emnnaie
from any other source, than the, Jloly
Cathyolic Church, whatever be )ts pb-
ject'is J'Godless.'J, $ur schools are
" Godless:", and the Son's of Temper
ance are the " workers of iniquity. "
It is for these ultra sentiments, these
ungodly opinipnsf jheir fellow mirk
that we are opposed to the domination
,of , the Catholic Church in the Ufiited
States. ; , And it is for the, same cause
that the citizens of Cincinnati have be
come aroused. r , , . , ,
., ' ; . . . .W'O Jli 'ft i.i .)';:)
B t Be Jieying these things to. be true,
the people of Cincinnati' are justly
alarmed at the bold stand pi t,he.Cath-
wiiuBj orinr protection, ?na, pre
servation, Ujey hayp organized, them
selves,, irrespective pf(, party-pro-
claimed .an independent, free, .school
ticket, and, under the lead of James D.
Taylor, of the Timtst the champion
of Free Sphpols; they will administer
a severs rebuke to Bishop Purcelland
hi SJlowers on Monday next, snd one
that will have its effect in all time to
Cutholocism is upon its last' legs in
urope. . The arrival of the next
steamer may bring the news of another
revolution, and the downfall of Popish
supremacy. And the Unitecj States
is looked to with wishful eyes ly the
Pope and his officials. ' ' The matter is
in the hands of the people, and having
been fully aroused to a sense of their
danger, we are perfectly willing to
abide their verdict', Well knowing they
love their liberties" too well to surren
der them o "tke ipareand keeping of
His Holy Highness Pope Pius IX., or
his successors. ;'1";0 J;'t'J
Should any of bur readers desire to
see this question ably discussed in its
length and breadth knd in all Its mul
titudinous forms", we refer them to the
Dcllar hWetttJ timei,' published in
this !cityi' by' CI W.-StAttBocK, Esq.,
as an able' and fearless champion1 of
to the Common Schools. '
; : ' J The Star' in the West.?
This excel (enVajVef epivjes'td !us in
anew ana Deauuiui aaaress: i( is
now decidedly the'neatest sheet 'pub
lished in the1 WestrivItMisiiardlj
necessary to say thai J'the ress' work
is ;don at'tlie Bien1 Pra'nklini,rBteani
. I;-,-: (i:i;'i br' Jinl 1
ftr Trie)1 comhiuhicatidil iii ' refer-
encenothiB 'fexhibitionsof '!ihk'V Park
street' JiiteSile- 'Temprltttef8oeiy,
wilfbe mserfedTIh eiit' eiyj uc;

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